Hwang Jung Eum Files for Divorce After 4 Years of Marriage to Non-celeb Husband

I have some sad news to report, K-actress Hwang Jung Eum dropped a surprise out of nowhere yesterday by filing for divorce unilaterally with the Seoul court. She’s been married for 4 years and the couple has one child, but with how much she works and churns out dramas one after another I actually forgot she was married and had a child. No judgment, I’ve been a full time working mom my entire life but South Korean actresses do tend to slow down their output after having children even if most stay working. Just this spring/summer alone she had two back-to-back dramas with Mystic Pop-up Bar and then To All the Guys Who Loved Me. I’m sorry to hear of her marital dissolution and don’t want to speculate on any reasons. I hope the proceedings are amicable and the couple can co-parent maturely after its done.


Hwang Jung Eum Files for Divorce After 4 Years of Marriage to Non-celeb Husband — 19 Comments

  1. They got married too quickly without knowing each other well … divorce is always sad to see … hopefully they will coparent well

  2. So much divorces …it’s always sad but marriage needs a lot of commitment from both parts . When you aged , goals changed and sometimes it’s better to part ways . I’m not really surprised as she did a lot of projects lately and ( no judgement) but some married actresses tend to do only a project a year ( Eugene, Han Ga In, Lee Bo Young,Kim So yeon,…) What matters is that now actresses still have projects even when they are divorced, a few years ago they didn’t have that luck… So it’s a good thing . Can someone tell me what happened to Park Si Yeon ?

    • This comment reminds me of the actress who played Mishil in Queen Soendok (?). She got divorced from her chaebol hubby from S enterprise. She rarely appeared on tv. She used to be very famous back then.

      Back to HJE..i thought the same, she worked so hard as if she was a single woman. But then, it’s her life. She knows better. All the best for both parties. But i hope the kid can grow up well despite of his/her parents.

    • Look, everyone let’s not make assumptions that will put blame on anyone when we don’t know their personal lives because people will run with it and try to turn it against someone.

      Looking at her filmography from 2 different sources, they both show she didn’t work at all in film or TV for 2 years after 2016, then acted in 1 drama in 2018 and had been in 2 dramas this year so far, wow what a load of work /sarcasm….please even alluding to certain scenarios in the name of “not trying to judge” can still start a trail of rumors and judge mental comments and no I’m not a HJE stan. I see what some of you are already trying to do whether on purpose or not, it’s not cool IMO.

      • Wow…it was on point..I echo ur sentiments..
        I do feel people are low-key judging her for not giving enough time to her family as if they know her personally..

      • In my view ,the reason she acted in two dramas this year is to drown herself with work to release the tension she’s been dealing with at home.When you cannot find peace and love at home its a human tendency to find a distraction somewhere else,and she did it in a positive way by being productive as an actress.

      • I never made assumptions . It wasn’t my intention and if you read my comment you’ll see that i said that it’s a good thing that actresses can continue to work in this field even after a divorce . In the past it was seen as a stain . Kent seems to be more lenient than before. It’s a good thing, because i never understood why divorcees were banned from society, or single mothers . It’s so unfair . Divorce is between 2 persons and it’s a private matter.

      • Yeah. They’re already playing the gross misogynistic blame game in the guise of being “objective” observers lol

  3. Can’t an actress do a lot of projects despite being married? Married actors work non-stop and no one bats an eye but it becomes a prob when married actresses wanna do the same? What’s with the double standard?

    • Yeah, it’s ridiculous to imply that the cause of separation is her being negligent to her family, I think she can handle it well (being in a relationship for 9 years with her ex I think she’s a very patient girl to be in that very long relationship) how much more that she is married and has a child, do you think she didn’t think about it a hundred times? I doubt there must be a very valid reason why she did it.

    • Exactly! Why do actresses need to always make the sacrifice in order to balance their professional and personal lives? It’s fine if they choose to do it, but it sucks if they feel pressured to do so in order to maintain their families.

    • I doubt the statement about her doing two back-to-back dramas implying or judging HJE for working too much and not spending enough time at home (the expected sacrifice) to eventually cause the divorce. I interpret it that she worked a lot because (a) a distraction from whatever problems there were at home (b) financial issue, knowing that she would need to be financially independent for her own benefit and her child.

      • @Alexa – I agree with you, that was my take on the comment as well. That her acting in more dramas is a consequence of, and not the cause of the break down of her marriage. I do hope she’s doing all right and in a good place. Divorce is a hard thing to go through and it leaves its scars on all involved parties.

    • Did anybody ask her husband or suggest in thinly veiled manner if him working just like he did before his marriage could lead to divorce? I doubt that. I find it ridiculous that woman always bear the brunt in a divorce. They have a child. For his sake, I hope things ended amicably and both of them. I hope both can move on in peace, find happiness while giving their child stability and providing a wholesome, happy life.

      • Rumours have it that he has some financial issues and doesn’t pay attention to his family and kid. Of course we don’t know the truth.

        Like most here let’s hope its settled amicably and the child can be raised well.

  4. Stigma on divorced or unmarried women should stop. In some cultures like Iceland, 70% of children are born out of wedlock, meaning couples choose not to marry. Good for HJE for the courage to file for divorce if the marriage is not working out. I mean people can resign from jobs at any time but they’re expected to stay in a marriage that might not be working for all eternity?

  5. Interesting comments, many of which present a one-sided argument protecting the husband. Actually we know little about what happened behind closed doors. Suppose, imagine, she was physically or mentally abused? Imagine, he dated other women? Imagine he was a drunk? We do not know why they are separating. We feel it is sad and it is because there is a child involved, but guess what..it is their life, their concern. Truly, is there a need to even announce their divorce? It is none of our business.

    • Why protect the husband? No one knows anything here! She is a very hard working actress. I am not a fan but I can see that she works hard and has many dramas recently. Why do women have to bash other women without knowing the truth??

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