Ha Ji Won Embraces Success in Her 40s as K-movie Pawn Breaks 1 Million Admissions

Movie going in 2020 with COVID-19 has been wildly up and down to say the least. In South Korea the theaters stayed open with social distancing of every other seat remaining empty which cut into admissions and tickets sold. Basically every K-movie released this year with have an asterisk next to it but that’s ok, we can at least look at the hits and misses within the same context. High profile thrillers did well including Peninsula, The Man Standing Next, and Delivery Us From Evil, while #Alive was a nice indie hit. This month the really small scale and small budget heartwarming movie Pawn (Collateral) crested the 1 million admissions mark (nearly 1.4M admissions as of today) so a big accomplishment for a movie with basically 4 leads in Ha Ji Won, Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won, and child actress Park So Yi. It’s been a few years since Ha Ji Won picked a successful K-drama so it’s nice to see her movie career do well this year.


Ha Ji Won Embraces Success in Her 40s as K-movie Pawn Breaks 1 Million Admissions — 24 Comments

  1. Pick a sageuk next sis. Her sageuks are mostly hits i.e Hwang Jin Yi, Damo, and Empress Ki. Il always have respect for her though, even if she retires, she has achieved much much more than any kdrama actress could dream of..

    • so true!!! She got a lot of hits in korean drama scene that solidify her status as a hallyu star with a lot of work representative during her prime. From DAMO, WHAT HAPPENED IN BALII, HWANG JINYI, SECRET GARDEN, and EMPRESS KI.

      Plus in CHUNGMURO she’s also “The 10 Million Movie Actress” for bringing more than 10 million audiences.

      She is indeed consider a successful actress on both small and in big screen.

  2. I love Ha Ji Won and she’s my top fave korean actress. I’ve watched all her Kdramas. She’s very good in acting and she’s very pretty. I’ve watched also her guesting in Dong Il’s House on Wheels, she’s very natural and a happy person. I hope she’ll find a good boyfriend or a soon to be husband because she deserves to have one❤

  3. congrats! to this darling for another achievement to put on her resume.

    waiting and supporting for your upcoming projects jiwonnie, i hope you would be able to have some reunion to your past leading men in a movie or drama 🙂

  4. Another genres she put in her belt. A very versatile actress indeed! Love her in Chocolate which has the best and composed storyline, full with slice of life values and meaning.
    Best wishes, queen! I will support whatever you do, as you always pour your best!

  5. LETS GO FOR 2M!!
    Congratulations Hajiwon baby❤️❤️ lol yeah she is in her 40s and 20 years older than me but I choose to call her baby because she is just an innocent, sweet and bubbly person😍and I’m sure nobody can guess that she is in her 40s!!

  6. Congrats HJW
    She is a versatile actress.
    Had watched Damo & Emptess Ki.
    I was so impressed by her & back tracked to watch other movies & dramas. She could handle action & other genres as well.

    If its screening over Netflix, hope she will be no 1 actress.

  7. Ha jiwon for me is Korea’s best actress. I love her seeing doing different roles. Congratulations my idol. Hope to see you doing more projects. I will be here to watch them all. 😍😍😍

    • Congratulations to All the Cast of Pawn! Mostly to my Idol Miss Ha Ji Won!💗 (What happened in Bali-where i started to love u)
      More success movie and tv series to come! GOD bless you

  8. My favorite Korean actress Ha Ji won. I miss her so much. I kept on looking for all her K dramas and films and watched. Waiting for Pawn. I got so excited upon learning she is back. I hope another K drama too soonest. Hugs to you!

  9. For me Ha Ji Won is the best Korean actress in the field of acting.She is a versatile actress.She can portray any role given to her with justice that’s why she’s my favorite.I’m 69 years old here from the Philippines and I watch Kdramas everyday on Netflix.♥️♥️♥️Ha Ji Won

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