Han Hyo Joo Considering Small Screen Comeback with Fantasy K-drama Moving

K-actress Han Hyo Joo has developed quite a movie resume but her dramas have been few and far between especially in the last decade. She started off 2020 with hit sageuk Dong Yi and then in 2016 had fantasy webtoon drama W: Two Worlds. K-ent is reporting that she’s considering her first K-drama in 5 years, scheduled for 2021, the fantasy/sci-fi Moving adapted from the same name webtoon. It tells of a teen with supernatural abilities that hides a secret living with his parents. It’s from the PD of The World of the Married and Misty so expect darker and more dramatic fare. Sounds good to me! Han Hyo Joo is admittedly not a great actress but she’s strangely watchable onscreen, has been since I first laid eyes on her in Spring Waltz. She’s got that IT factor.


Han Hyo Joo Considering Small Screen Comeback with Fantasy K-drama Moving — 20 Comments

  1. I wish she would reunite with lee seunggi. I was a fan of brilliant legacy and just watched them on a show together. I love their friendship. So hopefully, they can act together again.

    • Me too…A fan of Brilliant Legacy.. Hwan-Sung were so good… Can’t wait for these two to work together again..
      If LSG can work twice with Suzy, there is definitely a chance for HHJ..But the only problem is ..HHJ rarely does dramas nowadays..
      After ” Moving ” I don’t know when will be her next project .

  2. She is one of my favourite actress.. Finally she will be back in dramaland..It is insane that she did only one drama in the last 10 years.. If we go by her short drama career, all of them were hits and some even brought record breaking ratings.
    As @yui said above..LSG and HHJ is my dream pairing..Loved them in Shining Inheritance..And their friendship is so sweet..I really enjoyed Hometown Flex ..
    However this pairing is not possible now as LSG is already starring in Mouse..
    Just hope HHJ gets a good partner for her drama.

  3. What? Not a great actress? Always, cold eyes, love 911, masquerade, even W-two world’s. She was fabulous in these movies. I guess that’s your opinion.

    • Hmmmm….. I agree, she’s even broken into Hollywood. If that isn’t an indication of her talent, then I don’t know what is….

    • She one of decent and top performance actress I see amongs k actresses…not only naturally beautiful but also having lead roles in every project.. Saying not a great actress seems coming from a brainless idiot

  4. My favorite actress. I feel like she’s really good at creating a believable character and then taking you inside them and really making you feel and care. This goes for characters I just instinctively like (like Oh Yeon Joo/W and Go Eun Sung/Brilliant Legacy) but also for characters that I think would intimidate me in real life (like Mi Soo in Love 911). I feel like I’ve gotten new understanding about people who are really different from me after watching some of her acting.

    I haven’t read the webtoon (which sounds light, fun, and actiony) and I’m not sure how it pairs with the director (who does serious, realistic stuff), but I’m definitely planning to watch it if Han Hyo Joo says yes!

  5. About a TEEN with supernatural abilities that hid HIS secret living with his parents….what character will Han Hyo Joo play? It would be too unbelievable if she plays a teen character too.

  6. I was thinking the exact same thing when I read Koala’s last paragraph! Han Hyo Joo is not a good actress. Her acting skill is weak and it has not grown at all even after all these years. Her acting in Dong Yi was bad, and 6 years on, her crying scene in W – Two Worlds final episode was so terrible it still haunts me to this day.

    And yet, she is still one of my favorite actress in SK! Han Hyo Joo is an insanely beautiful actress of course, but what she has above other actresses with better acting skills (and even more beauty) is onscreen charm. She has charm in SPADES that make you love her, watching her on screen makes you feel entertained and happy, and you can’t help but feel invested in her character. That’s something that no amount of acting skill, talent nor beauty can necessarily give an actor. I suspect this is also why she is able to breakthrough to films despite her limited acting ability. I’d say she also has a knack for choosing good drama projects, I have yet to be disappointed with any of her dramas. I will happily watch any dramas with Han Hyo Joo but I hope she will improve her acting.

  7. HHJ barely accepts tv drama and you still want her to repeat her male leads? As much as I’ve enjoyed her old pairings, I hope she’ll work with someone she hasn’t worked with before.

  8. If Han Hyo Joo is not a great actress then there is no great actress. As far as versatility is concerned, who can beat her. She is good at comedy, drama, action and even sings and dances well and even plays musical instruments. Her awards(not only one) as best actress, are they not proofs of her great acting? She does not excel in just one acting genre but in all genres. And yes, she is a delight to see in her acting because she is not only beautiful but she gives justice to wnatever role she plays. We, her fans love her and wish her success and happiness both in her personal ana professional life!

  9. i beg to disagree with your statement that she’s not a good actress, have you seen always? love 911? how about love lies? and cold eyes? are you telling us that the judges who awarded her best actress were all dumb?

  10. What an idiotic comment (not a great actress) Reporter must be drunk when he watched her. Did he not see her incredible acting chops in Treadstone , she is also taking the lead in the second series. Not a great Actress… Hogwash I say 🙂

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