Bong Joon Ho Wins the Movie Daesang and the Drama Daesang Goes to When the Camellia Blooms in the 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards

The first half of 2020 is officially over and the Baeksang Arts Awards feels like a nice capper to laud the best dramas, movies, and performances of the last year and then let’s all move on to greener pastures as a reboot. The 2020 ceremony was held without an audience and the attendees were social distanced in chairs 6 feet apart. Baeksangs still get the biggest name crowd as all the nominees attended rather than only pre-informed winners showing up. Watching Queens Kim Hye Ja and Kim Hee Ae greeting each other just made my year. Kim Hye Jae didn’t get to hand her drama section Daesang to Kim Hee Ae who won Best Actress for The World of the Married with Daesang going to the drama When the Camellia Blooms which also took home Best Actor for Kang Ha Neul. Best drama went to the deserving black horse that was Stove League. On the movie side, Bong Joon Ho lost out on Best Director but won the movie Daesang and Parasite of course won Best Picture. Lee Byung Hun added to his stash with another Best Actor win for The Man Standing Next and Jung Yumi was a seeming lock but lost out in Best Actress to Jeon Do Yeon for Happy Birthday.


Daesang: When the Camellia Blooms
Best Drama: Stove League
Best Director: Mo Wan Il for The World of the Married
Best Screenplay: Lim Sang Chun for When the Camellia Blooms
Best Actor: Kang Ha Neul for When the Camellia Blooms
Best Actress: Kim Hee Ae for The World of the Married
Best Supporting Actor: Oh Jung Se for When the Camellia Blooms
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Sun Young in Crash Landing on You
Best New Actor: Ahn Hyo Seob for Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2
Best New Actress: Kim Da Mi in Itaewon Class
Icon Award: Seo Ji Hye for Crash Landing on You
Popularity Award Male and Female: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin


Grand Prize: Bong Joon Ho for Parasite
Best Film: Parasite
Best Director: Kim Bo Ra for House of Hummingbird
Best Screenplay: Lee Sang Geum Exit
Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun for The Man Standing Next
Best Actress: Jeon Do Yeon in Happy Birthday
Best Supporting Actor: Kwang Soo in Inseparable Bros
Best Supporting ActressL Kim Sae Byuk for House of Hummingbird
Best New Actor: Park Myung Hoon in Parasite
Best New Actress: Kang Mal Geum for Lucky Chan-Sil


Bong Joon Ho Wins the Movie Daesang and the Drama Daesang Goes to When the Camellia Blooms in the 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards — 105 Comments

  1. Hyun Bin and Son YeJin ❤️? congratulations to the winners. I saw LBH in person in an interview for London East Asia film fest 3 years ago and he really is good looking in person, very dashing.

  2. I just realized how sweet and cute Son Ye Jin when she was saying thank you so much to her korean and international fans. Glad to see her get recognized to outside Korea. She’s great actress with no scandal except with Hyun Bin for so many times lol.

    • I m so happy she is getting hallyu fame like shk or jjh have. She is a superstar in korea and at one point in japan but overall lacked overseas popularity. Cloy brought her international fame like msg did for jjh or aimh did for shk

  3. Again, South Korea showing the world how to recognize exemplary creative work in the age of CoViD-19. Of course, it was missing the energy of the fans but overall, everything was very organized & all the major stars showed up.

  4. Don’t understand why AHS got best new actor while not being that new and not the best in my opinion. All other awards are well deserved.

      • Well these award shows can be so unpredictable.. I was expecting AHS to be the least probable winner. Felt like even the kid had better chances than AHS.

    • Maybe agency power matters for that kind of award. Anyways, I also think that AHS don’t deserve that award.

    • I think he was always the front runner for the best new actor award though I agree he doesn’t really feel new. However, I think this is the first time he had a complicated role and did pretty well, showing potential beyond the pretty. Also, I feel like the awards show felt that it had to give at least one award to Dr. Romantic Season 2 for doing so well. (I was actually rooting for Ahn Bo Hyun)

      • I don’t think AHS did pretty well in his role in RDK2. Even K-netizens castigated him for not giving justice to the role. Thag is why his win is so undeserving. For me, LJW should be the one awarded. However, EY is not a ratings winner like RDK2.

      • I don’t think AHS has a complicated role in RDK2, his character is very wooden and background was all explained by others or flashbacks. Anyways he is not an actor whom I will watch considering his failed lead performance in Abyss and limited range. His only worthwhile drama is Still 17 in a supporting role. I agree with @myrrana that LJW is more deserving of an award and will probably get a chance in the future if he can land more dramas or should even venture into movies like Choi Woo Shik. LJW is more versatile and charismatic in my opinion. OSW also has great potential. Nonetheless, AHS being considered new while actually not that new is an embarrassment to say the least.

  5. Congratulations to the winners .This time it was really a tough call with fierce competition….

    I was surprised that Parasite could get only 3 awards out of 12 nominations. They did better in Oscars.. Maybe the judging parameters of korean awards are different from that of International awards.

    Anyways…SYJ looked sooooo pretty… ??.. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. And yeah HB was dashing too… Their visuals killed it when they went to recieve the awards on stage. The Thank you in English addressing their international fans was really sweet. They actually do know how hard fans worked for them to win the popularity awards..

    Over all it was great but I m little bit disappointed though..?

    • The hummingbird movie gets the Berlin awards but hasn’t done international promotion, they said it’s also really good.

  6. I wanted kim hee ae to win grand prize. She was so amazing. They did dirty to park hae joon by not nominating him for best actor because he was not on level of others stardom wise. He deserves a nomination dami deserved it but i wish han so hee got it too bcoz she made me hate her so much in world of married. I hope she picks great scripts with endorsements coming to her. I lived son ye jin in cloy but kim hee ae was too strong. Also setting new standards of success for old actresses when most actresses get side roles by her age. I hope son jye jin or my other faves like jjh shk have her longevity. I hoped for hyun bin or park seo joon to win

    • I discovered Kim Hee Ae in TWOTM. Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin were my faves since 2010. But now it’s her. I was so impressed by her acting and watched her recent dramas. I was a little sad that Kim Hee Ae did not win Daesang but I told me : If I were 53 years old with 3 Grand Prizes at Baeksangs, what can I do after ? I am already on the top. Should I just retire ? Haha. Besides, There are other awards shows in the next months so let’s pray. My consolation is :
      Kim Hee Ae is the youngest awardee at Baeksang’s for Daesang (26 years) ;
      Kim Hee Ae is now the most awardee for TV Best Actress at Baeksang’s with Jung Hye Sun (4 wins).
      Park Hae Joo really deserved to be nominated.
      I am pretty sure all actors from TWOTM will have a lot of works, so that’s good. The success of this drama is huge. So many parodies and many celebrities watched it. Hopefully, Kim Hee Ae will return soon and not after 4 years…

  7. Bong joon ho lost out best director not best actor. Considering u act like such a great writer who knows it all, u made such big mistake

  8. Kim hye su and kim hee ae and son ye jin aura beats all these young girls. Such strong presence.❣❣❣❣

      • Lol kim yoo jung fans r hilarious . Son ye jin at kim yoo jung age was already much better

      • You are definitely not a real fan of KYJ…. please don’t drop her name just to create fan war!!!! I’m sick of people who like to do that on this site.

      • @kayla lmao “Kim Yoo Jung beats them all”?
        KYJ fans are delusional of the highest order. Son Ye Jin is literally one of South Korea’s goddesses, right up there with TaeHyeJi (Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun). She’s always been known for both her beauty and acting, and she’s the ideal type of many male celebs.
        Also, she’s in her late 30s and still topping beauty lists, unlike your irrelevant no-star-power, wide-faced, flat-nosed ugly KYJ with her 1% rating drama.
        Keep on dreaming that KYJ is better than SYJ, that’s the biggest joke of the year.
        And before you accuse me, no, I’m not a KSH, I’m a fan of TaeHyeJi, now those are real goddesses, many years have passed but their still the gold standard of beauty in South Korea. Your ugly-ass Kim Yoo Jung can’t relate lmao ?

    • Guess what? I checked SYJ’s photos during her 20s. And I must say she looks like the ugly KSH. So, I am still right that KYJ is an unbeatable beauty.

      • Rofl son ye jin was actually a goddess and known as goddess. Not like fat girl with no hallyu fame. Wben ur girl touch son ye jin ticketing power then talk about her

      • Excuse me, KYJ already proven her power. She got a 20% drama at the age of 17. Something SYJ did not achieve during her prime years. Further, KYJ got also a hallyu fame. Even her IG followers is only 3M,it does not mean she is not big outside Korea.

      • Oh pls son te jin was primarily a top movie actress. Her drama focus was always less and she had 20% drama before? Atleast son ye jin dramas r not known for 1% rating like that girl. And cloy is bigger than moonlight in evey department and outside korea not even close. Especially cloy is on kable. And nope ur fave isnt hallyu actress. Her dramas r nothing outside korea.
        Son ye jin is movie superstar with ticketing power and industry ranking her top movie actress. Dramas were always second grade for her. Anyone know movie fame>>>
        Ur girl get no mvoie offers.
        Son ye jin is goddess and is way bigger star. Actually a superstar . Ur girl cant relate.

  9. Parasite lead actress should fire her stylist . She deserved better. Most gowns r bland but i see han so hee doing more bold looks than most korean actresses in future. Son ye jin, kim hye su and kim hee ae dressed better than most. Also liked that presenter girl net black dress. Quite bold and she carried it well but overall bad dressing

    • Actually WCB reflected many social prejudices prevalent in Sk. That’s why I guess the judges were more inclined to it.. All the actors were good and deserving though but they could give it to only one.

    • Not sure who this everyone is lol Kang Ha Neul was quite a big favorite for the award. I would say PSJ was closest competitor since Itaewon Class was very much about his character’s journey. Of the nominees, Hyunbin would’ve been least likely especially in such a competitive category. (I was rooting for PSJ or NGM)

  10. This award was 100% fans’ voting, no??? Then how come HB or PSJ didnt win??? I like KHN’s acting. He got a new character and that was amazing. All the nominees were great, even tho, kinda sad cuz no Sr Kim and Ikjun JJS.

    And no Dr Kim or HP in the nominees list… both got high ratings.

    Chukae winners.

    Ays over kim jae wook, lol… but then… he won.

    Ps : no pic of jang kiyoung? He looked super fine too.

  11. Did kwon Nara attended a play? she should fire her stylist. she looked bad in her Gown. also Kim da mi? the twin sister of Kim GO Eun? looked horrible in that outfit.

    • kim go eun has fashion sense though. She always rock her look especially at chanel events. Dami needs better styling but she was never known for her visuals but her skills

  12. ASH was a weird choice. He was lucky because the show rested on the casting of the first season and not the 2 new actors. But I guess he was more a “lead” than ABH or LJW.

    I’m happy for KNH, for a first main role, he did well. I’m not a fan of this drama but he was the best part.

    There was a picture of SOn Ye Jin and Jung Hae In together and it was a cute reunion.

  13. This Baek Sang award is a joke, lolz ?, are the judges trying to please everyone attended and divided the prices to all?
    Parasite lost “ Best screen play” to Exit, one of the most hilarious joke ever.

      • I think they wanted to be fair.. cos parasite won alot..
        Bt i am so disappointed cloy didnt win alot

  14. Social distancing is a must but lols, they look like students waiting to take their final exam. As for the result in Drama category, i’m so disappointed that CLOY didnt’t took home any major awards like come on , its not everyday that u get to produce a successful and entertaining as CLOY *sigh*, just plain unbelievable. On the other hand, i also think winners like Kang Ha Neul and Stove League deserves it, those dramas were great. Sorry didn’t watch TWOM. Hope they release vote breakdowns.

    My BinJin hearts is mourning. Good thing they actually won popularity award.

    • Problem is people think only dramas which are sad or dramatic r well made. But a entertaining well made drama id qeually good. The whole cast deserved an esemble award atleast

      • Agree .. otherwise what is the point of having lighthearted genre if people feel it is not par with other themes.I don’t think art should be judged with a preset bias in mind.
        Every genre has its own unique essence . I was atleast expecting a best screenplay for CLOY as Camellia already got the Daesang which is the highest honour . And yeah not to forget PJE was recently awarded by Ministry of Unification of SK.

    • Let’s be honest that CLOY is a massive hit but it is not massive as MLFTS and DOTS which won Daesangs and Major Awards in the past years Baeksang.

      • @myrrana, well i do see them as the same level with MLFTS, DOTS, and GOBLIN if i may add, that’s y i nvr thought they won’t get any award at all. So I’m guessin g it all comes down with the story. Its no secret that CLOY did face some politic issues.

      • Still nope. The economic impact brought by MLFTS, DOTS and Goblin was more sensational than CLOY. Even K-media coverage of those 3 dramas was more extensive than CLOY. That’s why CLOY is more of an “IT” drama rather than a “LEGENDARY” drama.

      • @myrrana. I’ll stand with my opinion as well. Haha. I do think that without the current restrictions being implemented around the world due to covid and the political issues with north and south korea, CLOY would have brought in so much more.

        And aside from dramas that led the first Hallyu wave like JITP, I don’t consider any kdrama legendary.

      • Atleast I don’t remember NBC tweeting and praising a kdrama apart from CLOY. Also not to forget Washington Post ,NYT,etc..and many more articles from across the world. Sure CLOY’S success can’t be compared to these cause it was not only a pan-Asia hit but it was recognised all over the world. It trended even in the middle east. But ofcourse I haven’t seen CLOY publicising its popularity anywhere. It is people who are doing this on there behalf. Heck !! Even the main leads didn’t do a post drama interview. That’s how everyone is quiet and people start watering down its impact. I have no intention to adgue with anyone. Just stating the facts which I found from various articles.

      • Just an example… BAA brought 2 million online viewers this time that too when the event was so plain due to COVID .And I don’t think this many views would have been possible for a k-award show without CLOY. Majority of the people didn’t understand a thing but still they sticked to it.. I m not claiming this but just check Baeksang got so many views this time.

        All the winners were deserving but the political issues did effect CLOY negatively with the tensions rising in the korean peninsula.

        As for commercial impact.. time will tell. Let the world economy soften a bit.

      • @Anaa JITP is indeed legendary. It was aired in my country at a time when most people were not even aware of the existence of Korea or Kdramas. It was distributed in so many countries. Nothing can beat its records.

      • @Astar Serious question..were the other three dramas mentioned aired on Netflix as well?

      • I know they belonged to different eras so it is not good to compare them.All of them were famous in their respective ways. But if you look at @myrrana’s post ,she said CLOY is an “IT ” drama and brought out all those comparisons and all.I didn’t nake any of those dramas. She talked about trends, commercial..hence I brought international articles.
        Just like they were not aired in Netflix but also there was no COVID in the world during those times unlike now which has made people suffer both economically and psychologically. Why compare its impact with dramas from earlier times then.
        All of them deserves respect so better not put one down.. ofcourse you will get retorted.

        And Netflix seems to have many dramas and not only CLOY.
        I find it ridiculous when people try to compare things which belongs to different genre , geopolitical scenario just to show their superiority. I didn’t start it. Just my reply to @ myrrana’s post.

      • @Nad They didn’t air in Netflix at that time i guess but later on were indeed included especially DOTs and Goblin. However I agree that recency is also a factor that needs to be accounted.

      • @nad. I agree with @astar, you can’t compare apple to orange. MLFTS DOTS Goblin will surely do greater – they did very well, if it was aired on Netflix during its run. The point here is that all those three was well received in previous baeksang whilst CLOY wasnt when in fact there were lots of similarities between those 4. Unless of course their problem is its premise about NK-SK. If that’s the case, they shouldn’t have nominated them at all if they wouldn’t judge fairly without any outside pressure.

      • Cloy us as big hit as mlfts and dots even being mentioned by western media. The watching if tv has been changed. Old hallyu doesnt exist. Success online worldwide is new norm now. Cloy id bigget kdrama on netflic worldwide
        So it is on par with them

      • I know right. Both MLFTS and DOTS were massive and both were the biggest dramas in Korea during their respective year. CLOY is not even the biggest drama this year what did CLOY fans expect? They are so delusional it hurts. They think that just because some western media write about the drama means that it’s popular. When in fact no one talks about that drama in real life. I live in the states and I’ve never seen it in the top 10 or anyone talking about it. They think CLOY is on the same level as Parasite LMFAO. When in fact Parasite – 10 wall of China – kdramas including CLOY.

      • @ Anna .. First of all I never thought CLOY would win in all the categories.. Atleast I couldn’t place a bet on the acting categories knowing how good were the performances of other actors.
        However I thought the directing and screenplay was very good. WOTM director won it and I truly think he deserves it.
        I would have been happy if PJE had won the screenplay award. She truly deserved it. I mean no one even dared to go that way.. She created a unique world although there maybe some cliche.WCB included relevant social stigma but there was something special in CLOY too.Besides that ,WCB already won a Daesang so script part is already included.
        I m specially disappointed with the SCREENPLAY awards including the movie category. Exit won..which is laughable.
        Fans are upset because just like previous popular dramas they thought CLOY would win too.
        The only difference being during those times there were a lack of POPULAR critically acclaimed dramas unlike now when it came into bunches.
        Nowadays under-rated term is not much prevalent cause if you are good certainly public will love it.
        But I don’t understand you.. it feels like you are hell bent on projecting this as “ohk.. nobody talks about this drama …it is forgettable and should have flopped”.. Whereas the actual scenario is different. People talk about this from different parts of the world maybe not always from a critical p.o.v. You said it yourself that INTERNATIONAL popularity has got nothing to do with SK and Baeksang.. I agree with it.

        The award body may not recognise it but it close to many people’s hearts ..
        And for me CLOY is special..
        Common we all have our biases.. You can’t expect me to like all the critically acclaimed stuffs. Just because critics liked is not necessary that I will be interested too.Period..

      • @Anne, I think you some of you guys fail to understand one thing about this drama, just because you didn’t like the progression it took doesn’t mean it’s lazy or written in rush. The writer of the drama is the same person who years ago wrote original webtoon, so the story was put together years ago and he is not the type of getting shy away from changing things if he thinks he could improve on them. For example, because of said changes Oh Soo Ah from webtoon and drama two different characters. He made an effort to give a salarymen in her face a saving grace, because originally she was a simple rat and nothing more, but in drama he gave her chance to redeem herself and made her more likable at the end to a lot of people.
        Back to kidnapping part. It was always there and it’s not a lazy writing, because author did it to put several symbolisms. The thing is main theme of IC wasn’t about company growing, IC company and pub itself is just a background where characters practice their view on the world. Their tool to fight, but not the fight itself. One of the main themes was Park Sae Ro Yi moving forward after traumatic events in his past that made his life bitter to the core. His father said to him years ago, that everything is okay as long as we alive, but Sae Ro Yi forget about it after his death and lived his life thinking about either past or future, but never the present. He spend his night being upset about what happened in the past. And days working hard for “happy future”. Forgetting to enjoy everything that he owns in the present. IC growing itself was never what gave him or his crew happiness in the first place either, it was their dream, because they wanted to be free from pressure, that society put on them. But what is the dream if you don’t simply enjoy your present self. All characters in IC in the start of the story hated themselves, they were not in peace with who they are and that was in majority because of what labels society put on them. So the end of the story was connected deeply to them finally accepting who they’re and loving what they become. That kidnapping wasn’t just about Sae Ro Yi saving Jo Yi Seo, but also Choi Seung Kwon facing his demons, Jang Gun Soo learning, that he misunderstood Park Sae Ro Yi’s “unwillingness to give up” and that when you don’t know how and when to stop it could harm someone. Sae Ro Yi wasn’t even acting, like a lot of male leads aka like “prince in shining armor” in that kidnapping scene, he was there to deal with his own past. Once upon a time Park Sae Ro Yi already lost his dad to Jang Gun Won and couldn’t save him. He never had an opportunity to close that page in his book. That’s why at the end they beat the hell out of each other coming full circle to the point where it all went wrong. And only after almost dying, meeting his father, letting go of his hate, saving someone he loved and beating the hell out of his past he could start enjoy his present. The happy present that he alredy had, but denied himself. IC growing was not “most exciting part”, because IC is not the main character. Park Sae Ro Yi is the main character. And him finally loving himself and letting himself love someone is the most exciting part. “Let’s be happy” is most exciting part. Most important part. They spend enough time showing us company grow, from small pub to big corporation. They didn’t forget neither buying building, marketing, building hip neighborhood, investment, advancement to new market and it wasn’t a smooth way, his principles was challenged too and he was forced to make a decisions, but because Park Sae Ro Yi was shown as a person who never gives up, he had a people making it easy for him, because they knew they can expect him always going forward despite all obstacles. Life always has a way to reward hard-working people.
        Same way he didn’t “suddenly start to love Jo Yi Seo”, he simply liked her always. Out of all people around himself he had always shown special attitude towards Jo Yi Seo. She was the only person he told his hardship and shared his struggles with. She was the only person from whom he expected to get support and help. Hell, Oh Soo Ah noticed the first time when she saw him being upset, that his feelings are not simply “platonic” and only him being all like “I like you” made her feel secure, because other than that she always knew, that if Sae Ro Yi wasn’t as principled even in his love life he would already date Jo Yi Seo years ago and accept, understand what he is feeling. But, IC didn’t had a usual k-drama love story, it’s more meaningful it terms of Park Sae Ro Yi uncontrollably and unconsciously wanting Jo Yi Seo to be on his side. The only person in whole drama that he showed emotions are related to her. He liked Oh Soo Ah, since he lived in the past, but he never was upset with her constantly betraying and hurting him, he never asked her to be on his side and he never trusted her enough to be with him. Love is about trust and believe, love is about supporting and seeking for that support, love is about understanding. The only thing in his journey that Park Sae Ro Yi lacked is understanding of his own feelings towards Yi Seo. Soo Ah knew, Gun Soo knew, Ma Hyun Yi knew, even Tony knew and everyone commented, but only Sae Ro Yi was in denial. Even his words were “I’m older, I have things to do, just don’t like me”, not “I don’t like you”. Since Sae Ro Yi never was in a relationship and never had even time for that, he was afraid to let himself to be with Yi Seo. He wasn’t ready to be happy. And on top of that being with her would’ve put more labels on him, because she is younger and she is his employee. But time made him relax, seeing her struggle made him question if he is right in rejecting her feelings and denying himself happiness and almost dying made him release, that there could be no future where he has time to be happy, if he never stops rejecting his present. Four years made him actually seriously comfortable around the idea, that someone likes him and wants to be with him. And that’s why in four years he grew apart from Oh Soo Ah. Sae Ro Yi spend more time developing, understanding and accepting his own feelings to Yi Seo compared to almost 90% of k-drama leads, that develop feelings in first episodes or in “childhood”. He actually took his time and created real connection with Jo Yi Seo. Even before accepting why he was putting all his faith and trust in her. Hence why there was a scene when he is with Yi Seo sitting in his cabinet and she reads to him, how she is so happy, that she wants to live her life one more time. It wasn’t abrupt in any way or any sense. It was simply not typical and what people used to. But development was always there. Shown, spoken and presented.
        As for Park Sae Ro Yi being so called stupid with his decisions, I need specifics, because I’m pretty sure drama gave enough explanations on his behalf. While Park Sae Ro Yi is presented as a person with a right heart and mind, he has his shortcomings when it comes to his own principles and being not the most flexible person out there. I admire that drama never tried to paint him as saint, made him a person. He smart, but not genius. He is hardworking, but still need a help to achieve his dreams. He is righteous, but not always right. He is kind, but not a pushover. He is understanding, but not always forgiving. He is principled, but not always flexible. He is protective, but can sometimes hurt other internationally or unintentionally. And drama challenged him when it was right time and made him the winner when it was right too, but also several times made him release that some principles meant to be broken if he wants to be on top and help his people, but also restricted and showed us, that being too flexible cloud lead as to become ruthless Jangga or spineless Oh Soo Ah. He was perfectly written, imo.
        So, in my opinion, IC actually stronger, than most dramas in past couple years. It had most well-thought characters. And people overreacting over 30-40 minute “kidnapping”, while ignoring how much it meant to characters in big picture and how many things it showed in 16 episodes. Some so called “strong dramas” has weaker shits they pull up, while IC never lost it theme from first episode to last episode and never forget to give all it’s characters meaningful arc. There wasn’t a single storyline that didn’t find it’s nice and logical finish. Just like everything around them was packed with philosophical aspect of living and moving forward in life.

        Also, let’s make it clear here. Just because you find some problems with the script in later part it don’t turn drama into “just entertainment”, when you already admitted that it had a meaningful value and showed a lot of strong social aspects. That’s not how “just entertaining works”. People has some issues with Joker, and it’s divided, but it’s stupid to claim, that movie has no value beyond being entrainment. If anything IC has much more stronger message compared to most dramas including some Baeksang award dramas. But it had less standard image and young cast, but the thing is it was one of the most talked and parodied drama put there is SK for a reason.

    • CLOY was a fun drama to watch, but was it the best? The competition was very strong. I just don’t think CLOY would be considered top in the categories. Kim Sun Young did win the supporting actress award (well deserved not just for CLOY, but she is great in all her roles) though I think all the North Korean ajummas were fantastic. Also, the fact that it was nominated for several categories is an honor in and of itself.

      • I saw an article on jtbc vlive account entitled “Baeksang Awards: announces fair evaluation results, shake off prejudice and genre discrimination”, i guess they were made aware about the reactions from the result.

        @hellodramas. For the love of kdramas, i wouldn’t claim it as the best but it surely deserves more than best supporting actress and nominations. If they can’t appreciate CLOY, then the world will do it on their behalf. Hahaha.

        Anyhow, I’m just happy i get to watch quality and entertaining dramas.

      • CLOY was not the best..but I agree with @anaa that it deserved more than a supporting actress award. Look at PJE ..she painstakingly created a world which has been isolated from the rest of the countries.. It took 10 years for her to complete it with all the details and research and there was no proper reference.If dealt not wisely ,this topic could have blown out of proportion. She meticulously worked with the NK issue without hurting any party.I think she definitely deserved it. And WCB anyways got the Daesang. SO why not the best screenplay for CLOY. I agree the political reasons were the main part.

      • @Anaa @Astar Oh yall should stop being butthurt. Pretty much everyone agrees with how the awards were given except for petty CLOY fans. Online you would see people saying the winners are all deserving of their awards. Yall really thought CLOY would beat dramas like WTCB, HSL, Kingdom, HP and TWOTM? Even Koreans were guessing that WTCB and HSL or TWOTM would win the awards. CLOY is not even the biggest drama in Korea during their year like DOTS, Goblin and MLFTS. Who are yall to say that this award show is a joke? My predictions about Baeksang were spot on. The awards go to the best dramas and best performances. CLOY is entertaining sure but people never rated it that high. Accept the cold hard truth that CLOY is no where as good critically as other dramas and move on. CLOY fans are a disease no kidding.

      • DotS had some political issues as well but it still received a daesang so I don’t know if that really was the reason of CLoY not receiving a major award.

      • Lol @Anne you are not the only person living in states and can’t just claim that no one talks about it. Aren’t you a delusional piece as well. There are enough evidence how people like it there… We don’t need your opinions. Besides who knows whether you actually are from states. Stop being so elitist. Should we believe the media critics or you ,a self proclaimed know it all. We don’t need to get butthurt. aAs it is well recognised. Check naver and you will find lots off comments supporting them . I know you haven’t even watched WTCB and are just here to name call.Also When did I say other dramas were not deserving.
        @Nad DOTS may have some political issues but it definitely didn’t deal with SK’s biggest enemies.You can’t accept them to idolize a NK soldier.

      • @Astar Imo CLoY is good but there are better dramas. Perhaps if it aired in another year, it would’ve done better in Baeksang. I’ve read some comments from Knetz and they seemed ok with most of the award recipients. Normally if they think an award is undeservingly awarded to someone, they’d have no prob criticizing the decision. A political issue might have contributed to CLoY not getting major awards but I don’t think that was the only reason.

      • @Nad ofcourse it was not the only reason…Other dramas were terrific. It was a tight race .. So that political thing shoved a bad light and pushed it a little behind. That’s all I would like to say. We are all entitled to our opinions. Not liking one drama is okay. Even I don’t like many high rated hallyu dramas. But I never downplay their success when the impact is clear as a day.

      • @Astar are you sure you know what you’re talking about? If you ask Koreans, they would say that it’s not even a big issue in Korea. No one cares about the political issue that much. I watched a Korean blogger on Youtube reacting to the show and she said that no one in Korea cares about the political issue and that political party. Political issue was definitely not a factor when there are much stronger dramas. DOTS, MLFTS and Goblin won because in fact they were saved by being the biggest dramas during their respective year and were considered as cultural phenomenons in Korea. CLOY is not even the biggest drama this year and it is no where near being a cultural phenomenon in Korea. When you look at the dramas nominated this year, only people who have only watched CLOY and are blinded by their biases would say CLOY. Other than that, you would see people guessing WTCB, HSL or TWOTM. Some Western media were literally just like: hey this drama CLOY is on Netflix and it’s on my recommendation list because it’s entertaining. They never or if they have, rarely said anything critically about it (directing, screenplay and performances). CLOY is the weakest drama along with IC among the nominees. They are like Twilight or Marvel movies equivalent, as they are entertaining and perform well commercially but you would never see them being highly rated critically and win in awards like Oscars or Golden Globes. I’ve read Korean comments and reactions and most of them were happy with the winners.
        And yes, I watched WTCB and I think it’s amazing. You talk as if I have not ROFL.

      • @anne. Lols, ur funny. It was a friendly discussion until u butt in. No one is claiming other dramas are not deserving, they all are. I’ve watched and enjoyed most of those nominated dramas and i understand how tough decision it was. It just that CLOY deserve much more. And pls, only one id stated that this baeksang was a joke. Let’s not even mention u saying we’re claiming CLOY as same level as parasite. No one did, sorry.

      • @Anaa You literally said that CLOY didn’t win due to political issues but you know what, it’s not even a big issue in Korea. No one cares. The drama is weaker than other dramas. When I looked at the dramas nominated, CLOY and IC were at the bottom of my list. Sorry if I came off as aggressive but I have to let this out and I’m sick of some CLOY fans saying that CLOY should win because of its international popularity. Some CLOY fans also said that no one knows dramas like WTCB and HSL. They also said that CLOY is on par of DOTS or MLFTS and therefore they should have won awards like Daesang. Let me tell yall that dramas such as SeGa, MLFTS, DOTS and Goblin won because they were the biggest dramas in their respective year and they were considered cultural phenemenons in South Korea. In SOUTH KOREA, let’s not talk about international popularity because it’s irrelevant for Baeksang. CLOY is neither the biggest drama in South Korea or a cultural phenomenon. It’s not as strong as other dramas neither so ofc it was pretty clear that other dramas would win. Again, this is intended for every CLOY fans who think that CLOY should win everything to see.

      • @anne. Regular citizens might not care about the political issues but the government does and baeksang will definitely consider that. During its run, a political party filed a complaint for CLOY regarding glamorizing nk. Then we had some pictures going around hinting for a diff ending but they just have to settle with the one that they aired. if that wouldn’t be consider due to political issue then i don’t know what.

        This is fun. It’s my first time checking a response for my posts. Hahaha.

      • @Anaa It’s not a big issue. Whether there is a political reason to this or not, it’s not like CLOY would win because there are much stronger dramas being nominated and some are bigger than CLOY in Korea.

      • @Anne, I don’t care about CLOY, but IC no near of being “weak drama” or “just entertainment”. You can have your opinion (and eat it), but it’s still just your opinion. IC had a strong following and was praised for giving strong and unique characters as well as amazing acting from mostly young and fresh cast. It also went all the way to put on the map some mainstream and obscure problems alike. It wasn’t just “entertaining drama”. It knew how to entertain while never forgetting about strong substance. IC packed a lot of human philosophies into it’s story, while also asking some serious questions and pointing out major problems in our society. I guess for some rich family affairs and another doctors drama was more important, but in reality chaebol families (around the world) manipulating their salarymen to keep quite about their shady sides should be a much more bigger and important talk. Injustice, unfair situations and putting easy labels on people should be a bigger talk. It also didn’t divide humans into “there is no bad people or there is no good people”, it showed that “bad or good” is a determination of our actions. You can start noble and end in dark places. Or you can start by egoistical motives, but end up doing something good. Plus it had ultimate underdog as a main male lead showing that world doesn’t need to be a cruel place and that we ourself do it to that way. Years later it will be remembered as something “one of the kind” type of dramas, because it had it’s own unique atmosphere above all, the one that hard to replicate. If people hype IC it’s hardly because of “cute leads”, but actually based on substance in messages that it has. You don’t need to like it or enjoy it, but don’t dismiss all the talk that this drama generated about philosophy behind each character and their actions. In IC people actually even if they were annoyed by Jo Yi Seo or didn’t believe their “sweet child” Jang Gun Soo could have a disturbing side still actually talked about characters and overall story. There was a war lol It happens only when drama is not just entertaining, but thought provoking.

      • @hmmm I was talking about IC being weak because of its strong beginning but then an extremely disappointing ending. It started off great and I had super high expectations. I just really like the general theme and how they embraced diversity which is something that is difficult to find in Korean dramas – talking about a lot of issues in the society. It was super refreshing and inspiring. It was on its way to becoming one of my favorite K-dramas. However, as the drama progressed, everything started to fall apart. I failed to understand why Saeroyi, who was clever enough to use all his dad’s insurance money to invest in Jangga when the company’s stocks were at its lowest, would fail in realizing that some of his decisions (I would list a bunch but that would be too long) would not help in building a big company and win over Jangga. Realistically, what he decided to do in the drama would not work in real life. The show also didn’t show the process of how IC became such a huge company because that was supposed to be the most exciting part of the show. They skipped 4 years just like that and furthermore, the writer failed to address how the relationships between the characters had changed. Kidnapping and gangstas storyline at the end of the show is plain lazy writing. Relationship between PSRY and JYS is extremely abrupt and the writer should have put more care into building the relationship. Yes I know, they have a long history but PSRY’s sudden change in feelings is so sudden. It simply didn’t flow well. IC could have been a better show if the writer was given more time to exploit the details. It had such great potential but its extremely weak last few episodes is why it’s among the weakest dramas when we take into account everything.

  15. I won’t say too much on When Camella Blooms because the lead actor did a great job with his role. By the lead actress made that drama so unwatchable.

  16. CLOY is an alright drama but hardly even better than Hyena, it deserves the popularity vote.

    It was never that clever and entertaining? Everything can be entertaining, look at the king’s fan?

    Script, acting and cinematography is only on surface nomination level.

    Stove league deserve the wins and I can’t with all HB fans who thought he can win best actor when NGM and KHM is there.

    • @ponpon. I think everyone can agree that it was a tight fight with this yr’s best actor/actress nominees but implying that HB will definitely not win with NGM and KHN on the list is plain unacceptable. HB did great as Capt Ri just how NGM and KHN did with their respective characters. And believe it or not, i’m a fan of not just those three but five nominees since i can remember.

      • 5 nominees doesn’t mean they are all equal, HB fans is delusional indeed. The favourite to win in KHN, PSJ and NGM Because they were iconic in their role.

        HB as capt. ri is a romcom token that needs to be there because “the drama makes rating, we can’t put Dr. Romantic again and HP and TWOTM male lead can’t get into nomination”.

        Seriously has TWOM and HP ended and make the cut for male lead, had HB ever had a chance?

        He is just another good guy heartthrob lead. In fact, I think he is better in MoA than CLOY.
        HB is definitely just “fan favourite” and no one think beside the fans that he has slightest chance to win it, see he didn’t win.

        Wake up and look at people commented, they sad that NGM and PSJ lost the chance, ask if WoM and HP male lead gets nominated, no one care about HB because people see he doesn’t have a chance .

      • @ponpon. Look, i really don’t have anything against the winner/s. But ur comment that actually implied HB shouldn’t even dream of winning best actor because NGM and KHN is also nominated irks me. His character might be less iconic as others but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a good actor and he played his char well. And i’ll leave it at that.

        As for ur theory of him not getting nominated if TWOM and HP made the cut, i guess that will just remain as theory. Aloha. ???

      • Lol… Ponpon..
        Are you delusional?? HP and WOM were eligible for the nominations. The fact that they didn’t get nominated but HB did says it all. How did KHA managed to win then if she was not eligible according to the deadline. The dramas were already submitted to the jury.The nominees were all deserving.

        You may consider KHN, PSJ and NGM as favourite.But ..I guess you didn’t Check the Daum poll.. that whom koreans prefer for the winner as best Actor..HB won followed by KHN.. PSJ was a distant third.. This was a korean poll and not by delulu HB you will say that the poll was won due to korean HB fans??.. KHA won in the Daum poll as well as the actual award. Your theory that HB was worst is so funny..You can give justice to even a non-complex character which he did and earned a nomination.
        Playing a cheater husband doesn’t imply that your skills are out of the world. Park Hae Joon in WOTM was good but there is a reason why he was not nominated.
        He is the youngest male Daesang awardee..and you say he can’t!!

    • If KHA can win the award then how the hell the male lead couldn’t get the cut . I don’t get it. Even HP was nominated in many it is ridiculous to assume that Aloha didn’t make the cut.

  17. I am surprised Camella Blooms got regonized in many categories, I could’t even reach half of the drama. Was that a good drama because I did’t find it that way.

    The only Gong Hyo Jin drama that I didn’t like.

    • It definitely is good. I’m not into GHJ’s character, but aside from that, everything was good in that drama, especially our newly crowned best actor KHN. 🙂

  18. KHN is soo good in WCB….the others candidates did well also.but maybe KHN character is fresh in dramaland and he become hwang yongsik himself.Hwang yongsik is truely one of best man lead character in dramaland.

  19. Question please as I am not from Korea: who votes on this award, is it just like the Oscars where members of the Academy vote? Thanks!

  20. Everyone looks so good and stunning. Congratulation to all that win. Kim Hee Ah is such an excellent actress. So happy she win the grand prize or else it’s a disappointment. Omg watch it live and was so mesmerizing by how beautiful Han Ji Min is. Miss her much.

  21. Baeksang knows their stuffs. I pretty much agree or at least understand the choices that Baeksang made except for Best Screenplay for EXIT, which was the one that I really could not understand. It should have gone to Parasite instead. Other than that, I’m happy with how everything turned out. It means that Baeksang really values the arts and doesn’t just make decisions recklessly. WTCB and HSL were phenomenal and I had a strong feeling they would win the big awards. The directing and Kim Hee Ae’s performance in WOTM were superior in comparison to others so no surprise there for me. Congratulations to everyone!

    • By not giving best director and best screen play to Parasite I think they don’t value the art besides they trying to play role as “people pleaser“ here.

      • It feels like they are trying to please everyone. Just look at RDK2..
        Also I never thought Parasite will loose in the best screenplay race even when it managed to beat movies from Hollywood.

      • Duh ofc Parasite didn’t win Best Director because Bong Joon Ho won Daesang. That’s like the biggest award anyone can get. If someone gets a Daesang, they are automatically disqualified for other categories. That’s been Baeksang rule since it was founded. Only Best Screenplay is a mystery here but other than that, the winners in other categories are all deserving of their awards.

      • Please enlighten me, so Based on what you said, winning daesang for movie award will automatically put him a daesang award for director? Unless it’s that true, then best director should be given to him and daesang should be also given to parasite because it is the best of the best from the script, to the directing, acting and cinematography.

  22. All the winners are well received. Congratulations Kim Hee Ah! She is fantastic. I stood up late because of her.

    Han Ji Min is so beautiful. This girl need to step up her game with more daring look and concept instead of always playing the safe game. Was not that fond of her but wow she is so gorgeous.

  23. Anyone can have opinion on the award, if who/what they think deserves it(the type of discussion that can be preferential)

    But yours @anne is obviously just hating on CLOY’s success, when you just can’t accept that the drama you didn’t like is so popular.

    Anyways, won’t be comparing Cloy’s popularity to other dramas. But my siblings, colleagues, friends in SM and celebrities in my country were raving about it.

    • Yall are the ones hating on other dramas winning. I’m merely explaining why CLOY didn’t win. Some CLOY fans just basically dissed other dramas and said that because of its international popularity in comparison to other dramas, it should win. If you look at Baeksang list of winners in the past, they hardly ever took into account international popularity. They already created popularity awards for CLOY to win (as international fans could also vote) so I don’t know why some of you keep saying that other dramas should not win because of their lack of international popularity. Pretty much everyone is happy with the winners except petty cloy fans.

      • Honestly Anne don’t lie.. I have seen many of your posts dissing CLOY even before Baeksang. You used to call it forgettable and not making buzz outside SK.You said NO ONE Mentions it in the states but the articles say otherwise. This is not your first time. However I agree that other dramas are deserving. But I see utter hate for CLOY from ur site. Don’t try to become a saint now.

      • Was reading everything in the comment section and never read anyone dissing the winners, they just stated they think Cloy also deserves a major award and discussing the factors etc. and again it is not dissing.

      • I agree many CLOY fans are being unreasonable but you were also being petty calling it unpopular. Then how the hell did they manage to get those popularity awards against the combined power of two idol fandoms. IU fandom is big and they even teamed up with another idol fandom. Now that you were proven claim that it deserves to be popular only and nothing more.

      • @Astar obviously you’re talking about someone else because I never called it forgettable and not making buzz outside SK. It’s true that it’s not popular in the west so that’s not even a debate. Yall keep claiming political issue is the reason why CLOY didn’t win when it’s not remotely a big issue in Korea. Saying that it should have won Best Screenplay, but seriously over other dramas, *insert wtf face*. I don’t know why you brought up IU here and how I was proven wrong when I’ve never said anything about it. It’s irrelevant to me.

        @Hacci I admit I came off as aggressive and sorry for that. I’m just sick of some people being petty so I put the blame on the wrong people and overreacted. Anyways, I think I got my points across here so I’m done.

      • @ Anne Regarding Screenplay.. even Exit won against Parasite. What is your take here??
        And WCB already got a Daesang so script was already included. Thus I hoped CLOY could have won it if not for the other awards.
        Its story may sound cliche but the world building was different. We all have our individual opinions and that’s it. What is wrong in presenting my thoughts??.
        I don’t see people dissing the winners here. If you find it on another platform feel free to reply there.

  24. Fashion at Korean award shows are notoriously bad and uncreative but Cho Yeo-Jeong takes the cake. WTF is she wearing?!?! She is so so pretty, but even she cant work this dress. I have a hard time believing there weren’t any other dresses for her to wear. On a side note her skin always looks really good!

  25. A really good drama can change peoples thinking by moving hearts and minds. CLOY is in the top few Nielson ratings of highest number of viewers for all time and I think it made people think about the impacts of the split of one culture into two different countries. One has to wonder if there is a category of awards for most popular drama missing or whether politics is influencing the awards.

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