jTBC Drama Snowdrop Confirms Full Cast and Reveals Drama is a Love Story Between Leads Jung Hae In and Jisoo Set in 1987

Woah, I was not expecting what I just read about this drama and it’s certainly going to be interesting. jTBC has released the official confirmation of the full cast of upcoming highly anticipated 2021 drama Snowdrop from the PD and screenwriter of Sky Castle. There have been lots of names attached so far so let’s get with the confirmation: Jung Hae In and Jisoo of Blackpink are the leads, with supporting cast Kim Hye Yoon, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Se Ah, and Kim Yoo Jin. The drama is set in 1987 Seoul and is the love story of an injured college student played by Jung Hae In who barges into an all women’s college dorm and is hidden away and taken care of by Jisoo and the two fall in love. But of course. I’m getting glimpses of the college era story line in Giant and from the 1987 date this drama will clearly use as the backdrop the June Struggle in South Korea that led to democratic reforms.


jTBC Drama Snowdrop Confirms Full Cast and Reveals Drama is a Love Story Between Leads Jung Hae In and Jisoo Set in 1987 — 45 Comments

  1. Well, I certainly hope Jisoo does well. Because she has strong supporting cast around her. I adore Kim Hye Yoon, Yoon Se Ah and Kim Yoo Jin. I am not that keen on Jung Hae In, especially given I found his last drama to be excruciatingly boring but then I loved him in Prison playbook. Jang Seung Jo, again supporting role. Sigh! Boy deserves lead. I will tune in. Lets see what Jisoo brings in to the fold.

  2. it seems kind of wrong that an idol who hasn’t proven herself as an actress gets to be the main actress of a buzzy drama when so many actors/actresses worked hard for many years in supporting roles and have proven themselves deserving leading roles but not given the same chances.

    If she turns out to be a bad actress, I will be so disappointed.

    • She would be a good actress and don’t be negative. The screen-writer himself picked the actors/actresses to the role, and Jisoo has majored in acting so it won’t be a waste. She has proven herself from her acting in MV’s and other actress/actor started in there.

    • why would you call it wrong? just because she’s a rookie actress doesn’t mean she can’t have spectacular actors as supporting. if you want to support then just support, wait for the broadcast before saying that it’s wrong.

  3. is it a good career move for Kim Hye Hyoon to do supporting roles while she is still establishing herself as a lead actress? She must have a good reason for accepting this drama. I dont mind an actress doing support toles, but to a rookie actress? shaking my head.

    • Actors like her don’t have much say now on this, do they? She did numerous extra roles, side characters and finally got Sky Castle which earned her a Baksaeng only to be offered a supporting role again where an idol with zero acting credit got lead. Its hard pill to swallow. All I can say it, she is talented but it won’t be an easy ride for her. Popularity and agency power still rules this industry. She is gonna have to be patient and build her profile slowly like the rest of the regular actors who don’t come from huge agency or idol fame. Lets hope Jisoo is really deserving here, because no matter how much I like Blackpink, if she disappoints, neither me nor the Korean audience will go easy on her. We can only hope she is more like Nana and less like Hyeri or Joy.

      • Ooh what are the huge acting agencies? I assume other than YG/SM/JYP, but acting wise : BH Agency, Soop, Blossom, and FNC? IA, bummer b/c it’s not like it was a worldwide talent scout to choose their lead. I seen her in interviews, and she seems bland so her as a lead is either going to make or break the drama.

    • KHY must have a reason for accepting a supporting role. There are times and places where an actor will benefit from being a supportive role. For ex: Han Ji Min has done many lead roles in dramas and films but she also has done supporting roles. But when she took the support role is because she acted alomgside top veteran and well respected actors such as Kim Hye Ja, Kang Ho Dong, etc. But in case of KHY, how much can she really gain from watching the main lead actress? Wouldnt KHY be considered a sunbae to ji soo? But KHY can learn a lot from Yoon Se Ah amd other supporting actors.

  4. I respect Kim Hye Yoon/her agency for accepting supporting roles. I think that will help her longevity in the industry. She doesn’t have anything to prove in this drama since she has proven that she can carry her own in terms of acting. The pressure is on Jisoo to perform well. I think the storyline is too serious for a rookie actress but she just might surprise the viewers. All the other cast members have proven their acting talents.

    • I share your sentiments about Kim Hye Yoon. I got the impression from her interviews that, while she appreciates being more well-known and getting meaty or high-profile offers, she is quite down-to-earth and regards acting as a serious, life-long craft. She probably would rather focus on sharpening her skills to become a respectable and reliable actor. She probably understands that all roles (be it lead or supporting) will offer precious learning experiences and widen her professional network. Her acceptance of a supporting role is liberating and prevents people from pigeon-holing her. I like that she is not so egoistic to snub supporting roles. Since she is unafraid to accept supporting or smaller roles, she has everything to gain in the long run.

  5. I just want to curse really bad, a real actress has been working so hard since early day and accepting many extra roles and supporting roles and started to get recognized after a hit drama and now has to take a supporting role for an Idol that has no history or experience in acting. What kind of s*** is this? It is a really hard pill to swallow

    • Lets give a chance to jisoo..maybe she has the potential and its seems she had thats why she got the main role..lets just be happy and hope to see a good outcome

  6. Sounds interesting when I think about the 1987 backdrop. Pretty sure it will not just be a love story so this is exciting. Everyone’s doubting Jisoo so good luck to her and hope she does well given how big this seems, pressure is definitely the biggest on her side. I cannot warm up to JHI I feel he is bland but good luck to him too. Career-wise, I think it is not good for KHY to go back to supporting role unless it is in movies… why would her/her agency even agree to this? Her leading men in EY are paired up with lead actresses after, this is bizarre.

  7. Finally JHI will be somewhat in a shady character . A breath of fresh air from his previous gigs of acting all sweet and cutesy..
    I m happy for him.

    But at the same time Blinks need to understand that not everyone is either a hater or supporter of BP just because of their opinions on this casting.. There are some people who just like to watch kdramas without giving a care about idols or kpop..

    It is laughable when they argue with people who show genuine concern about Jisoo’s acting. Blinks term them as anti and would call Jisoo a best actress based on her MVs and 2 cameos..🤣🤣..
    I was so irritated to see their responses below the soompi article.

    No matter how popular Jisoo or BP is in Kpop world, Blinks need to swallow this bitter truth that Idol actors will always be looked down unless they managed to prove otherwise..The drama hasn’t even started and I bet they will have long fights ahead..So why not get accustomed to it and listen to other people with a rational mind.
    I know who wouldn’t be happy if ur bias gets casted as a main lead in such a big project.But they are being so loud as if Kim Hye Yoon doesn’t exists and it is kind of a disrespect..The excuse??.”They gave her the main role because she managed to perform well in the audition and the producers are confident of her..”
    Are u kidding?? Jisoo managed to outperform a Baeksang winner in the audition..This is hilarious.
    We all know why she got the role..Fame and popularity.. That’s it..Why not accept it.

    And it is not that people are being sceptical because it is THE Black Pink..
    Definitely not..Even Yoona who came from the most popular GG of her generation just like BP..she was also judged for her acting..and it goes on till today.. However she has improved a lot throughout the years and her acting career is going good..

    Even K-netz arw unforgiving in case of ido actors..The only female idol actress which truly managed ro transform into a successful actress with exceptional skills is undoubtedly Seo Hyun Jin.

    At the same time I do hope that Jisoo manages to prove many people wrong.And that she has that it factor in her to become a reliable actress..She has a long way to go and this is just the beginning..

    I do like her but not her toxic fans who underestimate JHI and KHY.

    • Yesss, I like Jisoo but her fans must accept that KHY dan JHI have more acting experience than her so don’t underestimate them and telling Jisoo better than KH
      I think the PD and writer want more recognition from abroad so maybe they cast someone popular like Jisoo, and to people who said KHY should drop the offer if she doesn’t want to be supporting role, hmm it’s not easy. Sky Castle made her famous, so maybe one of the reason she accepted the role is Sky Castle’s PD and Writer. Beside lead role’s character are bubbly and mood maker in her dorm, it’s not too different with KHY character in Extraordinary You, maybe another reason is she just wants another challenge

    • wow the hypocrisy, u said to listen with rational mind but then you are saying jisoo is not a good actress…it seem to apply to kHY only you should also wait until drama is released….and for an actor no role is small or big there is a reason KHY choose to participate inspite of having support role..(it maybe cause of script or she just want to gain more fame since jisoo is known worldwide 🤣) and no one’s belittling anyone its just most of bp haven’t seen KHY

  8. i dont know what to say.im not a hye yoon fan but im not happy that she is going back to supporting role. i hope im wrong but im not feeling good about this. i wish she did not accept this project.

  9. I was really hoping KHY will be the lead actress. She’s so good in every style. It’s not fair after Sky Castle.

    The last Blackpink MV showed a lot of cringy acting by Jisoo… She’s the only weak actor in this casting.

    • It is literally just a music video? I am not a fan but why are you already judging her skills based on that? She didn’t even have an acting segment based from what I saw, it was the girl with pink hair instead. I get the doubts but you are not gonna be this bitter if KHY isn’t attached to this. I really do not get it either why she was offered a supporting role but it is what it is, she should have just rejected and went for a lead offer after EY. I really hope she gets to go back to leading roles after this drama is done.

      • Yeah exactly, it was just a MV and she didn’t have to speak and yet she looked super awkward.

      • Agree @Sayaris! It’s only a short MV with million of cuts and her acting already so cringing. It’s such a bad move on YG to buy her such a big role already.

  10. Wow! The quality of Jung Hae In’s leading ladies seem to downgrade with his dramas! It’s quite telling that from pairings with A listers like Son Ye Jin and established actresses like Han Ji Min to somewhat mediocre actresses like Chae Soo Bin to a total rookie idol actress like Ji Soo shows how badly he was burnt by the ratings of his last drama ‘A Piece Of Your Mind’. To be fair, the plot of that drama was a snooze fest, but Jung Hae In lacked charisma with his portrayal. I remember when everyone was so crazy about him a couple of years ago. I don’t see how putting him with an inexperienced idol actress is going to improve his performance. It would have been better if KHY were the lead. I thought the days of throwing inexperienced idols into lead roles were long over. Looks like I was wrong.

      • Better off doing weekend dramas to up his acting skills a bit. He is quite a snoozer of an actor. Branded production team for sure. But I think I will skip. Not a big fan of seeing girl group member take on the lead in such an unfair way. At least build some credibility first. SMH.

    • I don’t agree if Jisoo is clearly not Son Ye Jin, he’s still acting for a director with a big success as last project, it means productions still want him.

      He has a Netflix drama for 2021 and this one, both as a lead. He doesn’t have to worry.

    • If he’s shooting for popularity over a good story, pairing with Jisoo (idols) is definitely the easier path way to go when it’s impossible to land a high profile leading lady. Whether the drama popular domestically or not, truth is most popular idol dramas gets talked about internationally even if quality isn’t there. At least, it ensures that the drama will get some buzz somewhere rather than none at all. Blinks are really hard-working so I don’t think this drama will fail in online points.

  11. hye yoon as supporting role,Why!! Coz jisoo have a lot of popularity and have a lot of fan so…KHY have a lot of experience of dramas and Jisoo have nothing 😑..In BP I love only person that’s Jisoo but from now I Hate u jisoo😭
    Coz I love Hye yoon more than you…

    • Why are you hating her? Did she do anything wrong against you? Don’t blame her for getting the lead role and not your fave or whatsoever. Blame the one who cast her. Yes , I am jisoo’s fan too and I am glad that she got this role but I never hate those co-cast of her like Hye Yoon . If you trully love Jisoo, the best thing to do is just to support her to do well. I know Jisoo is just a rookie actress but don’t judge her acting now because she haven’t started yet and you people are already judging her acting just because she is a rookie and your fave cast who is a long time actress with so many experiences got only supporting role? Whats wrong with your mind people? She accept the role as supporting actress because she wants to. If she doesn’t , she should leave already right? Hayy. People nowadays are judgemental today.

  12. Why does it feel like an episode of Record of the Youth..In that drama Sa Hye Jun was the first preference of the director but eventually chose Hae Hyo over him cause he was popular and had more followers..Sa hye joon was however given a smaller role later on..
    The saying that art imitates life..Seems to be true now.Lol!!

  13. Kim Hye Yoon should have not acepted this role. If she performs better than (actress) Jisoo she will get hated on by Blinks. if jisoo’s acting is at least good (not even stelar) milion of jisoos fans will justify why HY is playibg supporting role to (Actress Jisoo)..

    • Maybe she has no choice but to go along with this unfair casting. She should use the opportunity to continue to build her resume until better opportunities come along.

  14. The fact that people are already throwing questions regarding Jisoo being chosen as the female lead us already worrying me!!! I hope she gives her all to this drama..coz people will judge her acting skills n will pinpoint any mistake if she shows any in the drama!!! So much hate now itself…oh god..they haven’t even started shooting!!!she is a hardworking person n I hope she will do her best!!! But seeing people already judging her acting skills is breaking my heart!!! Anyway as blink I don’t care whether she had gotten a supporting role or a lead role…but I just hope that she can show these people that she is a talented actor as well..Fingers crossed!!!

  15. The directors could have chosen someone who never worked in front of a camera a day in their life if they thought that person fit the role. Why are people making their choice about popularity? I’d understand if the people the show weren’t already well known but that’s not the case. Just because Hyeyoon has been moving up doesn’t mean she has to stick to one type of role or that this is harmful. If you find yourself too superior you might lose out on a great role to be honest. Good for her for not thinking that way.

  16. I have a feeling Kim Hye Yoon only accepted this role because she was thankful for the writer and director for giving her that big break through Sky Castle. Jisoo’s acting in MVs is awkward so she prob would be overshadowed.

  17. No hate for jisoo.

    But,at first i fell little bit disappointed too. After for a long time as nameless characters, now she gets notice from her role in sky castle and extraordinary you, then she goes back as supporting role while she should deserve better.

    I still support all casts to give all their best making this drama “amazing”. For kim hye yoon, i trust your choice to join this drama and accept this role.

    Phone Operator in 1987 looks interesting. I hope you will act so so well that maybe it will give you a chance to get awards again. Then,i’m waiting for your another next project as main / leading female leads.

  18. I agree with you…Jisoo is a good actress but people are so stupid that they didn’t know that..Because they’re jealous to our Kim jisoo..Gogogo..Kim jisoo break the internet again..for your new upcoming drama.I love you jisoo..

  19. Realising for the first time today that Jisoo’s drama will have Jung Hae In as co-lead. What was her company thinking by agreeing to this set up? When has JHI *ever* shown an ability to carry even his own weight in a drama, let alone the lion share? An unnecessary burden has now been placed on Jisoo to make up for her partner’s vanilla acting style when her own ability as an actress is still unknown.

    I think it’s safe to assume that this is a drama that will be written to highlight the supporting cast or take on more of an ensemble style with its storytelling (which would be in line with how Sky Castle was a lot of the time). In which case, I would 100% be able to understand the need of Kim Hye Yoon as a “supporting actress” because this would mean KHY would take on a role similar to either Kim Seo Hyung or Yeom Jung Ah while Jisoo would be Lee Tae Ran’s character.

    If we were to use Sky Castle as an example, the synopsis lead many to believe that LTR’s role would be by far the biggest or most pivotal to the story but KSH and YJA very obviously ran the show. Since this is a drama from the same team, I can see this happening again. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

  20. I’m curious now that there’s been 10 episodes of the drama released. What does the people that have commented here two years ago think?

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