Song Hye Kyo Considering 2021 K-drama Now We Break Up Initially in Talks with Su Ae and Yoo Teo

Anytime K-actress Song Hye Kyo‘s name is bandied about in connection with an acting project it’s sure to get attention. This time it turns out she may be reconsidering a project for initially turned down. Song Hye Kyo has been offered the female lead in 2021 romance drama Now, We Break Up, which she was first offered right out of the gate but turned down due to scheduling conflict. The drama then signed up Su Ae and Yoo Teo together as the leads but in recent weeks both had to drop out also due to scheduling reasons. After the many male lead changes in Kill Me, Heal Me I now longer assume someone saying no to a project means it’s a clunker. The role is of a 38-year old successful fashion designer who takes great care of herself so still is in the best visuals of her life. She takes pride in her work and doesn’t get emotional over men. Nice! The drama is from the screenwriter of Misty and the PD of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, Vagabond, Mrs. Cop, and You’re All Surrounded.


Song Hye Kyo Considering 2021 K-drama Now We Break Up Initially in Talks with Su Ae and Yoo Teo — 15 Comments

  1. It always baffles me when it’s stated as rejecting or dropping due to scheduling conflicts and we don’t see them in any project for a long time or any other project announcement, so how is there scheduling conflict? lol
    It’s more likely due to behind the scenes or personal issues and not particularly the script itself. I hope she picks a different drama because this character sounds like her last character in encounter but in a different environment lol

    • They were ready to film and then Covid pushed it back, they both have other films lined up. If you don’t follow Changmuro, then its probably safe to say you wouldn’t see them in a while.

  2. This is a great news although nothing’s been confirmed yet. The plot sounds interesting and based on what I read, the writer is good. The production company also seems to really want to cast her eventhough she already turned it down.

    But this casting news kinda makes me wonder which drama SHK will eventually choose coz a few weeks ago, her name was mentioned in a list posted on a Korean forum. Apparently, she’s gonna be the lead of a drama written by Hong sisters. Idk how legit the list was or whether she really got the offer but it did get me excited. Really can’t wait to see her on my screen again.

  3. Soo Ae… it been i long time since i hear her name, i really like her role in Queen of Ambition.

    If kyo take this project, i hope the drama give more positive vibe not mello like her last drama and please actual plot!!! ? it sad actually, when i hear kyo turn Hyena, the FL character really interesting. But well, hope the best for her.

  4. Oh no, I was excited to see Yoo Teo in a main role! He’s really good and loved him in Money Game. He was underused in Nurse Files.

    For the role, it looks like Encounter’s role, a successful in her job woman and doing nothing else…

  5. Not much happening in regards to Drama production as highlighted in todays press and much less for next year scheduled due to Covid.If your lucky enough to be offered a drama role in South Korea at the moment best take it in my opinion because a lot of actors including popular one are currently out of work and will be for the forseeable future acording to a report i saw yesterday.Everyone is being effected including this industry in a big way.

  6. If she confirms, I hope her male lead this time is in her age group and one who is charismatic and good at melodramas. She had good chemistry with Hyun Bin in World Within, and Jo In Sung in That Winter, the wind that blows. I know a reunion with these two is close to impossible for many reasons.

    Kim Nam Gil, Nam Goong Min would be great but they are already booked. I hope she gets to work with So Ji Sub and Jo Seung Woo one day. Ji Sung would do as well. He was great with Han Ji Min in Familiar Wife. I think he can pull off a melodrama with Song Hye Kyo too. I dont know if she can match with Jo Jung Suk but it would be interesting to see. From the younger ones, the only one I would recommend is her bestie Yoo Ah In, he is the one who does noona romances well. Lee Jong Suk is a close second but I dont think they would have chemistry even though he does noona romances well and his fans would have a field day bashing her so no.

  7. I wish she doesn’t take this project and chooses a completely different genre..It would become stale if she goes back to melodrama again playing a similar character who is cold -hearted but a successful lady..
    If we look at her contemporaries ,they have tried different concepts recently..Kim Tae Hee played the role of a mom, Son Ye Jin did a rom-com after many years..And next year Jun Ji Hyun will be back with her adventure drama Mount Jiri..
    It’s time for SHK to widen her range..It would be good to see her in a thriller or fantasy drama..

    • I agree. It would be interesting to see her in a thriller like signal or stranger. Or a femalecentric drama like Sky Castle or The World of the Married. Something that requires her to stretch her acting range more.

  8. I also hope she choose another genre to widen her range aside from melodrama or romcom. The plot of this story sounds boring. It would be interesting to see her in a thriller or detective role

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