SBS Fri-Sat Drama Alice with Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun Premieres to Increasing Ratings and Excellent Narrative and Emotional World Building

Okay, I checked out new SBS Fri-Sat drama Alice because why not, don’t love any of the leads but also none of them annoy me and I was curious if another time-traveling parallel worlds topic genre would handle this subject matter after The King: Eternal Monarch and Train. Consider me gobsmacked in surprise at how much I LOVE THIS DRAMA two episodes in. It’s seriously interesting, gripping, emotionally resonant, and intellectually curious. Joo Won is my favorite character and performance so far as the mostly incapable of emotion male lead (damn you radiation poisoning from time traveling in the womb!). but the other three leads Kim Hee Sun, Kwak Si Yang, and Lee Da In are close seconds together, that’s how much the four leads are wonderfully presented and portrayed from the outset.

The first episode got low-ish ratings of 4.1%, 6.1% AGB nationwide but the second episode built on top of that to take in 6.4%, 9.2%. I’m glad viewers who checked it out loved it and word of mouth is out that there is a seriously fun new drama to follow along with. As long as the drama doesn’t turn Oedipal in Joo Won falling for whatever time line Kim Hee Sun’s character Yoo Tae Yi (i.e. his mother!!) is in and we keep the two perfect love lines with Joo Won and Lee Da In (they are so precious together) and Kim Hee Sun and Kwak Si Yang (so much angst, sobs!). I’m also jotting down notes on the time-travel concept in this drama which so far seems to follow the Avengers take – “If you travel to the past, that past becomes your future, and your former present becomes the past, which can’t now be changed by your new future.” Capiche?


SBS Fri-Sat Drama Alice with Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun Premieres to Increasing Ratings and Excellent Narrative and Emotional World Building — 12 Comments

  1. It is not possible to have a love line with his mother, because she is literally his mother. She even has the same name… However, he already ruined his timeline, because he was born when she was 25, but to be a professor you are almost always 25+ and I do not think she has a kid. So he was never born? Or she lied about her age as she did with her identity when she went back in 1992.

    But the action/CGI in this show is better than the dialogue. The less they talk, the better. The dialogue is straight up cringe. Comparing people with soju… Like WTF?

  2. @Joane look at this rating. you said this drama will have a lower rating as compared to its predecessor. But the number just proves that how bad your BR rating as a comparison 🤭

    • I am so sorry for my behavior. I admit that Alice is much more successful than BR. I did not expect it. Please do not take it out on Kim Yoo-jung, punish me instead. She did nothing wrong.

  3. Kim Hee Sun is my favorite k-actress and Joo Won is in my top 5 favorite, so i was seriously looking forward to this until I found out that she was his mother now I am holding off on this until it ends. I’m afraid that they will do some creepy romance which would 1. be eeeeewww and 2. mean that there could never be a happy ending because again eeewwww.

  4. I liked the first two episodes but I won’t go gaga over the drama just yet. I’ve been let down way too many times to not be cautious.

    But man, for all that high-tech and advancement, those Alice people are REALLY sloppy. Your existence is supposed to be a secret. Yet you don’t supervise an unhinged client and watch him break the rules and commit murder? Then let said unhinged client whack an agent (who shoulda known better) in the back of the head to go pursue a new-found vendetta against a cop? Plus, letting those drones fly around in broad daylight when they’re not supposed to be seen? And how did the journalist lady manage to get a photo of the drone when the photo the cop took vanished? And that sloppiness with the future version of the mum who kidnapped her own kid? Oh, and needlessly shooting that buff cop with a gun that doesn’t exist in this timeline, thereby creating more suspicion since that same type of gun was used to kill Hee sun’s character?

    Why not just go to a TV station and broadcast their existence to the world?

    And that scene where time stopped and he kept standing in front of the truck till time unfroze and the truck hit him? Argh. Ok, that part I can try to attribute to the shock of seeing his dead mum.


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