Cheating Bastard Watabe Ken Cries Crocodile Tears For Mistakes and Says He Loves His Wife Sasaki Nozomi Very Much During Interview

Gosh, I wish I could write this entire post consisting of vomiting emojis but alas his words need to be heard to be believed. Disgraced Japanese comedian Watabe Ken did an interview last week after being publicly excoriated for cheating on actress wife Sasaki Nozomi with multiple women. He’s been fired from his television gigs but his wife isn’t divorcing him reportedly due to their having a young child together. This is being nicknamed “The Roppongi Toilet Scandal” since he would use handicapped bathrooms in a Roppongi parking garage sometimes for his quick trysts. Even J-ent is flabbergasted by why she’s not divorcing him and one online newspaper even wrote an article wondering if Watabe suffered from narcissistic personality disorder, and even wondered if Sasaki was somehow being hypnotized into staying with him. Watabe did an interview complete with copious tears and said he was so sorry, he was glad he was caught so he could change his behavior, and that he loves his wife very much. Okay, now I have to ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? .


Cheating Bastard Watabe Ken Cries Crocodile Tears For Mistakes and Says He Loves His Wife Sasaki Nozomi Very Much During Interview — 5 Comments

  1. How well does Japan treat single mothers? Wives staying with cheating husbands has a lot to do with either the societal or financial pressure. We know she doesn’t have financial worries but no idea about the society. Even so, I guess wives in such case just think their kids will be miserable without a father and that is common perception fed to them by the society too. However a broken family will not benefit the child at all.

  2. I pray to God she’s not actually staying because of their child because when he or she grows up and finds out the truth of the parents’ dysfunctional union, they’ll probably need lots of therapy for the anger and resentment they will feel. Sad thing is it’s already out there even if it’s true or not.

    He will 100% cheat again but just be much more discreet. Even if he somehow never cheated again, she will be worn down to the bone by paranoia and distrust from suspecting that he’s cheating all the time. What a path to choose for this short time we have on earth, I hope she wakes up soon. I really feel for their innocent child.

  3. We all agree Watabe is a POS and we all wish Nozomi to leave him but let’s not judge her for staying. The tone of the Japanese gossip article with the psychiatrist saying Nozomi was hypnotized comes off as misogynistic and as usual victim blaming. All the Dr had to say was that Nozomi may be gaslighted and manipulated by Watabe to stay and not divorce. He did make it clear that Watabe May be manipulating her. Dr should have stopped there – there was no need to put it on her inability to ‘wake up from the hypnosis’; as we know that most victim of manipulation or domestic abuse (not all cases are physical abuses ) don’t leave their abusers easily etc. The article even joked about it; there isn’t anything ‘humorous’ either.

  4. I hope it falls off.

    The wife can stay if she feels she must- but I certainly wish she would leave. I wish she’d start over and have a beautiful life with her child.

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