Fairy Tale and Nightmares are the Theme in New Drama Posters for It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Oooooohhhhhh, I love these posters! tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay released a second batch of official posters today and it’s totally different than the earlier ones and way cool. It actually brings to mind Encounter (Boyfriend), not the posters for that drama but the opening sequence in each episode had fairytale illustrations that captured the mood and development of the OTP relationship. Here female lead Seo Ye Ji is a children’s book writer but instead of being the soft and warm type she seems a bit like the haughty evil witch or maybe the re-imagined version of Maleficent misunderstood on the surface type. Kim Soo Hyun plays someone who hides all his emotions and probably encountering Seo Ye Ji forces him to start letting it out. The new posters show the live actors in front of a sunlit forest with a cottage in the background and then the animated characters are in a dark dreary place with a crumbling mansion behind them. It’s super creative and so memorable.


Fairy Tale and Nightmares are the Theme in New Drama Posters for It’s Okay to Not be Okay — 18 Comments

  1. I’m so hyped for this drama it’s not funny. These posters are so creative and i love the magical fairytale touch. Seo Yeji and Kim Soohyun are simply so adorable, really looking forwards to their chemistry. They’re gonna present an awards at Baeksang right? x) Last but not least, did you see Seo Yeji 3rd teaser? she totally captured my attention with her voice and her charms <3

  2. Netflix just dropped the first teaser as there was nothing for the last couple of days it kinda went super quiet so the english sub is finally out and tvn are dropping their promos left right and centre.I’m so happy that SYJ character is cold, ruthless and downright mean giving her more scope and she literally stalks KSH from the BTS vids. Still in recovery over KSH bare chest scene far out that was a total shock from her teaser. It’s like she does that often; turning up unannounced and he’s most likely use to it as he doesn’t cover up in surprise he literally just shoves her out. Tonight when they present the awards for Best drama and Best Film at Baeksang all eyes on them that’s for sure. Such exciting times!!

  3. The posters, especially the first poster, reminds me of Studio Ghibli! I love the vibe it’s giving me. Can’t wait for the show!

  4. Really looking forward to this one… KSH looks adorable and SYJ looks pretty. I like the teaser when she saw his abs lmao… “wow” lols.. that would be my response too. Wow… please be good… im really scared this one will be failed and only depends on fans to buzz it.

    Please grab the attention of all the viewers. Please be good.


  5. LOL far cry from that disaster of a poster that was unintentionally released last time.

    This one is just fantastic. And yes, memorable is the exact word for it. I LOVE the on going fairy tale theme but it seems like the heroine and villain of this store is the same person. How fun is that?! Very excited for this!

    • Why are you so obsessed with this drama?! Are you that insecure?! Haters everywhere this days. This being Kim Soo Hyun’s comeback alone will guarantee a good ratings. Also when his teaser drop they always trended #1 in Naver with ages 10s – 50s equally viewing it. Not one recent drama have ever receive such stats. Just your obsession seriously it’s unhealthy.

      P.S. Just because your favorite drama is a huge flop doesn’t mean others will be. Stop being bitter and spreading hate.

    • Hoping that Kim soo Hyun drama will perform better than the raunchy convenience store. They will only sell kissing scenes. Hugging. Ji chang wook is a mediocre actor. he is just a pretty face. He has not win any awards right? so that speaks for his acting skills.
      while Kim Yoo Jung is a baby desperately trying to become an adult. Your favorite has yet to transition as an adult actress. she failed in Clean for passion right? the 1% rating.

      • @……. Both dramas will do well regardless of what you’re saying and KYJ has transition to adult actress so don’t know why you keep dragging this (seriously the girl is over 20 years and by my definition that is an adult) and who cares if Clean for passion got 1% she’s moved on from that and so has everyone else.

        KSH has more of an uphill battle because the scriptwriter Jo Yong has only 2 writing credits to her name Jugglers and a tv movie so we are basically held at ransom as to how It’s Okay going to go. We’ve seen what happens when big names headline a drama and the writing goes west – nothing can save it. Thus I’m as nervous as hell for both dramas this month because the leads are my favourites and I want both of them to be well received by the Korean viewers first and foremost cos internationally we’re going stir crazy with the promotions and teasers a lot of us are counting down the days to their premieres next week so the frenzy is real. Wish me luck!

  6. Tbh I don’t really like the posters 🙁 But doesn’t matter because I would still give this a try because of KSH. Looking forward to this drama.

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