Taecyeon Joins K-drama Vincenzo as Aspiring Drug Kingpin Baddie Opposite Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin

Ooooooh this is such a great casting development, and so random too! Actor-singer Taecyeon will be joining the cast of upcoming tvN K-drama Vincenzo which is currently headlining Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin as the male and female leads. The character Taec plays is a the head of a pharmaceutical company without morals and willing to do anything with his intelligence and brutal personality to succeed. He has a boy next door’s sweet smile but behind doors he’s ruthless with plenty of charisma. His dream is to turn South Korea into a major drug producer to trafficker. In the drama, Song Joong Ki is a South Korean adopted when he was young by an Italian family and grows up to become the consigliere to the mafia. A turf war sends him back to South Korea and he falls in love with an idealistic attorney. The drama aims to air in December with the PD of The Crowned Clown and Money Flower alongside the screenwriter of The Fiery Priest, Chief Kim, and Good Doctor.


Taecyeon Joins K-drama Vincenzo as Aspiring Drug Kingpin Baddie Opposite Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin — 10 Comments

  1. “Aspiring drug kingpin baddie” – Taec (okay, he is soo hilarious in real life so please utilize that side to add dimension and charm to the char, lol).
    “Italian Mafia consigliere” – SJK (too cute to be a mafia!!)

    Its Running Man reunion! (frequent guest and former fixture)

    The FL is charismatic too, and the production team has good records.

    Wish the drama great luck!

  2. I loved the actress in Be Melodramatic! She was so good. I want her in new drama with Son Seo Suk or second season focused on her character in Europe.

  3. I love Taecyeon as a person and idol, but not his acting. His bandmate Junho would’ve been perfect for this role.

    But anyway, I’m looking forward to how he might show a little more range now with this turn in his repertoire.

    • Maybe he’ll improve more as 2nd lead? His built screams kingpin already lol.

      Off the topic, isnt it fun that Taec gets to act with SJK? Since Junho is quite close to SJK, and Im Joo Hwan in Game:TZ is SJK’s close circle too. Plus they’ve known each other since back then. Hope Taec learns from him well.

  4. Looks good, cast and creative production crew! Story too. Song Joong Ki definitely miss him since AC so guess this will be worth waiting for. I hope Netflix picks this up please.

  5. Taecyeon back in supporting role is probably a smarter move for the entire drama team. As @kx has stated, his acting is hit-and-miss and quite bland. He was overshadowed by IJH in The Game. In Save Me and Let’s Fight Ghost, I watch more for the FL’s than him although he can be an eye candy at times. I really cannot see him as ML for a high ratings drama as yet…

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