A Wintry Beach Outing Brings All the Warm and Fuzzies in Start-Up Before the Coming Heartbreak

It’s now three for three in how much I love Suzy as long as she’s in a Park Hye Ryun penned drama. Dream High with Kim Soo Hyun is still one of my favorite OTPs, then While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Seok milked me for tears and smiles equally. Now in Start-Up, she’s just firing on all cylinders with both Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Sun Ho, whereas anytime she’s in a drama with my Good Boy Lee Seung Gi like in Gu Family Book and Vagabond both suck donkey balls. It’s like the two of them generate negative energy lol. Back to Start-Up, this weekend will be a test for the ruse that’s been underscoring the relationships Dal Mi has with both Do San and Ji Pyeong. It’s time to come clean whether she learns it on her own or one of them tells her. I’m more interested in what happens after, but she deserves to meet her first love for real as an adult and then figure out in adult Dal Mi likes that Do San or real Do San that she just met. I’ll take whomever she passes on, heh.


A Wintry Beach Outing Brings All the Warm and Fuzzies in Start-Up Before the Coming Heartbreak — 30 Comments

  1. I love this writer’s work but I don’t know if I can handle watching this if there’s a strong second lead syndrome although I hear you also like the main male lead. I’m still debating internally if I should watch this once this drama is completed. School 2015 wrecked me with SLS. I wish I had the same dilemma with Nine Tail Fox, because I’m shipping everyone with everyone in that drama minus the OTP. I even felt the chemistry between LDW and the Russian Fox when they only interacted briefly in episode 10 lol

    • Yes, there is a strong 2nd male lead syndrome and I’m experiencing it right now. To be honest, personally NJH is overshadowed by KSH both acting and charisma.
      I will check our KSH drama after finishing this drama. He is getting more and more attention, he deserves that.

      • @Ta
        Thank you for the insight! Yeah, I probably won’t make it alive if I watch this drama. I’ve only seen him in Catch that Ghost and I really loved him in it! His presence is so magnetic!

      • I had to drop the drama early on precisely because of it. I hate hate hate Second Lead Syndrome and this one must be the strongest I’ve experienced. It also doesn’t help that the Do San character whom I can’t stand comes off as an opportunist who’ll still get the girl in the end.

      • @aurora

        Eeeks, I better stay away then. I like the cast in general but not enough to overcome this strong SLS obstacle lol thanks for the warning. Unless the writer decides to be daring and let the 2ML and the FL be together, I think it will be a big pass for me. A wonderful story isn’t enough to overcome my SLS allergies lol

      • There really isn’t any 2nd lead syndrome for a Lot of the fans, and the only ones sh/tting on Dosan’s character are KSH’s fangirls lol. I’d recommend you try the show out and see for yourself. Dosan is one of the first male leads that *isn’t* a rich, standoffish prick with a tragic backstory & childhood connection with Female lead. That trope has been handed to the 2nd lead, which is why so many of his fangirls go out of their way to slander the male lead’s character. The Male Lead is a kind, shy, nerdy guy that respects the Female Lead and is actually her friend, he’s honestly a breath of fresh air in kdramaland.

      • Yeah, I’d say the SLS in this one is pretty strong.

        Considering the fact that at the start of the show NJH had over 20 times more Instagram followers than KSH (nearly 13 million vs 600k), the fact that there’s so much support for the SL everywhere really shows just how many people the character won over.

        Definitely takes more than just some “loud fangirls” to overcome such a huge pre-existing gap in popularity between the two male leads.

      • “There really isn’t any 2nd lead syndrome for a Lot of the fans…”

        Of course there isn’t any second lead syndrome for NJH’s fangirls who can’t deal with the fact that he’s as bland as boiled Kleenex and getting outshone by the second lead in every way; be it in acting, presence or charisma. So they sh/t on Han Ji-pyeong as a “rich, standoffish prick” to cope with Do-san being overshadowed. Lmao. Then go on to dismiss the numerous people who prefer the character Han Ji-pyeong as “KSH fangirls” because being a KSH fangirl is the only reason they’d prefer Han Ji-pyeong.

      • I like both guys so I don’t think I fall in either camp. But @Yura’s comment about how Do SAN’s character is a good friend to Dal Mi and respects her, I have to raise my eyebrow a bit. He’s personally benefitting from deceiving Dal Mi on something he KNOWS she would care about. I don’t think that makes him such a good friend or shows that he respects her? Lol

    • @haha, there is no SLS except fan girls sh**ing on Dosan character are KSH fan. Hahaha, why being so secure just to come up with that shallow comment?
      I don’t event know KSH exist until I check out this drama thanks to everyone on here saying how good it is.
      Just accept the fact each time KSH and NJH on screen, he steals it and outshine NJH.
      Don’t blame anyone, just blame the writer, director for creating second lead character so fun and KSH nails it.

  2. This writer always makes the second lead so lonely and pitiful. Jung Hae In in While You Were Sleeping, he was living alone and had to give up his job ; Yoon Gyun-Sang in Pinoccio, he wasn’t really the second lead, but his story was so sad ; and now Ji-Pyeong.

    For me, I could accept Do-San – Dal-Mi couple, when the truth will be out. I will be bitter but at least, I won’t feel unconfortable anymore :p

    • I’m watching while you were sleeping right now… I’m early in the drama rn. I’m sad to know now that Jung Hae’s character will have a lonely story 🙁

  3. Same here. I am fast forwarding all the lovey dovey scenes between Suzy and NJH cos I simply prefer KSH. Just watching for the story now. I do like the entrepreneurs arc and halmonis story. The love triangle I can skip really. Funny thing is in School 2015. I was team swimmer (AKA NJH). I totally agree KSH is stealing the show. Will be willing to day in day out just watch his storyline with grandma unfold. More to love than just romantic relationships. Sometimes kinship makes for the most memorable scenes.

    • I agree. Although it seems to me that the overall story (which I thought was about start-up struggles, success, family, etc.) has become more about “Which one of them deserves to get the girl?”

      In fan discussions on the usual blog sites (dramabeans and reddit come to mind), comments are mostly either #Team Ji-pyeong or #Team Do-san.

      • Ya. Tonight’s ep confirmed everything you just said. I am pretty fed up at this point watching NJH’s crying. I wanna watch more entrepreneur challenges. How they rise to the occasion and problem solve. How injae’s team can resolve the risk impending. Why is Kang Hannas screen time so little. Enough with the triangle garbage already. Its 80% of ep 9. Gosh.

      • Ha… if I get started on Do-san, I might wind up writing dissertations on how much I dislike the guy.

        Don’t know if the persistent love triangle is a tactic to try to boost the lackluster ratings but the only three I find interesting are Ji-pyeong, Halmeoni and In-jae.

        I’m dropping this for now.

      • Same here team DS. They looked so beautiful under the moonlight. Liking them as a couple. She is very confident. Wish to see DS become a very capable man.

  4. that’s why I hate love triangle. I am glad that I have stopped by episode 5, couldn’t stand 2nd lead syndrome any longer. pls give justice to KSH to make me resume watching.

  5. I really adore Do San, so I’m on the right ship I suppose. Although with this writer, there’s hope for the second lead considering in all technicalities, Sam Dong was 2nd lead in DH. He just stole it from everyone and the ending changed.

    In any case, I’m team Do san in this so I’m loving it so far.

  6. I’m honestly struggling to get through the first episode, does it get better or should I not bother if I’m not feeling it so far? I’m also not feeling the letter situation based on lies but I can ignore that due to this being a kdrama.

    Also this post makes me want to rewatch Dream High!!

    • It gets better for a while then gets bad again around ep 5 onwards where the interesting startup stories take a backseat to a very irritating love triangle where ppl keep moping or crying and in this show its the men specifically NJH. So much story arcs to still focus on. Theres a revenge plot to be revealed. A sisters reconciliation to still focus on. Companies in competition to find investors. Learning how to go from being a creative to an actual business to bring in revenue. Smarts to be uncovered. Good tips. We are on ep 10 too so please give the meat. Sometimes its nice to watch dramas like Chief Kim or Stove League or Doctor Prisoner where there is NO romance involved. Gah! I think I just discovered the success factor of Nam Goong Min’s track record. Lol

  7. So glad that the cat is out of the bag. Feel sorry for DM. But, she deserved to know the truth. Now, that she knows the truth, I am excited to see what happens. After watching ep 9, felt really bad for DS. Really want to see him grow confident. He deserves so much more (includes DM too!).
    Hopefully, JP will also find a nice family too!!

  8. I hope all these KSH fans stick with the drama, especially if they support him. He picked this project because he saw something in the script. He’s been a lead before in other projects, so for him to choose the be 2nd lead in StartUp he must’ve really liked the script/character. He has an eye too cause he’s getting so much love. All his hard work is paying off. I am loving this drama and can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

  9. man…i might be in minority who’s liking Dosan as a character. i can relate to him. This drama is so much more than the shipping.. Dosan and Dalmi despite not having a happy childhood still grown up to be kind and has so much warmth and faith to the others. That’s what make them compatible. Rooting for them to be successful in their life whether they’re together or not.

    • Not in the minority buddy, Jipyeong’s fangirls are just louder cuz they know their guy ain’t getting the girl so they spend all their time complaining about Dosan & Dalmi to get rid of their bitterness.

  10. I like the writer, every little line or incidents has a purpose and message and the link. There is probably a reason why jipyeong wrote penpal letters in pencil instead of ink.

    All 4 of them are main leads as was updated by soompi before the premiere of start up. In while you are sleeping, not much focus in triangle but she made 2nd lead very appealing. For this drama, she spends much time on triangle – maybe she is trying to show like business partners, or friends – get the right fit.

    A little disappointed with granny – knowing the truth though it may hurt but it’s a new start for everyone and it’s her choice.

    Sign, by going to retrieve the letter, is jipyeong feeling like he is not entitled to like dalmi? I somehow felt that way cos granny wants her pen pal to be rich smart and kind (unspoken – from good family of which jipyeong does not qualiify).

    Like to see more of injie and reconciliation with dalmi. How she deals with risk. The revenge on who by who and why….? The progress of start up and issues.

    Hope will see another good ep tonite.

  11. I watch this to adore the kinship between grandma and HJP, I careless about HJP getting the girl. HJP deserves happiness and deserves a happy family. Seeing him getting home alone, no one around just makes me want more seeing him with grandma at the corn shop, eating and talking to the grandma
    Lolz, Since when we prefer a character over another then we auto labeled as that actor’s fan girl and being loud? Are you sure you aren’t referring to yourself? Why being so insecure?

    • Ya. I was trying to hold that in but i deferred the poster as a probable angry teen so whatever floats her boat to let her be. So cringe the term “fangirls”. Frankly NJH is a 50/50 for me. I really like him in some productions and some not so much. Here he is unfortunately outshone, out-acted by a lesser known actor but at least I am realist enough to call the spade as it is. This is my second production of KSH which the first is Chief Kim. Did not even find him ultra memorable there but he is good in Start Up and attractive to say the least.

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