Wounds are Pried Open so Hopefully Characters Can Move Forward in Episode 10 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 4.212% and 5.481%

For much too long all the characters in It’s Okay to Not be Okay have been in stasis, in suspended animation if you will. Going through the motions, surviving and succeeding, but never addressing a boatload of childhood trauma and adult exhaustion. I think everyone should check into It’s Okay Hospital stat, but it’s Sang Tae who gets an overnight stay there to calm down and also let everyone around him pause to reflect. Kang Tae retreats to his shell, the guilt yet again overriding the possibility that he can be happy personally and still be a good younger brother and caregiver to Sang Tae. Moon Young is forced to not get what she wants but also deal with it like a calm and mature human being, to a greater degree than before.

It’s also wonderful to see all the other characters also get their own arcs and development, Joo Ri and Sang In are a surprisingly cute match. I’m really not interested in the mystery of Moon Young’s mom, whether she’s alive or not (more likely), ultimately she’s going to turn out to be a mentally ill person who emotionally abused her husband and daughter and really it doesn’t matter what we need to see if Moon Young learning to grow into a real person and not a woman of many tics. She’s getting there through Kang Tae and I can’t wait to see if she is the one who helps the brothers Moon find their new adult normal.


Wounds are Pried Open so Hopefully Characters Can Move Forward in Episode 10 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 4.212% and 5.481% — 52 Comments

  1. I just cried during the entire episode. And when he said that i don’t think i want to be born again.. Urghhh.. Ksh was just brilliant in this episode.

  2. Moon Young and Sang Tae are surprisingly sililar in asking question of the type ” Who Do You Like More?” I died when Moon Young demanded answer from Sang In infront of drunk Juri. I am actually happy with the all around character growth. Shout out Moon brothers…their arc was heartbreak and warmth rolled into one dingle plot. I liked how Moon Young is coming into terms with the fact that, compromise is needed when you love somebody. Juri’s mother is just pure love. Also somebody needs to keep round the clock monitoring of Moon Young’s dad. He is just going around choking people now. I am not sure if its Moon Young’s mother or a saesang fan of her mother playing with their heads. At any rate, my guess is Moon Young’s mother was a psycopath who killed people (Kang Tae’s mother, maybe?)…Dad got horrified, tried to kill/killed mom…went crazy from it, tried to kill Moon Young thinking she is the wife…Moon Young may just be a product of more nurture, less nature which gives me hope for Moon Young and Kang Tae. Also, Kang Tae is needlessly cruel to Moon Young at times. I know its huge and a clear sign of his affection for Moon Young considering how closed off he is emotionally to others. But it grates my nerve at times. Great episode all around. Can’t wait for next week.

  3. Ratings keep dropping, loooks like Korea don’t like it much. Backstreet rookie with a lower budget has double the ratings. Different channels are no longer important, more and more Koreans have access to cable channels. No excuses. Who would have thought more Koreans would like br than this mess?

    • Agree!

      I’ve been telling everyone that the rating of its not okay will bomb. see? I’ve been right all along, 4%. GOSH.so embarrassing, what a shame for the top paid actor in korea, hahahah.

      Backstreet Rookie Rocks. whoooooooooo. double digits on Saturday. Other fans are saying that we will reach 20% on Episode 16, Caaaaaannnnnnnnt wait, . when this happens Kang Tae will CRY and Moon Young will go crazy

      • LOL you’re just hilarious; from the start you’ve been cracking me up LMFAOOOOOO, keep going. It proves a point to us, tho I am thinking (unfortunately) you dont have the brain capacity to understand. But please keep going!!


    • Sorry, but Seo Ye Ji is not doing anything for me. She’s pretty but when she smiles, her upper teeth are too high, for lack of a better description, and it makes her chin look really long and sharp. Also, I know a small face is prized in Asia, but she’s tall and looks like a giraffe almost. That combined with her harsh character she plays isn’t a great combo somehow.

      Kim Soo Hyun doesn’t do anything for me either. It’s like watching two giraffes because they both have small faces but are tall.

    • KOREANS have admitted this that timings are real problem only 50-59 years of Koreans are watching on TV..Rest are watching on Netflix and TVing were korean watch live…and this episode got 78% ratings there.

  4. I am looking so forward to mid-August, when both this show and Backstreet Rookie are over, and we can just watch two shows with trustworthy veteran actors. No more crazy fandoms that bring the idol-mentality to kdrama… At least, I hope not… Would be painful to see people pitting Stranger 2 against Alice and go berserk over it.

    I was reading yesterday’s comment section and the comments gave me straight up headaches. From comments about shoo-ins for Daesangs/Baeksangs to comparing JCW, LMH and KSH… Ugh, wake me up when both shows have ended…

    • Considering that Cho Seung-woo is coming back with Stranger 2, he is most likely will get again the Best Actor. Yet there are still more shows coming, and more recognizable and veteran actors so that’s it.

  5. Still loving the drama despite the seemingly slow pace. This seems about right as the intent is to flesh out the character arcs as they begin their bumpy ride to healing from their past wounds, guilts and possible trauma. KSH is such a talented actor, when I watch him I don’t see KSH but his character Moon Gang Tae. He is so good in making me feel the range of emotions of Gang Tae be it frustration, guilt, anger, helplessness.

    Am I the only one in awe of the different ways he can deliver a crying scene like it’s nobody’s business– with just a single tear, or with a silent cry, or with a full on cry.

    • He’s simply phenomenal. Throughout the episode, this various emotional moments from contemplation, to explanation and then asking for forgiveness. It was all so gut wrenching. KSH is so brilliant here. He is in other dramas too ofc, but as Kang-tae, he’s pushed it up to a different level. He’s nailing it and that scene where he holds his brothers hands – without words, his eyes just says it all. He’s truly phenomenal.

  6. The other leads Seo Ye Ji and Oh Jung Se are both compelling in their portrayal of their respective characters. Emotional scenes with all three leads show powerhouse acting. The support cast also delivers. This drama makes you laugh and then cry the next minute. Acting front, IOTNBO is chef’s kiss.

  7. This drama need a better pacing. The episode makes me feel weird, I don’t think KT is wrong because that just his 1st heart cry and ofc he will miss the obvious flaw but people are putting his character in a stake because he hurts their “precious” dangerous Moon Yong.

    I am tired with MY glorification, she isn’t a good person, intention and good meaning doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t translate into action.

    Also, why the hospital is so unprofessional? Like everyone is bad at their job. Is it too elevated Moon Yong?
    This is when I didn’t like the drama, they reduce everything so MY can shine as “good” and it’s okay for her to be bad because she has “issue” yet other characters can’t.

    • I agree with you about the glorification of MY. There are even some people who blamed Sang-tae, like seriously?? That river incident has obviously been a source of deep hurt for both brothers. The hurt of ST from seeing his brother walked away from him while he drowns and the guilt that KT has been keeping all these years.

      Yes, what KT said to MY on the beach was harsh, but do people really believe that MY will listen to KT ending their relationship if he sugarcoats it?

      I really, really hope that they will tone down MY in the coming episodes because I am finding it hard to relate to her or to empathize with her.

      • I hope they tone down MY too. I almost gave up on this drama watching the first two episodes. I found it quite unbearable to watch her raging/strutting with the silly (French?) song playing in the background. Yes, we get that she is a mean, problematic girl, please give MY character more subtle acting, SYJ is more than capable of doing this. I love her fights with Sang Tae and the emotional bits with Kang Tae.

      • Right, that fight was the 1st time KT lash out and it’s harsh but MY has been harsh all along and people get on with her but not KT?

        I was reading comments and people are sad because MY gets hurt,she is been hurting people since day 1,sometimes she gets it back but KT can’t even get mad once? Now KT is the bad guy?

        I’ve been thinking that this drama send some kind of wrong message, that if you are normal, you have to be able to endure life with proper etiquette but if you’ve got issue, you can be true to yourself because you’ve got no filter.

        I am saying this because I’ve seen people hating Juri so bad and it because they think she hurts MY and now KT is the target? Also is MY really has ASPD? Is it just a theory based on her character description? Not actually explain in the drama.

        People who are nice in the surface are fine, doesn’t mean they are fake, they just want to make it runs smoothly since they aren’t in deep contact with anyone either. Just because we don’t show our true self in front of everyone, doesn’t mean we are fake and hypocrite, we just doesn’t want trouble.

  8. The curse continues, from JCW (MMS and BR) to LMH (TKEM) and now, KSH (IONTBO). So far, the most successful and still undefeated post-MS comeback is SJK’s DOTS.

    • SJK will hold the record. It takes many years to have such a hit. But I must say, quality wise I prefer IONTBO. Personally I don’t like DOTS.

      I thought LSG post-MS broadcast accident in Hwayugi was bad enough but in comparison it really wasn’t so bad since it was still in the top 50 cable drama.

      Let’s see what will happen to JW. The synopsis sounds interesting. Hope it will be a good one.

      • DOTS is hard to break. With a whopping 38.8% in nationwide ratings and considered a cultural phenomenon, it will be the defining Kdrama for generations alongside with MLFTS and Goblin.

      • I didn’t like DOTS also it was to patriotic for my liking.


        IONTBO AND TKEM were monster hits internationally. MMS and BR should have never happened

      • Sorry but TKEM and IONTBO is nothing compared to popularity of DOTS. To call it massive is a big joke. However, if you wanna convince yourself, go for it.

        A true hit means getting the approval of your motherland first. So, as long as TKEM and IONTBO cannot get good ratings in SoKor, then, DOTS remains untouchable. And unfortunately, it is the hars truth.

      • I know. But what I am trying to show is DOTS, Goblin and MLFTS are the defining trifecta Kdramas of this era.

    • I think that Kang Ha-neul arguably had the better post-MS comeback from a critically acclaim POV. He won best actor at Baeksang and WTCB won Daesang. DOTS was more popular nationally and internationally and also won Daesang, but SJK did not win best actor at Baeksang. KHN’s name will be forever in the history books in the best actor category, SJK will not (yet)

      • KHN is still a B-lister despite the award? It’s strange that majority of the award winners are technically B-listers. I asked this question to someone close to the K-ent and they said despite someone winning it doesn’t promote them out of that class or any class. We may see him as the second again lead

      • Well the sad thing is most of the time best acting and popularity will never be the same person. I don’t think KHN belongs to the same category as the like of these popular actors who earn top salary per epi..one day but not yet. Maybe KSH can achieve both (in acting n being popular).

      • B-listers should work there way up tho and prove themselves that they can headline but systems like the one in Hollywood and SK are both tough places for B-listers to get promoted

      • @Maria Frankson. I agree with you that KHN is a B-lister, but the previous winners definitely are not. Lee Byung-hun, Cho Seung-woo, Gong Yoo, Yoo Ah-in and Lee Sung-min etc. etc. are more than B-listers. In fact, with all the Grand Bells and Blue Dragons they won, I would qualify them even above A-listers. They are S-tier. In my opinion, especially the winners of 2017, 2018 and 2019 Baeksang are more famous and better paid than SJK.

      • The salary of SJK surrounding the internet pertains to his salary before DOTS. That list is misleading and incomplete. Who will agree that LBH and GY is not one of the top 10 highest paid actors and JCW is being paid higher than them? LOL.

        For sure, SJK’s salary post-DOTS is top 3 or top 5 now.

      • Again popularity and acting can go hand in hand. Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Byun-hun and Gong Yoo won a few Baeksangs and they are popular. Jun Ji-hyun and Hyunbin won Daesang and they are incredibly popular.

      • @Myrrana, please explain yourself again. I do not understand what you are saying. Are you really saying that SJK makes more than LBH and GY? LBH received the highest salary for Mr Sunshine at that time, only to be surpassed by KSH. That means that Arthdal Chronicles (post-DOTS) did not pay more for SJK than LBH… What are we even comparing? LBH survived the worst kinds of scandals, whilst SJK almost got cancelled after the divorce with SHK. LBH is a demi-God to Koreans and SJK is just replaceable…

      • @Minikfan

        Yea this is true. In the end there are so many great actors with not enough popularity (Nam Gong Min, Shin Sung Rok to name a few). Kang Ha Neul is excellent honestly, but he is definitely not “popular” in the traditional sense. It feels harsh to call him a “B-lister” but I suppose that is what he is in the end. As for achieving both popularity and acting skills, yea I think KSH has that. So does PSJ. But other than them, I can’t think of too many people – its rare and usually doesn’t coincide unfortunately.

      • I am not saying that SJK should be paid higher than LBH. What I am trying to say is the list of highest paid k-actors surrounding the internet is misleading, incomplete and outdated. That is why I said who will believe that LBH and GY are not one of the top 10 and JCW is paidd higher than them? And who will believe that SJK is below top 5 when he has DOTS under his belt?

      • Awards show are highly political tho and the same with the oscars and filled with corruption, bribing and so furth and so on. I have also noticed that smaller actors appreciate awards alot more and this is something I have noticed and even in Hollywood and Di Caprio’s campaign was not from him but the fans put just much pressure on the award hosts to give in due to the campaign but I don’t think Leo cared that much and so do alot of the elite A-listers in Hollywood they will never get it and so many names like Johnny Deep and many more elite actors. The politics is just so much awards I have never taken them serious due to having some knowlegde of what is truly happening behind the scenes

    • To Myrrana

      IONTBO and TKEM truly became massive and were gigantic international hits where as MMS and BR were unfortunately not. JCW taking two major losses like that back to back was truly unfortunate

      • JCW is never a draw in his motherland. Fortunately, he has massive overseas fanbase. However, it did not help in making his dramas popular overseas as much as TKEM and IONTBO.

    • DOTS is something from a different era now. If it aired today it wouldn’t have the same ratings. AC and Encounter were both flops and DOTS would have been too. 2017 onwards Kdrama has completely changed.

      • @Play, agree. I have read snippets of discussion between Adal and Kimchi Ajumma in another post that discussed the demise of K-drama after 2017. The pivot is now towards streaming not mainstream TV anymore. With China imposing the Hallyu ban and SK in a trade spat with Japan, there have been massive decline in k-drama popularity in Asia’s 2 biggest k-drama markets. Netflix is swooping in to fill the gap from China viewers investing heavily into Korean production companies. All k-dramas produced post 2017 will be increasingly like Hollywood streaming dramas. An explosion of science fiction, time travel/parallel universe/AI, gender equality, climate change, zombies, LGBTIQ issues will be the dominant themes in K-dramas. Shows like DOTS with a heavy patriotic theme will be irrelevant now that China and Japan are not in good terms with the current government of SK. China and Japan will be promoting their own culture through their own China and Japanese dramas.

    • For cable drama…5% is not bad…not high..it good coz only 50-59 old people watch on TV. REST are watching on TVN and TVING…. and on TVING all cable drama and variety shows can be watch live..and IOTNOB got 78% ratings there…

  9. Although Moon Young did a lot of things that precipitated the fight between the brothers, such as: encouraged Sang Tae to speak out about why he hates his brother, manipulated Kang Tae into spending the night away from his bro, and turning off Kang Tae’s phone so he couldn’t be reached, she doesn’t deserve to be Kang Tae’s whipping boy whenever he gets really angry; twice he has spoken to her in a really cutting and hurtful way. I guess Moon Young should congratulate herself as the only person Kang Tae takes out his anger on, as he doesn’t do it to anyone else. Mustache-less Sang In is kind, quiet and surprisingly insightful. He’s one of the few persons who understands Moon Young and likes her for who she is. I like their relationship. Also laughing at the role reversals of tropes in this drama – here we have the poor male lead with the eternal bestie and the rich female lead with the caring manager/secretary/publisher. ?

    • I know, she sort of is Sang Tae’s whipping boy but Kang Tae barely ever lets his emotions flow so considering this, it is big. He does trust her enough to know his outbursts will not be the end of it but that is just messed up in itself for whole lot of other reasons. But Moon Young did egg Sang Tae leading to that outburst so I guess it sort of balances it out. All 3 of them need to grow emotionally.

  10. @myrrana

    IONTBO AND TKEM were atleast major monsterously international hits while MMS and BR were true flops in all essence. Tv is also dying slowly SK and it has died everywhere in the world SK seems to be the remaining where people even watch TV everything is moving to streaming and imo next year we will not see TV-ratings being quoted because it will become an irrelevant metric

  11. This is a beautiful drama. Teach us alot about brotherly love, friendship, trust and mental issue. All actors aresuperb. I hope all characters have their happy ending because they deserve it.

  12. I love this show. It is well made and well acted. I don’t understand why it gets such low rating. It makes no sense to me. It can be that my taste is not mainstream? But the other shows that I like also did well rating wise. What’s the problem?

  13. This show really helps us realize that we are all affected by mental illness to a certain degree because we all try to block things from our past and don’t deal with them due to different fears, therefore giving us issues throughout our adulthood. Learning how to express your emotions and letting go is the key to happiness.

  14. Bad drama. No wonder koreans do not like it 4% viewership rating for the self proclaimed highest paid actor in self korea, who cried like a baby in this drama. lol.

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