Lee Dong Wook Turns into Vampiric Nine-tailed Fox in First Poster and Teaser for Tale Gumiho

Okay, I am not feeling the transformation of Lee Dong Wook into the titular gumiho in upcoming tvN drama Tale of Gumiho. He looks like a K-drama bargain basement version of Edward Cullen from Twilight, and it doesn’t help that Lee Dong Wook vibes with Robert Pattinson. I do get the gumiho in Korean folklore has certain characteristics but being a emo pale skinned amber eyed hottie just doesn’t scream “original” to me. I’m still excited about this drama because Kim Bum is also in it but now I’m worried the production will turn him into the bargain basement version of another one of the Twilight vampires, maybe one of the baddies with tons of guyliner if he’s the antagonist here. The first teaser is also out and it’s super heavy on the atmospherics and my takeaway is to expect the gumiho to live in a castle lair type abode lol.

Teaser for Tale of Gumiho:


Lee Dong Wook Turns into Vampiric Nine-tailed Fox in First Poster and Teaser for Tale Gumiho — 7 Comments

  1. Can’t help but laugh when you equate Lee Dong Wook with Robert Pattinson. Can’t unsee it now. However LDW has more talent and sincerity in his acting and no one can be as bad as Pattinson in Twilight. Let Twihards come at me with their pitchforks.

    • Lol. I really liked Twilight (only the first movie) back then but when I recently did a rewatch, I laughed so hard over d bad acting. Not only R-Patz but K-Stew basically appeared constipated d entire time n d whole casts were really bad. D first time they acquainted at d lab and he intensely stared at her like a cat really made me fall off my chair.

      You are right. Now I cant unsee LDW’s similarity to R-Patz but I never feel LDW that much of a good actor.

  2. This guy has a bad track record for picking his dramas where he is the protagonist but does well choosing dramas where is the romantic interest.

    Remember the drama where he would turn into some metal monster? oi vey

    Hope this one is a good one

  3. Just read about how he got so down after Life because of all the negative comments about his acting. Could be because he was being compared to his co-starts which are acting veterans. I watched Life and I didn’t think his acting was bad, it was just, well, average compared to his co-stars. So for his sake, I hope he does well in this drama.

  4. I understand that the argument is somewhat similar -supernatural boy fells in love with girl- and also the aesthetics. But seriously the script and acting are in another level.

    Twilight is almost close to a parody.

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