Kim Nam Gil and Seo Ye Ji Cast for OCN Mystery Monster Drama Island

Wow what a surprising pairing and a cool sounding story. Kim Nam Gil and Seo Ye Ji are cast in the OCN 2021 mystery fantasy drama Island about, well, an island. Seo Ye Ji plays a rich daughter of a chaebol banished to a weird island after she causes a hot mess for her daddy and his company in Seoul. There she needs to survive and teams up with the lone human man who lives on that island who lives as a monster hunter, and there are apparently mysteries aplenty. Kim Nam Gil plays the monster hunter and saves the haughty heiress when she’s plunked on the island with him. Of course romance and redemption will ensue. I’m way more interesting in the mystery island even if I do love this casting.


Kim Nam Gil and Seo Ye Ji Cast for OCN Mystery Monster Drama Island — 8 Comments

  1. Love this casting! This should be an interesting drama since the writer and PD usually do films. Is this the new trend because of Covid…more Chungmuro writers and directors venturing into dramas?

  2. I love this news, it reminds me of cloy where a rich, slightly bratty girl must adapt to her dangerous surroundings with the help of an introverted, slightly rough around the edges but kind-hearted man. Cliche but I’m here for it! I hope she comes across a wild deer in this drama too lol

  3. I admit. I initially read that as KNG and Son Ye Jin and almost screamed. Because… come on. That would’ve been just out-of-this-world amazing.

    But this is a good pairing too. I would’ve jumped on it like a shark if not for my misunderstanding lol. I’ll get over it later I guess.

  4. Wow! The moment I saw those two names together I got excited, I didn’t even care what it was for ? I trust KNG and SYJs pick, there will no need to worry about the acting or chemistry, because I’m sure itll be plenty

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