Kim Hye Yoon to Make Cameo Appearance in High School Romance K-drama Live On

I thought K-actress Kim Hye Yoon would be a lot more active this year in 2020, after her two breakout roles the prior year with Sky Castle then Extraordinary You. She does have a K-drama lined up with next year’s Snowdrop but she’s the second female lead with Ji Soo and Jung Hae In, and now her fans will have to content themselves with her second guest star appearance this year in the upcoming K-drama Live On. She was fantastic in her earlier cameo in Record of Youth, it’s a shame her character showed up in the first episode because after the dullsville lack of personality of the female lead if I saw her fiery makeup artist later on in the drama it would have been even more appreciated. She was an angry woman scorned in RoY but for Live On she dons the high school uniform again playing an announcer in the school’s broadcast club. She always looks so cute in school attire.


Kim Hye Yoon to Make Cameo Appearance in High School Romance K-drama Live On — 12 Comments

  1. She has a film lined up, in post production for release next year. I am hoping Sky Castle team doesn’t screw her over. I am still on the fence about her taking Snowdrop. Also, the director for Live On is one of the PD from Extraordinary You. Looks like, people who have worked with her before really like having her back again. I am excited to see Live On and her cameo. It looks good.

  2. Her short cameo proves to me she acts the same in all her dramas. Fiery acting delivery and high pitch tone. Maybe it’s a good thing she’s second lead in snow drop, she’s hasn’t proven to me personally she could do diverse acting.

    • High Pitch tone in ROY cameo, I replayed that scene with two people I know from music school just to figure out if my ears have gone bad? Honey, you didn’t watch, go on hate anyway.

      • There is no need to get fresh with me if I have a different view. The clip is also on YouTube. Her acting style is the same from castle to extraordinary to her cameo. It’s not as high pitch but it’s still noticeable.

  3. I am happy that she is keeping herself busy with cameos but I am really hoping for her to be a lead in another drama and explore different roles (more adult roles).

    Anyway, wishing her all the best in Snowdrop and I hope that she continues to shines despite not being the lead.

    • I tried to give extraordinary you a chance but her acting was so over the top I couldn’t force myself to finish the first episode. Her speaking voice is not easy on the ears either. I thought I was the only one since everyone raves about that show.

    • It’s not a competition. Kim Hye Yoon is doing her thing. Kim So Hyun is doing her thing. Kim Yoo Jung is doing her thing. No need to pit three hardworking women against each other.

  4. She did a movie, different MV, cameo in dramas, advertising, she’s pretty busy. I’m really excited to see her in her next project.

  5. Her voice does grate but I admire her work ethic. I like that she doesn’t restrict herself to any particular role but takes any work she can find. I haven’t watched any of her dramas to completion, I’ve only seen clips of her dramas, but I did like her cameo in ROY, enough to see that she’s solid and has the potential to be better. She may have some challenges as her voice is polarizing – some audience likes it, while others can’t stand it. The good thing about it is that it will make her memorable and distinguish her from other actresses of her age .

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