tvN Delays K-drama Birthcare Center, Will Air Variety and Drama Reruns Until The Moment with Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam Premieres in August

I was wondering why tvN was starting to release teaser promos for upcoming Mon-Tues drama The Moment (Record of Youth) since is was slated to premiere in September and its predecessor drama Birthcare Center wasn’t even getting any promos. Turns out Birthcare Center is being delayed until November ostensibly to better produce the drama, hahahaha not sure if it’s aligned with actual baby due dates. This means The Moment is arriving earlier in August but there is still a few weeks of empty air time after the end of My Unfamiliar Family this month, so tvN will air variety shows and maybe even re-runs of dramas. Not sure what the exact line up will be but I’m just counting down the days until The Moment.


tvN Delays K-drama Birthcare Center, Will Air Variety and Drama Reruns Until The Moment with Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam Premieres in August — 9 Comments

  1. Well Ms. Koala I think you are not reading news in Naver.FYI: They will use old dramas and old entertainment shows to provide the empty dates.

    Title: Postpartum Cooking Center’ changed from August to November… “100% pre-production” [official admission]

    an excerpt:
    “Before the airing of’You don’t know much, but it’s a family’ and’Youth Records’, about a month ago, the space will be filled with entertainment programs and re-programming of existing dramas.”
    cr: newssite

  2. is Park So Dam Good? I mean i saw cinderella and four knoghts and I felt that her acting was bland and inconsistent throughtout the episodes. She is like Chae Soo Bin to me, they both lack screen presence and charisma.

    • She’s good in parasite, but yeah Its bongjoonho movie. I’m curious about her acting as well. Hope it wont bland like KGE in the king.

    • This shows how important the director is. PSD is good in Parasite. KGE should not be in dramas, she is bad in both Goblin and The King.

    • She is a very good actress, very good in acting, only star power in drama is a little problem with her. All her dramas have appaling record. She doesn’t have a movie with that’s she is the sole lead and then got a blockbuster. It’s always a group movie. She didn’t carry it. She had co-actors and actresses with her. But she really is very good acting.

      I hope this Record of Youth as seeing the teaser wc gives a youthful vibes and positive feelings will be good. Well as fan of PBG, I’m a bias fan, a good script or not I will still love and support his dramas and movies.

    • I’ve discovered about her because of the movie, The Priests, she’s great in movies, maybe because it has better plots and directing, while dramas like Cinderella and Four Knights aren’t exactly the type of drama where you need an acting skill. I really wished she stayed with making movies, her TV dramas is giving her bad rep.

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