Lee Jun Ki Goes Fashion Forward in November 2020 Arena Homme Pictorial

The evolution of Lee Jun Ki continues full throttle after he tackled a really layered and fascinating character in melodrama Flower of Evil. He had to share the spotlight in the second half with gone full crazy Kim Ji Hoon and that made for double the pleasure. He’s in the pages of Arena Korea this month for a stylistic and highly posed pictorial that takes advantage of his insane side profile and versatility with his metro-androgynous look. The paint splatter jean jacket and pants matching combo shouldn’t work but looks so good on him!


Lee Jun Ki Goes Fashion Forward in November 2020 Arena Homme Pictorial — 20 Comments

    • lol can you not recognise that metro-ango-thingy look on his insane side profile in that first pic?? Neither do I,plus I have no idea what metro-ango thingy means but your so right he looks awkward as in that first pic..the rest though…..Perfect…

  1. The most successful androgynous actor in Korea?. Thats his USP as a business. It works for him. His look, personality and the image he created for himself enhances his career rather than hindering it. He is maturing well.

    He is doing ok as a drama actor but I still look forward to the day he crosses over to Chungmuro and do a movie. It would elevate his career in unimaginable ways. I think if he can hit the jackpot with a good movie script and director. He can score a box office hit not only doing well in indie film.

    As for the photoshoot, lets just say the look where he is wearing white top and black trouser works for me. I am not really a fan of high fashion editorials.

  2. #LEEJOONGI has it all !!! ~ Multi-faceted talented Artist, Great Singer, Fashion Icon and Unparallelled wit and a Humble character rolled into 1.

    Pls Do Watch all his films/kdramas you would definitely praised him for his high calibre acting !!!

  3. This guy though takes up all serious and reserve characters seems like a funny, friendly, witty guy in real. That is what makes him more attractive. His acting is hands down the best. He looked his best in flower of evil. I swear he is aging like a fine wine ❣️His voice Is so so sexy! I love him?❤️❤️

  4. I love you Lee Joon Gi!❤️
    #09Nov2020 @22:36 Phils.
    Those clothes makes u more attractive in my eyes!?
    More great projects for you! GOD bless you always!?

  5. Out of breath! I consider him a great actor,singer, love his sense of humor and still humble! This photos are great! I hope to see him in another drama soon! Stay safe!

  6. My favourite is 1st & 2nd pics. No! All are my favourite. He’s my favourite actor of all time?. Best actor I’ve ever seen. Great actor with kind heart and good soul. God bless him with so many talents?

  7. I’ve watched mostly all of the dramas Lee Jun Ki has acted in and he has surpassed/improved his acting abilities. He’s mesmerizing in each role. I truly enjoy them. Thank you for your sacrifice in being an actor. Many blessings now and in the future of your career.

  8. The man has the qualities to make it and stay there and then some.

    Presence, artistic creativity, pizzazz, personality, genuineness, pure beauty, etc.

  9. LJG, an actor of quality and substance who is true to his works. Yet humble, friendly and down-to-earth with his fans, showing heartfelt and sincere appreciation for them. He’s good in all he does, a well-rounded artiste; from acting to singing and dancing to martial arts. And yes, he’s a fashion icon who looks younger by the day and his defined jawline and expressive eyes make him very attractive. Enjoy watching him interact with his co-stars, children and fans coz of his cheeky, fun and interesting personality. All the best to actor JG!

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