tvN Sageuk Queen Cheorin Releases New Poster and Stills of Leads Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun

I’m so excited for tvN sageuk Queen Cheorin that I’m not even annoyed it can’t settle on an English drama title. I think using the Korean title would be best but first it went with No Touch Princess and now it’s going to be Mr. Queen. That’s a little to cheeky and I won’t want to run afoul of the PC police so I won’t weigh in beyond that. All three titles refer to the titular Princess and future Queen of Joseon played by Shin Hye Sun as a woman with a modern day man’s soul inside. Time travel hijinks aside, the poor guy has to live as a woman with only the historical comforts afforded the gender, not to mention conforming to palace dictates. He is married to the handsome and likely much deeper than he looks Prince and future King played by Kim Jung Hyun, who excels at the wastrel exterior and hidden pain interior.


tvN Sageuk Queen Cheorin Releases New Poster and Stills of Leads Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun — 10 Comments

  1. This is the only drama I’m looking forward to see in December. Both leads actors are brilliant in acting and I see the chemistry will be awesome. I have a feeling that this drama could be a surprised hit.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a hit since sageuks usually do well. And this one has good things going for it.

      Really loving that poster. When is it airing again? After Start-Up?

      • Yeah, it will air after Start-Up. I said that it would be a surprise hit because leads are not A-lists and very popular actors. Look at True Beauty, it has Korea hit boy Cha Eun Woo as ML, even though CEW’s acting is bad. True Beauty will make more buzz and popularity. In this drama, both SHS and KJH are very talented actors and the whole line-up is pretty solid, so, I’m sure it could do well.

      • Wow i have a doppelganger on this site??? Flattered that someone chooses to replicate a handle I have been using here for years. Ok. My new handle is Lydia1 then. Looking forward to his drama. Its very anticipated. I think someone in content acquisition at Netflix is definitely a CEW fan. Heard they are putting that for showing in real time and also has his other dramas in their slate. This one not sure if its gonna be on Netflix at the same time (1 hour after TX) with Korea but fingers crossed. Premise is definitely interesting

  2. Shin Hye Sun has such charisma on-screen, one of the best actually. This is airing after Start-Up? I think this will be a hit since Shin Hye Sun herself is a ratings magnet. Majority of her dramas have done well or at least above average, so tvN will finally have a hit in their Sat-Sun timeslot after the string of low or under-performing shows.

  3. Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun aren’t A-listers, but they can deliver the same level of acting. People in SK aren’t so focused on star power as they used to, they care more about acting prowess. SHS and KJH can deliver the 10/10 acting they want to see. I believe this tandem will impress. The plot sounds interesting and unpredictable and the teasers look extremely fun. I genuinely hope it becomes a hit!

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