Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye Dress Comfortably for Summer and Fighting Zombies in Cine21 Spread Promoting K-movie #Alive

This may be the perfect time to debut a low budget (comparatively) K-zombie movie because there is a dearth of movies hitting the big screen and also a craving (har har) for normalcy including the summer blockbuster atmosphere. Zombie flick #Alive drops June 24th and it looks great, a small scale zombie thriller with leads Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In scrambling for survival stuck in their respective high rise apartment buildings during a zombie outbreak. The promo circuit has been on fire for these two, looking so in sync and happy to have worked together during their press conferences and carrying that over to this latest Cine21 magazine pictorial for the movie. Sigh, I want a guy to look at me like Yoo Ah In is looking at Park Shin Hye above, so appreciative and entranced by her.


Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye Dress Comfortably for Summer and Fighting Zombies in Cine21 Spread Promoting K-movie #Alive — 14 Comments

  1. They are doing great with their promotion of the movie and according to ticket tracking, advance booking rate is 57.6% On the 23rd the day before the opening. The 2 actors seemed to really enjoy working together, so funny in that variety show, Pengsoo. Can someone cast them in a drama? After watching YooAhin while waiting for PSH movies and drama, I can conclude that he is the best actor of his generation. Such a charismatic actor! And of course, since I’m a fan of Shin hey, very happy about the good reviews coming out and the news of this kind of reception.

  2. Glad o hear from Park Shin Hye herself saying she is dating well with Choi Tae Joon and they are going strong!

    PSH also has marriage in mind. She always wanted to get married seeing her parents living well.

  3. Wow I look forward to this movie because I love love Yoo Ah In. Fantastic actor who can deliver just anything. He never disappoint.

  4. After watching Chicago Typewriter I became a fan of Yoo Ah In.
    He is great..one of a kind actor.
    I love him more when I get to know how humble he is.
    Want to see you in person Yoo Ah In! I love you! ❤️
    fr: Philippines

  5. Seriously YAI looks totally smitten with PSH. I’m sure it’s mostly acting but damn, makes me want to see them as a push pull couple in a romance drama. I would totally watch these two. Speaking of YAI, he seems to be opening up more? Maybe I’ve been under a rock but he seems happier and less guarded. Perhaps it’s just maturity and more confidence.

    • Or maybe psh around make him more relax and they both look comfortable with each others which is psh effect. No wonder she always create chemistry with her co stars.

  6. They really look completely comfortable together and their chemistry is calling out loud for a romcom drama. They are so amazing and I’m looking forward to their movie.

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