Happiness and Then Heartbreak Elevates Episode 9 of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay to New Emotional Heights with Ratings of 4.995% and 5.814%

I think both Kim Soo Hyun and Oh Jung Se just submitted their names for the 2021 Baeksang Awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in the drama category with today’s episode 9 performance It’s Okay to Not be Okay. The last 5 minutes are insane, absolutely a gut punch heartwrenching tour de force from both Kang Tae and Sang Tae. Oh Jung Se already won Best Supporting Actor this year for When the Camellia Blooms and Kim Soo Hyun also won Best Actor for The Moon Embraces the Sun, so what this shows us is that it’s never a fluke, these two men are artists of the highest order and worthy of all the accolades and awards. I’m a little cried out this week from some J-ent bad news otherwise I probably would be curled up in a ball at the end of episode 9, instead my tears fell like Moon Young cried knowing that the truth is messy, dirty, complicated, hurtful, but above all it’s real and raw. Just as Kang Tae broke free (for a day) of his lifelong obligation it’s come back to grab hold of him stronger than before. But one can never find freedom by shortcuts and escapes, only by addressing all the pain of the past can our wonderfully complex characters move forward.

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Happiness and Then Heartbreak Elevates Episode 9 of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay to New Emotional Heights with Ratings of 4.995% and 5.814% — 140 Comments

    • Me too! Personally, it beats CLOY and Itaewon Class in my book because it resonates with me in a way the other dramas don’t. I liked CLOY a lot and thought it was a charming drama, but couldn’t bring myself to finish it. And I love Itaewon Class and PSJ’s acting in it. But this drama…has this addictive quality… words escape me to define that ephemeral something that makes each episode linger in your mind long after you watch it. KSH, SYJ and OJS’s performances are daebak. And I love the OSTs as well… Pity about the ratings, but I can see why some would drop it, the drama isn’t for everyone. Subject matter, plot and dreamy pacing of the drama might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

  1. KSH should have never returned with this drama it lacks on all fronts and it’s hell’va boring drama. Real 2.0 allover again

    • This is my exact sentiment and the main issues rise from the simplicity in the plotline there is no excitement or stakes at all whatsoever so you have the same two people in a friendly environment just starring at each other or having unreasonable tantrums. The scale of the drama is very low in my honest opinion and this will enter the portfolio of another kdrama melo and forgotten. I have seen many of these melo’s just same stories with new characters.

      The I-fans are abandoning it slowly for a good reason and heres to hoping that KSH’s next project is exciting. He needs to move away from Melo’s and try himself in new genres. All his other dramas were melos except producers. He has stagnated in my opinion

      • I am watching currently but have to agree it can be snoozefest as you mentioned due to the simplicity of the plotline where not much happens. I am also left frustrated if not much happens in the next episode I am dropping it

      • Lmao i dont know the Ifans you are talking about but this drama was trending 3 worldwide on Twitter yesterday just because you dont like it doesn’t mean others would

      • @mayon. I mean daily sorry an error .and yes they doing great on netflix they are still in top ten on netflix in 20 countries as of today And currently 9 worldwide for this month. May i know how you base your sucess for netflix shows if not fixpatrol genuiely want to know.

      • @ lavinia.. Netflix just releases the trending list for each country and not how many people actually watched it.
        It is true that IONTBO is trending on 23rd countries but this doesn’t give a quantitative idea as to how many people were watching it..So what Flixpatrol does is.. for a certain drama, on a particular day..it looks at its position in countries where it trended..For example if in HK it trended at 1 , Flixpatrol gives 10 points whereas if in US it trends at 2 position they give 9 points and so on..And ultimately they sum up the total points and rank accordingly..
        However every country have different number of subscribers and Flixpatrol giving points based on a drama’s trending status doesn’t convert to total number of viewers . They just give points based on the trending position overlooking the size of the country which creates a disparity..
        Moreover FLIXPATROL has data available from late March or April onwards..You can check directly.. That’s why I find it so funny when TKEM fans claim that it is under top 10 this year in the world.. I mean come on ..does it even make sense for shows like Ozark and Elite to rank below TKEM..Use some logic..There is fault in overall ranking of Flixpatrol according to my logic. Anyways Netflix will be releasing the official data towards the year end.
        BTW.. atleast you can surely gloat that IONTBO is trending in so many countries and it is a fact .. Don’t go after that overall ranking given by Flixpatrol..It is faulty..

      • @ Lavinia to make it more clear..exa: if drama A ranks at 10 position in Japan it gets 1 point from Flixpatrol whereas if drama B ranks at 1st position in a small Asian country , Flixpatrol will then give them 10 points..Lol!! Japan has the largest number of subscribers in Asia.But according to Flixpatrol’s logic they will still place drama B at a higher position..
        Hence don’t trust Flixpatrol’s overall rankings.. Netflix will ultimately issue the rankings..And till then just mention that IONTBO is trending in so many countries.

      • @ may on thanks for the info i am glad it doing well regardless which is why i find it ridicules with some claim here that it losing fans without any fact to back it up.
        On a side note you one of reasonable commented here.

      • @ Lavinia..it is actually a joke if people claim that international audience are loosing interest.whereas I find many people liking and discussing about it…
        I would still believe if they went on to say about domestic ratings cause it is a fact that the premier episode has the highest ratings till date and then it declined..Still it manages to do well with its target audience in Korea i.e .the youngsters.
        However it is a big hit internationally..and those who can’t see it better get their eyes checked.

      • Same. Dunno what drama these ppl are watching but it sure as hell ain’t IOTNBO.This drama has managed to drag me back into watching kdramas after 2 years of trying to get back into them and failing with all the recent “big” names like CLOY or TWOTM (not saying those weren’t good, just couldn’t grasp my attention enough to make me finish them). The last time I was this invested in a kdrama was Stranger.

  2. What a rollercoaster of emotion episode 9 is. I liked the bit about Jeong Tae prioritizing his recovery over running away with Areum, this unerscores the importance of fixing your own problems first if you want to build a solid and stable relationship. The final scene is raw and brutal and Kim Soo Hyun and Oh Jung Se both delivered Baeksang-worthy performance.

    Absolutely love this drama.

  3. I loved Episode 9. so impressed with Kim Sio Hyun acting. My Friends and I Look forwars to this drama every Saturday and Sunday Night. So it’s NetFlix nights for us during weekends.
    And this drama is always trending on twitter so i have to disagree that i-fans are already abandoning this drama.
    and there are also a lot of positive comments on DB as compared with other dramas.

    • It’s Netflix ranking is decreasing suggesting abandonment but aside from that I use to post on DB and they don’t represent the viewers because the regulars are just few friends who post multiple times to start a conversation and make the place buzzing

      • But the Netflix rankings are great and have been from the start.

        Dramabeans is the largest & most diverse kdrama site out there & IOTNBO is regularly getting in the 250-350 comments range every recap. 300 comments would have been huge even in the old DB days so for it to hit that number now is insane. Just to compare it with another big TVN show, IOTNBO is regularly pulling in 2-3x more comments on DB than CLOY did six months ago.

        Also, you can add in that IOTNBO is averaging 400 – 500 reddit posts hours after the show drops on Netflix & stays trending on Twitter hours after the episode airs, two things that have remained consistent since the premiere.

        The only people who are claiming that ifans are abandoning IOTNBO are a few “regulars” on this blog. I wonder why?

      • @Orpy
        Even King Eternal Monarch used to have 400+ comments on DB .So it isn’t a criteria as to how a drama is faring..
        The difference is that King’s recap used to have mixed views whereas IONTBO getting positive ones..This should only matter..
        And where did you get the idea that 250-300 comments used to be huge in the old days..Check the recap of King 2 Hearts..Its last epi itself went over 1000 comments.
        And I disagree with the O.P that international audience are loosing interest..

      • You seem awfully adamant about this drama “losing I-fans” and viewers for some reason. So much so that this blog has multiple comments parroting this sentiment (all anonymous might I add). Seems more like you’re desperately trying to convince others of its supposed failure to push some agenda.

      • And by the way it netflix ranking is not decreseaing it increased from 16 countries to 23 countries. They are yet to release the data for this week.it seems some certain people really want Ifans to stop looking it but from what i have seen the response have been explosive and mainly positive it only on this blog you find such delusional pressed haters lol.

      • @ Lavinia..when did Netflix start releasing weekly data??
        Don’t tell me ur source is Flixpatrol..???..First of all check how their points table is constituted..If you still have doubt..I will explain you.

    • @Orpy… No offence, but if you really think that those comments on Koalasplayground, Reddit, Dramabeans or MyDramalist indicate that this drama is more successful than CLOY, then you are blinded by your love for IOTNBO. It is perhaps not a fluke as some claims it to be, but it is definitely not as successful as My Love From A Star, Goblin, Descendants of the Sun or even CLOY and Legend of the Blue Sea. Those propelled the main actors into global stardom. Seo Ye Ji will definitely not touch the fame of JJH, SHK or Son Ye Jin. She will be lucky if she manages to become as relevant as Kim Go Eun (who is still not S-tier). In fact, I will not be surprised that at next year’s Baeksang, this drama will win zero acting, writing or directing awards. Have you seen what the kdrama lineup is for 2020-2021? People define this drama as one that will change the kdrama landscape, but I just see it as a very solid “It”-drama. When it is over, another “It”-drama will be replace it. A bit like Hotel Del Luna, Itaewon Class, at that level… No more, no less.

      • Seo Ye Ji won’t touch the fame of the others? You must be a time traveler. Can you tell us more?

      • You do not need to be a time traveler to come to that conclusion. No one of the younger generation will ever achieve this kind of stardom. Mainly because the Chinese market is closed off due to the Hallyu ban. In the past, we used to talk about billions of viewers. Without China, we are talking about millions.

        The next best thing is Japan, but IOTNBO is not able to top the Netflix-rankings due to CLOY and IC. No idea what the fascination is with CLOY in Japan, because I think IOTNBO is better… But it is what it is… Also Japan and Korea are fighting an awful trade war. Would not be surprised if Japan is also going to ban Hallyu. Kdrama is less prominent in India. The rest of South-East Asia can choose between Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin and many more, so why would they choose for the new kid on the block?

        Seo Ye Ji can only match them, if she continues to get cast in pan-Asian hits, but I doubt that she will be the first choice for dramas by the top writers and directors because there are actresses that can act better, pull in more ratings and are able to sell more products. Just look at her resume and you can see only dramas of around 5-7% ratings. In reality, she is still waiting for that breakout role that will give her recognition with the general public. The times are just different. I do not need to be a wise person to make claims such as that it would be difficult to find the next BTS, Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt, Jun Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo etc.

      • @The Truth
        You are comparing Kim Go Eun with Seo Ye Ji? You must be kidding. There are two reasons I simply couldn’t watch LMH’s The King, it’s KGE/her ridiculous overacting and the very messy delivery/direction.Seo Ye Ji on this drama is simply brilliant. Every little facial expression is brilliant.

        Someone said here this drama brought them back to watching k-drama. I am the same. I’ve been so bored and dissatisfied with k-dramas for a couple of years now and this, finally, got me engaged and happy. CLOY is silly and predictable. This one here is acting powerhouse by every single actor playing their role, except maybe the of the nurse that has a crush on KSH character.

        You’re so adamant that it will not win any Baeksang. Do you have a crystal ball? And with the acting on this drama, I’d say they’d win big. You see, I’d go with acting than hype and popularity.

      • @Mindy

        KGE has been part of many hits and has recognition where as Seo ye Ji doesn’t but whatever you like is not relevant here but she is the more established actress on paper and your girl is far behind no need to get irked by this which is basic facts. She gotta work her way up and back to the drawing line.

        I agree with whatever thetruth said and I share the same sentiment

      • ClOY is silly and predictable you lost me there? I am just gonna exit this conversation right here now. If you think this is award worthy they should just start to handing it out to B-listers as said by others because this drama is boring you know it and I know it. stop bashing ClOY or other dramas taking your frustation out on them. What is lacking here is the plot nothing else really

      • @Mindy, I can ask you the same question. Why do you think that IONTBO will win the Baeksang? It is a Korean award after all and the Koreans are not super fond of it.

        My arguments why it will be tough for IONTBO to win:
        – Stranger 2, which is the successor to a Daesang winner. Might be a total fail, but if it is similar in quality as its previous drama, then it is already tough to beat it.
        – Other dramas such as SF8 (seems like an ambitious project, not sure whether it is good… did not watch it yet), Here (Lee Byun Hun, Han Ji Min, Shin Mina and more star power), Silent Witness (Gong Yoo, Bae Doona), Mount Jiri (Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon), Suriname (Hwang Jung Min, Ha Jung Woo). There are some projects on Netflix with Yoo Ah In and Lee Je Hoon. Sisyphus with Jo Seung Woo… Squid Games (Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo)… Hospital Playlist 2 and many more.

        You can disagree, but these are movie actors and in acting are definitely a notch above Seo Ye Ji and even Kim Soo Hyun. In star power, some come close too Kim Soo Hyun and some are more popular in Korea.

        Timing wise this drama is also not ideal. By the time the nominations come out, this show will be forgotten and almost one year old.I think the sweet spot is to finish your drama just before the nominations are coming out.

        Regarding Kim Go Eun, she is shit. But she was lucky with Goblin and Cheese in the Trap (Park Hae Jin is big in China) and lifted on the success of the drama and the male leads. Something Seo Ye Ji currently cannot do as the drama is not watchable in China or popular in the big countries such as Japan.

      • Did I say that it was more successful? No. I said in comparison to other big TVN dramas the DB audience engagement is 2-3x higher & it is. The reason why I brought it up in the first place is because of the ongoing lie on this blog that IOTNBO is losing ifan support which it is not.

        The rest of what you wrote is a lot of opinions thrown around as facts and delusional fan-war nonsense, meaning it is not worth commenting on.

      • Oh really??.. CLOY is silly and predictable..LMAO…Its cliffhangers were amazing.
        Nobody knew what could be the ending.. whether the leads end up together or remain separated untill the Korean peninsula reunites…If it is that predictable,the writer would have let the 2nd leads live happily ever after…
        I like IONTBO too..but you don’t have to drag CLOY down just because it got higher domestic ratings than IONTBO..
        I m not claiming CLOY to be perfect..But you calling CLOY silly shows ur ignorance…Sure there were common tropes just like any drama but the writer spent 10 years in building that world..And the research that went behind was magnanimous..
        Even I can be ignorant and talk about IONTBO to be silly cause it handles some serious mental illness like a joke..
        So far IONTBO is good but the ending of each episode doesn’t give me the urge to wait anxiously for the next episode..Its pacing is slow and suitable for such type of dramas.
        .And FYI IONTBO is predictable as well..a.k.a At the end..love conquers all.
        You not liking CLOY is one thing and it is ur choice .. However don’t vouch ur opinion as facts..
        Call out those who criticize the acting of IONTBO cast..They are doing a fabulous job..
        Whether you like it or not..CLOY did better business than IONTBO and it is a fact..As for awards, we will wait for the next year and I think this drama can get some fair amount of awards..So good luck.

      • Sorry, but by BTS do you mean the kpop band ? If it is, i don’t understand .BTScan be known by some youngers but i doubt that they are at the same level as Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts,Celine Dion, Beyonce,.. and other big names who are known all over the world !Even Song Hye Kyo or Jun JI Hun are miles away from their fame !!! That’s reality.

      • This is the most on point comment on this blog post so far.

        It’s way too early in the year to talk about Baeksang awards, but IOTNBO has the disadvantage of being released early and not having good ratings. By the time next year’s Baeksang awards releases its nominations, IOTNBO may get lost in the fold.

        Comparison to Hotel Del Luna is perfect actually. May get a few acting nominations, but not much else.

      • @Sylvie. Of course I am not. But I am talking about the timing and accessibility. BTS became so famous, because they embraced social media and made their music accessible in the West. Now every Kpop-band does it. When Song Hye Kyo became famous with Autumn in my Heart, not a lot of kdramas were exported or translated. Nowadays there are 200 translated kdramas each year and accessible to everyone. This is not much different than how Michael Jackson broke through. If everyone was able to record their music from home and post it on Youtube like today, then he would have much more competition.

      • @TheTruth, Hallyu ban is a myth. I see this drama being promoted on Weibo like anything and KSH crying scene was one of the hot searches.

      • Yeah and Backstreet Rookie is shown on IQiyi – a Chinese website… But that is not my point. In the past, kdramas would be broadcasted on TV in Japan and China. Those times are definitely over.

      • No, I don’t think any Kdramas were ever broadcast on national TV in China because even their own dramas have a strict selection criteria. They were and still are broadcast on TV channels in Hong Kong though.

      • @ABC My Love From Another Star was broadcasted on Anhui TV. Now it is much more difficult to access kdrama via a legal route.

      • @ABC My Love From Another Star was broadcast on Anhui TV. Now it is much more difficult to access kdrama via a legal route.

  4. Wait what? They should just give the award to B-listers in that case because they may deliver more boring drama then this one and top it in that way because I guess the more boring a drama is the more it deserves award I see

    • I mean, the King was a lot more boring and you don’t see anyone saying it should win any awards. You need to actually have acting skills and solid production/writing to achieve that. So… take your bait and pack it.

      • Lol what makes you think I liked the KING. I hated that drama by the way but I can still see it was a much bigger hit and International hit atleast.

        While your baby-faced actor failed miserable everywhere. The only reason ppl even care about him is due to his baby-face he looks like an orphaned child you needs breast milk. Thats the only reason his here today not talent. He has zero impact as actor. My favourite drama was Hotel Del Luna and Cloy by the way.

        Also on another note his a feminine looking actor who lacks behind the likes of Hyun Bin, Park Seo Jeon, Lee Min Ho, and Ji Chang Wook stop deluding yourself. His limited by default as he lacks the mane of a proper man

      • For someone who hated the king, you sure got defensive there. You’re not fooling anyone, sweetcheeks. Let me tell you a secret: even if you change your username and email every time you comment, if your IP address is the same, your avatar will stay the same. You could always use a vpn, of course, but you lmh fangirls are too low brained to know how to use one. Shall I tell you all the names you used to defend your oppar in other articles, btw? 😉

      • I feel like you are looking for some strange justification for why I left my comment which I find strange. I have been watching It’s okay and didn’t liked it and I left my comment. I am moving on to the next drama now. Stop looking at the wrong trees

    • I don’t like that drama I dropped it but this article is about it’s Okay lets not focus on something entirely different from the main topic. All I am giving is constructive criticism not here for some weird blame game because it seems like you are looking for some strange justification for why people may not like this drama. That looks slightly desparate to me

      • How interesting is it that both you and “NRT” down there wrote the same exact word with the same exact grammatical mistake? It’s not “desparate”, darling. It’s written “desperate”. Oopsie. Trying to seem like there’s a lot of you by using different usernames seems a bit more “desparate” (lol) to me. You guys are so pathetic that it’s almost sad. But right now, you’re still entertaining. Keep going!

    • @UI imagine thinking looks can win you 4 deasangs. You could have just stated you didnt like the drama and why but downgrading his looks or how manly he is lol you are just another hater.oh and btw it also doing well internationally. Come back when your fav oppa have 4 deasang b4 you talk about talent

  5. Oops,,the ratings is only 4.995 to 5.184.
    It shows that korean people do not like this drama.well, they do not even watch this. Kim So hyun’s drama having this rate indicates that this drama fails to attract people. What a failure!!

    • Just because your oppar is a failed actor with a failed comeback drama and nothing more than an average face to “save” him, you don’t need to constantly try to undermine other, more talented and successful actors to try and elevate the mediocre one. IOTNBO ratings are fine. KSH is gonna be fine after this and is delivering another incredible performance. Get over it. Also, it’s 5,8 love. Numbers shouldn’t be that hard to copy…

      • This simple mistake will not make this drama a hit drama. It still remains within 5, not 6 % ratings.it just a flop drama.

  6. Some of the comments on any IOTNBO post are so telling LOL if you losers have shit taste and can’t appreciate incredible acting and stories, atleast don’t post about it so boldly online. Choose a struggle, for God’s sake.

    Anyways, what a ride this episode was. Superbly paced and beautifully acted by everyone. KSH and OJS in particular showed off the truly superior caliber of acting they both posses, with SYJ carrying on her incredible performance since the beginning of the show. This show is really what I call a Daesang worthy masterpiece.

    • @LMH – Why would they be comparable? One’s on a public channel, the other’s on cable? You’re comparing apples to oranges.

    • Stupid LMH delulu fans are just here to bash. Bitter Sour Lemons! They are non-stop because The King is not even trending in Netflix anymore.

  7. This episode so good!!! The last 5 minutes makes me cried. But i love it that moon yeong didn’t try to interrupt it. She knows it’s between the brothers. KSH keep growing as an actor. Seo ye ji fit this role so well tooo.

    • I actually expected her to interrupt, since she knows a little about the true story. But honestly, it was her who precipitated the whole fiasco, with her egging Sang Tae on to express how he hates his brother, and her insistence on Kang Tae spending the night outside their home. And don’t get me started on how damaging idle gossips and gossiping can be….ugh. But great performances from Oh Jung Se and Kim Soo Hyun.

  8. What is up with the negative comments on here about ratings and what not? So what if the ratings are low? It doesnt make it a failure, some of the drama with big ratings are actually quite average quality. So what if this drama isnt the avaerage Korean viewers’ cup of tea or its the slow buil-up type, its a matter of individuals preference. Not all dramas have to be over the top and quick-paced. I dont get why some of you here have to put down the drama juat because of ratings, its so unnecessary.

    • It has nothing to do with ratings. It’s all the same crazy LMH fangirls who, even months after the king finished airing, are still harassing Koala and this blog commenters for “daring” to criticize their beloved oppars drama. It’s just sad at this point…

      • Stop blaming everything on others fans. these fans don’t come here at all you will find them on Social media but not here. Someone using LMH or Ji Chang wook as their user doesn’t mean they are fans. It’s just some third part opportunist but not the fans as they don’t come to this blog. Stop deflecting everything onto people who has nothing to do with it.

        But I can tell you this much Backstreet rookie fans are very competitive with It’s okay since they are airing same time and it’s okay seems to have taken it’s thunder so perhaps you should love there for clues or they are just geninue critic. It is what it is

      • @eerew Nah. It’s always the same bunch of loony lmh fangirls. All you have to do is look at the avatars. They’re vicious and clearly have too much time on their hands. The only one missing is that ady nutcase. Maybe she’s taking some very needed English lessons to try to pretend to be someone else… Nice try at deflection, tho.

  9. Seriously in all words of fairness, this is a really good clever drama absolutely not to be missed by anyone esp if you have a penchant for creativity and literary culture (even our most popular radio station’s deejays are raving and gushing over this drama which they hardly do for K-drama). The cinematography, the stellar performance by the cast are of top notch ingenuity; and I simply love how they cleverly weaved in the all too familiar fairy tales from our childhood days into the plot. There is so much “feels” for me – it’s like having the lights of Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, Addams family all mixed in a wondrous cauldron drama we have in IONTBO. And the “takeaway” from the drama’s interpretation of the fairy tales always got me thinking hard in a very good way. And I absolutely agree with Koala, there’s no escaping the wise-old-healing process ie. to face the ugly monster within us, accept the imperfection, and we will then be able to move on thereafter with better empathy/kindness for ourselves and others. I am definitely enjoying this “healing” drama!

    • 100%

      He’s won 3 Daesangs alone for his previous drama’s performance. Kang Tae’s portray is just as good, if not even better than Seung Chan. He’s most definitely winning in Baeksang next year. What a truly gifted actor.

  10. This drama is truly loosing steem and also feel sorry for KSH as I like him as an actor. He should probably step away from Melodramas he did them to many by now and try something else perhaps something more engaging and suited for him.

    I am only watching this drama due to my loyality to KSH but even I am suffering watching this and I would have preferred his drama to be more exciting. I would love to see him take something like Action drama next

  11. LOLL on “all” the comments that this drama isn’t good. Funny it’s all coming in the one post where KSH basically cemented his name in the nominations for all year end awards. Writing style – too similar. Looks like the same person to me, but stay pressed. The panic and frustration just PROVES Kim Soo-hyun has once again affected your sleep because he’s obviously WAY better than your precious oppa. I love this kind of reactions lol. It reminds me how far KSH is above once again.

    Anyway, this guy (and Oh Jung-se too) are such acting powerhouses. WOW on that last scene. It was just so emotionally affecting and traumatic honestly. And how realistic was that portrayal. Specially the part where he folds his hands and begs for understanding. It was absolutely gut wrenching and the acting was simply phenomenal! Moving on every level. They weren’t even KSH and OJS acting. They were simply Kang-tae and Sang-tae.

  12. @lockcuckoman

    desparately trying to look for scapegoats and trying to drag into this sad thread already others who has nothing to do with it. what is next? Everyone is LMH fans, your parents become LMH fans if they say anything against you, the universe becomes LMH fans, Donald Trump becomes LMH fan. Desparate ppl gon’ desparate. SMH

  13. Disappointing drama… The ratings cannot even cross 7 in it’s 9th episode. Still some people cannot accept the fact that this drama is just a boring drama.meh

    • Maybe you find it boring but there are still people who like this drama. Besides not because you find it boring doesn’t mean other people should too. We all have different taste

  14. I liked the drama in the first few episode but then after episode 5 it went down hill and never really recovered.

    I think they just hit peak script wise on episode 5 hence why they couldn’t build on anything more then that so all you got now is the characters just flowing thru the motions since there is not much obstacles so everything becomes melodramatic with not much plotline movements.

    I had to drop it in episode 6 and never really went back and I do share the sentiment that KSH should try something else would love to see him in action drama and try to shade off that babyish look

  15. I really wish to see ksh in a more diverse role like in action genre, he always portray the same quiet cool character. Based on the 2 dramas i watched: star and this, his performance is overshadowed by the actress.. maybe most people will disagree w me but thats jus my opinion..

    • Thank god I am not the only one who believes this and thinks she can’t see what everyone else can see.. tbh I always find him lacking.. I can’t pinpoint what but it’s just my opinion.. sorry and thanks

    • He really has some rabid haters. Understandable though. Imagine not doing any drama for 5 years, going in the military and after coming back still being on the top in terms of both compensation and talent recognition from the industry experts. Their oppars are all fighting for second place while their delusional fans think they’re at the peak.. 🙂

      • Lol seriously tho. THIS.

        It’s a proof of KSH’s success that even after being so quiet for 5 years, he casually comes back, steals comeback thunder, gets lauded by knetz and inetz for his fabulous performance and lights a fire under other fangirls’ asses.

        Now so many people are bringing up awards and it’s getting very difficult for these kids to accept the truth. Reality is – KSH’s last performance in a drama got him THREE daesangs. That’s a fact. Now, I do wonder how many Daesangs other oppas have. Seriously. I’m curious.

      • @rsa

        Exactly. Kim Soo Hyun is Kim Soo Hyun. Even if he leaves the scene for a few years, he’s still always going to be Kim Soo Hyun. I remember even back when YFAS got so much more recognition, awards, accolades and praise vs Heirs, LMH fans were pressed af. Now that the same is happening with King and It’s Okay, they’re getting their feathers ruffled again. He’ll always be the superior actor and the one with most industry recognition and awards. LMH fans can scream till their lungs give out and that won’t ever change. So yea, stay pressed. It’s proof LMH never reach even a quarter of KSH’s talent and abilities. Meh.

      • If it makes you sleep better at night you can convince your self that man-child has better abilities then everyone else especially the actor you mentioned. Baby’s gon’ baby time to breast feed him

      • Imagine being bested in your craft by a man child. The baby has just a few dramas under his belt and won 4 Daesangs, while the other one has done flop after overrated drama and still hasn’t won 1. How sad is that? 🙂

      • @Matchilde You already wrote the same thing up there, you dum-dum. How many more fake usernames are you gonna create? Aren’t you embarrassed? At least try to be creative, instead of writing the same pathetic insults over and over.

  16. This drama is confusing in that it has great acting, nice cinematography, nice OST, visuals on point but at the end of the episode I’m not satisfied.The last satisfying ep was ep 4. I will still keep on watching hopefully I’ll connect with the story again.

    • Yup..I agree with you.. First few episodes managed to suck me inside their world and I was so enthusiastic..But right now..it feels like the plot is not progressing much and we are over half way mark..and I seem to loose the connection.
      Everyone else is doing a fantastic job,no doubt but the writer is the weakest link here and I have some issues with her way of handling mental patients as well..
      I don’t understand why people are hell bent on creating a war-zone here by comparing two dramas belonging to totally different themes.

  17. People on this site seem to be mostly the only ones hating on this drama. I mean mdl ratings is 9.3, comments on dramabeans,twitter,ig,and Reddit are almost all positive but then again this site have a weird thing of hating on a drama that popular internationally. Relive some of that hate and have nice day everyone

    • I noticed LMH fan (one or two people with multiple identities) need to seek validation from Koala that he and his dramas are the best. Weird.

      • Like they are trying to convince us that people are losing interest in the drama internationally when it was just trending #3 worldwide on Twitter yesterday lol whatever makes them sleep at night

      • @Lavinia

        Nah. Not weird, just desperate. It’s panic mode for LMH fangirls now that awards are being brought up lol. Even if (when) many actors/actresses/ PD/writer wins a Baeksang for this drama, they’re argument will be “well… King is bigger bla bla bla”. There’s no winning with internet idiots.

  18. I laugh, cry, laugh, cry watching this drama. It really made me care for the characters. They’re flawed yes but that’s what makes them so relatable. The emotions i’ve gone through, it’d been a while i feel it for a kdrama. In the end of day it’s to each their own, we all want to find sth to be able to make us feel sth. I get it might not be for everyone, it’s not exciting nor eventful, but its messages really resonate to me. It’s almost like i’m going through the same as them, trying to heal my own wounds in ways i can. I’m so glad i found this gem.

  19. It is so laughable. Backstreet and lmh fans with multiple identities coming here trying to sabotage this drama. It’s not this drama fault that they have a good writer and a good director.

  20. Some people can’t just take critic so they say we are getting sabotaged by others. This just makes you look much worse I can see alot of different opinions not digging this drama and alot of people have also evidently walked out on it which is hardly a secret. You should deal with the critics in a better way instead of trying to say someone is doing this to us. As for me personal I don’t have even critic as I dropped it for long time ago so I can’t unfortunately comment here except addressing the blatant ”blaming others” which I find to be rather childish and these have nothing to do with the drama at all

    • Nobody was complaining at first about people who dont like the drama it happen seeing as this drama has lot of positive comments especially on Twitter Reddit and mdl but op straigt lied saying it losing international viewsers when it was just trending yesterday 3 worldwide on Twitter, still doing great on netflix and the comment keep on increasing on Reddit and mdl.

      They can drop the drama all they want it not a bad thing but those people or person(seems to be one user ) keep trying hard to push the narrative like it aint popular internationally lol.i it currently also have 9.3 on mdl and 90% on mind.

      Anyways few comments here wont take away the thousands of positive comments it getting on social media.

      • What is unacceptable is that you are dragging others into your articles who are not mentioned who has nothing to do with the subject of the drama and what is your evidence that it’s one user? Because I see multiple users expressing their opinions.

        It seems like you guys can’t really handle or know how to take critics so you start to throwing stones at others which reveals insecurity. It just escalates things for you bringing others into the comment section who is not part of the drama not helpful.

        Koala has mental posters everybody knows this and even she is a rapid poster who is not well up in the head and that has nothing to do with other fandoms. This places is just sick is just the truth of it all.

        Yes it’s okay is decreasing slowly in my objective opinion you can agree to disagree anytime

      • @nurrua there is difference between criticism and plain hating. As i said i dont see it losing viewsers *ifans* from statistics i see on social my media but as you said it your opinion.
        Ps i did not insult anyone who didnt like the drama but trolls who are hating on the actor for no reason.let just agree to disagree then

  21. It started promising but it faded quickly into mediocrity. The main reason for that is that there is not much to build on the script which makes everything so damn cliche.

    As far as performance goes I would say the FL has the best performance and out-shines everyone and seems like this is her drama rather then KSH drama

  22. This my last comment on here most peeps on here are quite toxic.

    Ps can koala stop those making multiple account with different user names.

    Ok by hope this place eventually becomes less toxic

  23. I stopped watching it after the last episode just felt like the premise didn’t progress further unfortunately which kinda of got me out of the drama.

    I love KSH but he should choice a better drama then this one and hopefully he should do diverse roles such as action drama and try himself in something else

  24. I don’t get why this drama has so much haters at the same time. I think almost all the actors are doing great. Not everybody lines the same but I don’t remember any drama with this amount of criticisms and to be honest, I really like it. It’s true I liked others more but I disliked others that had a lot of success… If you don’t like it’s enough not watching it.

  25. This was such a good episode. Moon Young and Kang Tae’s happiness was so heart warming. I couldn’t believe the end. It came out of nowhere and struck me. When Kim Soo Hyun started sobbing, I was crying. Kudos to cast….ratings success or not, this is one of the most well acted, thoughtful drama of the year so far. I am considering up to World of Married last season. I am very content with this drama. Kim Soo Hyun picked a great project. So Ye Ji is finally getting her due too. You worked hard love. And what is wrong with the comments. Same comments over and over and over again. I mean how can same set of people comment about dropping a show and declining vieweship each week here. If you’ve dropped the drama then why are you here commenting. You can’t drop the same drama each week, it means you’re still watching. The entire korea is singing praises for Kim Soo Hyun. I know some fan girls are hurt that same did not happen to their oppa but its not his fault. Maybe your oppa should improve his acting. Kim Soo Hyun is a solid actor, his acting is getting praises as always…this drama may not be earth shattering success but it did its work. The leads are getting accolades, cast and writer are getting recognition. Ratings would be cherry on top but even with moderate ratings, this show is massively well received. I am thankful for that.

  26. I’m a huge fan of kdramas since 2010. This year due the quarantine I had the chance to increase my kdramas time and watch a bunch of them. In my personal opinion IOTNBO is a delight, such a heartbreaking story with amazing performances. Complex characters, that feel human, imperfect, with emotional conflicts and looking for heal I don’t know maybe because I’ve lived a similar situation as Kang Tae but I’m suffering and enjoying every minute of it. I absolutely agree that Moon brothers characters are being masterfully acted, and why not, maybe even a Daesang nomination.

    I’ve watched The King,Itaewon, Backstreet rookie and CLOY. Even if I have a bias I can accept and recognize the work of others and KSH performance is Daebak. I don’t care about ratings and succes I simply enjoy all of them.

  27. @GEM

    You are the only mentioning others who are not involved with this show you are the only one obsessed with others success not the other way around because you the one mentioning people who are not tied to this topic. Why don’t you just praise him if that is what you feel.

    The Oppa you mentioned is the Hallyu King and has nothing to envy about a baby-faced actor who people feel the need to take care of him as their child everytime they see him that is not talent. His a builder and achiever not someone who hides under a fake awards show filled with politics. I seen the reponse from the netizens it was not good in the first 2 episodes and the ratings reflect on that keep convincing yourself otherwise and if you wanna praise you should praise him but not try to make him climb on the back of these superior to him like LMH by mentioning them constant it makes him look weak. A babyman can never be compared to LMH nor can compete with him put this in your skull and let that take hold. It’s like comparing ferreri to old toyota corolla low on fuel. Let him first carve out for himself so many global hits and then come back then perhaps we will talk. Otherswise let him act in more handicapped roles or whatever that is the next boring thing. He should improve picking better scripts if he wants to come close to that oppa’s success. I feel even weird typing this I feel like he could be his father and adopt him. It feels like boys and men. Ugh look what you made me do

    • Girl, I did not even name names and you wrote an entire essay on LMH in a post about a drama that doesn’t have LMH. At least change writing style. I can tell you keep writing and replying under diffetent username. How insecure are you lot? Handicapped roles, I could be his father…what? I sincerely wish you best and will pray for you…I am not even sure how to reply to incoherent, insensitive, offensive ramblings of a fangirl who clearly looks down on people with mental health issues or physical disability.

  28. I am personally iffy-iffy on KSH as an actor because he lacks alot in some departments which is also why his less successful then his pairs thru out his career his been that underachiever compared to SJK, LMH and hyun Bin.

    he will also be that underdog and underachiever for good obvious reasons. As mentioned above his a limited actor by default due to his baby’ness he can’t really portray strong male leads because he can’t enter these characters one of the reasons real failed. Also one of the reasons LMH has achieved 10 times more then him in his career and he has all the buzz and clitter because he shines and is more exciting compared to your manlet and also takes more exciting scripts then him which is why he has numerous more iconic hits compared to him who has only MLFTS stars compared to BOF, LOTBS, Heirs, City Hunter. He lacks in some obvious departments that he can’t truly correct then he shouldn’t eat at the same table as them and he should go improve and succeed in a real way. Take some manly roles and comeback otherwise he should be joining the same table with people like Im Siwan the baby category of actors not amongst the men category

    • I was thinking the same thing. Why even compare their manlet to an exciting and capitiving actor like LMH it’s like apples and oranges. His not in his league never was and never will be. Comparing an effing baby-faced manlet to LMH is an insult in itself. A strong, tall, handsome, healthy male, exciting, charismatic and charming to an effin baby-faced manlet who has zero charisma and captiviting

    • LOL “underachieved” compared to SJK and LMH. I mean… ???

      Are you high? Let me educate you with facts and numbers:

      KSH’s highest rated drama achieved over 40%. None of the above actors did. KSH has so far has not had ratings of lower than 15% for all his lead roles on national TV. His filmography is as follows since his first lead role: Dream High (peak 18.2%), Moon embracing Sun (peak 46.5% – let that sink in…), YFAS (peak 18.1%), Producers (peak 17.7%).

      Now onto Movies – he had 2 lead roles. Real was a flop (and I’m mature enough to admit that). Secretly, Greatly was HUGE. He had a role in Thieves – that was HUGE too.

      Awards? Like many mentioned here. He won Daesangs in various different award functions. Won’t break it down here, go look it up and marvel over it.

      Great, you love LMH. Good for you. But get your facts right. I have actual numbers, data and facts. None of the above is an “opinion” vs your “LMH achieved 10 times more than KSH” bullshit is well… bullshit and an opinion to boot.

      Lastly, Hyun Bin is one of my favourite actors and since you’ve given your opinion – is should give mine – he’s 100 times better than LMH. Also, he’s not the same generation but if I were to compare him with KSH, he’s had more flops in his career than KSH has blockbusters. Does that make him any less amazing? Nope. Because he can actually act and has talent to go with the pretty face just like KSH. LMH tho… ?

      • Actually, YFAS peak was 28.1%!! ?
        Just to strengthen your point lol. It was mega successful and the real reason why KSH is so hated by LMH’s fans. That was THE drama that started it all and really got KSH to #1 which he’s never relinquished since.

        It doesn’t look like it from my comment but I also like LMH. Kinda ?. But right now, I’m just fuelling the fanwar because it’s giving me nostalgia. 2014 all over again now that both guys are back.

    • @Healerites – Please what’ with ‘his baby’ness’ define that for the rest of us? @Keys Far out ‘effing baby-faced manlet’ What the hell is that? Don’t use google translate for Gosh sakes!

      How did IOTBNO end up being the fuel for a few disgruntled LMH fans (no disrepect to him and his followers) but to rough shod over a drama that is doing ultimately well on all fronts – domestically and internationally whilst being well loved and well received you want to take issue over KSH acting? Best you admit that this drama of KSH is doing a lot more for the viewing public right now which enables those of us following to stay attuned in that it actually enlightens and empowers us making our daily lives a lot more meaningful. We can live vicariously through the characters of IOTBNO and every week the ‘Okay’ family be it on the soompi forum, Dramabeans and My dramalist swear that this drama has something that no other K drama has come close to attaining in all aspects of casting, acting, writing, directing, production, costume design, cinematography and art direction. There is no shortage of positive well loved messages and comments that IOTBNO offers and to nit pick on KSH alone shows your bias loud and clear.

      However I am glad that there are those that don’t like the drama for what ever reason have said their peace and moved on. Bye bye

    • Is your definition of successful different than the dictionary by any chance?! Because in no circumstance can anyone with a sound mind genuinely claim KSH is unsuccessful. If you compare his achievements to LMH, it’s even more glaringly obvious how much he’s achieved with so few roles. Sweetie, he’s achieved more than LMH 6 years ago tho… His most successful drama was the last drama to reach such high numbers in a miniseries. That was 8 years ago. Did you know that? Guess not. What was LMH’s most successful drama? Was it Heirs? But… that’s not even upto par with KSH’s second biggest rated drama MLFTS! Did you know that? Guess not. Did you mean Chungmuro then? Surely not because LMH has, well… zero hits vs KSH has 2 blockbusters?! Then maybe you’re talking about CFs? But… KSH is huge there too. Was it pay then? But… KSH is one of the highest paid actors in SK. So really, define success for me. Maybe our definition of the word is a bit different which is surely why you’d make such an absurd claim and make yourself look like a complete idiot?

      • Pfft. KSH sounds like the most glorified manlet now. Being compared to LMH what an absolute joke. First of all LMH has a blockbuster in Chungmuro in GB and not only that he has a massive blockbuster movie in pan-asis Bunter hunters it was a blockbuster. Outside and inside. Now that I said that.

        KSH’s only megahit is MLFTS while LMH has 4. BOF, City hunter, Heirs, and LOBTS. You make the math who is more successful. His fans know fully well LMH is more successful then him period. I give you however the truth and that KSH is more success then both then SJK and Hyun bin on a grand-scale as he has been on the top for far longer. But the gap is significiant LMH ———— > KSH. LMH has been operating on a league of himself for the last 10 years no real competitors it was everytime the flavor of the month and they disappeared all of them one by one but LMH is here and has always been here and will always be here

        I can see the way you wrote that message you didn’t really have a counter and anything to say otherwise. LMH has his own one man journey at the top

  29. The acting is stellar but the story is lacking, it feels like they doesn’t want to actually talk about the topic but use just the idea of mental illness to explain some behaviour.
    I think it has some merits but it isn’t really extraordinary because even the female lead diagnosis doesn’t based on the drama, people take it based on the character chart.
    I also have this eerie feeling when all the hospital crew beside the male and female lead appears to be useless. I mean, what’s the odd and the female lead unorthodox way to somehow “save” people is the glorified by the drama.

    As much as I think they understand what they talked about regarding mental health and the tale of the weeks, it comes off shallow and random motivational quote that easy to relate.

    When I think about quote that matters, it’s about who said it, have they got the experience to make the worth has weight but this drama doesn’t make the female lead that much experienced, the actress act really well but the character left a lot to be desired. It also like drama that use methapot because they can’t find it sounds meaningful when you use the normal words.

    I am losing interest but not dropped it yet.

    • Woww..a sane comment finally..I second your each and every word..I feel that they are just working on the surface related to the mental issues.

    • You have expressed so well cuz that’s exactly how I felt about the drama, but couldn’t quite spell it out. That’s why even as I watch the drama weekly, I feel detached from it. Maybe I am one of the few audience here feeling that way, since there are many fans in this site. But it may also be why the ratings are lower than expected in SK.

      One thing that I really can’t get into is how the writer used the mental issues of the FL and ML to develop their romance. It just feel forced. For me, it would have been more organic if it started off as friendship vs sexual attraction. But that’s my POV.

      Of course the stylised direction, fairy tale metaphors and all the CG cinematography is very well done. Acting is good too. But I wish there was more development in the storyline and character development. It’s moving too slow for me. May work better with shorter episodes.

  30. I gave up on the drama after giving it a fair chance but had to drop it at some point. I got annoyed with the tantrums and the motives of the ML was not well portrayed he just walks out on her for no reasons and I also thought the pacing was slow and I would say extremely slow-burner which is not something for me

  31. Gosh… The hate comments i read here is just… Personally, i love this drama. Whether the rating is good or bad; the actor has a baby face and not manly; the actress is not close to other korean actress; or not successful as it’s predecessor. People don’t have to push their hate on other people who watch this drama. It’s their choice if they watch it or not or even drop it. And, no need to attack other actors just because you don’t like the attention they’re getting. In my opinion, they are all good in their own ways.

  32. To be honest when it comes to mental illness we don’t hear alot about them. We heard the surface of such complex issue and are expected to accept it as it is without really knowing the real issue. I’m not surprise that the drama didn’t really delve into it. There are still alot of people who are uncomfortable with such topic. However I do hope that people will be more accepting of mental illness and talk about it and not judge those who have mental illness.

  33. It’s hilarious why KSH fans here automatically think that those who criticize this show are LMH or JCW fans. Huh? I am neither an LMH nor JCW fan (Hyun Bin is my #1), but I do not find this show as interesting as the blogger thinks it is. And that is fine. Not everyone has the same taste. But to assume that everyone who likes this show is just a hater of KSH or a a fan of other actors?

    The fact is, this show is underperforming. Even KSH himself he was aiming for 15% for the first episode (LOL). It won’t even reach 10% at this rate. So yeah, expectations were high, and so far they have not been met. With six episodes to go, I doubt they will.

    • First don’t take his ratings words seriously…coz he himself said it’s okay if u don’t watch on TV..then Watch on NETFLIX. We all how this drama broke records and become first k drama to rank 6th worldwide…

      • Wait for Netflix official data. Flixpatrol is a joke if you see how they calculate their rankings..I already wrote a long essay on it..
        But nevertheless IONTBO is still doing well on Netflix and it is a fact.

      • @may

        People don’t use flixpatrol for the rankings but what they use for it is the locations it has ranked in. Thats the key which is taken from an official source which is netflix itself. Thats what matters and thats why people use flixpatrol.

        Countries rankings is official data released by netflix that is how viewers can know what is a hit and what is not? Example Warrior nun is a major hit on Netflix right now without Netflix releasing the official numbers on it? The question is how do people know this..

        Because they can track every country it has ranked in, how high it has ranked, how many people are on each netflix library where it ranked and how long it ranked in different territories that gives you the indiction that the ”WARRIOR NUN” is indeed a major hit

      • I m not saying that IONTBO is not a hit..but Flixpatrol giving their own rankings should be taken with a pinch of salt..I have read in their homepage as how they deduce over all rankings from Netflix trends across countries.You tell me if a drama ranks #2 at US and another drama ranks at 1 in a small country.. Flixpatrol will still place the second drama at top place.. whereas we know US market is hugeee..
        The Netflix trend that Flixpatrol shows is not wrong but I have problem with Flixpatrol calculating their over all rankings.. because only Netflix can release the over all data ..
        I don’t want to argue …if you want to know just check Flixpatrol and go to THEIR ranking calculation criteria page.
        Once Again I will say that IONTBO is indeed trending in many countries but just from that you cannot form a quantitative measure as to which drama is most watched in terms of proper views.

      • @ alcoise Warrior Nun is a major hit but can you compare at which position it stands in the world.. Without Netflix official data we can’t fix its position..The post above said IONTBO ranked 6th..TKEM fans claim it ranks under top 10 but does it make sense for shows like Ozark etc. to rank lower..Lol Flixpatrol doesn’t even have the trending list for January,February,March.Check it yourself.so how can you conclude which is the most watched series in 2020 at the moment if u don’t have the data of the first 3 months.

      • @MAY

        As I already clarified it’s not for the point rankings that flixpatrol releases but the region rankings they gather it together.

        Then what you do is multiple all the library subscribers where the series has ranked in, for how long it has ranked? In each specific country. Example TKEM was ranking thru out it’s running around 50 territories consistently places like all of Latin America minus Brazil, and the Caribbeans, The Middle east to be specific the gulf countries, Asia, the indian subcontinet and parts of Europe if you check the subscriber base for all these countries and multiple them it’s around 50mio subscriber reach TKEM had with taking into account the territories it didn’t rank and it ranked in majority of these countries consistently it didn’t just come and go nothing like a fluke. Which makes it a solid hit the same way we know that snowpicere and The ”Warrior Nun” Are hits where as Hospital playlist or the even ”the 100” were not hits on the platform? We know this because we know where it ranked and for how many days it ranked. The same trajectory with ”Money Heist” If the fifth season comes and flops we can tell it before netflix even releases anything of official numbers on it and we can also tell likewise if it has become a major hit. It’s that simple and one of the reasons Netflix released the rankings is in order for series or movies to be tracked by producers so they have a fair picture of things on before hand

      • @ alcoise..I understand ur point but that was not what I was pointing at..We already have a fair amount of ideas as to which dramas are hitting gold worldwide..And no doubt TKEM performance was good..and IONTBO is also doing well..I was referring to people talk about that a certain drama is currently 6th in the world blah blah..by just looking at the points table provided by Flixpatrol..
        You can say TKEM is a hit cause it trended in many countries.It is true….But you definitely can’t pinpoint its position at world ranking just by the rough estimation of over all subscribers cause no one went into manual detail.
        . I don’t know how to insert links but hope it works.And I do find fault in here..Infact they themselves have given out the disclaimer.


        ..Till then yup..fans can just say that it was a huge hit ,trended in many countries.etc…but can’t blatantly claim that it outrank the likes of Tiger King , Ozark, Elite.
        I would rest my case here and we will talk again when Netflix releases the official data.

    • You are literally the first person mentioning JCW here. And same LMH fan girls have been leaving comments with different usernames in this thread for a while now here. Almost same sentence, spelling, words…its not even hidden. They know ridiculousness will not fly on twitter, reddit, dramabeans or soompi so this small number of fan girls swirm this place.

  34. Disclaimer. I’m a JIS fan, so don’t kill me ?

    I admit, I love how pressed LMH fans are. That’s hilarious but more than anything, shows real fear. KSH has forever stole LMH’s thunder since Heirs was thumped by MLFS. This is an age old fan war that’s come back full force. Feels like Hallyu is alive again ? If there are no angry comments saying how bad KSH is, or how much he lacks, or how unsuccessful he is, etc, it means he’s not on top and not ‘the person to be brought down’ haha. When people are scared, they scream like lunatics again and again so they can be heard. Lol, I get it. It’s fun and this feels a lot like 2014. I can’t say KSH is my favourite but can definitely say he’s a superior actor. Even if he wasn’t though, LMH fans would still be screaming their heads off because KSH has always been real #1 of his gen. Okay, I’m out loooool, I will get attacked but at least I said my piece ?

    • loooooool. First of all if you were following this thread the people leaving the negative comments were not LMH fans but it was the opposite KSH fans are the once obsessed with LMH and constantly dragging his fans into this topic by calling them out repeatedly which he has nothing to do with. So whatever you are saying it was always the opposite many people said they should stop calling out ppl who are not related to the topic.

      They have paranoia calling everyone a LMH fan who left a post what a loonies so who is obsessed with who? I guess it is the other way around! Number 1 maybe in baby category I would concede to that but other then that he has no business being compared to the KING as in the Hallyu King. The only way they could enter same picture is if he was adopted by the Hallyu King as his son. keep dreaming

    • That’s the thing. It’s hilarious to me when we are only talking about ratings, then people bring up the “better actor” card, or the “he’s won the more awards” card.

      We are only talking about the ratings because the blogger highlights the ratings in her headlines, and a lot of the fans (of both LMH and KSH, mind you) are scrambling to justify how popular the shows of their respective favorites are.

      • The one who is saying LMH gave 4 mega hits….in all these drama he ever won single daesang or Baeksang awards…he have given only 2 mega hits BOF and HEIRS which is officially said by Korean entertainment… don’t show ur assumption as ur facts…

    • LOLLLL a neutral comment finally. Lol too many finger pointing going around here. Anyway it’s just fanwar. Doesn’t matter if King actually did well or IOTNBO didn’t do well, it’s all about oppar anyway. KSH vs LMH is like Federer vs Nadal LMAOO. Fans will always try to justify one over the other. LMH was there first, but KSH just comes in and just takes the crown almost effortlessly with that terrible trash moon-sun mythology something drama. Still dunno why that crazy ratings. What did people see in it?!? Then Star happened vs that terrible Heirs. Anyway point is, yup. It’s a 6 (7? 8?) year old rivalry; won’t be ending anytime soon. I like both honestly. I want to say KSH 100% has the “#1 of his gen” title too, he’s had it for most of last decade too. But yueappp, I’m going to get clobbered so maybe don’t read that last part LOLLL

      Anyway chill guys. Both KSH and LMH are prob laughing at this madness. They don’t care really LOLL

      • What? I also like KSH and have nothing against him but claiming his no.1 is nonsensical. That Moon Embracing sun was only a hit in Korea and not a megahit where as LMH has 4 megahits something KSH doesn’t have because he only has 1 megahit which is why LMH has always been much bigger then him everywhere so technically his nothing more then second and has always been second fiddle. His fans should humble themselves a bit and stay put. Some were even saying that MLFTS was a bigger hit then Heirs lool. LMH gained 25-30 followers during heirs era where as KSH gained 30% of that which is not bad and means MFLTS was a megahit but he doesn’t have another megahit except that one and he has big hits in Korea like dream high and the moon embracing the sun but not megahits. So there you have it. If you wanna claim the Hallyu King’s position you gotta out-do the king but not in second fiddle while claiming to be superior or whatever while not having the hits to show for it. He has some ground to cover in order to reach LMH and that is a long distance coverage he needs to do

      • @irene thanks for clearifying this and these are solid facts and pragmatic. LMH has covered alot more ground and for KSH to reach that level he has to cover atleast years worth of work

  35. I honestly like both guys. I hope this will end all this nonsense because it is going nowhere? Both guys are good and both guys have alot of good works under their belt that should end this hopefully where we can take solace in that both on the top of hallyu for the last 7-8 years. I won’t put anyone down but LMH is objectively speaking LMH is the Hallyu King for a reason and KSH is definitely an strong actor himself hope everyone can take solace in that clear headed deliver

  36. I don’t understand why CLOY is getting dragged here? As some who obviously enjoyed CLOY i feel offended. I am about to outburst on It’s okay to not be okay fans.

    I haven’t watched any dramas since CLOY and I can’t due to withdrawals I stock by CLOY with cloy for CLOY

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