Kwak Si Yang Mesmerizes in Post Alice Interview Stills and Picks Next Role in Sageuk Hong Chun Gi

The trauma of watching SBS drama Alice is gradually fading but not my renewed appreciation for second male lead Kwak Si Yang. He was perfect in an imperfect drama and that’s always worth picking such a role. He’s been doing the media interview circuit last week and I especially love all the black and white pictures, he’s an actor that shines even more in understated ways. He’s already picked his next project as his agency announced that he will join the cast of 2021 sageuk Hong Chun Gi with leads Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seob, and Gong Myung. That he’s playing third fiddle to those two leading man make me sigh but I’m sure he’ll get his leading man stamp in due time.


Kwak Si Yang Mesmerizes in Post Alice Interview Stills and Picks Next Role in Sageuk Hong Chun Gi — 9 Comments

  1. I like him a lot since Glorious Day. He was also my motivation in pressing on to finish Alice. Was upset show didn’t get him back in ep16 ?
    Really hope he lands a lead role soon.

  2. Is he official? I thought the articles online said he was only considering it. That’s so strange that he would be the first to confirmed and he’s only a supporting role and not the leads of the drama confirming first. When will my girl confirm? Sigh.

    • everyone considering it.. there is no official news about confirming yet. I think this month they will release official article..

  3. KSY!! He looks very good here, I noticed that he’s been working out. He looks like a man now. Still, third fiddle?? His career choices are not great. Can’t they get him a ML?? Or is his star power that small or what??

  4. he WAS the ONLY reason why i watched Alice. read the article they offered him to be the supporting actor (again) made me upset. like he really, obviously, absolutely, deserves to be the main lead

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