Flower of Evil Rocking and Rolling with Secrets and Sleuthing in Episodes 7-8 as Ratings Stay Higher at 3.526% and 3.863%

There is no mid-week hump for me, at least not while Flower of Evil is airing in the tvN Wed-Thurs time slot. This drama is the best type of modernized melodrama crack, the classic tropes redefined and elevated to sleek modern mores. The stakes are high for EVERYONE which is why the tense terseness works, we know characters are invested in their lives, their loves, and their so-called happiness even if it’s an illusion. I don’t think it’s fully illusory, Hyun Soo is determined to keep life with Ji Won and Eun Ha even if he doesn’t know its because he loves them and not because he needs the safe haven. If his emotional radar worked he would understand that the very definition of love is both desire and security. I love Moo Jin, Hae Soo, and Hyun Soo teaming up as the new Scooby Gang to find the dad’s accomplice from back when. I hate watching Ji Won track her husband and doubt him, but she needs to go through that to reach her own acceptance. The child abuse allusions make me ill, from the child in episode 1 running away to seeing Hyun Soo’s dad (try to) turn him into a sociopath to whatever the heck happened to Hee Sung. The ending to episode 8 was a double whammy, another breakthrough coming and I can’t wait!


Flower of Evil Rocking and Rolling with Secrets and Sleuthing in Episodes 7-8 as Ratings Stay Higher at 3.526% and 3.863% — 8 Comments

  1. This drama deserves to be watched by everyone. It is a quality drama. Damn with the rating. No cares. What’s important is how this drama rocks the viewers’ hearts. They keep on watching closely so they will tell of how this deserves a better treatment. But from I know I in getting buzz it’s stay in at least all the time in #1-5.

    • Oh, it def gets buzz. It was trending #5 on weibo 2 days ago, trending on twitter many times and VIU thai most watched drama for 2 consecutive weeks. Also trending on naver every few days with good data all around. And all that without netflix.

      The ratings are considers good for such a late night show on weekdays but certainly hope it can go higher. It’s a pity that it isn’t getting a better timeslot..or else it would def doubled by now.

  2. A seriously good drama. The current kdrama line-up is so strong right now with “The Good Detective”, “Flower of Evil” and “Stranger 2”.

  3. i love the latest episodes! – while he was hyperventilating at the basement, omg so was I. She’s so kick ass to force the hell out of him. I felt she was so hard on him, I mean give the guy a break he just got discharged… And then In a turnaround in ep8, he shatters her heart to a million pieces when he says he has not loved her not even for a moment. He doesn’t know what love is. *cries …that was brutal

    Both of them are acting very well. Gawd Lee Jun ki looks really in pain when he’s getting triggered. the fact he was so constrained in the episode and didnt act out shows how much he has changed. But he doesn’t know it, he doesn’t know love – but essentially what he is protecting against all odds now – is love!
    Aw man, what a plot, and what a cliffhanger to end the episode!

  4. FOE is soooo good. I didn’t think at first that I will be as engaged and invested in this as I was with IOTNBO, but I seriously cannot wait for the next episodes. Perfect combination of great cast, storyline, directing, editing. The characters are all layered and multi-dimensional and I love how the story unfolds. Kudos to the cast for such great acting and chemistry! I love how Hyun Soo does not realize yet that what he feels for his wife and daughter is actually love, awww.

  5. Seriously, this show is so so good. No time to breathe. Each episode is a roller coaster ride with emotions. My heart breaks for all these characters especially Eun Ha who has no clue what’s going on with her parents and her fake grandparents ?

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