Lee Jun Ki Turns From Warm Dad to Sociopath in New Poster and Teaser for tvN Drama Flower of Evil

K-dramas are no stranger to the anti-hero but making an uber baddie the male lead is pretty rare. What I’m bracing myself for is actually having to hate Lee Jun Ki in upcoming Flower of Evil because he’s already giving off total sociopath vibes and that means he’s killing it in the acting department. His character had erased his evil/bad past and has been married to detective wifey played by Moon Chae Won for the past 14 years and they have an adorable daughter. This is like the parallel world version of Two Weeks, shivers. The latest poster as the marrieds sitting across a police interrogation table with their hands cuffed together and staring at each other like they are thisclose to angry hot making out. I’ve had plenty of my baes play baddies, that’s why I love them because one can’t grow playing one type of character even if it’s just the hero with different personalities, and the best one I love/hated was Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You. Now that’s a crazy dude that was so hot and I shipped his crazy since it was only fictional hahaha.

Teaser for Flower of Evil:


Lee Jun Ki Turns From Warm Dad to Sociopath in New Poster and Teaser for tvN Drama Flower of Evil — 30 Comments

  1. I think LJK is one of the most overrated actor, he isn’t bad in any means but so exaggerated by his fans like he is the best actor ever made. He doesn’t even touch sung dong IL level to be praise that much.

    • You can say that because you have not watched his works.

      Gong Gil- The King and the Clown
      Lee Soo Hyun/ Kay – Time Between Dog and Wolf
      Hanjo/Park yong Kang- Gunman in Joseon
      Jang Tae San-Two weeks
      Kim Sung Yeol- Scholar
      Wang So- Scarlet Heart
      Bong Sang Pil- Lawless Lawyers

      So your complaints don’t really have any merit because you don’t watch his works.

      • I even watch him in time between wolf and dog to lawless lawyer, tbwd is his best work along with the movie the king and the clown. He is disappointment in scarlet heart and unimpressive in criminal minds.

        Sigh, way to dismiss people opinions by “you must be hater, you haven’t watch him”

        Your comment just prove that LJK fans is insufferable.

    • I don’t follow about LJG but when it comes to his dramas or movie, I’d always watch.

      Sung Dong Il? The one playing General Park in Scarlet Heart? How many dramas or movies has he played as a main lead? He plays mainly support roles, there is no comparison. Nevertheless, SDI is a veteran and good actor.

      Don’t sound too bitter. If you don’t like him, don’t follow him and waste your time commenting non sense.

      • The dad in all Reply Series, tsk tsk.

        He isn’t getting lead role because he is old now. LJK isn’t even better than him to be praise.

        I am interested with MCW new project and wow, I can’t even comments any criticism toward LJK, her costars.

      • SDL was the dad in the Reply series. Yes correct. That also mean you did not watch Moonlovers, Scarlet Heart.

      • Well,don’t only focus on the actors or actress only. Storyline is the most important thing. If story no good, no matter how well the actors perform, the drama won’t get the fullest success. I support LJG he is a hardworking actor which not only base on his look for this industry.Please don’t criticize him if you don’t like him.

      • Why would you even hate, it’s sad that you are his fans. What a disappointment to know that his fans are like this.

    • “So exaggerated by his fans” Well I have news for you… because… they’re literally his fans? LOL

      This is stan culture people are going to hype whoever they have interest in and it’s fine to have your own opinions but it’s on you if you decide to take his fans’ hype for him as 100% reliable and critical.

      Damn, god forbids us from speaking good about our faves now, lol.

      • When it makes sense it’s alright, I think what the user means is that , the praise is undeserved because it’s too grand, like a low quality item that sell with high praise, like a scam advertisement.

      • Being a fan is not about PRAISING, it’s about supporting. Like u know the person is human and not perfect, mighty of making mistakes or not always at the best position of ones career just like every other human but you still support. And support doesnt mean praise.

      • @Aaron Ok at this point it’s really not that deep now, let’s not have that whole conversation.

    • @PonPon Get a life. The only thing that make sense is you don’t like the actor. Who cares! Move on! Focus your attention to the actor you love. ?

      Life is short. Don’t live like a rotten hater.

      • @mistyeyes so many of these fans or anti fans rather just go hating on actors like they’ve done something to them. Just coz we can use fake names and our faces aren’t on it doesn’t give us license to bash actors and actresses. Sigh. Ive wasted so many precious time responding and correcting them. Oh well. But I can’t wait for this drama I love both LJK and MCW. ?❤️

    • @Ponpon It’s funny how hard you try to make yourself seem superior to others by blabbering about your useless opinion and I honestly doubt you even watch his works! Yup…you just sounds like a hater to me.

      • Well,don’t only focus on the actors or actress only. Storyline is the most important thing. If story no good, no matter how well the actors perform, the drama won’t get the fullest success. I support LJG he is a hardworking actor which not only base on his look for this industry.Please don’t criticize him if you don’t like him.

    • Ponpon…Why are you investing time to hate on someone else’s favourite. Focus on your actor, why be so insecure to attack someone else’s ?

      • Sigh, has he doesn’t have a project with MCW, do I even bother ,

        If the fans are not stuck up narcissistic, you’ll not see anyone comment about him, he is like idol, only his fans actually care and think he is great

      • So? Why does it bother you that his fans love him or even if you think only his fans love him?

        @PonPon If I have the authority to declare anything, I’ll pronounce you the greatest anti of all time. You are literally telling LJK fans to stop loving him. ?????

    • Every fan exaggerates their idols dummy. That’s why we are called “fans”, we admire and support our idol’s work even though some people may call it disappointing or bad. Everyone has different tastes.

    • Touched sung dong il level? I think being part of hollywood movie is one his biggest avhievement…don’t you know that? Don’t compare him in others because for us he is incomparable, and for you to know every actor is unique!!…

  2. Wowwwwwww! The poster is so intense! It’s oozing with undeniably hot chemistry! I cannot wait for this! Also loved the trailer. The transition from this happy, smiley family man to this dark, cold psychotic other person was done beautifully! Soooooo excited for this!

  3. Wanna know if MCW’s character is gonna keep on loving him despite figuring out about his past and the man behind the mask. It must be fraustrating for a detective to be still in love with a criminal while being aware of trurh. Confrontation of love and law. Which side will she take?
    Cant wait.

  4. He’s a decent actor compared to many other hyped ones! Although i don’t find a lot of his drama picks to my taste. My most memorable drama of his is time between dog and wolf. I always have a weakness for anti-heroes, I’m glad they’re really doing it this time because often times when they tag anti-heroes it leaves me disappointed. The bathroom creepy smile is hyping me up!

  5. Oh my…. It’s looks like the atmosphere here wasn’t that good… But anyway @ponpon…why you’re so harsh at words with LJG and to us’?!? BTW I’m wasn’t that affected that were exaggerated and our beloved LJG was overrated actor… Because actor is an actor…. Supporters are supporters….?! We support,Love and like him with our were just being true to what we were not exaggerated…correction ?? and his not overrated he diserve it because of his hardwork as an actor that why he gain peoples support to praise I’m that way so if u were jealous of how we support our LJG ?? just can u please fucos to the actor u like and stop bothering our ljg’?!if u don’t like him.. Leave him??

  6. credits for @shessa… it’s overwhelming to see a very brave angel standing for LJK… @ponpon thanks for complementing our Real Actor on your first comment, but it’s sad to see that you have compared him to his fellow actor on the same comment… yes we do have our freedom to share thoughts and feelings but do it in a nice way… i cannot blame you if you’re not impressed by our Oppa… as i read further, i see that your hitting us… his fans… yes, we are exaggerated because we love him… that’s one of the many ways, of showing that we support him in all his hard works… lastly you mentioned that, if not because of MCW, you won’t bother watching this new kdrama at all… so why even bother getting strangled with us (the fans) anyway??? did we do something wrong against you??? right, get a life and stop comparing people from one another…

  7. I think LJG is being attacked here unfairly.

    To me, there’s one character that I admire the most in kdrama – performance wise, that is Wang So in Scarlet Heart. For LJG not winning any best actor awards for his performance as Wang So was something I think unfair for an actor who have worked so hard. And yet here he some people calling him as overrated despite not receiving any merits as yet. (Please do correct me if I am wrong if he had been.)

    I am a rom-com & light drama kind of person, but if it’s LJG, I’ll watch any movies or dramas he does. In fairness to him, he is one of the best actors there is. I admire him forging his craft, challenging himself as an actor and taking the courage to take dramas not too mainstream. To carry dramas mainly on his own for not so hype dramas and getting decent ratings is quite a feat.

    I think he will be rewarded soon for his efforts. Afterall, these awarding bodies are run by politics. He probably doesn’t go around kissing people asxxs that he is not tagged as a nice person.

  8. I have no problem being his fan and knowing he’s going to slay this role. He has been waiting for the chance to play the villain. I also have no problem when other people don’t share my opinion. @Ponpon I have no problem with your opinion but putting down his fans just shows your own insecurity with your opinion. Oh well, Congratulations on getting the attention you seem to be so desperately seeking.

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