TW-star Hitomi Wang and Boyfriend Ai Cheng Announce Marriage Less Than Year After Her Public Cheating Debacle with Costar Mars Ma

Man, even writing this article feels so fraught with landmines, I guess the old fashion idea of cheating still feels like it deserves some biblical punishment of sorts. Or not, leave it up to the people involved. And the people involved in this cheating scandal has quite a lot going on right now. TW-ent is abuzz with the sudden announcement that variety show hostess and actress Hitomi Wang (Wang Tong) and her long time boyfriend of 8 years singer Ai Cheng are married. Normally it would be congrats all the way around but last year in 2019 the industry was watching with popcorn over the cheating scandal that was totally obvious for many months before confirmation of Hitomi cheating on her boyfriend with her married drama costar Mars Ma.

I don’t know, it was just baaaaad, and afterwards Mars’ wife sued Hitomi for being an adulterer and the lawsuit is still progressing through the courts as of today. Clearly his wife was having NONE OF IT, and even recorded a confrontation when Hitomi and her mom and aunt went to her house to “talk” but more like to argue for their side of the story. Both cheating participants apologized for turning reel to real after playing lovers onscreen, and both were frozen by the networks. Mars recently returned to work earlier this year (of course, he’s a guy, right) and Hitomi also later returned to work engagements. The sudden announcement that she and boyfriend Ai Cheng are married has netizens just wondering why the heck the guy is not only still with her but trust her enough to marry her. I don’t know either way but goodness it’s adults making adults consensual lifetime commitments. Go forth and be happy.


TW-star Hitomi Wang and Boyfriend Ai Cheng Announce Marriage Less Than Year After Her Public Cheating Debacle with Costar Mars Ma — 2 Comments

  1. just checked out who are these shit are. lol not even beautiful. the wife is more beautiful. what’s wrong with the husband. fck them both

  2. Cheating is bad because it is not just up to the people involved. At the very least, they are endangering the health of the unknowing partner due to possible sexual diseases the cheater could pick up from the affair partner. That’s not even taking the mental and emotional scars this will leave on the loyal partner. Like children in a divorce they will always blame themselves for the cheating even if they did nothing to cause it. You should read chumplady to see the horrendous aftermath cheating has on a person/family. Maybe cheating gets such a bad rep in both biblical and modern times because of the way it abuses the unknowing, innocent partners.

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