Lee Min Ho Shares Work and Play Moments in Latest Instagram Posts to Fans

Gosh, I didn’t realize how much I needed real life Lee Min Ho, as opposed to airbrushed to perfection and playing a perfectly written male hero role Lee Min Ho. Real like Lee Min Ho is a real life version of a derp hottie, so preternaturally handsome but really a big dork at heart. It’s so clear to see in his Instagram and other SNS updates, he’s not afraid to show off less that perfect snaps and always you can glimpse that he’s just soaking in his life. He works so hard so please enjoy Min Ho-sshi! There’s also some good new on his last dramas, a new tracking site called Flixpatrol which started around February 2020 keeps tabs on the Netflix streaming numbers and right now The King: Eternal Monarch is on track to be in the top 20 most streamed television shows of 2020. As of the last week of August 2020, it sits at number 14 and earlier broke into the top 10. A surge put It’s Okay to Not be Okay ahead of it at number 12, and honestly neither of these dramas ought to be ahead of Crash Landing on You but for CLOY airing from Dec19-Feb20 and before Flixpatrol started their tracking. It’s all good, I love seeing K-dramas getting more mainstream reach thanks to Netflix and the more the merrier! We’ll know by December 2020 how it all shakes down but I don’t see Lee Min Ho back with a drama or movie for the remainder of the year so if I miss him I’ll rewatch Legend of the Blue Sea heh. He was so derpy in there from time to time too, love it!


Lee Min Ho Shares Work and Play Moments in Latest Instagram Posts to Fans — 19 Comments

  1. I know a lot of people have problems with Legend but its by far one of my favorite dramas. I just love the characters and story so much that I can look over any flaws that it has.

    • LotBS holds up better upon re-watches. Honestly I like it more than when I first watched it, not as a whole (which is still messy) but the individual elements it does right are just out of the world satisfying to watch. Also – Heo Joon Jae may be the best Lee Min Ho character ever in bridging his real and reel personas. Such a derp but so cool still.

  2. Oh yeah… Netflix has provided a huge boost for Kdramas this year producing quite some international hits..
    I agree with Koala that by December 2020 we will know the actual rankings given out by Netflix..
    Although Netflix gave out its top trends starting from late Feb, but Flixpatrol has its data from April 2020 onwards only .So nothing can be concluded from this properly..But still we get an idea as how popular were shows like King and PBIO when they were airing in April-June.

    My guesses for year end Kdrama rankings on Netflix.
    CLOY still being ranked in top 10 in many SEA countries …especially in Japan it is unbeatable…So no. 1 for CLOY.
    Next is, I guess it is Itaewon Class…Then it could be either IOTNBO or TKEM followed by Hospital Playlist.

  3. It’s Okay not to be okay to me was much better than CLOY simply because it was less cliché, it had better story telling and a better overall message.

    Both female leads were baddies but KMY was relatable in the fact that she wasn’t a chaebol, aside from beauty she was flawed through and through, she wasn’t unnecessarily strong to the point where she suffered on her own. She had people around her who she seemed for comfort like Juri’s mom and Juri herself.

    Male lead wasn’t some high IQ, rich, handsome and an awesome fighter. He was also very flawed, he wasn’t a genius or anything, he was poor, Always got beat up or slapped lol (even though he is a black belt), his job was care giving.

    There was no annoyingly excessive and obsessive second female lead so the triangle was settled pretty quickly.
    No politics as a plot line, unless if we count the ceo going broke from KMY’s scandal.

    I would have preferred it if they weren’t childhood first loves but alas that is the drama world.

    • Agree…. CLOY was just okay to me. IOTNBO was better for me. CLOY felt like the same as other dramas but partially set in NKorea.

      IOTNBO had compelling characters and stories that dealt with mental health and emotional issues.

    • I dropped Its Ok after episode 8 because I couldn’t tolerate the caricaturish way they portrayed the patients in the psychiatric hospital.. The relationship between the leads was toxic.And in reality it wouldn’t have worked out.With people treating the fl’s violent behaviour of pushing someone down the stairs as nothing did trigger me..There was no proper treatment at all..And the way the fl’s pesky attitude helped them heal up didn’t sit well with me cause those ways can’t work in real life. I can’t help but being reminded of Its Okay that’s love where they showed a realistic approach towards mental health and yup “love doesn’t heal everything”.
      I can list out quite some cliches here as well..like the forced cohabitation trope, magical mama who survived did PS( I didn’t finish the series but got to know about it in spoilers), toxic and abusive lead who is healed by the other person due to love but this time only the gender is reversed,and who can forget the “we met in the childhood trope” .
      The overall plot was slow and there was no mystery to begin with and it was quite predictable..I already guessed in the first few episodes that his mother was killed by her mother. There is a reason why the ratings spiraled downwards after the first epi. Don’t give me the Netflix excuse as I m talking about domestic ratings only..People do watch TV nowadays..Just see the ratings of its successor i.e Stranger 2. It is aires on TVN and Netflix as well but still has got impressive ratings.

      So yeah for Me CLOY was much better ..I guess it all comes down to one’s preference.I had low expectations from CLOY when it started airing but quite enjoyed it .. Whereas IOTNBO left me massively disappointed.For me KSH’s best performance is still in the drama “Producers”.
      Since you chose to compare the two dramas of different genres which no one asked for ..in this article ,I thought to share my opinion as well.. However many people liked PBIO ,so it is just me who had an unpopular opinion.

      • You have valid reasons not to like it and I wont argue with you on that because like you said it is about preference.
        I didnt even think to debate on ratings because honestly to me ratings are affected by a variety of things including the popularity of an actor, their fan base, the times and day the show airs, and what the world or Korea is dealing with at the moment. Ratings matter to the cast and crew but are meaningless to me as the audience.

        I preferred IONTBO because it was less cliche (I didnt say it had no cliche’s at all) not because it was more realistic.
        The danger where IONTBO falls in is that it deals with illnesses that real-life people deal with everyday and could create a lot of misconceptions.
        This can similarly be said about CLOY’s portrayal of people in NK but that’s a whole debate on politics I don’t want to get into.

        A character surviving PS and coming back to wait for years until they could execute revenge is about as realistic as surviving a paragliding accident and perfectly landing in a foreign country on a tree without breaking multiple bones. (But again I don’t really care for realism in either drama).
        TBH I don’t really watch Kdramas for their realism since in the 11 years I’ve been watching them I haven’t watched a drama that was completely realistic. I also don’t hold them to a higher standard than American shows that are also lacking in realism.

        I compared the two dramas in response to koala saying “Neither of the two dramas out to be ahead of CLOY” a statement that I respectfully disagreed with and maturely responded with my own subjected opinion as I thought was the purpose of having a comments section. No one had to ask me.

        I wholeheartedly respect your points of view but I don’t understand why they had to be shared while also rudely telling me no one asked for mine. was I wrong to share my own opinion?

      • Your opinion is as valid as mine and sorry if I sounded rude . I responded to u because I thought this comparison was not necessary in this post.

        The thing that bugged me is not about realism in these two dramas..It is about how they were promoted..CLOY was already based on an absurd premise so it led people like me not to make much out of it as there was already a suspension of disbelief since the beginning.. Even if she survived a paragliding accident (search Ewa Wisnierska), there is no way YSR wouldn’t have been shot down after crossing to NK territory..and the drama itself wouldn’t have progressed past epi 1. I don’t believe that NK people are actually this sweet as shown in the drama but after watching countless videos of defectors over the years I know one thing for sure..i.e there is a strong sense of community and comradeship among NK citizens..But let us not go too deep down that line.

        On the other hand this was not the case for PBIO atleast for me as it was supposed to be a healing drama where love can’t cure everything..I thought the drama would shred more light into mental health territory but it seemed like they just touched the surface and the remaining is just like any other love -story with the theme of dealing with past traumas. Even the APSD was just like mentioned once.

        You misunderstood Koala’s words “None of them ought to be ahead of CLOY”
        Check her previous post ..she is a big fan of PBIO .. But she used that phrase to show that it is not possible to surpass CLOY’S popularity in Netflix as shown in that site.. That site Flixpatrol doesn’t have proper data of CLOY viewership and that’s why it ranks below TKEM and PBIO. In no way she was referring to CLOY being the better out of the three cause of course this question is kind of subjective..Just like how both of us differ in our opinion in this matter.
        But in case of views and all numbers don’t like. So she said that everything will be ckear by December 2020.

    • I think bc IOTBNO was more recent than TKEM… Except CLOY, most trended kdramas in Netflix tend to lost their ranks after months of their ending.

      Even Arthadal, Vagabond and Memories of Alhambra were trending in many countries last year but they are now hard to see on trending list now.

      • It’s the opposite, the points are running totals, so airing earlier has the advantage of accumulating more points over time and moving up the ranks.

        I’m referring to the points system on Flixpatrol and for dramas aired this year after March, not trends nor dramas aired last year.

  4. Ur lmh fangiri is hilarious bco during heirs time u made homophobic comments on bis looks. N now ur minions will jumo n say koaas is our innocent queen
    King is expected to end in world top 10 most watched drama on netflix. Suddenly netflix ranking doesnt matter here anymore😂😂 studio made profit n highest value of stock since airing.

  5. I like u so much Lee Min Ho…definitely u are a good actor and I love all your kdrama movies especially The King Eternal Monarch & Legend Of The Blue Sea…i am a huge fan of yours. From Manila, Philippines.

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