The Start-Up Commences in Episode 6 for Do San and Dal Mi as Relationships Build and Stakes Rise

October 2020 is over and November brings with it a full month of tvN drama Start-Up, likely the most substantive episodes with lots of meaty fodder. This Sunday’s episode 6 was about the due diligence, the papering of a start-up company versus the idea in episode 5 which is the glamour to the drudgery that goes on behind the scenes. For every rock star idea it takes long hours and thoughtful planning to orchestrate the groundwork. I love Ji Pyeong being the mentor to Samsan Tech even if Dal Mi thinks he’s doing it because he’s Do San’s close hyung. He’s had too many chances to come clean and I feel for both guys, because Do San is falling for Dal Mi in the present and taking full advantage whereas Ji Pyeong is letting his handicap go and that’s proving to be the trip up to his romantic possibility. This episode also added new stakes to the story, from the person seeing revenge as the motivation to enter Sandbox to Granny’s vision deterioration, the drama doesn’t just milk one conceit but builds more and more layers to the story as it goes along. Well done indeed.


The Start-Up Commences in Episode 6 for Do San and Dal Mi as Relationships Build and Stakes Rise — 37 Comments

      • I like this drama, especially the plot. I am not one who is into romance, but here, there’s a lot more about friendship, repaying someone who have helped you, making choice and not regretting them but working around to make things work. Is such a meaningful show.

        Here NJH and Suzy are acceptable. My favorite is of course 2nd lead Kim Seon Ho.

        The ratings are average, to me ROY should be in the 4-5% range while Start-Up should be the one with 7-8% range, just my opinion.

    • I guess you’re the only one. It’s just not your cup of tea that’s why you find it boring. I hope you find a drama to your own liking.

  1. The drama is great thus far. But I’m not gonna jump the gun just yet to get all excited and over-praise the drama like Koala. (Still not learned a lesson from Alice, Tale of Gumiho?)

    Han Ji-pyeong/Kim Sun ho is the best thing about this drama for me + his relationship with Grandma.

    Been trying really hard but I just can’t root for Nam Do-san. Just can’t like the character.

    Agree with Minikfan that this drama’s ratings so far should switch with RoY.

  2. This drama does not bore me. I am loving enjoying watching this every weekend nights. I have no any knowledge about start-up but it got my interests by watching this drama. What I love most about this drama is the interactions of the characters. One character defines another character in interesting way. Other than the leads, the supporting cast also has their shining and extra moments. The writer always have great motivational and inspiring lines in her every drama. Plus if you will just also watch other cast who don’t have lines or the cameras do not focus to them, the are still into character and do small gestures which looks natural so I also commend the PD. So far, this drama gives me same vibes when I was also watching ICHYV with same writer when it was airing. I am looking forward for the next episodes.

  3. Kim Hae Sook is such a gem. I’ll probably cry when she finally bids farewell from acting. The intensity of emotions she can easily conjure from a single stare. And even if she’s almost everywhere, there is always something new in every character she plays. She never overacts. It’s all in the eyes.

    • Do you know what flopping means? This drama is number 1 in its time slot. It’s also number 8/9 worldwide On Netflix. If this is a flop I feel sorry for a majority of the dramas this year.

      • Ratings-wise, so far it’s a flop. And ratings matter a lot (to the network, production team, for fans to use as clout).

        But there’s still time for it to pick up so don’t sweat it.

    • Flops rank #1 in its time slot? It’s also number 8/9 worldwide on Netflix. Split into 2 parts yet both ranking 1. Yes it must be a flop 🙄

      • I have enjoyed RoY coz I see it in different perspective. And I dont believe that PBG’s popularity alone would push its rating that high coz the eternal monarch and IONTB are both starred by the most popular yet rating is not that high as expected. There must be intangibles and variables that made RoY have its rating. That’s why I am so disappointed how Koala keep on reporting its high ratings and keep on whining how bad/boring the drama is for her.

      • @Delish, I noticed and mentioned the same thing in a previous article about the drama.

        @noname, you might be on to something. She usually puts ratings front and center in both the headline and post itself so when it’s low, it’s as if she’s inciting the mob to lynch the drama. Lol. But nothing for this one? Hmm.

  4. I really like the theme of Star-up refreshing. I like the set-up of this drama. For now, I don’t really like Dol-San, until he tells the truth he will be an opportunist for me. He’s the one holding it. Dal-Mi is not very interesting, but there is a lot of place for growth. IJ was disapointing in the last episode. Ji-Pyeong is my favourite! KSH is really good in this role.

  5. I think Ji Pyeong is almost everyone’s fav right now and deservedly so. I like how interesting his character is so far and also because of how his backstory as well as his wholesome relationship with Dalmi’s Grandma was established in the earlier episodes, I just can’t help but to be emotionally attached to his character the most. plus Kim Sunho is doing such a great job!

    • Not me though. And my mom as well.

      He is rude, heartless, inconsiderate to people except those important to him only or the ones he cares about.

      I believe a good motivator n mentor, n even anyone as a human being, should be strict or harsh only when necessary (not all the time bringing people down!!) and gives praise first before commenting anything.

      His help towards Samsan tech is never sincere so far. Its completely because of dalmi only.

      He also treats Grandma well also just because he feels indebted.

      Yeah, i know its because of his background. But so far, there is no good trait in him at all. And 6episodes in, he has not shown any growth yet.

      My current n past CEOs have never treated employees like he did.

      • Personally, I like complex characters who are perfectly imperfect. Thus my preference for him. & I’m speaking as someone who pretty much favours any morally grey and and even villainous characters over any supposedly good characters. LOL

        Though I do agree with your points and they are perfectly valid reasons on why some may not like him as a character.

        I think it’s obvious that he got really jaded over the years after he left. There must be a reason why but we are not shown what happened over the years when he worked his way up to become who he is today. I really do like how he does not sugarcoat his words though because some of the characters really do need a reality check. & I feel like those words are probably coming from his own experience. Yes, it can seem rude. But in the context of the drama, his harsh words are to be taken as words of wisdom or a voice of reason for these characters who have not a clue about how the business world works. Especially for Do San who is a bit too naive and timid for his own good.

  6. I agree at this moment DoSan appear to be an opportunistic person. He knows Dalmi likes him becos she regards him (as in Jipyeong) her 1st love.

    Feel like this drama will not be typical triangle love. But that’s not all about the drama i am looking cos it gets more layer – good for me to excerise my brain and more exciting.

    Wonder who is the villain? Alex?

    Seon Ho is doing an excellent job protraying Jipyeong (objective character n cute as well).

    PD is doing a great job taking care of even the small details and the casts acting are so good. To me, the writer is the best writer.

    Waiting patiently for next episodes.

      • I expected a Korean Halt and Catch Fire but the writer is essentially repackaging the same formula she had for her past dramas. Its not appealing to me personally. I expected tightly written drama around the tech industry. I know enough about US Bay Area but not much about South Korean tech lanscape. Childhood rivalry, pen pal switch, revenge…not what I had hoped. Its fine on its own but I don’t personally want to watch the same formula rinse and repeated at the moment.

  7. Admittedly, this episode does make Do San out to be an opportunistic jerk, but Ji Pyeong has had several opportunities to come clean and chosen not to do so. Instead acting like a Daddy Long Legs from behind the scenes. Still, Do San never should have actively lied and made up stories. This episode also shows that Dal mi is a lot more observant than people give her credit for. My gut is telling me that In Jae lied on her application, she’s not the girl in the Sandbox story, but it’s okay for her to appropriate the story since it’s still her dad – and it just goes to show how ruthless she can be to take advantage of every situation for her benefit. I just hope that she comes away from this experience with a greater appreciation for her bio dad and the sacrifices he made; though she wasn’t there to see them. I agree with Koala – this drama has layers and layers and keeps building them. NJH and Suzy’s acting are serviceable, and with a veteran actress playing halmoni and a seasoned experienced second male lead to elevate the acting to new heights- what’s not to love? A question about something that’s maddening – why do some kdrama parents feel it’s okay to abandon a child when the child is a minor and dependent on them, but choose to reconnect when the child is an adult and is successful?. Dalmi’s mother’s actions are incomprehensible to me, but it seems a recurring theme in some Asian family dramas I’ve seen.

  8. Just want to share sime thots.
    Jipyeong did want to tell the truth, 1st time at networking however dosan showed up. 2nd time in eps 6, dalmi wanted him to clarify why he lie for dosan. disan saw and goes to them, then lie to dalmi and also told if she git any questions about jipyeong he can answer instead of her asking jipyeong.

    Jipyeong have grandma to think of as she was the one involved in the letters writing and she asked Jipyeong to find Dosan for dalmi. Hence a bit difficult for Jipyeong. He definitely does not want this matter to affect grandma. For him at this moment, it’s simply he is the one wrote those letters to comfort dalmi nothing else.

    • Hmmm…. Do San’s insecurities are showing. If he doesn’t come clean, how will he ever know if Dalmi likes him for himself or because of the letters? Now, even halmoni is asking him to lie. Smh…When will Dalmi ever figure out the truth?

      • That’s true. Injie is not what i see what i get. Dalmi is observant think she’ll figure later. She may choose dosan.

        There are people who likes and dislikes Jipyeong that shows Seon Ho interprets his character well and acted accordingly to the script. I watch Seon Ho for the variet show 2 days 1 night, he is the opposite of Jipyeong. He is gentle and cute truly manly as well polite and with good manners.

  9. They are so cute but I hate how emotionally immature Do San is and maybe that’s why I gravitate towards the 2nd male lead more. He honestly doesn’t have a strong enough reason to keep lying to her. It’s both cute and sad how Dal Mi desperately seeks approval from her mom and sister. Money is not the only thing that shows success.

    She grew up independently as a strong woman filled with warmth. She doesn’t need to prove anything. She should just cry it out and tell them how they hurt her by leaving her behind and how hard it’s been all along. Then try to be a family again.

    I also don’t like how the drama normalizes people emotionally tearing other down. Especially Dal mi and Do San, they are human and words hurt.

  10. This drama is the only one I am following now and I look forward to see all the characters grow into better people. I personally like Dal Mi who never regrets all choices she has made because she works hard to make everything works. I think Do San’s competitiveness need to be awaken, he should not be sorry for having genius brain. Ji Pyeong has been kind of a prickly person, even as a boy, so hopefully he will soften up. Of all, In Jae is my least favorite.

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