The Cast of It’s Okay Not be Okay Get Ready to Say Goodbye with Final 2 Episodes This Weekend

It’s finale weekend for weekend drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay, and it’s been a fantastic ride even with the rather unorthodox turn in last weekend’s episodes. Since it’s live streamed on Netflix I watch it on TV rather than my computer and oftentimes Mr. Koala and the Koala Teens wander by and watch a few minutes and ask questions about what the heck is going on, lol, and I yell at them to go away because I’m engrossed and have no time to explain!

It’s not your average crack drama with fun trendy scenes, it’s a slow build and not terribly happy to watch, it’s like we’re all waiting for the happiness payoff still and we’re 14-episodes in. What it is is meaningful, watch amazing acting from leads Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Oh Jung Se, week after week, and seeing their characters grow, blossom, and find courage in having each other. As a mental health drama it’s less precise and medical than It’s Okay, It’s Love, focusing more on the situational abuse that created the leads starting points and letting us join their journey to get better. I really love this drama and can’t wait for this weekend to see how it all ends.


The Cast of It’s Okay Not be Okay Get Ready to Say Goodbye with Final 2 Episodes This Weekend — 20 Comments

  1. As much as I love this series but I’m just going to have a low-key expectation for the last 2 episodes. I’ve had too many rugs pulled out under me for a few k-drama series that they kinda ruined the whole series for me.

  2. Hi Mrs. Koala – this is random, but as a long-time lurker fan who has never stopped updating myself with your posts from time to time ever since I discovered you (God only knows how long ago that was because I don’t even remember), I would love a more in-depth Q&A about you. I have been dying to know more about the person behind this well-rounded blog that has covered and satisfied most of what I needed in terms of Asian entertainment updates! Only if you are willing of course..sending you lots of love from Washington DC, ak.

  3. “I yell at them to go away because I’m engrossed and have no time to explain!”lol. Same. My family has learned not to bother me during my IONTBO tv time. I loved everything about this drama..writing, cinematography, the fairy tale tie-ins, and acting!

  4. I will miss kim soo hyun and seo ye ji so much. I hope Seo Ye Ji get more recognition after this drama, she was amazing as go moon young

  5. This has been such an amazing drama honestly. I loved everything about it. A bit pre-mature but all the best to the cast – they were simply fantastic. Every single character had moments to shine and a story to tell.

    Special shout out to the Moon Brothers! KSH and OJS were out-of-this-world amazing and I’m looking forward to them reuniting hopefully for the upcoming award season because well, how can they not? I genuinely hope these two will reunite in a movie as regular brothers because that high school scene felt like a teaser. They’re just so awesome!

    • Yes to this! I so, so love the dynamics of KSH and OJS as brothers. They’re my ultimate OTP in this drama. They just complement each other so much. I really hope they reunite as brothers again in another project.

    • The Moon brothers were sheer perfection! I loved the chemistry between MY and ST too. Those two were comedic gold!

      Did anyone else ugly-cry during the scene where ST fed MY? And when KT asked ST for a hug afterwards?

      Argh, who’s cutting onions right now? ?

  6. It’s been an incredible journey thus far! I just pray the last two episodes follow through and deliver a satisfying ending.

    Man, what has this drama done to me? I’ve enjoyed a great many but this is the first one where I cope with the agonizing week-long wait by rewatching previous episodes, reading fan theories and discussions, watching reaction vids and behind-the-scenes vids on YouTube, checking out fanart and stickers, scouring about for news about the actors…?

    Writer-nim, please give our terrific trio a happy ending.?

  7. The first 14 episodes is a body of work that the cast and crew can be really proud of. I hope it continues to be great up to the last 2 episodes! This drama made quarantine time during this pandemic less difficult lol.

  8. i feel like i’ve waited so long to see KSH again in my screen and now we only have 2 more episodes left? unbelievable *sigh* but nevertheless, am very much satisfied – as expected – to this drama.

  9. It’s finale already. It just seems like they were just starting to promote the drama itself. Sad that it’s about to end already. But so far, this is still the best K-drama for me this year. Will just have to re-watch everything again once it’s done.

  10. I love the trio. Their chemistry is daebak. I hope they can reunite soon in another project, either drama and movie. Imagine how hot Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji in movie….^^

  11. i will miss this drama so much,The best drama.i just hope there will be season 2.Best casts ever,best director we love it very very much.

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