Ong Seung Woo and Shin Ye Eun Want to be More Than Friends in Poster and Preview for jTBC Drama

When I look at Shin Ye Eun I’m just glad this time around she has a real man to fall in love with and not a cat turned man like her last drama lol. jTBC has released the first poster and preview for upcoming romance drama More Then Friends (Number of Cases) which centers around two very good looking close friends who have been hiding their unrequited love for each other for 10 years. If I was in my 20’s with a good guy friend who was Ong Seung Woo I wouldn’t be unrequiting anything, that boy would get wrapped up and saved permanently as mine lest any other woman try to slide into his DMs. The PD for this drama did My ID is a Gangnam Beauty which was a surprising smallish hit and also introduced the world to good looking idol trying to be an actor Cha Eun Woo. I’m totes interested in seeing how Ong Seung Woo stacks up in the annals of super hot idol boys turned K-drama actor ranks.

Preview for More Than Friends:


Ong Seung Woo and Shin Ye Eun Want to be More Than Friends in Poster and Preview for jTBC Drama — 3 Comments

  1. I watched OSW in Moments at 18 with my baby Kim Hyanggi and i was mighty smitten. For an idol-actor debut that was a home run for me. then i later found out he was actually an actor but due to his additional dancing and singing talents, his company pushed him to that show about making idols. But he definitely is an actor for me.

    And i adore SYE since A-teen. So glad she is making her steps into dramas.
    Crossing my fingers this will be awesome, though i am getting cringey face palm moments asking how the freaking can they be in a 10 year mutual unrequited love with each other…

    • its actually Ong SEONG WU.. I did read somewhere that the woo is right too… but he spells his name as SEONG WU, so that’s what is being used 🙂

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