Veteran HK-actor Felix Wong Holds Touching Funeral for Wife of 32 Years Leung Kit Wah as She Passes Away From Cancer

Writing this articles make me feel old, sad, happy, and nostalgic, so basically all those emotions that remind us that life is full of memories and still we must look ahead. This weekend HK-ent covered the funeral of actor Felix Wong‘s wife former actress Leung Kit Wah, passing away at 59 year old after a 7 year battle with acute leukemia. She leaves behind Felix after 32 years of marriage and their daughter Adrian Wong who is following in her parental footsteps as an actress. Felix’s fame greatly eclipsed his wife, she was only a budding actress when they met in 1980 on the set of a drama and of course Felix shot to fame as one of the Five Tigers of HK television dominating the 80’s most notably as the male lead of the adaptation of Legend of the Condor Heroes.

The world shipped him with costar Barbara Yung but she ended up dating another Five Tiger Kent Tong and sadly was the most shocking early death of the 80’s to rock the industry with her suicide. Felix as her Jing gege went on to be the bestest husband in real life as we all thought he would based on his onscreen image as the dorky stupid nice guy. He is famous in the industry for being absolutely in love and doting on his wife and at her funeral he posted a love letter to her that marrying her was the best thing that ever happened to him. Sniffles, my condolences to Felix and his daughter. Attending the funeral services was a who’s who of HK ent including Felix’s fellow 80’s top actors Andy Lau and Michael Mui, but sadly due to a years ago falling out Tony Leung and Kent Tong were reportedly not present.


Veteran HK-actor Felix Wong Holds Touching Funeral for Wife of 32 Years Leung Kit Wah as She Passes Away From Cancer — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks for this article. Really feel sad for Felix. He is indeed a very faithful and good husband. I admire celebrities like Felix Wong, Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Jacky Cheung, Tony Leung Chui-Wai, Simon Yam, Nick Cheung, Sean Lau etc for their faithfulness to their spouse. The movie industry are full of temptations and yet these guys stayed faithful and devoted which I greatly admired.

    Can someone share what happened between Felix Wong and Tony Leung and Kent Tong?

    • Rumours have it that film companies signed up for Andy and Tony to leave TVB at the height of their fame. Andy wanted all five tigers to leave together but when TVB found out their plan, they managed to persuade Tony to stay at TVB. Maybe, the others saw it as TVB’s favouritism towards Tony. Andy had a big fallout with TVB at the time. Tony was never best friends with them anyway. He was more close to Stephen Chow prior to his debut.

    • Oh I see. Thanks for the info. I think Tony Leung has an introvert personality that is why there is little news about him hanging around friends. Stephen Chow also one of the introverts. But both are super talented. It is difficult to find new talents with this type of charisma of the 90s superstars these days.

  2. RIP Leung Kit Wah. Very emotional reading Felix’s letter to his wife. He really was a good husband to her. It certainly gave me hope there are good husbands in the entertainment world.

  3. That’s really sad she was getting skinnier and skinnier. But what was going on. What day did she passeed away. Any know?

  4. Condolences to Felix and his family. So sad for him. There really was no scandal of him cheating or lying about being married. Right from the getgo, he was honest about his marriage to his wife.

    I can understand Kent Tong not coming as they never really seemed close, especially after the death of Barbara.
    Surprised that Tony Leung did not come to the funeral. Tony really must have a huge falling out with the rest of the group to not come. They really were the most famous stars back in the 80’s and 90’s. I would have thought Tony would be at least in good terms with Felix as there really wasn’t anything written about Felix and Tony at odds. I was a kid when they were famous, but even for an ABC with not much contact with Chinese media other than the VHS of the TVB dramas, pretty much every single ABC on our block knew of Legend of the Condor heroes and others ancient dramas from TVB in Cantonese. This was what the immigrant Chinese family watched in place of cartoons…..

      • I used to follow the TVB 5 tigers’ career and friendship. I think Tony drifted apart from the rest after he became uber famous. He has always been a loner and does his own thing. Apart from Andy, Felix and Miu Kiu Wai remained stagnant in dramas and their popularity declined as they got married to Kit Wah and Jaime Chik Mei Chan respectively. Kent Tong never recovered from his career heights due to ex-gf Barbara Yung Mei Ling’s sudden suicide in which fans blamed him for. It was huge shocking news in 1985 when she died. I supposed Kent drifted off from the rest after that incident as he went to Taiwan to try his luck. Only Andy, Felix and Kiu Wai remain close to each other.

      • It was also possible that Tony Leung Chiu Wai has an introverted personality. Even his long-time partner Carina Lau Kar Ling who incidentally co-starred with Felix Wong in Looking Back In Anger talked about his moodiness and withdrawn attitude. There were tensions in their marriage but they still hold steady so kudos to both sides. If being a wife to Tony is not that easy, one can imagine being a friend to Tony is a lot more difficult too. As for Kent not being close to Felix, I reckon Felix was very loyal to and protective of Barbara in a big brotherly way. Michael Miu was like that to Barbara too. Felix and Michael were devastated when Barbara died and in a sort of way Kent felt guilty and chose to stay away from those close to Barbara.

      • Tony Leung is great and by all of accounts has gentlemanly disposition. But like most of highly creative people he has strong sense of self. He lives in his own inaccessible world of self-assuredness.
        I’ve heard that his relationship with his long-term collaborator Wong Kar Wai has also soured. First there was news about Tony Leung’s dissatisfaction with his role in WKW’s last movie Grandmaster and this year he left WKW’s company after more than two decade long association. WKW also didn’t invite him to play in his new movie Blossoms.

  5. I lost my ex bf few days back in accident. Even though we moved apart on bad terms, we shared a life together for 3 years during college.
    But couldn’t attend his funeral because to keep my respect for his current partner and family. I assure you, it breaks your soul and i realised i still loved him.
    I just can’t imagine the pain he must be going through . Hope he copes up. It is hard. Easier said than done

    • @ady I’m sorry to hear. That must be so painful. But that’s very considerate of you. I’m sure he knows how much you loved him. This article is so heartbreaking, but it does celebrate true love til death do us part. ? Condolences to his family and May they find comfort and peace.

  6. He seems to be good husband. Wish him and his daughter the best in the future. My favorite drama of him is Father and Son.

  7. Deepest sympathy and condolences to Felix Wong and family. Such sad news. I watched his HK-TVB dramas in the 80s and 90s a lot. My fave was Looking Back In Anger opposite Deric Wan. Like him a lot as part of TVB’s 5 tigers. Really admire his faithfulness and devotion to his wife Leung Kit Wah also a fellow TVB actress. One of the most wholesome HK actors with barely a scandal. All round nice guy. May he find comfort, peace and strength in the days ahead.

  8. I see. Felix and Michael are still very protective if Barbara. In recent interviews so many years after her death, they mentioned that they were trying to find her soul (Chinese Superstition) before her funeral in an attempt to try to revive her back from the dead due to some sifu saying Barbara’s soul was lost or something.

    Michael did business and was very successful, so he didn’t go back into the Entertainment business until TVB started to ask him to come back perhaps due to the decline in TVBs popularity to mainland dramas.
    Ah, I see with Tony. I guess the stars back then was so good at acting and singing with emotions because most came from difficult backgrounds. At least, Andy, Michael and Andy are still friends.

  9. Passerby, that’s true. Most of them came from poor and difficult backgrounds. They worked their way up especially Tony who was raised by his mum alone after his father abandoned him, his mum and younger sister. That affected him deeply as a child. He did his best under the circumstances. He also doesn’t like fuss and attention centred on him hence his avoidance of public meetings or gatherings.

  10. Kent Tong didn’t attend the wake or funeral. But he did send a huge garland. He is still on friendly terms with Felix, Michael and Andy. Do check the facts before publishing

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