tvN drama The Moment with Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam Drops Second Teaser and Confirms Streaming on Netflix

A lot of confirmations this week with respect to upcoming tvN drama The Moment. It will premiere on September 7th, and will also be streaming on Netflix like many recent dramas The King: Eternal Monarch, It’s Okay to Not be Okay, and Crash Landing on You. Male lead Park Bo Gum is enlisting for military service next month so the team either needs to hold its press conference NOW so he can attend, and we can get cute Park-Park pictures, or else Park So Dam will need to hold down the fort later solo. The second teaser is out and shows a lot of interaction between the OTP, even cribbing a famous coffee foam on lips moment from Secret Garden so nice throwback. I really enjoy the warm vibe of this drama from the previews.

Second preview for The Moment:


tvN drama The Moment with Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam Drops Second Teaser and Confirms Streaming on Netflix — 41 Comments

  1. I don’t like the screenwriter. Her dramas mostly use big names, but actualy cheap makjang. I wonder what connections she have. Doctors, Temperature of Love, High Society, A Warm Word, I have watched these dramas, and I want my time back

    • Yes this concerns me. I don’t like any of the screenwriter projects. It’s good in the beginning and then it gets awful later on.

  2. So an non-model-looking model falling in love with his makeup artist… what special about this plot? I am actually more interested to see the other models because I don’t find this ML attractive at all. Will they need to cast shorter models to walk the runway with him just because he is not that tall?

    • Why salty? Can’t I state my opinion? I know no one can force me what to watch. I can also read you know. I am in the Fashion Industry and I know about modelling. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has own taste. Everyone can comment. We can agree to disagree. I do not expect anyone to reply to me.

    • Is 182 cm of PBG not tall enough for U? From what I read male model starts at 180 cm. And who are you to say that he is a non model looking? Are you a model agency?

      • PBG does not have the build to walk the runways in international shows. He may be ok for photo shoots. But people like you will never understand.

    • Unfortunately JKY turned this drama down. He would have been more convincing for a model role based on his height and charisma. Too bad… and his past drama sucks with stupid plot and bad FL.

  3. This drama screams ratings failure because of Park So Dam. No charisma. No acting prowess. her beautiful mind drama got cut down by 2 eps due to low ratings and Cinderella and her Four knights failed rating wise as well (plus the drama is mediocre -acting- plot) she only got lucky(really really lucky) in Parasite.
    Poor Park Bo Gum……why partner him with her????

    • This.
      Some people need to realize not everyone can handle both films and dramas… So far only Jun Ji-hyun and Son Ye-jin has found success in both.
      PSD should really just stick to films.

      • Have to disagree. I really enjoyed a beautiful mind and cinderella 4 knights was watchable and on par with other similar light hearted shows people seem to eat up these days. Why hate on her? She can act. She was acting her parts well in my opinion. Then parasite came along. I doubt an independent film with a famous director would have hired her if they thought she didn’t have acting abity. Son ye jin on the other hand I cant stand. She is overrated. Nothing I’ve seen her in has gripped me be it lighthearted I.e personal preference or her most recent works. She uses the same expression and character for all her roles and I dont see this beauty that she is supposed to have. Jun ji hyun in what I’ve seen is an unlikeable actress especially in that drama about the alien sorry forgot the title. Her character was a moany spoilt idiot. Then there was the fail drama she did with Lee min ho. I admit she has beauty but I cant watch her until she improves her choice of drama or character. SYJ and JJH have become the kim tae hee of the drama world. They get so much praise but I just don’t see what the fuss is all about. They are serviceable at best and unwatchable at worst. Why hype them but not Kim Sun Ah who has proven herself to have a high range of acting abity.

      • LMAO at someone’s bitterness.. Seriously your comment solely cannot justify someone as being overrated.. especially not to the 2nd most awarded best actress of Korean Entertainment..i.e Son Ye Jin.. I seriously want to know as to how a person is termed as overrated when she or he is widely recognised..
        Kim Sun Ah is extremely talented..but why spew hatred on other people just because you are pissed off about something..

  4. What a downgrade for Park Bo Gums Female Lead. From Kim Yoo Jung (2016) and Song Hye Kyo (2018) to Park So Dam in (2020) From A listers Female leads to D lister? To the casting director? what were you thinking? smh

    • more like from D to A to B? At least PSD has an Oscar movie to back her up. What does your bias have? Single digit drama ratings?

      • @Maryanne -OUCH.. at at your ‘D’ reference.. RE: Kim Yoo Jung just save your diatribe for another sunny day. I’ve seen your posts elsewhere dogging her and her single rating dramas like I give a fudge.

        KYJ is doing wonders in BSR and it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m certainly enjoying the watch. Her and JCW are heavenly as leads. That’s a huge score to be cast alongside him. She has her movie out later this year; China picked up to remake ‘Clean with Passion now’, countless CF deals and rising including H & M contract so bugger off with your D downgrade.

        Now this drama is on TvN and will be on Netflix so double score, I love PBG and I hope PSD holds her own cos dramas are not her strength really. She definitely shines better in films.

      • @GC you’re just as partial as Marianne. Joanne is digging at other stars but when someone digs at your favorite, you’re like a chicken in hot water. Apparently you do give a fudge because you’re writing a huge essay on a so-so actress and criticizing another actress psd while at it by saying she’s not strong in dramas. Double face. You’re just as bad as some of the other posters on this blog that drags other actors. So silly.

      • @Ari I don’t give a fudge at ‘ratings’ did you read that bit and since you do a great job at psycho analysing my response let me fill you in on something. I’m consistent when someone rolls my favs but it’s the truth PSD strong point isn’t dramas so how can I be two faced? I don’t see you taking exception to Daisy who raised the same point above? Nope you wanted to call me out specifically.

        Pfft I’m just as bad as other posters? What made you judge and jury when someone says something that contradicts the flow they’re labelled ‘bad. Read again I wrote ‘I hope PSD holds her own cos dramas are not her strength really. She definitely shines better in films’.

        Now where is the ‘bad’ in that? I didn’t give a rating for PSD like Marianne did. I gave what imo PSD strengths and weaknesses were.

      • Ginger Crunch – Seriously I now believe you are Joane! I do not believe PSD is a D. As much as you don’t like KYJ getting a D, we have to be fair to other actresses. An actress with an Oscar movie is NOT a D. If you speak up for Joane, then you are just as bad as her, and you are in fact her! I am not the first one giving out the actress ratings, eat what your own medicine, Joane and Ginger Crunch.

      • Your angry essay is an easy indication of your actions and your personality. Your explanations did nothing to change your true intent and purpose. You do this all the time in articles, passive aggressiveness and sly digs. You prove my point and everyone else point.The end. Good bye

      • @Ari Your mantra speaks volumes – did I do you wrong in your past life? Practice the butterfly hug and but try not to strangle yourself in the process. You must be following me here to make that assertion just don’t give up your day job to do psycho analysis please. Angry essay? You’re the one loud and clear who’s clearly got anger issues dear.

    • @leaves @Marianne- I am not ‘Joanne’ for Gosh sakes! Can you please read the way I write compared to her posts to see we are not the same person? If you can’t counter act a constructive response and if it’s easier for you to reach the conclusion that me and Joanne are the same person then you are seriously 2 sandwiches short of a picnic actually you’re the entire picnic basket.

      Get it through your psyche that I support Kim Yoo Jung and I don’t have the energy and time to troll the way Joanne does. Understand? I’m Ginger Crunch not Joanne get it? Try harder; there’s nothing to deny? Read the posts again I’m not sticking up for Joanne I was defending KYJ – big hearty difference except you wanted an easy out and tagged us as one. I never rated any of the actresses you did that on your own. Also I don’t know what ‘Eat at your own medicine’ means though @Marianne? I put that through google translate and it returned ‘Tell leaves and Marianne Ginger Crunch and Joanne are not the same person’. Bye bye ?

      • First you spell my name wrong. Second I am being sarcastic about the actress ratings as I was replying to Joane. Third I don’t know why you have to take things personally. Fourth I meant to type eat your own medicine, the ‘what’ was a typo and there was no ‘at’. Finally you need a Chill Pill Ginger. Since you have already said ‘bye bye’, I hope I will never get a reply from you ever again.

      • Well I lied about saying bye bye – hello again @Maryanne so yes you’ve accepted that me and Joanne are separate and not one. Thank you everybody happy, happy happy.

      • Joanne may be a separate person. But I was referring to Joane, not Joanne, your altered ego.

      • @Maryanne – Okay but please I’m neither Joane or Joanne regardless. Not me I don’t have the memory to change user names here .

      • Joane has disappeared after you started talking. Have you watched Kill Me Heal Me? You are more than who you know you are. Anyways, regardless of who you claim to be, why did you defend for Troll Joane. Any decent human being will not tolerate someone labeling PSD as a D. No one as bad as Joane!! You spoke up for her and you should examine yourself.

  5. I like the vibe from this drama. Just hope the script will be good. After PBIO, hope I can find another good drama. Bogum look great in here tho

  6. Truthfully this preview and the last one didn’t entice me. Kind of boring and I don’t see chemistry between the leads although it’s too early to tell but because I loved park bo gum in his last two dramas encounter and moonlight, I’ll give it a chance.

  7. So glad it will be streamed on Netflix. Not a big fan of both but I will give this drama a chance. I specifically like that PSD seems to be underrated by the fans who think she’s plain but seems to be well-loved by A-list people in the industry both in SKorea and Hollywood.

  8. I’m excited that 2 bright young successful actors like Park Bogum and Park So Dam are doing a drama together but…. this scriptwriter is really terrible. Based on their past works, I’m afraid this drama will most likely be another dud. I’m wondering why on earth would these two accept this drama. I’m sure they receive mountain piles of drama offers every day. Sigh.

  9. I like both PBM and PSD but the writer is a total red flag. No matter how great the cast and director, if the writing is bad, then nothing can save the drama. I dropped Doctors and Temperature of Love mid way even though I love Park Shin Hye and Seo Hyun Jin. The earlier episodes started off great then deflated like a pricked balloon. Don’t have high hopes unless writer has an incredible assistant writer.

  10. I wonder why the people always fighting on this thread is it because rating or who more popular or Is she/he ABCD list or Is it my favorite and the other not or is it on Netflix ????????
    I find the fighting in kdrama especially from international being superficial and nothing related to script or act criticism just insults please behave it just drama , acting nothing personal they are actors and actresses they are just clowns of the life and we are too connected to every thing related to them seriously man look at yourself ,life and your family rather than worthless useless stupid wars about people they don’t care about you in First place,?

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