Hye Joon Becomes a Star in Episode 8 of Record of Youth with 7.734% Ratings as Young Love Nears Testing Point and Potential Time Jump

It’s midway point for Record of Youth and my koala sense is that a time jump is coming up. The start of the drama said 2018 so what we are watching is clearly the stardom start and rise for Hye Joon as well as the foundations of his romance with Jung Ah. Where they are in 2020 is unknown though likely apart, and hopefully the drama gives us enough time to get them together for good. Perhaps the rushed getting together was due to lack of time for the usual episodes long romance building because we got to get enough time for them to see them validate the young romance that is sweet but not serious enough to be a lifelong commitment (yet). Hye Joon is a star now but will likely see more bumps ahead thanks to his evil ex-manager and Hye Hyo’s mom maybe doing something to her son ahead at all costs. I wish I could connect more with this drama, Park Bo Gum is shining like the mega star he is as he elevates the material but all I get is soft comfy breeze of friendship when I watch him with Jung Ah. I love their friendship actually, and if there is a time jump I hope their second romance go around introduces the passion.


Hye Joon Becomes a Star in Episode 8 of Record of Youth with 7.734% Ratings as Young Love Nears Testing Point and Potential Time Jump — 14 Comments

  1. Park Bo Gum is really the star here. And I feel that a time jump and a break up is most likely to occur,too.

    They need that time apart. Hye Jun needs to focus on building his career before he goes to the army. While JH needs to get away from that workplace. It’s going to be harder for her since HJ’s star is on the rise.

    • Yeah I so agree. I cannot find the right word. It is time jump indeed. And we need that. Am loving every episode.

  2. I love this drama. Since episode 1, its the one that i instantly watch the moment its up on netflix. I know how some people could find it boring, but i find it soo lovely. I think its really well made, interesting and well written for this kind of genre. Its pretty different than the typical rom com we normally get. There are many thoughful scenes and meaningful messages that we can get, i cant really list them down because its too many.

    I dont find it weird at all how hye joon likes jeong ah. When he’s a nobody,nobody paid attention at him he found out that she has been his fan and admiring him, and they have such a good rapport. Even when his life has been depressing, he always feels good around her. Is it so weird that u can come to like someone just because of that?

    • ? I so agree with everything you said! I was getting a bit tired of the the usual romcom tropes of guy meeting the girl for the first time and he’s instantly smitten by her because she’s SO pretty ?, SO awesome, and her personality is just SO out of this world, because she’s kind to everyone even to the dirt she walks on. How HJ and JA came together was just so natural. The writer exercised thoughtfulness and made their attraction to one another meaningful. I love that JA was not over-fangirling and throwing herself at her idol. I feel like this friendship first then comes love is the best kind of love. JA was there for HJ when he was unhappy and feeling down from the negatives that kept coming his way. He was happy when he was with her. So no, it is absolutely not weird that you can come to like someone just like that.

    • Me too. Love it. I did watch it immediately too when it got to Netflix. Something new. Something fresh. I like PSD. Like their pairing no matter how harsh the comments are from haters. Keep going PBG and PSD!

    • I agree as well! I love their chemistry. Not every relationship has to be intense and spicy. One of my favorite couple of 2020. ?

  3. I’m watching this because of PBG and he’s really doing everything he can here but as much as I like PSD, her interactions with PBG are still so awkward and stilted. They may address each other casually but their body language and the way they look at each other seem like polite strangers. Not very convincing to me. It may have just been good if they were just 3 friends striving towards a goal with no romance. The 2nd male lead is a total wash out. Like Koala said PBG has more chemistry with his manager and the cameo top actress than PSD. I can only hope the time skip gives PSD’s character more “character.”

    • I love PSD. Am watching ROY because of her. But I come to love them both. Maybe their awkwardness is part of the script. They are beginning to be sweeter, closer now. Hwaiting to these two!

    • I agree as well. PSD’s acting lacks intensity. I like how deadpan her charcter is but other than Ibfeel that sonething is lacking. Even in her eyes. During the drunk scene with Hye Jun and she was crying, I cannot feel her pain. There’s something about her that doesnt match somewhere. But nevertheless, she is there for a reason and I know and hope she can give more intensity in her charavter.

      For PBG, wow. What an actor. He can do all stuff with intensity. You can feel his pain, you can feelbhis doubts, you can feel his happiness. His eyes acts as much as his entire favial experssion. The way he can get teary eyed when emphatizing with his mother, AJH, his dad and his grabdpa, its just amazing. Im relly curious how militarynlife will affect his decisions in the drama. Am excited for it.

  4. All caught up on Record now and I don’t know if I’m ready for the heavier stuff. I really enjoy the subtly of this drama. Also, I’m not a fan of second leads or love-triangles either. That said, I don’t want JA, in any way shape or form, to end up with the second lead here. I don’t sympathize for him at all and he comes across entitled, imo. I think he, or at least hopes to, mean well for his friend but there seems to be an undercurrent there. In writing this, I’m really surprised how much I’m actually enjoying this show.

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