SBS Premieres New Fri-Sat Sci-fi Drama Alice with Kim Hee Sun, Joo Won, Kwak Si Yang, and Lee Da In

I think a time slip must’ve happened because new SBS Fri-Sat drama Alice is already here. So the one week break from predecessor Backstreet Rookie passed in a glance and this Friday the network goes back to the time travel theme that it did earlier this year in the same time slot with The King: Eternal Monarch. Starring Joo Won, Kim Hee Sun, Kwak Si Yang, and Lee Da In, the drama time jumps between the future when humanity has created the ability to time travel and then back to 1992 and then jumping again to the present 2020. Clearly the ramifications of time travel is no bueno because it appears folks keep trying to change things and causing more problems. Man, if one day we really learn time travel I think we’re basically going to royally screw ourselves. I’m curious about Alice and also find it funny that this is Kim Hee Sun’s second time travel drama after Faith, which costarred Lee Min Ho and his second time travel drama was The King. So much one-degree of separation lol.

10-minute preview of Alice:


SBS Premieres New Fri-Sat Sci-fi Drama Alice with Kim Hee Sun, Joo Won, Kwak Si Yang, and Lee Da In — 10 Comments

  1. CGI is pretty fire. It looks stunning. Pilot was one big mess (a big cocktail of kdrama tropes), but it has potential…

      • Alice got 9.2 just in the 2nd epi. I have not started watching but possibly it proves that content is just as important as the leads.

    • Its predecessor drama? Backstreet Rookie? Really? Was it a big hit? You think so?
      So, tell me how successful Backstreet Rookie was.
      This one is more promising actually.

    • haha pity you .First & Second Episode of Alice ‘s ratings are higher than your favourite drama ratings ,Backstreet Rookie .Alice second episode reached already 9.2% ratings .By the way,wheres your BR ‘s 2 digits rating ?huhu thats why don’t count your chickens before they hatch 😆

  2. Ewww. So far, BSR holds the record of lowest rated SBS Fri-Sat drama. I don’t know why KYJ and JCW fans are so delusional that BSR’s ratings were so high. Maybe, they got low standards. Haha

  3. I wasn’t expecting to like it because of the time travel concept.

    And the opening scene didn’t help because it felt like a scene from Spiderman where his parent’s were killed. But after I got past the opening scene, it became interesting and I immediately warmed up to the story.

    Already hooked by the end of episode 1. Wasn’t a fan of the male lead but I like him here. Episode two didn’t disappoint.

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

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