Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo’s Delayed Thriller Movie Call Premieres on Netflix

Consider it a Black Friday gift to the world from Netflix, if you’re either not out shopping and also not still passed out from too much turkey and wine last night on Thanksgiving. The thriller K-movie Call, originally with a February 2020 premiere date, has been released exclusively on Netflix streaming worldwide. If you have an account, and either love Park Shin Hye, or want to check out a thriller movie with an all female cast, this would be the flick for you. I’m planning to watch so haven’t checked out reviews yet, don’t want to spoil as I think the twists in that phone call across two decades will probably be central in making this movie world so I want to be surprised. It’s nice to see Park Shin Hye stretch but Jeon Jong Seo is totally creepy and it’s the second time I’ve seen her take on a role where I’m just skeeved out by her even in the previews alone.


Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo’s Delayed Thriller Movie Call Premieres on Netflix — 26 Comments

  1. I saw the movie and it’s really interesting, the plot was somewhat confusing and I was disappointed by the incongruity of the ending, but very entertaining and a good movie. PSH cursing is something to see.
    I am usually somewhat discrta in PSH articles as the girl tends to attract a lot of hate, I hope it is appreciated that she is trying to get out of her comfort zone.

    • I thought the ending made a lot of sense! I don’t want to post any spoilers, but I personally thought it made sense. I was so freaked out by the movie, my hearts still pounding 30 minutes later.

      • Maybe it bothers me because it is an open ending and I doubt that there is a second part, maybe if I see it a second time the ending is more explicit for me since the first time I saw it was with dubbing because my friends were very lazy to read subtitles.

  2. Was excited, super happy Netflix is streaming this. Now after 10 mins into the movie, I’m already creeped out by this. ? Uh, should I continue to watch this? Maybe watching in the morning will be a better idea. ?

  3. I still love shin hye the eyes is really talking even she’s not talking ..
    She’s excellent ever.. she played it as hreslly good love shin hye ever

  4. For all the shit Park Shin Hye got from certain salty people in the past (usually idol-actress stans), she’s a reliably decent actress in drama and movie roles, and her projects have all done at least decently in ratings/tix sold even if they’re not great (Memories of Alhambra got to 10 percent ratings on cable, Alive managed to sell close to 2 million tickets in a pandemic). Good on her! Also I find I like her in thriller/horror movie type stuff more than romcom lol, she was good in Alive.

    • She’s a decent actor albeit Alive being kinda disappointing tho.

      Most of the time, the plots and directing are the problems but haters tend to hate the actors when they just did what directed to them. Look at those idol-actors like IU, with proper script and directing, they can get good results.

      • Agree and Disagree. There are some actors or actresses who, even with good directing and writing, still have poor to average performances. While on the flip side, some can give stellar performances with horrible plot and directing. I think Park Shin Hye is ok, but even in well-written dramas, she still comes off as mediocre IMO despite being former child actress. Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun, on the other hand, act extremely well regardless of script.

      • @Ameera thumbs up?
        Thanks dear for this awesome comment.PSH was excellent in call.but still some ppl can’t digest it.they still continuing to put hate on her.i don’t know why some say she is medicore once she is in screen iam automatically drawn towards her.she is flawless for me.and also she owns it in emotional acting.i didn’t see anyone who potrayed emotion like she did

    • I don’t think it’s only haters, though. Some are just giving honest opinions on her acting. IMO she’s ok as actress, but I kind of expected more since she’s been in the industry since childhood. Other actresses the same age as her, like Park Bo Young and Seo Yeji, don’t get hated on for their acting despite being popular as well.

      • Try again! Not today….you’re trying your idle best to undermine all that she has worked hard to achieve.

        So you dislike her as an actress… so be it. Her acting style is not to your taste…keep it pushing! But what you’re not going to do is undermine her efforts. She may not be a completely immersive actress, but she’s self-aware enough to know her own strengths and weaknesses. And she does her absolute best to deliver on whatever the role requires her to.

        In fact, she is quite a stable actress. I doubt that you even bothered to watch her recent film. It feels like you noticed she was getting a bit of attention;for a work that is not barely 24hrs old and you couldn’t bare the thought of her receiving some sound or positive commentary.

        So you must deflect, distract…whatever it takes to remind people who dislike/hate her to stay on code. I see right through the facade. It must be irking you that you cannot trash her recent effort.

        I am not a regular poster on this blog, because honestly who really wants to engage in what has become a cesspool. But I have been on this site on and off for over a decade so I’ve observed the way this particular actress has been eviscerated under the guise of constructive criticism.

        Well not today!! I have time.
        No other actress… be it idol or not, active or not has received the kind vitriol PSH has faced over the span of a decade. I stress on this, in spite of my awareness of the constant incessant insults the aformentioned actresses you so conveniently thought to make comparison with…face regularly.

        It is bad enough that there are limited female-centric roles to begin with;and even fewer ones with some actual gravitas to go around. And its only in recent time that things have started to slightly shift…

        Yet PSH like most actresses in her time, made the most of what was considered acceptable tv. Still she made the most of her situation, while navigating her career and making that gradual transition from child actress to adult.
        KYJ & KSH who are blossoming before our eyes, are actresses who offer immediate impact, but their teenage development did not occur at the same time period of PSH.

        She comes from a small agency and up until recently, she has carried them on her back. She has worked hard to gain the interest of the writers and directors who choose to cast her, by proving her mettle. She has her weaknesses but she is not afraid to push forward and strive to improve.

        The woman has been accused of all kinds of heinous things, but she lives in her space and doesn’t step on any toes. She may not be the best, but she’s charismatic enough on screen to draw audience interest and attention. Infact she is very accommodating to the extent she gets taken advantage of (Ala Memories of the Alhambra).

        PSH is highly intelligent and secure and if it were not for the dependable actress that she has become; there is no way she would be getting the opportunities that have been afforded her. She has earned the right to explore and succeed.
        When she stuck to the status quo…you people would say all she does is the same thing…she is bland etc. When people acknowledge that she emotes well…you lot later said…boo hoo all she does is cry.

        She finally tries something new and says she wants to try different genres in her 30s…(again folks say: gosh..i can’t stand her let me think of whatever possible so that I can make her look bad, I can’t bear the thought of her getting some acknowledgment).Furthermore, let me pretend to give ‘constructive criticism’ and begrudgingly compliment her…no no scratch that I’ll give her a backhanded compliment.

        I swear at times I wish she would be greedier…more haters would lose sleep over it.

        There are many actors and actresses who are equally talented or even more so. They all deserve to succeed just as well as anybody else.

        PBY has created her own path, SYJ has been grinding and is finally also creating her own. Park Shin Hye, too has the right to pave her own and continue to appreciate the small or large triumphs/failures along the way.

        If you don’t have a kind word for her or her efforts just leave well enough alone. Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion…but recognize you intentions are quite transparent. Thankfully, she doesn’t visit such sites…I could only imagine what her mental health would have been like over the years. She has regrets, we all have regrets. But recognize the things you say about her pokes only at her fans but doesn’t take away from her blessings.

        PSH is here to stay until she decides otherwise.
        Initially I never really cared for her as much. I had watched her career from stairway to heaven on and off. I grew a disdain for the Heirs character so much so that I resented her for it. But then Pinocchio happened and I realised maybe I was too extreme, so I gave her a chance…however it was the extreme hatred for her from the international community that made me curious. And the more I learnt about her as a human being..the more I grew to like and even respect her.

        It isn’t easy being famous and experiencing your youth before the eyes of the world . And I for one I’m proud of the woman she is becoming. For this reason I have great empathy for the KIM Actresses’ plight. I looked forward to seeing her growth beyond this present moment.

      • That is what we call relative taste. While I love Park Bo Young’s acting, I somewhat cringed at her crying scenes. I find the the three good in acting and very beautiful too- PSH, SYJ, and PBY. But Park Shin Hye for me has that x-factor and charisma. Which opinion seems to be shared by many as all her drama are certified hits. And now The Call is rising in ranks as the most watched in the world at Netflix.

    • FYI, most of her dramas have high-ratings and are successful.from the Heirs to Memories of Alhambra,please do your research. You are just trying to downplay her success by saying that “her projects have all done decently but not great.” which is far from the truth. Give me someone whose dramas are consistently top-rating?

      • Please learn to read. “not great” in my comment specifically meant the quality of the works themselves, NOT their ratings (which I literally said were all decent). If you want to be offended by that, be my guest.

        And if you seriously think Memories of Alhambra was a ‘great’ drama, I have no further words.

  5. They’re Just jealous people…(who hates PSH) even though they’re talking Shits about her? PSH is blessed with a good ❤️…..

  6. I can’t agree more.i feel bad for PSH for getting hate for nothing.Even without big agency,she maintained her success throughout in Korean industry.I think ppl judge her bz of hergood character in dramas I think.she doesn’t played any bitch type charcter.maybe that’s why. iam also curious how it will come out.l hope through this call everyone change their opinoins about her acting.she potrayed an array of emotions which l doubt if anyone can pull it off likethat.she was freaking awesome.I hope someday she will play a villain character?
    Waiting for badass seohae in februray?

  7. Thank God the non fans in Twitter not sleeping on SH acting and even admit that she did well. SH actually rejected the role when she first offered coz the villain (Jong seo role) is a dominant psychopath and made her think that she will get drag along the movie like some of her drama role, cough*moa*cough. Fortunately, she discussed it with the writer/PDnim and they agree to revised the script. I personally think that her role didn’t have much material to begin with, but thankfully, she pulled off every emotions needed from anticipation and happiness to terror and sadness to the guilt and madness which balance the complexity of Jong soe role. Btw, the call already raising to no 7 movie in Netflix rating in the world right now since released last Friday

  8. @Ameera, I totally agree to your whole post! You expressed what I have been thinking and what I have posted here before when some posters begin to drag her name in comparison to some imagined actress who they think deserved better! Everyone deserves better, PSH does too! She never gets any credit for her continued success in ratings for how many years now? and how she had challenged herself with recent roles. As a fan, I appreciate how this young director totally believed in her ability and even changed the role to get her approval! May she continue her success both in the small and big screens. We could just ignore the haters because Park Shin Hye will continue being a success and being the envy of some;)

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