Alice and Kim Hee Sun Top the Good Data Last Week of August 2020 Internet Search Rankings

I know believe that Kim Hee Sun (and Joo Won) have descended from another space/time to save SBS Fridays lol. The leads of new Fri-Sat drama Alice finally gave the network infusion of life in that time slot and with it also a win in internet searches. Good Data’s last week of August 2020 rankings have Alice as the most searched drama followed by Flower of Evil which was number 1 prior. Interest seems to have plateaued for Secret Forest 2 which dropped to the 4th spot. For the actor/actress searches, it was Kim Hee Sun first, then Lee Jun Ki, with Joo Won rounding out the top three. Alice is such a surprise fun and (so far) well-written drama, I’m most excited to have something entertaining to watch but it’s nice to see SBS snap a dull streak and get some interest back to its shows.

  1. Alice
  2. Flower of Evil
  3. Once Again
  4. Secret Forest 2
  5. Missing: The Other Side
  6. Graceful Friends
  7. Good Detective
  8. When I Was Most Beautiful
  9. Fatal Promise
  10. Was It Love
  1. Kim Hee Sun
  2. Lee Jun Ki
  3. Joo Won
  4. Son Hyun Joo
  5. Bae Doo Na
  6. Park Eun Bin
  7. Lee Chang Wook
  8. Lee Elijah
  9. Bae Soo Bin
  10. Kim Min Jae


Alice and Kim Hee Sun Top the Good Data Last Week of August 2020 Internet Search Rankings — 4 Comments

  1. Why report the search ranking data only and not the real ranking when both information are available?

    FYI, Lee Joon Gi is number in 1 in the ranking in the 4th week of August and he been on top ranking for 3 consecutive weeks.

  2. Is this good date ranking something new in Korean ent? I never knew about this…ive seen it in chinese ent but this is something I’m only noticing now in k-ent…

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