Lee Jun Ki is Beautifully Tortured in tvN Drama Flower of Evil Delivering Yet Another Gripping Character

Lee Jun Ki fans all have their “moment” story, and there is quite a diverse array of his K-dramas which have hooked a casual viewer into a convert. Mine is of course the still perfect and very re-watchable Time Between Dog and Wolf, one of his first K-dramas though I watched it a few years after it came out. It’s so timely to discuss TODAW because Lee Jun Ki in Flower of Evil is the most tortured I’ve seen in his characters since that drama. Yes he goes through a lot in other dramas but in sheer emotional and physical torture it’s gotta be Lee Soo Hyun and now Do Hyun Soo/Baek Hee Sung. That I’m riveted to Flower of Evil makes even more sense, because only Lee Jun Ki can make me worried about him every second he’s onscreen because I know he’s so conflicted and life is so not fair for him and darn it he’s trying so hard to protect those he lives. And doing so while looking intensely gorgeous each step of the way is a bonus.


Lee Jun Ki is Beautifully Tortured in tvN Drama Flower of Evil Delivering Yet Another Gripping Character — 20 Comments

  1. I love love love Flower of Evil. The reviews have been great from all platforms and I am most happy that he decided to come back after more than a year of absence with a high quality drama. Make it all worthy of his talent.

    I enjoy every new twist with each episode esp now that Ji Won not seeing her husband in the same light as before despite her love for him. Hoping they keep the momentum till the very end.

  2. I’m late to the LJK party. I’ve seen his name in other kdramas but never really paid close attention to him until I stumbled upon the fantastic storyline and prod value of FOE, and discovered his fab acting in FOE. I was initially watching it because of MCW. Also, I thought LJK was in his 20s, turns out he’s 38! Officially glued to FOE, and, followed LJK in IG lol.

  3. Flower of Evil is soooo good. This is definitely one of my all time -if not the most – fave LJK drama ever. I hope it continues to deliver gripping story. Plus i love MCW, so thankful they reunite in a drama sooner.

  4. No hate please but I’m being honest when I say that I don’t always find LJK appealing. Not to say he isn’t attractive just that he’s not really my type, but then that changes everytime he does an intense role like this one. Then I’m just like,” So what that he’s a beanpole. The man is hot.” I’m just loving how he is injecting subtle humanity into his character. And props to the younger version of him as well. That is probably one of the best casting I’ve ever seen.

  5. There is a reason that after 10 years of drama watching and 303 dramas, Lee Jun Ki is still my favorite Korean actor of all time. He is not the best. He is not always the sexiest (although he has his moments). But I always, always care about him and his characters in a way that even train wreck dramas still have me riveted (looking at you Scarlet Heart) by his performance. He just has IT (plus the ethereal beauty of a Final Fantasy character, lol). The fact that he is incredibly gifted in fight scenes and sageuks and even has worked hard to make his horseback riding better than most Korean actors just endears him to me that much more. I just love this ma; I really do.

  6. I can’t believe I only “get” him now. He never used to pique my interest although I see why others are attracted. But here I agree, his acting chops are very on point and he is so tortured!!! It’s a grey character and it’s a role to shine for. So tortured I root for him

  7. My first LJG drama was Arang and the Magistrate. It was early on in my k-drama viewing, and I only realized later how cohesive the story was after seeing so many failed fantasy dramas. However, it was Two Weeks, where I became a huge fan. It’s not a perfect drama but the writing is solid, it was gutsy enough to not have romance be the main element and I loved the father/daughter story. LJG also played a loser and toned down his pretty boy looks as well. It’s fun to see him in Flower of Evil with such an interesting father/daughter dynamic as well.

    I have seen most of his dramas. I will drop (Criminal Minds) and I can see that his acting improved especially post-military as he tended to overdo it a bit in earlier shows. I hope as he continues, some more solid scripts go his way and I hope the writer has a solid second half of this drama as well.

    • Are you sure you know what you are talking about? I watched Lee Joon Gi Time Between Dog and Wolf and I think it his first drama. The character was calm and quiet.

      Then I watched Iljimae who is totally opposite. When a character is extroverted and outgoing, isn’t it natural to be portrayed as auch.

      • I am taking part of this from what the actor said himself about some of his earlier performances…basically he wanted to show everything and learned over time, less is more. Again, that is a paraphrase. He had a lot of fame thrown at him pretty quickly. Love TBDAW and Iljimae and he is one of my favs.

      • When a person said that about oneself, it does not mean he is allowing anyone to undervalue him.

        He meant humbly that there’s always room for improvements and he improves and beats his last performance.

      • I am not undervaluing him. He is in my top three favorite Korean actors. I am allowed to think he isn’t perfect. I really like him and wish him good scripts forever. There is absolutely nothing I’ve said that is offensive.

        I have been a fan of Korean entertainment for years now and the weird thing for me is people being offended by the littlest things. This happens in discussing dramas and k-pop.

  8. I confess I’ve been allergic to Lee Joon Gi especially in his Sagueks. Noteable exceptions are Moon Lovers and Two Weeks. I’m very happy that this drama falls into my ‘noteable exception’ category. Here he is mesmerizing, I’m particularly impressed by his delivery of this flawed character that constantly keeps us guessing and am in awe of the writing. It’s a fantastic piece of work and I can only say Kudos to cast and crew.

  9. Even I am not Lee Jun Ki fans..but I llluuvv his Baek Hee Song/DSH..his conflicted and pityful character make your heart also ache for him. At one time he potrays a loving father but at the other time his face totally change. I love to watch his detail face changing in every scenes.
    I think his fans must be very happy that he found this memorable project.
    I am still little bit sad for JCW..I am one of his fans..but he still does not get a great written character in his latest projects after military service..

  10. I am not a fan of Lee Jun Ki..although in the past I had already tried so hard to watch Scarlet Heart (but stop because got irritated with FL although IU now already mature in acting since My Ajeossi).
    However..I luv luv him in Flower of Evil..his character is solid written..and LJG mature acting (also sexy eyes) deliver a beautiful and dinamic detail expression changing in every scenes.
    I loove his loving when he communicate with Eun Ha..I luuv his marital day by day love with Ji Won..and I luuv his conflicted expression when he is dealing with his past..
    I am very grateful that I found this drama..
    I congratulate his fans because their actors found a memorable project.
    I hope that uri JCW also find a good solid written project soon. His latest dramas is quite so so..sigh..

  11. Just wanna add my comment.. LJG aging very well..I think he is more handsome and appealing now compare to his younger days♥️?

  12. I saw all his movies and shows.
    First “The King and the Clown”, later “Iljimae”, “Time between Dog and Wolf”, “Two Weeks” and now I’m watching the ….. “Flower of Evil”.
    Well, this movie is beyond expectations. Very exciting, with great actors and LJG … well he plays with everything. It’s a heavy character: He plays with his body, legs, hands, ‘eyes’ but even his voice. I love your pleasant deep voice.
    Congratulations to the whole team!

  13. Lee Jun Ki in Time Between Dog and Wolf captured my attention and I have been following him ever since. He is outstanding in this drama, Flower of Evil.

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