Kim Sun Ho is a Dynamic Palette in December 2020 Esquire Korea Pictorial

Viewers of tvN Sat-Sun drama Start-Up naturally love Kim Sun Ho and his character. There is nothing not to love, he’s flawed and prickly and whip smart and deeply emotional from a lifetime of telling himself that he’s not emotional. It’s a great character and Kim Sun Ho is doing it beyond justice, so I really really hate the love triangle or second lead shipping wars in the drama. It detracts for his character fully having his own agency and choices, and I am so invested in seeing how he keeps walking forward knowing everything that has happened is of his own involvement. I can see his career really taking off in the same vein of Namgong Min which is a great compliment to them both, the leading men who disappear into roles and display wild versatility. Start-Up could really be the start-up of his next level up and this latest Esquire Korea pictorial shows us that he’s got all the right visuals to satisfy.


Kim Sun Ho is a Dynamic Palette in December 2020 Esquire Korea Pictorial — 8 Comments

  1. He is definitely one of the breakout stars of this year. He is already a popular theater actor but only chose to be a tv actor few years ago. I just hope that he won’t leave 2d1n in case he will get busier and become more popular. Even his members in the show can already feel his increased popularity. Speaking of NGM, Seonho’s first tv drama is Chief Kim!!! I hope Seonho would chose a dark genre for his next drama in which he can be the anti-hero but I bet he would chose a romance drama to solidify his leading man status.

    • I want to see him as a doctor on his next project, or his next next project in accordance to what he wanted to become back then. He’ll surely fit on that role.

  2. He caught my eye in Strongest Delivery Man and I’ve tried to watch all his other dramas. His star is definitely on the rise and I’m glad because he’s very talented and has loads of charisma. I hope he gets more leading men roles but I would also love just watching him in other genres. He’s not drop dead gorgeous but still very appealing.

  3. He’s a really good actor. I love him in Start-Up but in You Drive Me Crazy too, he was the perfect boyfriend.

    In 2 Days 1 Night, he’s really good too. He has a good chemistry with the other members and he’s clumsly and cute.

    He’s really handsome too. I prefer him to NJH because I find him more charming, his eyes and smile are warm.

  4. He’s gonna act in a theather play with Park Hosan from january to March (if covid19 permits it). I love his love for theather. But yeah I think after the play he will continue with a romance drama to solidify his career. But later I hope he goes into movies…He’s really charismatic.

    And yeah he’s so handsome, that’s what I thought at first…but then he smiled and I was instantly his fan

  5. It’s interesting how different kim seon ho in 2d1n. He is not maknae, but sometimes his variety rookie experience makes him as maknae which other member often tease him. But definitely he improves a lot now.
    I hope 2021 will launch his career higher.

  6. Go Kim Seon-ho, go!!! He has a wonderful warm personality in real life, and seems to be humble too. I hope Start Up is a start to his leading man career!! He has this charm that slowly grabs you the more you watch him. Hope his next project brings him success!

  7. I am so happy for him for the recognition he received. He sings and draws well too. Hope there be opportunity for him to sing an ost and exhibition of his drawings.

    I enjoy watching him on 2d1n, he is pure at heart and jovial. Really appreciate his hardwork.

    Hope to see him more, using his amazing talent and chemistry, on small screen as well as big screen.

    Have a good weekends and stay safe.

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