Flower of Evil with Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won Starts to Bloom as Episode 1 Gets 3.4% Ratings

This Wednesday was the arrival of new tvN Wed-Thurs drama Flower of Evil and honestly I thought it was August already but it’s only the very very end of July and oh my god I’m so excited this drama is here but can this month end already?! Back to Flower starring Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won, the first episode got 3.4% ratings, a higher than that the recent predecessors in that time slot Oh My Baby, Memorist, but less than Money Game though that drama ended up dropped by half in ratings whereas the other two stayed relatively steady. It’s a ratings whack-a-mole out there so looking at the early reviews, it’s mostly positive with the leads giving audiences whiplash from extra steamy marital couple kissing and sexy time to maybe Lee Jun Ki’s too perfect husband being a hidden psychopath and murderer. Talk about Moon Chae Won’s detective needing major therapy afterwards. I’ve saving the eps for the weekend to catch up on but hopefully those who had the time to catch it live found it worth watching, I certainly hope so.


Flower of Evil with Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won Starts to Bloom as Episode 1 Gets 3.4% Ratings — 15 Comments

  1. I liked Oh My Baby. Yes rating was steady. Started at 2% and ended at 2%.

    I was hyped at Money Game being Go Soo come back after so many years but I understand why the rating decreased by half the next episode. The premise was heavy & not to easy to watch which unlike rom-com.

    I am in the mood for rom-com and light dramas these days. Just like I gave IONTBO a chance, but dropped since the last episodes, I’ll give FOE a chance. Hopefully the first two episodes would compel me to continue to watch till the end.

  2. I can just imagine if certain famous artists were attached to this project someone would have been screaming at the top of their lungs like a donkey mating out in the open. In a world where 1% and 2% debuts are getting lauded. The biggest crime against art is when bloggers get personally involved with celebrities they don’t really know instead of appreciating the art for itself. While not taking them serious because why would anyone sane do that. There is some concerning mental health issues in this blog community. I wish that a certain person truly get better and the help they need.

    Aside from that I am actully enjoying this drama and I just watched few minutes of it and planning to continue watching once second episode drops. Big fan of both actors involved in this drama

    • If everyone lives like you, then there’s no toxic fans, no antifans, no different opinions, no debate, no enemies… life must be beautiful. But boring on some levels.

      But yeah, agree, some certain toxic fans and anti fans, need help. Lols. But we can help her, by ignoring her hateful comments.

      I like both actors too. Gonna give it a try. But unfortunately ep 2 got decreased in rating. Hopefully it gets better later

  3. My fave actor and actress! I didn’t even know they were starring in a drama together. I have been so removed from the drama community for the past few years but let me try this show and see if I will be able to stick with it

  4. I love it. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this show and they delivered but I wish he’s not so evil. And I ended up dreaming of the show and trying to figure out the plot lol. But they have amazing chemistry. Finally a drama that has my attention. I didn’t even bother with BR, and IONTBO was a bit to heavy for my liking. Hopefully this one is just exciting but not too heartbreaking. They’re both amazing actors.

  5. Solid and well constructed first episode. I think both leads did a good job and the director as well so this will totally depend on solid writing to not jerk us around. I really want the mystery to continue and very slowly unravel as to who this guy really is.

  6. The time slot is the reason for these ratings. Ep 2 dropped in rating and if you go on naver, you’ll see tons of Knetz complaining about the late time slot.

    11 pm airing time on weekdays is too late for most people who have to get up for work the next day

  7. Episode 1 was very well done. I enjoyed it. I’m waiting for the second episode to be completely subbed by Viki before watching it. Don’t want to sound like a broken record, but this could easily be a Hollywood production transplanted to Korea. Still, the leads have awesome chemistry and I’m on tetherhooks for the next episode. Which begs the question, are we watching the Korean version of Dexter or will this be even more sinister? Lol ?

    • As I remember.. Dexter was an Autopsy expert I guess. He used to study from every murder and tried his best in his another murder. I think every serial killer does that. You can relate Dexter with a character in the korean drama “I remember you”. It is also a good drama.

      • @Vidiya

        Agreed. I Remember You is one of my all time favorite kdramas. The psychology behind the script and characters was fascinating. Nature vs. Nuture and all that.

  8. I like Lee Jun ki .. For me … whatever he does, it is attractive.

    Keeping aside being his fan, I liked this drama as an audience. I saw both the episodes, they are good. Everyone in this drama has given their honest act.

    Since I live in India, I cannot watch it in TvN, thanks to viki, I can watch it from my place with subtitles. I will be really happy, if it air’s on Netflix. Anyway, the drama is good, acting and directions are great and it is Lee Jun ki, what else I want. All the best Team.

  9. The personification of Lee Jung Ki in this drama series exemplify his acting prowess as he project the character with uniqueness and dealt with subdued and controlled emotions. I really missed his acting and his sexy voice. My most awaited moment is to see him acting again. I’m excited to watch the full episode of Flower of Evil till the end. I presume this is worth watching from beginning to end. Indeed, he is a very good and excellent actor for me. This is another one of kind of LJK showcase of his acting skills and abilities. Wish to see him more in action epic adventure movies in the future.

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