Park Shin Hye Layers Up for Fall 2020 in New Womenswear Pictorial

This weekend is Halloween then the first day of November and falling back on the clock. Too much going on lol especially since COVID days feels like not much is going on at all in the daily humdrum. K-actress Park Shin Hye is back on the CF scene with a new pictorial for womenswear brand Mojo S. Phine modeling the fall 2020 smart and stylish outfits. Normally I would be yay/nay depending on whether I liked one or not but now I just think I’m in sweats WFH all day long I have no need for anything new so chic in the foreseeable future especially when I have a closetful of such outfits gathering dust. But South Korea is back to business as usual but with masks all the time so hopefully clothing sales are steady. Park Shin Hye never looks like she is suitable for these working woman power outfits as she fits more playful youth vibes but nevertheless she looks good it in.


Park Shin Hye Layers Up for Fall 2020 in New Womenswear Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. Very nice photoshoot. She looks striking in all of these clothes. The only one I’m not impressed with is the grey tweed with black bows. Too old for her.

  2. What a contradictory statement this writer has made….what the h**l. Shin Hye looks so good in those MSP outfits … and looks so much like the young beautiful executive. MSP is lucky to have her as its endorser.

    • Shes gorgeous and beautiful and i love her specially the way she act all her k-dramas so much love park shin hye❤hopefully you have more projects coming im been waiting!

  3. Park Shin Hye as bright as a true Star! Only you carrying these clothes with such grace, elegance , and classy! Indeed , this company is luck to have you promoting their clothes!

    Looking forward to your new movie “CALL” on NetFlix on November 27! Fighting baby girl! ❤️🙏

  4. I love the way she Carrie her self. Love her style specially her clothes. I call it Sophisticated and elegant. When she Carry her self she looks so elegant and beautiful and simple. One of the reason love her as a actress. The reason I love her she’s a simple woman.

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