Kim Sun Ho Receives Snack Car Support on the Set of Start-Up From Cast of 1N2D and Moon Se Yoon Makes Hilarious Cameo in Episode 7

Wuri Ji Pyeong, the Good Boy, likely won’t get the girl in Start-Up but he’s gotten ALL OUR LOVE and also he’s mine ahahah! My love for Kim Sun Ho has exponentially grown thanks to this drama and he’s doing such a memorable layered job in reflecting all of Ji Pyeong’s hang ups and emotional bursts. Episode 7 had a cameo that caught me off guard from comedian Moon Se Yoon who is good friends with Kim Sun Ho as both are cast members on variety show 1N2D and their scene in this episode actually had both containing their laughter and nearly breaking the fourth wall. The production of 1N2D sent a snack car to support Kim Sun Ho on the set of Start-Up as well so I think he’s got plenty of buddies to lean on when Ji Pyeong gets his heart broken probably right after he finally figures out that he likes Dal Mi.


Kim Sun Ho Receives Snack Car Support on the Set of Start-Up From Cast of 1N2D and Moon Se Yoon Makes Hilarious Cameo in Episode 7 — 19 Comments

  1. Ahh. He has my heart, seriously. ♥️
    Such a great actor. Planning to watch Catch the Ghost just for him once Start-Up is done. Lol

    • In kdramas it’s game over once there’s a kiss scene; and in this episode there were two particularly long ones. Didn’t stop the production from trying to pull a Reply 94 or Reply 98 in the epilogue by suggesting that Dalmi liked the old Do San better. Well, Do San will get the girl but Ji Pyeong will get the viewers hearts which in the end is more important 😆.

      • In Dream High (also written by Park Hye Ryun), the second lead (Taecyeon) got the first kiss, but Kim Soo Hyun ended up with Suzy and had another kiss scene with her at the end. I don’t have hope it’ll be the same case here, but I guess it’s not impossible. 😭

      • i really hope it could end up like dream high. but i saw kim soo hyun’s name was next to suzy which make him the male lead.
        and now here’s not the case, and in the epilogue, she said DoSan makes her heart flutter (lover?), while JiPyeong is someone she cares and grateful for (brother?)… so at this point, i’ll just put this drama on hold until i see a miracle.

    • I have never had such bad second lead syndrome until this drama. It doesn’t help that Seon Ho and Suzy are more interactive and convincing off-screen. The way we were robbed of their chemistry. Not one proper scene of them in seven whole episodes. Why does Park Hye Ryun give us so much of Jipyeong’s POV, only to make DoDal the endgame? 😭

  2. Jipyeong has an overwhelming amount of support. Since they’re still filming, I wish Park Hye Ryun could do a plot twist and give Dosan the career success (still making him the male lead) while Jipyeong gets the girl. Dalmi is meant for Jipyeong no matter how you look at it. 😭

  3. Kim Sun Ho’s character is so much more interesting than Do San. I LOVE his relationship with grandma. Major 2nd lead syndrome. I really wish the writer will buck the K drama formula and make Ji Pyeong the end game. I hope this drama brings him the recognition he deserves. He’s such a great actor. Team Ji Pyeong!!

  4. I Lol ed when Moon Se Yoon said he recognized Ji PYeong because his pale face. It reminds me how Kim Seun Ho is always teased by another member of 2d1n because once he fainted in early episode.. and it always mentioned in some other episodes until recently I think 😀

  5. Kim seun ho’s character is the typical kdrama male lead you all to complain about, except this time the writer made him the second lead. Nam Joohyuk’s character is the nice second lead type given the male lead role. All this hype over Jipyeong shows how superficial & hypocritical fangirls are, they claim to be tired of the rich, cold dudes but still jump on him when given the other option they whined about.

    • Nah, the time I, and maybe most fan girls, fell for Jipyeong, was when he was homeless, dirt poor, prickly and an orphan – his money was never a factor. And Do San – regardless of his ‘second lead niceness’ is constantly trying to one up or upstage Jipyeong when it comes to Dalmi. I understand why he feels threatened by Jipyeong’s presence, but considering the story – he really IS the second lead – his attitude rubs me the wrong way. What happened at halmoni’s was both hilarious and sad at the same time actually. Personally, I think Jipyeong is the nicer dude, he just couches it in brutal honesty and a no nonsense manner.

      • Jipyeong’s “homeless, dirt poor” past is the typical male lead tragic backstory. His embarrassing pettiness in the latest ep where he deliberately tried to give Dosan the scrunchie to hurt his feelings shows how pathetic he actually is lol Does that not count as attempts at one-upping in y’alls book or is all criticism only reserved for Dosan?

  6. Happy to see 2days 1 night shows support and love to Seon Ho. I like him in that variety show – can see that he is a warm and caring person. The way he handles diificult situation shows his good nature and a fun person – his prank is hilarious yet classy. The variety is now more fun to watch cos got more fair play.

    In games where there is opportunity to read even just lines, he acted them so professionally well and passionately – he is truly passionate in acting. He has 10 years as stage actor and by grace of a production staff who asked him to audition for a small role in chief kim – that’s how he started to do drama, going for audition for roles. Hope his humble beginnings will be rewarded with love and good script for films or dramas which can showcase his passion and good acting.

  7. I love love Ji Pyeong (he has my heart) but Nam Joo Hyuk is great with Suzy! I don’t begrudge them that and Do San’s and Ji Pyeong’s fake friendship is hilarious to watch. I’m being tugged in two directions as I watch this, it’s insane. Haven’t had such bad second lead syndrome in ages… Do San does have his odd moments that makes her heart flutter. I’m rewatching Good Manager for more Kim Seon Ho, boy’s got me hooked for more…. 😂

  8. I saw the latest ep to the end. When giving back the scrunchie to dosan : 1st scene he was imagining (to tease dosan) – what if dosan ask why he has the scrunchie (dalmi had told him not to tell dosan that she been to a remote place to get funding) hence he decided against it.

    In the actual scene when giving the scrunchie to dosan (in a manner like it is just a scrunchie) before jipyeong can say anything, dosan insulted jipyeong.

    i like jipyeong because of his character (nothing of him being rich or his tragic past).

    I don’t dislike dosan. But character wise i prefer jipyeong.

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