The King: Eternal Monarch Releases Spoilery Stills with Kim Go Eun in Danger Ahead of Tomorrow’s Final Episode

I’ve been rewatching the best bits of both Lee Min Go and Kim Go Eun‘s last dramas, to remind myself of what could have been better and actually elicited emotion from me. I didn’t much care for the OTP in either drama but in Legend of the Blue Sea I really needed to see Lee Min Ho’s character find his mother and freaking destroy the evil stepmother who wrecked their family, and even the dad dying of his own bad choices as karma hurt because poor Min Ho cried and cried his guts out. In Goblin I really didn’t like the OTP even more but the Goblin’s eternal sadness and all the connections he made both in love and friendship with the grim reaper and finding his sister really tore my heart out. In The King: Eternal Monarch there is nothing that makes me sad even beyond not caring about the OTP, it feels like the story will end and it was all much ado about nothing especially if Lee Gon succeeds in rewriting history. The deus ex machina is fine if the journey was worth it, I’m still waiting for any reason to care.


The King: Eternal Monarch Releases Spoilery Stills with Kim Go Eun in Danger Ahead of Tomorrow’s Final Episode — 40 Comments

  1. Nah. The ending doesn’t matter. I am just going to watch ep 13-15 tonight. Then end my misery. And say ” ah Lee Min Ho looked so good in this drama.”

    The person who told me I didn’t understand the world building saga this drama is? You don’t do well executed concepts involving time travel, parallel universes with a huge sprawling cast of characters in 16 hours. That’s what book series are for.

    Lee Min Ho does look so good in this drama. And the 2 wasted actors in their roles looked so good too. I am happy I got to watch one of them after his excellent role in another drama. Wishing the actor best of luck in his next role.

  2. So many Deux ex machina, it better to not actually make logic out of this drama and think that the writer just keep adding stuff our of convenience

  3. I haven’t seen LGOTBS but I really loved Goblin and I agree with why it was heart warming. With TKEM, despite its flaws and what could’ve been I actually enjoyed it maybe because I have less expectations or I am easily pleased nor do I understand the story completely. But after the few episodes I’ve decided to just enjoy it I actually did. It allowed me and friends to talk about what we liked or not or answer each other’s questions. I bonded with flat mates over bubble tea, fried chicken and korean food. There are funny moments, swoon worthy, and some painful scenes as well. It isn’t a masterpiece or one of the best dramas I’ve watched but I truly enjoyed it. All the best to the actors and screenwriter.

  4. I agree with you. I am a huge (33 years) fan of sci-fi and fantasy.I have watched plenty of tv series (Fringe and Travelers are two favorites) and have read books (by Crichton for example) in this genre. Sadly, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief in this. I desperately hoped it would be as enjoyable as Goblin or as exciting as Queen In-Hyun’s Man. But I am positive there will still be dramas made in this genre, and without doubt, some will be good.

    P.S. I am excited for the kdrama remake of Go Princess Go, which was one of my guilty pleasures.

    • For any sci-fi fan, this drama is a mistake of nature.
      The writer is incompetent in this field.
      Ideas taken from others, weakened and mixed up messily.

  5. I stopped watching after ep 14. I fell asleep watching ep 15 and couldn’t pick it up again. Let’s see if I’ll pick it up after ep 16.

  6. Finally, this flop will finally end. So excited for BSR! KYJ and JCW please show LMH and KGE who is more relevant. Please achieve the coveted 20% rating!

    • TKEM isn’t a flop just admit that it doesn’t fit the type of drama you’re into. Using ratings to determine if a drama is a flop or not is absolute nonsense. It is doing well internationally on Netflix so it obviously can’t be a flop and LMH can do well on his own he doesn’t need JCW to show him who is relevant.

  7. I think if people would look at what the writer is trying to convey, you would grasp that concept and accept her point of view in her story telling. I had to watch 3 times to really grasp what she was feeling in her writing and I believe I got it. My only hope is that she would come with a blasting ending which would totally quench my thirst for this amazing couple. I love our leading actors the chemistry is on point.

    • Idk if you didn’t see the irony of your own comments. You have to watch it 3 times just to think that you may get the story.

      Inception makes people watch it multiple times to grasp the world and the detail but even at 1st watch people know the concept well enough and enjoy it at the same time.

      The drama story telling is unnecessary compliated because it’s not a good drama and the writer just write everything she can to make the hero has all the advantage of deux ex machina

      • Kim Go Eun is one of the main worse leading actresses in Korea. Unattractive and stone expressions. Embarrassing for an actress who got an award. I think the judges must be regretting their choice.

      • Wow! That’s a strong word. How is she unattractive though? How can you say she has the stone expression? I don’t see it that way?

        I am not a fan of her and not a fan of the drama but the words you said about KGE were just harsh. How can a human being say something like that?

      • @mistyeyes me too I can’t understand her hatred towards Kim go eun as if the actress has done something so unforgivable towards her lol. I’ve kindly told her that attack on a person isn’t nice yet she enjoys her toxic comments about actors. She doesn’t know KGE in person yet she hates her with a passion. It is ok to criticise if acting is bad but her words aren’t even warranted. I already regret wasting my time resounding to her vicious comments dripping with contempt. I don’t understand those people. I have actors I don’t care for but I don’t feel the need to bash them. People like that are miserable because happy people don’t just say mean things.

      • @lovely Lisa ur words aren’t as lovely as you. The show didn’t rate well not because of her. Stop using her as a scapegoat. Unattractive? Say that to chanel who chose her to represent Korea among her peers who are ambassadors. If you don’t like someone it’s ok but stop the hate. It will only affect you rather than them. You seen her show and know her but she doesn’t know you exist and she will continue to star in shows just don’t watch them so you won’t feel the need to have so much hate in you. You are neither an expert in acting or beauty so your bashing is just unnecessary and I’m already regretting wasting my time on you. But maybe just maybe it will help you in real life. That’s just kdrama leave it there don’t carry the hate in real life. Same goes to you. Especially to you @joane

      • Maybe Chanel chose Kim Go Eun is because she was getting a lot of attention at that time. And her fees are much cheaper so Chanel chose her probably to save money. I think Chanel management must be regretting their choice right now. Kim Go Eun is losing her charms. In fact she has no charm at all.

      • I beg to disagree! I don’t think any other actress could have portrayed the role better. For me, she’s the best among all the actors in portraying dual roles.

        And isn’t it a bit superficial to blame it all on the FL?

    • I am stating my opinion about her. I really don’t find her pretty. I think Bae Doona looks much prettier than KGE and Bae Doona acting is much superior than this plain-looking KGE. To be actress, one has to act well. But her acting in this series is really monotonous. Every time she looks at her lover, her eyes are emotionless. She looks like she is staring blankly at LMH. This is called good acting? Even Bae Suzy acting skills is much much better than Kim Go Eun.

    • I like watching this series, King. But I do admit I don’t really enjoy watching Kim Go Eun as lead actress. She is not really eye candy due to her small seedy eyes and puff up cheeks. If the lead actress is Kim Tae Ri or Kim So Eun will be perfect.

  8. this is brain draining but i love how the story goes well…excited to watch the final episode…i love it as much as i love Goblin too hope for a happy ending.

  9. I don’t want Shin Jae and Yeong to die, the both could sacrifice themself SJ for TE and Yeong his his King 🙁 I don’t really care about the rest of the story.

  10. That drama was so painful and tiring.
    It’s as if a neighbour had been using a drill for weeks, and finally silence returns.

  11. If TKEM is bad and unworthy to watch why do you even bother writing about it? TKEM is #1 in many Netflix markets including Korea?? To those who attack KGE because she doesn’t fit the standard beauty definitions that’s just shallow.

    • It because of comments like you.

      KGE acting is not that good, her character is inconsistent and her acting is not as good as her in cheese in the trap.

      • LOL try harder! Kim go eun is known as best actress. She even outshine lee min ho in acting. Just because she is a girl and judgemental girls like you loves to belittle fellow women that’s why you cant see she’s good. While men even they lack a lot in everything you can still compliment them just because of their looks. You are kim go eun hater because maybe you are one of lee min ho’s shippers. Directors and writers wont cast kim go eun if she’s not good. Just watch out she will get all those acting awards out there. Focus on your bet cause whoever is she i know she can’t act especially when compared to go eun

  12. If TKEM isnt good enough for you then don’t bother watching it. Dont watch it and come to sites to condemn and discourage others from watching it. KES has written great dramas(DOTS, The heirs,Goblin) including TKEM and just because most of y’all don’t like TKEM that doesn’t mean she’s not still a good writer. She wrote what she wanted to write and even if it wasn’t well received locally at least international fans love it. If TKEM is actually not “SO” good then it wouldn’t do well overseas but the fact that it is doing too well overseas that just shows that it doesn’t fit most of y’all preference and there’s nothing wrong there just don’t watch it. It ain’t right watching it just to condemn it.

    • It really helps people to know how bad the drama is.
      They think twice before they waste time unnecessarily.
      If producers can sell something bad and make money, of course they’re going to sell it.

  13. I enjoyed the drama although it is really confusing at times. But i still think this is one of best written drama. Kudos to all the staff and crew and actors for job well done.

  14. OMG I have loved it throughout I think LMH has done really great I only watch dramas because of him regardless of the narrative which it don’t matter to me I just love watching him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wow so much harsh words. Why can’t we just let it be. This is the writer’s idea and her only intention is to bring fun, perhaps stir imagination. These dramas are suppose to give is reprieve from our day to day lives. If we watch it and like it then fine and good if not then move in to the next. Its not for us to criticise like they are trash and we, the experts. Come on guys, there is so much animosity in the world today. Can we a bit forgiving of the things that we dont even have the say?

    • The drama isn’t that deep and the fans keep saying that only high “IQ” people understand it like their drama can’t be bad.

      It’s fine to enjoy bad drama but critical about a work isn’t hate. The drama is bad, the ending is playing it safe without actual stake. Come on.

  16. my favorite kim go eun role is actually in coinlocker girl. i was hoping for that kind of badassery in tae eul since she was so good at it – but i guess that level of toughness doesn’t make for a good romcom lead. luna was sneaking close.

  17. Well of course we gotta say everything we wanna say, regardless of it being negative or positive, I respect everyone’s opinion. But, let’s not forget that our own opinion are not the fact/truth nor a statement that will justify something. We might not fall into the same likings, and let’s respect that for the sake of each other. It’s okay to criticize someone but at least make a beauty out of your statements to not make it sound hateful, after all just like their parallel worlds, those actual persons we’re referring to won’t know this statement’s existence. Like what’s said in Bible iron sharpens iron just as man sharpens another, we’ll only add fuel to the heat we created. And one more thing, hateful words will remain unnoticed in a sea full of appreciations . God bless everyone.

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