Script Reading Stills for tvN Acting Themed K-drama The Moment with Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok

The first things to jump out at me from the script reading stills of upcoming K-drama The Moment (Record of Youth) took me down a rabbit hole before I came back to write this post. Male lead Park Bo Gum looks like he stepped straight off the stage in The Book of Mormon to attend this table read lol. Hello Elder Bo Gum-sshi! He would make a perfect Korean male lead Elder Price no? Anyhoo, after watching many TBoM performances on Youtube I’m back to focus on The Moment, still the most generic English name for a drama ever and kinda washes off the edges which I want to see more of since this drama is about the cutthroat acting industry of South Korea plus it’s the first drama in years for female lead Park So Dam. She looks gorgeous and casual at the script read and my first impression of second male lead Byun Woo Seok is that he looks like a baby Lee Tae Sung. This drama will now air in September rather than August, following Birthcare Center and I can’t wait!


Script Reading Stills for tvN Acting Themed K-drama The Moment with Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok — 10 Comments

  1. PBG hairstyle is kinda meh lol. I dont have a big expectation for this drama but seeing their BTS, I can see how great their chemistry. Still need to wait until sept

    • How this article is written is lazy. The content doesn’t even reflect the title. We don’t want to read your personal opinion about everything there in the drama.Please write the facts LOL get your moneys worth LOL

      • This is a personal blog, of course is based on personal opinion. Do not read if you don’t like the content. So rude!

      • ?? It’s her/his personal blog, not news outlet. Wtf are you on about lmao

  2. I notice PBG has been keeping his mouth while smiling. He must have read my comments about his Chesire cat smile

  3. Oh I thought dramas take longer than 2 months to shoot. If they’ve just started with the script reading and he’s going to enlist in the Navy by end of August, that means they only have 2 months to finish shooting their drama?

    • nope this one is pre-production. the script reading was held since FEB and they now have script til ep.11. all ep likely to be finished before bogum enlisting .

  4. Bogummie looking handsome 🙂 I will miss him so much, it’s nice that we get to see him in a drama before he goes to the military.

  5. Bogummy is always handsome, clean-lookinh, pure, angelic and SEXY to the nth degree. He needs not to flaunt more because his silent presence there makes Naver articles up and down. Showing her perfect set of white teeth or not when smiling does not do in difference. His aura of being an Angel is always there. Pass the Halo to me pls. It’s the only lacking for him.

    Hi ms koala! That upper outfit is just a GUCCI. Smile often Koala and make statements better. Peace to the world.

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