Episode 13 of Flower of Evil Gets 4.456% Ratings as Tides Turn Against Hyun Soo as Tension Ratchets Up

HOMG how can they end this episode 13 of Flower of Evil on such a cliffhanger and then leave us waiting for another week! Grah, I now officially curse that COVID-19 production halt because this should have been a first episode before the next one help sooth some of my nerves. Yes yes, I know there is always a moment towards the end when it looks like the baddie will be victorious before the ultimate take down but my poor Hyun Soo has been so victimized his entire life that I just want him to never go through another false accusation again. I hope real Hee Sung spends the rest of his life in prison, death is too good for that handsome diabolical serial killer. I’m sure there is a twist and our stronger than steel married OTP are in the diversion ruse of their lives to catch their nemesis because lordly that knife to the throat moment had me gasping in worry.


Episode 13 of Flower of Evil Gets 4.456% Ratings as Tides Turn Against Hyun Soo as Tension Ratchets Up — 10 Comments

  1. Woah hyun su is sexy when he’s bad! I think that’s a great turn at the end. He was a little too weepy for a while lol nice to see the bad guy persona up. My bet is he knows he can’t surrender to the police because the killer is going for his family and he won’t be able to stop it if he’s behind bars. By the way that whole family is just bat shit crazy. I think mom seem to realise only Hyun Soo in his Super detached way is the only one who is decent and her own son is way beyond redemption cray crazy

  2. I HATE episode 13!!! Well, because it left me on edge and biting my nails (like the accomplice ugh) all throughout the episode!!! It was sooo good in making the audience flinch. I hate/love that the accomplice is not an easy target, makes for interesting storyline, but boy oh boy, we have to wait for another week for EP 14, argh.

  3. I was a bit disappointed in Cha Ji Won with Episode 13…as a cop, she should have investigated how long ago the caregiver died. Obviously she died before they visited the Baek’s but Cha Ji Won believed Hyun Su left the house at night to murder the caregiver…that’s a bit disappointing as a cop. She’s showing how much she doesn’t believe in Hyun Su. Poor Hyun Su. The Baeks are all loonies!

  4. I actually think it might have been Cha Ji Won’s idea to fake her kidnapping so that she can run away with Hyun Soo so that both of them will solve this craziness once and for all (or it could just be wishful thinking on my part lol). Anyway, can’t wait for EP14.

  5. This is only a drama.
    I like thrillers therefore continued watching it : be it sad or a cliff hanger. Particularly delighted that LJG acted so well. He is versatile & took up the challenge of this thriller.
    Versus those lovey dovey drama whereby there are plenty of it.
    Hope the rating shoots up and he wins Best Actor award.

    • But there are many people who likes lovey dovey drama. Some people like to watch dramas that do not require efforts to think and only watch the drama purely for entertainment.

      I hope Lee Joon Gi would consider to do light drama after Flower of Evil, rom-com drama in particular. ?

      Having said that and though Flower of Evil is a bit heavy for my liking, definitely it’s the best, if not, one of the best dramas of 2020.

      • Every drama has a synopsis. So please check it out before watching any of it.

        Select to watch only Lovey dovey dramas to your heart’s content.

        It is not the writer’s or actor’s issue. No point voicing it now. Thanks

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