Kim Soo Hyun Takes Home the Acting Category Daesang at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards with Lots of Popular Stars Attending

I had heard the 2020 Asia Artist Awards may be postponed due to COVID-19 increasing in South Korea but it went on this weekend, without an audience but actually really nice to see many popular stars taking the time to attend and accept their awards in person. I usually critique the red carpet outfits but I could care less, just seeing happy, healthy faces is satisfying enough. Kim Soo Hyun won the Daesang in the acting category in his first post-military acting return with tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay, and also took him the Hot Issue Award with his costar Seo Ye Ji who also took home another award in the Best Artist category. Other notable winners were Lee Jun Ki winning both Asia Celebrity and Best Artist and Kim Sun Ho (Good Boy!) awarded Most Emotive. Didn’t even know that was a possible award category but he totally nails that on lol. Check out the full winners below.

Winners in the Acting Category for the Asia Artist Awards 2020:

Daesang (Drama Category): Kim Soo Hyun
Asia Celebrity (Actor): Lee Jun Ki 
Hot Issue Award (Actor): Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay)
AAA Choice (Actor): Park Joo Hyun, Ahn Bo Hyun
AAA Best Icon (Actor): Lee Joo Young (Itaewon Class)
AAA Best Emotive (Actor): Ahn Bo Hyun, Kim Sun Ho
Best Acting Award:
 Jeon Mi Do, Lee Joon Hyuk
AAA Best Actor: Lee Sung Kyung, Ahn Hyo Seob
AAA Best Artist (Actor): Seo Ye Ji, Lee Jun Ki
AAA Focus (Actor): Ahn Eun Jin (Hospital Playlist)
Best New Artist (Actor): Han So Hee, Lee Jae Wook 
AAA Potential (Actor): Kim Hye Yoon, Jinyoung
Scene Stealer Award: Kim Min Jae (Peninsula)


Kim Soo Hyun Takes Home the Acting Category Daesang at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards with Lots of Popular Stars Attending — 232 Comments

  1. Actually, Lee Jung Jae also won Daesang in the film category and was also there to receive his award.

    Both him and KSH deserves it. Also, I believe this is KSH’s 4th Daesang. Man has a total of 5 dramas since he graduated from being a child actor. That is an insane achievement. The Korean entertainment world loves him, but I hope he continues to challenge himself and not pick predictable/boring/repetitive projects. So far so good!

      • Yup. It’s his 5th. Just realized he won 3 alone for Producers (which IMO was an even better acting performance than PBIO).


      Wow. We have validation that Lee Joon Gi is an outstanding actor from a writer, Joon Chan Ok in ‘Cultura 2020’.

      Lee Joon Gi has been named ‘2020 Icon’ in the drama category.

      What a wonderful acknowledgement of his acting skills and performance!

      Professor Kim Min Jung also has an article, Various Faces In a Drama – Emotionless: A Flower Called Lee Joon Gi.


  2. that was actually pre-recorded on the 25th… then even after that, broadcasting has been delayed for like a 30-60 mins i think due to influx of viewers which they should have expected due to kpop groups. such a disappointment.

    but aside from seeing moon couple, one of the highlight was the lawless lawyer otp reunion as well.

  3. Congrats to the winners! Curious, how were the winners chosen for this, are there jurors or is it thru online voting/popularity, etc.? Also, I find the categories interesting lol but the actors/actresses must definitely be happy and grateful with the recognition

    • I think fans voted online.

      I wonder if Kim Seon ho’s award has anything to do with his role in Start-Up? If so, the drama is not yet over and he’s already won an award. Could it be the power of Han Ji-pyeong? Hehe

      • It’s not a popularity award so it’s decided by a Jury. There were no fan votes for Daesang and why all the KPop fans are freaking out on BlackPink’s lack of awards. Same with BTS. Daesangs are just given out to what each award body’s jury/panel decides.

        Dunno about the “hot issue award” tho. That’s possibly voted.

    • This is an “attendance award” show. All of the attendees were given awards [even those that are questionable] Not really about popularity but there are also no legit criteria to how the winners are chosen. Most of the award names esp in music criteria are outrageous. So I guess it has no bearing but can still add up trophy though for the artists.

    • I have talk about this here but not in reply to your comments.

      Drama ratings? Don’t believe them. South Korea’s ratings system is flawed in the first place.

      Do we have to talk about its inherent weaknesses?

      Anyway, it does not take into consideration online viewing through streaming sites and other viewing platforms.

      If it efficiently does that, perhaps it will change the way we perceive the demographics of drama viewers.

      Think about it.

      Flower of Evil is the Best Drama of 2020. Lee Joon Gi is the Best Actor of 2020.




  4. Kim Soo hyun! Seo Ye ji! Lee Jun ki! 💓💓💓

    Not just the Moon-Moon couple but a Ha Jae Yi/Bong Sang Pil reunion? Awesome.

    A huge congratulations to ALL the winners!

  5. Why do all the korean women always wear white dresses? It totally washes out their face and look. Maybe they are giving a sneak a peek, fishing for a perspective spouse.

  6. AAA is infamous and unrivaled as the trashiest award show. Lmao all the made-up categories just to hand out out an award to those in attendance is hilarious.

    • Hahahahahahahahahaha… you’re just bitter Suzy didn’t win anything when Kim Seon ho who’s stealing the show in her latest flop drama managed to win something. What a clown! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

      • Kim seonho isn’t stealing jack. Suzy’s outselling him in the acting department but the oppalogists are too far up the his middle aged a** to ever admit to it. Don’t drag her into this clowns salt train

    • KSH is the highest paid drama actor in Korea, so evidently there are many people who think he’s better. And by highest paid I read he got 200,000,000 won per episode; more than double the next actor.
      I feel like AAA is like the school teacher who makes sure every student gets an award at the end of the year so “it’s fair” & no one feels left out.

    • For you kind information….daesang is not only an acting award.It even involves their role in pre production process too.
      I am definitely sure that you have watched iotnbo only once or maybe you have not seen it. I recommend you to please watch it again to understand how well he played the role of gangtae and yeah even the BTS of iotnbo to see how he took care of every detail…Do you think Critics Praised him for nothing??he made an ordinary character into an extraordinary character with his skills.
      When it comes to popularity,It resulted to 3rd hallyu wave.It is the first kdrama to top on Netflix..Even the celebrities mentioned about the drama in their sns and whatnot..
      Please raise your voice for your favourite but not commenting on others…😟

      • Well said. If you look at all the previous grand prize winners they are all reputable actors in acting not just based on popularity. His inner acting, stability, detailed tone control, and modest facial performance made this complicated character fun to watch. He is really an actor not like to repeat his work, I really think he deserves to be the youngest Grand prize winner.

      • Kim Soo Hyun fans at their finest… sigh. It didn’t top Netflix. The so-called 3rd wave of Hallyu is not a thing and even it was it started with CLOY and continued with bunch of successful dramas before IOTBO. tvN desperately tried to make up costs by failing ratings to expensive production by cutting it in half, which they never did until IOTBO and Start up. So, please, be happy for your guy, but don’t underestimate how his drama performed. Especially when we had CLOY, IC, HP and TWOM this year. All who had much more success and much more talented cast.

      • @ gosh Good thing none of us are “underestimating” iotnbo 😉 otoh, it sure seems to be getting your panties in a twist. And it isn’t “Kim Soohyun fans at their finest” making the 3rd hallyu wave claim up out of thin air, multiple journalists actually wrote about the drama using that exact phrasing for iotnbo. No need to feel insecure, iotnbo’s success doesn’t mean the other dramas didn’t perform great as well. Your salt about your oppars shouldn’t blind you to reality :p

      • @ gosh Sorry but 60% of IOTNBO’s budget was shouldered by Netflix. The cutting of budget that you said never happened. So, why would tvn make up for the cost of production? The remaining 40% wasn’t even shouldered by tvN alone. There are investors too, plus, the province where they shot the drama also contributed to the budget. And in the end, it turned out to be a successful Netflix drama. Even Koreans know it. You can see on Naver and the Qoo. The province also acknowledges the impact of the show to their city’s tourism. And please, news portals (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) are the ones stating that it contributed to the Third Hallyu Wave, not random people.

      • Is it the hired keyboard writers praising him? Those employed to fawn over him?
        Lee Joon Gi is obviously a better actor than Kim Soo Hyun or anyone else.

      • “Hired” on this d*mb blog, lol. Y’all are beyond delusional. Looks like stanning LJG results in loss of braincells. Maybe y’all should go support him so he actually wins stuff next time instead of throwing tantrums when other outshine him




      • What, have you been living under a coconut shell all these years? He may not have won the top local awards recently but Lee Joon Gi won International awards. How’s that? Why didn’t he win those local awards? Foul play? Prejudice? Conspiracy? How do we know?

      • Kim Soohyuns won many “International awards” too. He outshines based on every metric lol.

  7. Asia Artist Awards (AAA) is a real sham and is controversial like many other local South Korean award shows. How can Kim Soo Hyun be better than Lee Joon Gi? Lee Joon Gi’s FLOWER OF EVIL is so well-received not just in Asia but also globally. FLOWER OF EVIL is such an AMAZING DRAMA and LEE JOON GI is such a STERLING ACTOR. No other drama or actor is comparable. The director and scriptwriter have done such a great job of putting the landmark drama together.

    Lee Joon Gi is so much better than Kim Soo Hyun. Kim Soo Hyun is defintely not his match. I repeat, he is NOT as good as Lee Joon Gi. Kim Soo Hyun looks the same and his demeanour is the same in his 2014 My Love From The Star as in his 2020 It’s Okay Not To Be Okay except that he looks older this year. His hairstyle which made an impression on fans in 2014 remains unchanged. Use the same hairstyle to get the same reaction. Do you call deadpan expressions or a poker face almost throughout the drama good acting? He has that expression in that 2014 drama which he replicates in 2020. Veteran actors with botox injections look like that too. Not denigrating or belittling him or veteran stars but highlighting some truths. Compare the eye expressions of Lee Joon Gi and that of Kim Soo Hyun when they express coldness etc.

    Fans have always wondered what DAESANG means. DEFINE DAESANG in layman’s terms so that international fans can understand. DESCRIBE DAESANG.

    In 2018, a veteran actor was given a Tourism Award when he got the Daesang. He didn’t attract any fans to South Korea, did he? He must have flinched. Where is the proof? My, was he surprised when he received the award! In fact Lee Joon Gi’s Thai fans came in a few busloads one particular year. Where was the Tourism Award from the showbusiness awards organizations? Some actors have even got such awards from the government or Tourism Ministry. Now, this is very interesting.

    Lee Joon Gi attracted a few hundred Japanese or international fans at his concert at a hotel at the end of last year – Christmas 2019. He should also have received the Tourism Award from AAA 2020. Did AAA coveniently remove that Tourism Award to suppress him? Perhaps, Kim Soo Hyun has no such proof of actual or physical support in comparison with that for Lee Joon Gi.In fact, Lee Joon Gi has been attracting tourists and support from international fans for a long time. Popularity voting can be manipulated but physical proof of fans coming to support Lee Goon Gi is real proof of his superstar status and attraction. How long can award charades last? Is this not frightening that award shows can be manipulated?

    Lee Joon Gi got a lot of support for FLOWER OF EVIL from fans all over the world. There were advertisements for FLOWER OF EVIL in many places in Seoul. It should not be so easily forgotten that he is not just an Asian Celebrity but a Global Celebrity. He has not been properly recognised.

    APAN is no better. Why did APAN remove LEE JOON GI, MOON CHAE WON and FLOWER OF EVIL from the Nominee List even before the event? Moon Chae Won is also an amazing actress. She should have obtained an award for her acting performance in AAA 2020. FLOWER OF EVIL is such a spectacular drama.

    There is some kind of CONSPIRACY in award shows. Are some of these organizations linked in some ways? Are they conspiring in certain ways? Are these powerful people just doing as they please because they have money, power and influence? Can one say that a certain group of people control the awards shows? It is quite noticeable that many award shows seem to promote only certain actors or artists. Judges in a judging panel? Ha. Ha. Ha.

    There is a lot of injustice and untruths in South Korean Showbusiness. But not many speak out against such injustice and untruths.

    Do we really know whether the awards are frauds or whether the award shows are phoney or not? It seems that many awards are designed to push certain actors or artists to the forefront. Check the awards of some actors.

    Is this their idea of a joke? All these jokes are often repeated because there is no strong opposition to such jokes.

    But then, they are South Korean award shows for the South Koreans. If South Koreans see and feel the injustice and keep quiet, who are we, the INTERNATIONAL fans, to cirticise their shows?

      • Jealousy is an inner consciousness of one’s own inferiority. It is a mental cancer.

        By BC Forbes


      • I am sorry, but i so disagree. KSH can act with his eyes alone. LSG, i love him, too, but, the man can’t cry. Aside from that, everything in Flower of Evil was flawless, except when he cried. I was cringing.😬 But, again, that’s just me. ✌✌✌

      • I heartily agree with Tom’s assessment of Lee Joon Gi. He is an exceptional actor.

        You cringe because it’s the first time you watch men crying with abandon. That’s why it is such a unique and standout drama. That’s why Lee Joon Gi is different from the other actors. The others can only cry few tears or cannot cry at all like traditional men in traditional dramas but this man Do Hyun Soo played by Lee Joon Gi shows a different type of man. This facet of males has never been shown before and Lee Joon Gi is the only actor who boldly shows this weak side of men. This is world class acting and Flower of Evil is a world class drama.
        Your idol or oppa cannot cry like him bec he cannot act that well.

    • KIM SOO HYUN have blown up whole ASIA alone with My love from another star. Bring 2nd hallyu wave after long time. SOUTH KOREA GOT $1.2 BILLION DOLLARS PROFIT from My love from another star. IN 2012 KSH got Minster or culture Tourism , In 2014 Awarded by PRIME MINISTER OF KOREA for SPREADING HALLYU WAVE. In 2015 got DAESANG BY SK GOVERNMENT for his huge contribution.


      Always in TOP 4 hallyu kings. He most demanded Korean in drama land choosen by directors producers and entertainment companies.

      • Joon Gi OPPA congrats. 2020 ICON for DRAMA.

        We all love you OPPA. You are a GIFT from God. Thank you God for our Joon Gi OPPA

    • I’m an international fan and Daesang means grand prize. Similar to best actor, best picture, etc. The topic of mental health is still taboo in Korea, so I’m sure that playing a risky and uncommon role also played a part in the wins For Okay not to be Okay. Not sure if you watched all the episodes, but as the story goes on, the audience learns why his personality is so monotone and then how he comes to let go of it.

    • So what? Of course it’s all fake. Same goes for Bollywood and Hollywood. Welcome to #1 dirtiest, dishonest and abusive industry in any country – the entertainment. #2 is journalism. No one in their right mind takes any of them them seriously. Just relax and enjoy the visuals. I know I will.

    • Not a fan of Kim Soohyun, but you’re saying he can’t act and he’s not a global celebrity??? LOL the man can ACT. Also, Lee Minho, Kim Soohyun, and Hyun Bin are currently the global IT actors with global advertisements and Netflix worldwide hits. Lee Junki is not one of them. He is past is heyday, which is why he keeps mentioning Scarlet Heart even though it ended 4 years ago. Even in Korea, FoE was outsold in ratings by Lee Dongwook’s Tale of Nine-tailed even though Tale of Nine-Tailed is messy drama.

      • Lee Joon Gi is humble and respectful of everyone including seniors or juniors in the industry from the top to the bottom. You talk so mightily, so is KSH high and mighty too? Past his heyday? Yes, the broadcast of MLSHR had ended 4 years ago. Do you know that his Moon Lovers scarlet Heart Ryeo is so unforgettable that he is the talk of the Internet with him being chosen as the brand ambassador of a Chinese mobile game this year – 2020? Legendary dramas are timeless and unforgettable. In contrast, your oppa’s dramas are forgettable and you are ignorant of international events.

      • Tom is right. I’ve checked the facts. Lee Joon Gi should get the DAESANG.

        Flower of Evil is clearly in an unfavourable position but it has done very well in the ratings. It was aired on inconvenient weekdays and in an unfavourable time slot 22:50 / 10:50 pm. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay and Crash Landing On You were aired on the relaxing weekends and at the favourable primetime slots 21:00 / 9 pm. The ratings for the Lee Joon Gi’s Flower of Evil are almost the same as the ratings for Kim Hyun Joon’s It’s Okay Not To Be Okay BUT the ratings for It’s Okay Not To Be Okay lost to the ratings for Crash Landing on You. But, both have 2 advantages over Flower of Evil – 1. Primetime broadcast slots 2. The prized weekends

        The World of The Married and Itaewon Class which were aired late at night has the advantage of being aired on the weekends too, Fri & Sat. Like them, The King: Eternal Monarch was broadcast on Fri & Sat but 1 hour later at 22:00 / 10 pm.
        Hospital Playlist was aired on Thurs but on the primetime slot, 21:00 / 9 pm.
        When Camellias Bloom (2019) (Wed & Thu) is broadcast earlier than Flower of Evil, at 22:00 / 10.00 pm. While its ratings were high, it was rated differently from the rest because it was rated by both AGB Nielson and TNmS while the others were rated by AGB Nielson alone. How did that affect its ratings?
        So generally the other dramas have nothing to proud of compared to Flower of Evil which was burdened with 2 disadvantages Weekdays or Workdays and the late hours. When every episode of Flower of Evil ended it was midnight.

    • Are you a lee joon gi fan??? If so you know nothing about him. So dont go around shouting he dint get any tourism awards. He was already appointed S koreas tourism ambassador more than a decade ago. How many times do you want him to be appointed an ambassedor.I remember him singing the title song of beijing olympics along side jackie chan. Daesang…i think he is not going to get one until he outshine his own role of gongil in king and the clown. And you seem to forget he got blacklisted by government for a decade resulting in him being sidetracked to non mainstream shows. All he gets is saeguks and action dramas with no or minimum romance in it. This is the only show i saw him do romance but still its not the main focus. Im a tually surprised he has such a strong fandom. The industry insiders may block him but his fandom kept him afloat. Thats impressive. If you think it is not fair to lee jun ki. Well we cant do anything because this is not a fair buisness at all. Its just his bad luck.Its showbiss and full of dark secrets. Some actors are much more miserable than lee jun ki. At least he is getting work and awards. And dont compare actors kim soo hyun was confident enough to select a project where the female role was dominating and his role was very calm. Flaw in his acting and he would have been crushed by female lead. Jury selected him so he is worth it.

      • The TRUTH is out.

        FLOWER OF EVIL is THE BEST DRAMA of 2020

        ASIAN WIKI says so.

        LOOK up ASIAN WIKI, everybody.

        Congats, Joongi Oppa

    • Tom Brown has a point. Just read Soompi about it, there was no Kim Soo Hyun on the list. It’s weird for a major award to be left out.

      I saw the announcement of Twice, if I understand correctly the Grand Prize Artist of the Year Award or the highest amongst the prizes — It’s announced as kuensang, I didn’t hear any daesang at all, in all these 6 grand prizes.

      And what’s funny about all these awards, they have the Best of the Best awards for BTS, which sounds like surpassed all awards. 😂

      • Lots of western portals left out mentioning the winners for both the film and drama daesang bcs there was a break between announcing all the other awards and the last 2 daesangs. Most of these articles were published before the final show finished airing, and garbage sites like akp etc just cite each other as sources without double checking

      • I went and checked and found a clip in youtube posted by his fans, somewhat I didn’t hear him being proclaimed as daesang nor kuensang. Maybe you could check it out and watch and listen the proclamation.

      • You can’t fight with that because the MC didn’t announce the award as Daesang whether you like it or not.

  8. Ah, let’s talk ACTING SKILLS. Pray, describe to us Kim Soo Hyun’s acting skills. Compare in detail how much better he is than Lee Joon Gi this year. What about other years?

    Make a comparison of their dramas year by year so that we know the truth. If he is a better actor or artist, then you must tell us why he got the Daesang and not Lee Joon Gi. Give us the concrete proof that he is such a good actor – in which Episode or episodes so that we can all check out properly. We need to know the criteria for the DAESANG. Is it acting performance? What is the Daesang based on? What is actually the DAESANG? Explain to us in detail so that we understand. We want to understand.

    I watched the drama and other dramas to compare the acting skills and performance and, I am intrigued.

    Jealousy is only true when and if there is something REAL to be jealous about. One should not be proud of the untruths that are perpetuated. Is Kim Soo Hyun’s acting performance in his drama to be envied? Or his activities in this Covid-19 situation? Let us learn more of his activities that make him more deserving than Lee Joon Gi. What did he do, pray tell us.

    Pray, tell us: Why did the veteran actor can get a Tourism Award when he shouldn’t. Tell us why Lee Joon Gi has no Tourism Award whatsoever in the past or this year. Answer this so that we know the REAL truth. You must tell us because we don’t understand and are in the dark. We are trying hard to understand.

    Awards should not be given based on some flimsy reasons. The past is being repeated. There no real changes despite Covid-19.

    • God d*mn you’re truly pathetic. Lee Joongki’s great and all but Kim Soohyun is literally a legend in kdramaland. The guy has been awarded by every freaking awarding body in Korea, including the most prestigious ones, and had his acting for both film and drama acknowledged by critics and fans alike. Stop whining.

      • I object to your offensive opinions. If you must know, an outstanding actor who is considered legendary or a living legend must be acknowledged by a reputable authority, a trustworthy organization or a body of good reputation or fine stature like a reliable international magazine etc., and NOT by some drooling fan girl. Lee Joon Gi has been named ‘The Legendary Hero’ by ELLEMEN (Lee Joon Gi – The Legendary Hero) with Lee Joon Gi on the cover of their magazine – August 2018 issue (59). Has your oppa or any actor of his kind been called ‘Legendary’ / A living legend by any organization that is reputable? But, I agree with your use of the term ‘freaking awarding body’. The awards organizations including the most prestigious ones as you imply are ‘real disasters’.

      • Lee Joon Gi 2020 ICON for DRAMA. Marvellous!

        We sort of expected that.

        Thank you to all those people who care about justice and fairness.


  9. AAA is one of the funniest k-award show that i have ever seen ..It is like another version of Kid’s choice award …It is an Attendance award show so they will be popping up nee criterias to give awards to everyone..
    The categories are hilarious…
    What is with “most emotive actor ” award??..🤭🤭🤭.

    Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyo seop winning Best Actor category..Yeah!! When a HP, IC, etc.. casts exists..

    Anyways congrats to those who won.. atleast some people were deserving ..

  10. All are VERY PRETTY except Kim Soo Hyun FL in his latest Drama. Kim Soo Hyun is beautiful than her. Shes an overrated actress! OVERRATED and HYPED!

      • @Joane why do you hate SJY so much that you’re always saying mean things to her. I noticed THAT on you previous comments on other articles as well.

    • Your comment is the one that overrated. Seo yea ji has been immensely popular in SK n internationally for a reason, a reason that someone like you will not be able to admit

    • Lolol what an unbelievable statement. I bet BP will beg to differ, cos they mentioned that yeaji oenie neomu yeppeo. She is a great dedicated actress for sure. Congrats Yeaji n Soohyun for winning the awards they surely deserve

      • Her favourite actress is Kim Yoo Jung. The same actress with 1% drama ratings and 2020’s second worst drama. Lmao.

    • Cos her heart is blinded by the hate. She is desperately in needs of watching iotnbo fo her to be healed, IF her angry heart can be healed

    • @joane lmao you’re jealous AF and we on this site all know it. Seo Ye Ji is a hundred times prettier than your flat-faced, flat-nosed, wide-faced Kim yoo Jung 😂
      That’s why no Korean male celeb chooses her whenever they’re asked to choose between her and other actresses as their ideal type 😂😂😂

      • @joaneisaclown
        I have started commenting on this blog since a year now but even i can see this joane person is not a fan or have some psycological issues but many of you fans who have been longer here on this blog couldnt see it abd call her out on it but its always regarding flat face flat nose 1% actress etc etc

        This shows that u all just need a reason to criticise her and this joane and others are just an excuse for u ppl to vent ur thoughts

        Anyways even if she is flat faced flat nose etc she is more popular and successful than all of u pretty dolls and handsome faces commenting here

      • There you go. The “playing victim again comment” you’ve been waiting for. The “You’re all just want to criticize her” LMAO

    • Joanne just bored yoojung not winning any award because of her flop drama no one giving recognition to her baby that why she keep on hating to the talented and beautiful SYJ

    • Her baby yoojung just not getting recognition in her flop drama so she venting her frustration to the beautiful seo yeaji whose popular in korea

    • @joane
      I think u purposely go to other actors post and say bad abt them so u can get other fandoms say bad abt yoojung becoz u actually enjoy it when yoojungie is criticised so u do it everytime again and again


      • JOANE whoever she wants to be on this blog is a KIM YOO JUNG ANTI FAN.I repeat she is an KYJ ANTI FAN.

        She has persistently ragged other actresses and sits back whilst those that don’t know any better attack KJY as a means of one up manship.

        This ‘J’ does it all the time so of course the majority of the posts end up distracting from the original article source and then it is a all out war between everyone else vs KYJ and her fans -me included. So of course we get heartily sick of reading about her being a ‘flat faced 1% actress’ which is really an opinion cos someone should really tell Fila and H & M that their muse is flat faced and 1% actress’ cos they certainly couldn’t care less if she is. They still hired her. Not to mention Knetz who voted for her and Yeon Jin Goo

        Source: Insight Korea on the 4th of April 2020, they have included the young pairing in their list of “Drama couples who have explosive and great chemistry, that we really want to reunite again!”.

        Her reputation speaks volumes regardless of her past acting choices she is still pursued for that reason. Right now she is filming her new drama and enjoying the fact she is at a new agency with new friends. KYJ is in a good place.

        So to everyone that loves the opportunity to rag on KYJ when ‘J’ trolls please be fair. KYJ was not mentioned in the post but you are inclined to insult her in retaliation. Enough is enough. It is true KP is the most toxic of all blogs and forums. We get mocked by dramabeans, soompi forum so I feel offended when I know the majority of the time we have a fun time commenting. Thank goodness we have the likes of Adal, Misty eyes, Laura to name a ‘few’ who are honourable enough to just dialogue here without any slanderous remarks in return. They keep it a safe place to offer opinion without being attacked. Please do the same when ‘J’ decides to drop her 0.01 cents worth. Thank you 🙂

    • I guess you hate every single actresses who win any awards @joane. Everyone has the right to like and dislike any actresses. However you take it to another level.

    • Not just dramas, even singers as well. It’s a joke award show. CLOY, Itaewon Class, Hospital Playlist, BTS, Blackpink, Zico, IU, Red Velvet who all did well both in Korea and out in Asian countries as well didn’t get awards. So funny.

      • There’s a little thing award shows do where they have a set time limit from which they’ll choose the dramas to nominate. Please look it up.

      • Despite the name change from NGG to N to *, you’re STILL the same hateful, delusional, obsessed commenter. Joke award show yet you’re still pissed your faves didn’t win any awards. Now that’s funny.

      • Yes, I’m NGG, what’s your point? It doesn’t change that AAA is not a respected award show. Ha Ha none of these dramas or people are my favorites. I think they’re all overrated.

        But I’m not crazy enough to think that winning AAA is something to proud of when there were better-performing dramas and singers. You guys are such crazy, blinded stans.

  11. 5 DAESANGS? Really? The Daesangs are determined by a group of individuals some of whom are probably prejudiced or ignorant etc. We really don’t know but from experience some are not knowdgeable and do not do their homework.

    Kim Soo Hyun may have many Daesangs. So What? AAA shows why he doesn’t deserve the Daesang. He plays the ‘same’ kind of role all over again. His hairstyle is the same. He has the same expression and demeanour. The only thing that is different is that he is older. 2014 and 2020. 6 years difference and yet acting the same. Does he deserve an acting award? The whole persona is repeated for all the delusional fangirls.

    It must be remembered the female lead of My Love From The Stars is an amazing actress who plays a fiesty, passionate and spunky character and in It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, Seo Yea Ji, another wonderful actress plays a passionate, irrational character. Both actresses dominate the dramas while Kim Soo Hyun play a reticent and unemotional character. His role is repeated all over again. If the judges are aware, the Daesang would not go to him.

    • 😂😂😂 So leave his all Daesangs. KSH HAVE BAEKSANG AWARD FOR BEST ACTOR. LEE GONG GI is great actor but he will be ashamed to have fan like you. Just being toxic don’t make you right. DO MIN JOON SYNDROME BLOWN UP WHOLE ASIA…even today people call him Professor Do Min Joon.

      MOON KANG TAE is most realistic character and most ordinary. Critics and Filopian actors are praising him.

      • Well said. If you look at all the previous grand prize winners they are all reputable actors in acting not just based on popularity. He is really an actor not like to repeat his work, and brave enough to choose a rookie script writer. He just like the choose the role he likes. I really think he deserves to be the youngest Grand prize winner. Congratulation to him.

      • Agree! These nasty fans should STOP trashing other stars just because your fav didn’t win. Such hurtful comments! All stars work hard— if you have nothing positive to say — say nothing. What would you feel if someone wrote such nasty things about you?

      • Oh gosh, you’ve nothing clever to say but You are RIGHT. Moon Tae kang is the MOST ORDINARY character in the drama world. Your idol MUST BE really ASHAMED of drooling fans like you who can’t say anything right.

    • Everything you say is true.. about him having same emotion, playing same character and having a co star who outshines him.

      But really its not a big deal him winning a daesang in AAA u dont have to be all tensed up..

      • Kim Soo hyun and same role? I can easily tell the difference between all his characters as they never speak the same way nor do they have similar hair/style etc. Dream high – he had to learn a satoori(dialect), and his character there was a country bumpkin who turned into a singer over night . MLFAS – his character was so popular the name “MinJoon” became popular baby names after the drama. He gave justice to the stoic “old” alien because his speech was exactly like an old mans if you’d understand korean he was actually praised for how accurate it was lol. For moon embracing the sun – he played a charasmatic king and gave an exceptional performance at the age of 24 winning his first Baeksang against veteran actors 😌. After MLFAS fame he did the producers and that character was completely different from his image in MLFAS, the character was a timid PD and again even the way each of his characters speak are different. And then comes IOTNBO, a character so realatable to many and definitely his most challenging role to date he aced it and definitely will gain more awards for this. Just you haters wait and watch and stay pressed. Because if so many people in the industry praise him and acknowledge him, even veteran actors, then that speaks on this mans immense talent. I’m sure his role in IOTNBO is just the beginning of what his true potential will actually reach. He’s known as the type of actor who never repeats similar roles, and his upcoming role for his Netflix drama is also completely different from Moon Kang Tae.

      • Kim Soo Hyun’s highest rated drama in Korea was where his character was a king, in a saeguk. I think that drama is still the highest rated drama from the past decade so just goes to show how loved he became after that drama. He shone through and through with his 2nd lead role, especially in a historical drama where he had to learn old korean. At a young age he was praised for that role and he’s deemed one of the actors who had the best “old korean” accent. He’s an actor who doesn’t care if his character is a character that would catch the audiences eye the most or not. You can see that when he chose IOTNBO as his comeback drama after a 5 year hiatus, he chose the most “bland” character in a drama where the other two leads can easily get more attention. But tbh he doesn’t care, he wants to be an actor who acts and gives justice to his role and he did. He gave life to a character that sounded boring to even the director and writer. By the end of the drama there were only praises for his acting by his costars, Director, and writer. Just read up on their post drama interviews to see. I’ve also seen actual actors say that even though it looks like an easy character to pull off, it’s actually very challenging.

    • How can you compare a stellar actor who has many awards to your idol? You are so delusional. Hahahaha. Your idol can’t compete with KIM SOO HYUN. Just accept it. Lol. Hahaha.

    • To say that LJG is way better than KSH is your opinion and the award giving body doesn’t share the same with yours. Kim Soo Hyun’s acting is sooo real that you won’t be able to compare all his roles. His acting awards at a young age of 32 despite having few films/tv series speaks volume of what he is as an actor.

      • I love both actors amongst many korean actors.

        Moon Embracing the Sun and Moon Lovers are my flfave dramas, hands down Lee Joon Gi goes for best acting performance no doubt. What I love of Moon Embracing the Sun is the love story.

        Flower of Evil and IONTBO, not even a comparison.. it’s probably one of the best performances of Lee Joon Gi in a long time.

        Maybe we will compare Dream High and My Girl.. hand down, Kim Soo Hyun performance in the drama was amazing, probably one of his best.

        My Love from the Star, sorry Kim Soo Hyun didn’t do much in this drama.. definitely a Jun Ji Hyun drama. He probably won awards due to the popularity of the drama and not necessarily his performance. vs LJG Time Between Wolf and Dog – performance no doubt Lee Joon Gi is better.

        The Producer vs Criminal Minds, two different genres but we can compare being two ensemble dramas.. I love both drama in their own right.. while both did great in their own right but there was nothing special in their performances.

        Lee Joon Gi has more other dramas but Kim Soo Hyun doesn’t have anymore dramas that he was the lead that I can compare.

        In restrospect while making this list, Lee Joon Gi is very much underrated. Moon Lovers made me watch other works of Lee Joon Gi but frankly most his works aren’t really my cup of tea. He is great in all of them e.g. Gunman in Joseon, his actions skills is one of the best, if not the best in Korea.. but the drama is not really something that I would re-watch, not that it’s bad but totally not my cup of tea.

        And, The King and The Clown is a legendary work of art. I am not a big fan of Korean cinema but this movie is one rare gem.

      • I know that my post above needs major correction, but would only like to correct one, the first sentence.

        I meant, I love both actors amongst other many korean actors e.g Hyun Bin – I love his choices of dramas except Alhambra, 2pm Junho, Chun Jung Myung, So Ji Sub, Lee Min Ho – I like his Personal Preference drama, BOF and Heirs, and many others based on dramas I like.

        Yoo Ah In is also good but I think he needs to tone down a bit or portray character in a different. He can’t be emotional in all his characters. And his choices of dramas are not my cup of tea. I still have that trauma from Fashion King. I always blame Shin Si Kyung, but I think now YAI was partly to blame, he was consistently too over dramatic. I think he’s probably better in theatre or play or in film.

        Then there’s Seo Kang Joon who’s also good, Jung Hae In in One Night Spring and Kim Seon Ho. Kang Ha Nuel is really good, but somehow I find boring. I dropped Camella Bloom for that reason. I think he is meant for movie.

        My point is, these actors are good, but they can’t be outstanding all the time.

      • We don’t believe in the drama ratings of the past neither do we trust in the assessment of the actors or dramas by some judges.

    • don’t you think its judgemental to call the jurors ignorant when you do not know who they are? how would you feel if people call you that when for all we know you are PhD holder majoring Drama and Film or Theater and the Arts. The fact that he attended and received his award is testimony that he respects the decision of the jury. He also talks about last Dec 3 during his Naver show. Let us be good sports like him. His time for Daesang will come. Let us cheer him on without draging other actors esp the jury who one day would give him the Daesang SK artists aspire.

    • don’t you think its judgemental to call the jurors ignorant when you do not know who they are? how would you feel if people call you that when for all we know you are a PhD holder majoring Drama and Film or Theater and the Arts. The fact that he attended and received his award is testimony that he respects the decision of the jury. He also talks about it last Dec 3 during his Naver show. Let us be good sports like him. His time for Daesang will come. Let us cheer him on without draging other actors esp the jury who one day would give him the Daesang SK artists aspire.

  12. To say that LJG is way better than KSH is your opinion and the award giving body doesn’t share the same with yours. Kim Soo Hyun’s acting is sooo real that you won’t be able to compare all his roles. His acting awards at a young age of 32 despite having few films/tv series speaks volume of what he is as an actor.

  13. So, WHAT is the DAESANG? Tell us. 5 Daesangs. Ha. Ha. Ha. Describe how he got each of the Daesangs. Explain properly instead of attacking others. Most fans don’t know the secrets of showbusiness.

    How come Kim Soo Hyun’s fans are not able to list out his achievements from the end of last year to perhaps September this year. Don’t keep on attacking others for bringing to light the weaknesses of the South Korean showbusiness awards shows.

    How come Kim Soo Hyun’s fans can’t describe his acting abilities properly? Instead of spouting nonsensical answers and attacking others using demeaning words, tell everyone how your idol got his Daesangs.

    When people are guilty of complicity in covering up the awarding of DAESANGS or other top awards, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with themselves and society.

    The fans should be totally ashamed of themselves if they are ignorant of their idol’s talents or abilities and why he was presented with a certain award. Perhaps, Kim Soo Hyun’s fans finally realised something about themselves. They go completely gaga over their idol and are blind to reality. They should be thoroughly ASHAMED of themselves for their delusions and their inability to defend their idol in the best way possible. This is because they know nothing substantial or concrete about their so-called idol.

    A REAL ACTOR should be ASHAMED of having a fandom who are made up of ignorant and delusional fans. A REAL ACTOR would pride himself in having a fandom who are aware of his ‘greatness’, his talents etc.

    It’s unfortunate that some actors and artists have influential backers but some don’t. Injustice and unfairness are repeated over and over again to the detriment of the acting / showbusiness community and profession.

    Remember: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana.

    People should watch both dramas again – Flower of Evil and Its Okay Not To Be Okay and decide for themselves.

    • You are seriously so blinded by your hate. The role of Kim Soo Hyun in IOTNBO could’ve easily been bland if not played with correct precision. You can see how he slowly becomes free of his burden throughout the drama and you can see the drastic change from episode 1 to episode 16. He gave life to that character and made the audience feel his pain. His character on paper was boring but was loved because of his detailed acting. IOTNBO has three leads with superb acting skills, KSH being the character who could’ve easily been overshadowed but all I saw were praises from critics to knetz to kdrama twitter. If you watch the BTS you can see he also had a hand in doing adlibs or adding his own thoughts to the director which made Moon Kang Tae one of his best performances to date. Stop comparing him to LJG, yes he did great too, but The way KSH pulled off MKT, idk if LJG could. His little details in the character, the nuanced acting and micro expressions were several reasons why he definitely deserves the daesang.



    • I’ve watched both Flower of Evil and It’s okay to not be okay. Lee Joon Gi did an amazing job portraying his character I’ll give him that, but Kim Soo hyun oh boi when I watched him I was blown away! In the beginning of the drama I wondered why he chose such a boring character where the other two leads seemed much more interesting to me. But throughout the show, slowly but surely I was blown away by the acting prowess of KSH. He’s an actor who’s able to move his audience, an actor that emotes so well when he cried I cried and when he smiled I smiled. I wasn’t really an avid fan of him before this drama, but I was intrigued since it was his comeback drama after years. I especially love his little attention to details that he put into his character. In the beginning you can see he has put on a fake smile for the sake of his brother. Slowly you see how that fake smile turning into a genuine smile and you can see and feel the difference in the way he emotes “fake” versus “genuine”. His nuanced acting really impressed me, and I’m definitely a big fan after this drama. Unless you pay attention to the detail in his acting, you would think it wasn’t so great. But as a person who’s very picky, the level of acting he showed in a kdrama is rare to find. Amongst actors in his age group, I’d say he’s the best right after Yoo Ah In.

      • Agree with Yoo Ah in too…Im beginning to appreciate KSH acting prowess with the same acting caliber as Kang HaNeul…loving more of this kdrama actors…hope they will stay as passionate as they are

      • And to add to the list will be kang ha neul for me..KHN=YAI> KSH in term of versatility.

      • I’m neutral and am new to Kdramas. But, the description you have given is one about a favourite actor by a drooling you (fan). I am definitely blown away by your statements. 1. You hit the nail on the head. BORING. CORRECT. The character played by KSH in Its Okay Not To be Okay is indeed BORING. It is not unique. I paid attention to the details but the conclusion is he isn’t so great. 2. Like you say, KSH is only second best in his age group. Again, CORRECT. That means he is not better than other actors in an older age group, like Lee Joon Gi who is exceptionally outstanding.

    • To be completely honest, FOE was the first time i thought LJG was decent, and it almost made me a fan. But all u clowns have definitely made me reconsider lol. Also acting wise, just comparing Kim Soohyun’s breakdown at the end of episode 9 and Lee Joongki’s character crying after Moon Chaewon’s character found out the truth, you can easily see that Soohyun is the superior actor. He chose the muted role of Moon Gangtae deliberately because he loved the script, but he still managed to deliver a more crushing performance from ONE breakdown than LJG.

  14. I don’t hate Kim Soo Hyun BUT I don’t think highly of his acting. He’s cute but not talented in the sphere of acting. It doesn’t mean a person who points out a weakness in an actor hates him. It is presumptious and it is wrong to say that. It is a false accusation.

    Like you said so yourself, Kim Soo Hyun’s acting could’ve easily been BLAND: no colour, no excitement, not interesting. EXACTLY. That’s precisely what I meant. And you provided me with the word. His acting is NONDESCRIPT. DULL. In your eyes, he’s something but I find him BLAND.

    What precision is there? He is emotionless in the drama. Anyone, any actor can easily do that. Lazy acting. He couldn’t act with his eyes. Don’t pull wool over other people’s eyes. There is no life in the character. It is the same as in the 2014 My Love From The Stars. The one who brings her character to life is the Female Lead. His expression, throughout the drama, is immobile. Is that what you call precise acting? He is a pretty doll.

    He is indeed OVERSHADOWED by the female leads twice. His only credit is he looks very pretty from the beginning till the end with the same hairstyle looking neat, well-groomed and ‘smart’ – all the time, like some other pretty actors in their dramas. Not a hair out of place. This is his TRADEMARK or SIGNATURE look from 2014 which perhaps ‘makes hearts flutter’. It has been unchanged. Since it was so successful in 2014, he did not try to even recycle that look. It is repeated 6 years on in 2020 this year. Those who have watched both dramas and are non-prejuidiced will realise that.

    Don’t delude yourself that his performance has changed from that basic level of acting. You can’t charm delusional girls with that similar look forever.

    Praises from the Internet? Ha. Ha. Ha. Many can be duped into thinking that everything that is said on the NET is real. Seriously? Have you not heard of KEYBOARD WARRIORS? Many writers – from youngsters, teenagers to adults are hired to write ‘rubbish’ on the Internet. Many groups of commenters or writers are PAID a salary – HIRED. Some newspaper writers are bribed. Some seem like VOLUNTEERS who man certain sites but aren’t. The positive comments are innumerable. Some are VOLUMINOUS. What is REAL and What is FALSE is not obvious to everyone. We have no way of knowing what the TRUTH is. Do you truly know the LIES?

    You are DELUSIONAL. Lee Joon Gi is a better actor than Kim Soo Hyun. It seems that you have not watched and analysed Lee Joon Gi in Flower of Evil but I have watched It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. Advice: Watch it with an unprejudiced heart.

    Do you know what nuanced acting and micro expressions are? Find it in Flower of Evil. The power of Lee Joon Gi’s eye expressions. The slight facial tension, the minsicule muscle movement that is not easily detected except by those with eagle eyes etc. He can also show the whole spectrum of expressions that can astound you. He brings the character Do Hyun Soo AKA Baek Hee Sung to life in the Flower of Evil. All these make him a very interesting and charsimatic character.

    Both dramas deal with Mental Health Issues. Do Hyun Soo has mental issues but he is not mad so Lee Joon Gi could skilfully express himself in different ways. Kim Soo Hyun portrays an emotionless person. A plainly boring character. Like I said, he was no different from 2014. He is the foil for the energetic female characters – a perfect foil for Seo Yea Ji’s character and the female lead in 2014. His role is to look pretty.

    Maybe people think that showing an emotionless face throughout a drama is GREAT acting. What utter rubbish! Lee Joon Gi can do more than that. In Flower of Evil, he can be cold, loving, emotionless & inscrutable, passionate, fiery, tearful, babyish etc. He can be emotionless but his facial muscles, veins, eyes etc are moving & ‘acting’.

    Lee Joon Gi DEFINTELY DESERVES the DAESANG. More than that, he deserves better awards. He has been robbed off the Daesang for too long.

    The drama awards shows etc should show more truth and integrity.

    I’m not interested in the topic anymore.

    • I don’t agree with you that Kim soo hyun is not a good actor..He has already proven his mettle by bagging so many awards at such a young age..
      But in my opinion Lee Jun Ki’s performance was better than Kim Soo Hyun’s in their respective dramas this year….Oh Jung se was the star for me in IOTNBO..
      KSH is a good actor but this performance of him is not Daesang worthy in my opinion when Jo Jung Suk, Jo seung woo etc.. were too brilliant .
      I was just voicing out my opinion don’t be too salty over my post cause i know judges won’t listen to me anyway..

      • @hhhhh

        I find many of the comments here hilarious. I was lurking without any intention of commenting until I read your comment. And I agree with you. As a KSH fan, I have to say that historically, KSH is the stronger and better actor. However, comparing their performances this year, Lee Joon Gi’s acting far outclassed KSH in their respective dramas. I previously didn’t like LJK nor could I bring myself to ever finish a drama of his, so I was expecting the same, but his emotional acting blew me away in FOE. I loved IONTBO as well; and I do agree that KSH gave a very nuanced performance; to the ordinary eye, it could come off as bland. And in some scenes he was overshadowed by his costars with flashier, more flamboyant roles. But these awards are often given for the actor’s body of work; not just their current IT drama – same thing in Hollywood as well – and that is why you find some actors constantly winning awards, and others passed over after giving a noteworthy performance that year. Politics, connections and agencies have their part to play in this as well, so as fans we shouldn’t go too crazy defending our idols because we’ll never know all the facts behind each award.

      • @adal ..i agree..with you.. finally a sane comment without..
        The past records of actors do matter in deciding the awards..and maybe that’s why KSH won because apart from him i can really name some other actors who were better than him this year..Many things are considered in these award ceremonies apart from just the actor’s performance.
        Anyways people shouldn’t become over-dramatic regarding these matters….and this includes both the blind fans as well as the haters who can’t take constructive criticism.

    • Tom, Focus on your has-been fave, Lee Joon Gi, whose last drama, Flower of Evil, flopped in Korea and was not picked up by Netflix instead of coming for the highest-paid and most in-demand actor, Kim Soo Hyun. Kim Soo Hyun is a real actor who focuses on his craft and remains low-key. Lee Joon Gi is an attention-seeker who clings onto the hallyu success of Moon Lovers because he knows that’s the only way to keep him relevant whereas the actual hallyu kings have recent hit projects and international CFs. Unlike Kim Soo hyun who is extremely private, LJK keeps mentioning popular idols like BTS. First, when EXO were at their peak, he kept mentioning them and Baekhyun, but now that another idol group is at their peak, he drops Baekhyun and mentions only liking BTS songs haha. Opportunist at it’s finest.

      • People like you are living in the dark ages and in the past. Go and look up Lee Joon Gi’s annual projects. They will astonish you. I bet your oppa had / has no projects and has to be given awards like DAESANGS for his dramas.Lee Joon Gi is always in the forefront of real positive news for his genuine and up to date projects every year, not like the fake news about your oppa. He is very hardworking unlike many actors who are lazy and hang onto past achievements and depend on HANDOUTS from the organisers of awards shows. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo ended in 2016 but the positive effects are still here. Such an amazing drama. Don’t you know what Tom said? Lee Joon Gi has a MOBILE GAME affixed to his name this year for his work in Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo. His saguek and other dramas are better than those of your KSH. Are the dramas of your beloved memorable? nobody remembers them. Lee Joon Gi’s “the King and the clown” and Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart are so well loved around the world -s so unforgettable.

        If you know all about Lee Joon Gi and his achievements, you’d change sides.

      • You better check up your facts. The ratings for Flower of Evil are almost the same as those of Its Okay Not To Be Okay. But you know what? Flower of Evil was broadcast in the very late night slot – 10.50 pm / 22:50 and on weekdays Wed-Thurs. The drama ended at midnight. Your oppa’s drama was aired at prime time 9 pm / 21:00 on weekends. Holiday time. Lots of people should have been watching the drama but they weren’t interested enough in your oppa. The airing slot is the best for your dear oppa. So, how come the ratings are almost the same? What it truly means is Its Okay Not to Be Okay is a big flop and you don’t even realise it! Think before you write rubbish. Delusional fans don’t know the real situation. You must realise this: Lee Joon Gi is the best, so is Flower of Evil.

      • Silly girl. If FOE flopped, then KSH’s drama Its Okay Not To Be Okay is an even BIGGER failure. Don’t you understand the situation? Don’t you understand what you’re saying. Silly fan girl. Su Meng, explain again to this foolish KSH fan again. She’s frothing at the mouth. She doesn’t understand the significance of the broadcasting time slots. Do your homework before you open your mouth.

        I have to be patient to explain to you that Lee Joon Gi mentions all the South Korean popular idols like BTS and EXO because he admires their success and he is one of their cheerleaders. This is an amazing personal trait of Lee Joon Gi. Baekhyun is his friend and former collegue / cast member in MLSHR. Why shouldn’t he send positive greetings and encouragement to them all, his fellow South Koreans? Is that wrong? Have you lost your mind? Who says he has dropped Baekyun? They’re still friends. Lee Joon Gi loves people and understands social ettiquette so he sends congratulatory messages to them all. Anyone who is positive would sent congratulatory messages since they are in one big showbusiness family. When you say KSH is extremely private, are you saying he is anti-social or perhaps he is not emotionally intelligent? Does it mean that he is too proud to congratulate other successful actors / artists? Your foolish & negative words reflect very badly on your idol and yourself. POOR KSH!

      • LEE JOON GI 2020 ICON

        Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

        Win more awards and recognition

    • Dude, I adore LJK but give it up. If he didn’t win, he didn’t win. Typing long-ass essays to bash KSH won’t change that fact. LJK’s time will come, no matter how long it takes. If you’re a true fan, you’ll just keep rooting for him, instead of dragging down another actor even LJK himself respects.

      • Exactly, the irony is that Lee Joongki has himself mentioned how he admires Soohyun while this clown is typing out essays bashing her oppars idol.

      • Thank you for being kind with your words. It was rather hurtful to see people trash Kim Soo Hyun. It is hard to justify who is better as it can be subjective. Let’s just keep encouraging our fav and stop bashing others. May LJK win tons of awards and I am sure he will.

      • I was just passing a while ago and now I am tempted to give my two cents worth. Perhaps Lee Joon Gi has said he admired some younger actors in the past. Lee Joon Gi is a humble and respectful senior. To speak kindly and generously of his juniors speaks volumes of his greatness as a human being. He is also a remarkable actor and a multi-talented artist. But, some of these younger actors, in my opinion, may not have improved that much so they are not worthy of admiration now. Lee Joon Gi is incomparable in Asian showbusiness. He does not rest on his laurels. Some actors seemed to have a sense of entitlement – esp towards awards, of which they are not worthy.

      • Crea, your head is cloudy. Clear your head before you talk. Making positive comments about KSH doesn’t make him the idol of the commenter. If the top leader of your country gives an actor compliments, does it mean the actor is the idol of that leader? Don’t make any more clownish remarks.

      • I would like to sit on the fence but cannot do so. Don’t be mistaken about the real situation. Get the facts right. Tom did not hit below the belt. Do you notice that he is talking FACTS all the time? KSH’s fans know none of their idol’s achievements other than his Daesang awards. Perhaps there are no achievements to speak of. There is nothing substantial in their arguments. Lee Joon Gi’s fans are more intelligent and knowledgeable. I happened to watch Flower of Evil and was so impressed with Lee Joon Gi’s performance that i watched it till the end. He is a remarkable actor and Flower of Evil is astonishing. Whoever the director is must be quite outstanding and the musical scores and OSTs are fantastic particularly Feel You.

      • None of you clowns are “objective” lol. You’re all burrowed too deep in Junki’s old a**hole to face reality. He gave a decent performance, but it was nothing phenomenal. These “younger actors” have always and will always continue to achieve bigger and better cos the guy is past his prime now. His crying scenes were awkward to watch, his delivery of dialogues can be a hit or miss. Y’all are a bunch of bitter clowns crying that your oppar didn’t win the award and sh**ting on the winner nonstop. Jeez even kpop fans aren’t half as deranged and pathetic when they lose.

      • I agree with you Joaquim. Some of these younger actors are not worthy of the Daesang awards. Lee Joon Gi is such a great actor and should be winning more international awards. But these younger actors (and their delusional fans) act as if they are entitled to the Daesang awards.

  15. Come on, please stop with the fanwar. You guys are embarassing both Lee Jun Ki and Kim Soo Hyun. They both are talented actors and popular. Why bother and putting down the other just to elevate your favourite over awards. I am sure both oppas are just thankful for whatever the recognitions over their hard and honest works.

  16. I dont care about who is better or not. Good actors are a dime a dozen in Korea IMO. Even award-giving bodies do not have the same set of winners. They judge differently anyway. If the actor I like gets the grand prize then for me he deserves it. If he didn’t bag the award, it’s fine if another actor as deserving gets it. You win some, you lose some. That’s just it. Learn to respect other people’s judgement and choices. Unless you are paid to write to put down other people’s work then by all means do. (Then maybe swtich jobs, how about writing for the presidential speech?) Peace!✌

  17. why fans always crying here to get validation for their idols ? koala is now a site for fanwars and and downgrading others quarantine really does wonders in this bored mofos

  18. Are you joking? To the ordinary eye, it is bland? Oh, your eye is a professional eye? Ha. Ha. Ha. Look closely at Kim Soo Hyun’s expressions. Nuanced? Do we believe that? Kim Soo Hyun’s acting is based on a tried and tested formula and it is failsafe. Nothing new nor fantastic. I repeat his acting in 2020 is not different from his acting in 2014.

    This is truly hilarious. You say, historically, Kim Soo Hyun is a ‘stronger and better’ actor than Lee Joon Gi? You must be joking. Are you ignorant or have you been living under a rock?

    Lee Joon Gi is a sterling actor from the very beginning. In 2005, when Lee Joon Gi was younger, he was in The King and The Clown, a movie which was an international hit, and he won many Best New Actor awards.

    He also received innumerable awards before his military enlistment.

    Of all the actors, he is the most popular – one could see the astounding number of international and local fans who had gathered to bid him farewell upon his enlistment and also to welcome him back upon his discharge from the army. What about your idol? No actor can be compared to Lee Joon Gi who is in a league of his own.

    He is the only reputable actor to have won the ‘Outstanding Korean Actor Award’ for the Seoul International Drama Awards TWICE in the previous decade: in 2013 for Arang and the Magistrate and in 2015 for Joseon Gunman.

    He was in the blockbuster North American movie, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in 2017.

    He has international awards including ‘Best Male Asian Star’ from Singapore’s Starhub’s Night of Stars Awards for Lawless Lawyer and ‘Best Actor Award’ from Taiwan’s KKTV Awards for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

    However, he has not received any local Daesang awards. Why has Lee Joon Gi not received those local Daesang awards? Lee Joon Gi is not only better than Kim Soo Hyun but other actors as well.

    There are so many reasons. But, you are right when you say that Politics and the Right Connections are involved in the ‘distribution’ of awards. It’s a crying shame that Daesang awards are not really based on acting talent or performance.

    Fans hope that Lee Joon Gi will continue to receive International Awards and receive offers to star in international movies in the future.

    You put your oppa / idol on a pedestal. Lee Joon Gi is a nice person and respects everyone but the question is, does your oppa / idol respect him?

    • Oookay, buddy. You’ve gone from fanatic to delusional to deranged. But it’s okay. Keep on typing your dissertations of hate. Who knows? You might magically be able to go back in time and personally award the Daesang to our dear LJK. Fighting.

  19. People keep ranting (even writing long-ass theses) that AAA is a “trash” or “joke” or “scam” award show yet they’re boiling mad that their faves didn’t win anything. Why on earth would you want your faves to win at a trash/joke/scam award show you don’t even take seriously? Just makes y’all sound bitter af. Lmfao.

      • Oppa, Congrats on being named 2020 ICON (DRAMA). This proof that you are the SYMBOL for the South Korean and Asian DRAMA world. A great actor to be ADMIRED by eveyone.

        This RECOGNITION has come at the right time.

    • Hahaha! My thoughts exactly. Fans saying AAA is “trash” or “scam” and yet going batshit crazy because their fave didn’t win.

      The river of bitterness is overflowing for these people. Swim some more. LOL.

    • Oh, fantastic Oppa Lee Joon Gi. Congrats Oppa 2020 Drama Icon. Perhaps this a Global Icon for drama, not just for South Korea or Asia.

  20. Thank you for such an interesting discussion. We got the answers we want from the discussion.

    Thank you for making us all aware that ‘Politics and the Right Connections’ are involved in the ‘distribution’ of DAESANG awards. Thanks

    • “I’m not interested in the topic anymore.”

      Then proceeds to type more essays of nonsense. Lmfao.

      But if you’re really a dude like your name assumes…Thank you for helping prove that it’s not only fangirls who visit this site. That even the fanboys can be more immature, delusional and toxic than the fangirls.

  21. Congrats to all winners.

    Not sure how these awards work.
    As long as I enjoyed watching the movie or drama starring a good leading actor I am happy.
    If they won an award, we are happy for them.

    We find that Lee Joon Gi is a multi-talented, superb & versatile actor. I watched all his movies & dramas. Even better he is good looking too.
    Action movies need not have romance & I prefer it this way. There are many romantic movies around if one is keen to watch such.

    Actors of about same age range (38 to 40) are Lee Joon Gi, Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kho. All are good actors.
    Dont think their hey day is over.

    It was reported that actors have their hits & misses.

  22. Bro your oppa the one who keep doing action drama over and over again well if that diversity in acting you call about but anyway his good at stunts everything

  23. Hey ppl, just stop the fanwar pls.🤦 Yes, he definitely deserve one too, let’s wait for another awards, his right time will come. I believe. I’m a Lee Joon Gi fan btw.🤗

  24. I am only giving acknowledgement of Lee Joon Gi’s talent & not pulling other actors down. Why are you so quick to rebut when I am not referring to you.

    If you watch his past movies or dramas there were romantic ones & spiced up with action.

  25. Thank You Speech

    First of all, thank you, Ms Ockoala for allowing us to have this very interesting discussion here.

    I would also like to thank all the participants for their most valued opinions. The opinions expressed, though diverse, are illuminating and enlightening.

    It is good to gather together some times to have friendly discussions.

    I would say that I have enjoyed myself thoroughly. I am grateful to know that some participants have even found the discussion to be hilarious, amusing and funny.

    I hope that everyone has realised the outcome of this discussion:

    ‘The giving of Daesang awards is not really based on acting talent or performance.’

    Thank you once again everyone for your active participation.

    • So when LJK finally wins a Daesang (AND HE WILL), it won’t really be based on his acting talent or performance? Admit it, you’re not really a LJK fan, are you? You’re just an anti who wanted to start a fanwar for shits and giggles. Take your speech and shove it, bud.

    • So when LJK finally wins a Daesang (AND HE WILL), it won’t really be based on his acting talent or performance? Admit it, you’re not really a LJK fan, are you? You’re just an anti who wanted to start a fanwar for sh*ts and giggles. Take your speech and shove it, bud.

      • Its a troll, cuz if it were an actual Joongki fan they wouldn’t be setting their fave up so badly lol
        This will definitely come bite them in the a** if LJG wins something in the future

    • I agree, its based by popularity i think. Yeah, KSH is Good in acting There are so many TV Shows that much better than IONTBO this year how come he won the Daesang? AAA should be ashamed

  26. Watch joongi make another action drama and fans will be suprised for his choice his a generic actor who limit himself in doing action/historical drama and instead of trying new things that why his being snob in daesang award

      • lol please. Seo Ye Ji, Oh Jung Se, and Kwak Dong Yeon showcased truly stunning performances of the complexities of being a non-neurotypical human in an unforgiving society. It’s not about their clothes; those characters were really difficult to pull off convincingly, and they did it sublimely with an infusion of humanity, empathy, and humor. All three managed career-bests on the show. KSH was great too, but you can’t say the same for him.

    • You’re late to the hate party, pal. Troll Tom Brown already ate all the food, drank all the wine and even trashed the place for good measure. Now he’s passed out on the couch. Wanna help him get back home?

      • LOL. Poor Tom, I can’t believe I actually feel bad for him(?). Dude needs to go home but no one will help him get home.

      • lol I’m not trolling or hating. I watch a lot of dramas, and I have nothing against KSH. He’s a good actor, but the show had some of the best acting I saw this year. So I feel like I’m allowed to have objective questions about him winning the grand-prize for a show where other actors pulled of career-highs/incredible performances. This would have made sense to me as an ensemble award, but the individual prize just doesn’t. If you take off the stan glasses for a minute, you’ll see my point.

    • “Out-acted” no he didn’t. I think everyone on IOTNBO was great in their respective roles. Y’all think that his acting wasn’t so great because of his character but he gave more justice to it than how the character was originally written. In my opinion OJS was the best, and KSH and SYJ were great. I honestly haven’t seen many dramas with 3 leads that have as much talent as them and believe this drama wouldn’t have been the same if any of the leads were replaced. Anyways keep crying he’ll win more daesangs and best actor awards this year.

      • How am I crying if your entire treatise ends with you agreeing with me that while he was good, other actors were even better? Is it really that weird to question 4th position somehow being crowned valedictorian at graduation? He can win whatever awards he wins; it doesn’t change the fact of the matter.

      • This is one of the greatest day in a fan’s life!

        Congrats to the King of Dramas 2020 ICON Lee Joon Gi

  27. I agree, its based by popularity i think. Yeah, KSH is Good in acting There are so many TV Shows that much better than IONTBO this year how come he won the Daesang? AAA should be ashamed

    • Lol the actor daesangs were the only ones that made sense, knetz have only complained about the music categories. Anyways he’s gonna continue winning and you bitter hoes who have no eye for talent will keep crying 🤣

      • Perhaps, the APAN Award Committee work for and serve many of their winners, their FAVOURITE people. We’re not really sure. Talented? Outstanding Performance? My, my, my.

        As one of you have suggested, it must be POLITICS and (the RIGHT) CONNECTIONS, perhaps. The awards shows seem to have a vested interest in certain actors.

        Kim Soo Hyun was 4 times Daesang in APAN. He won 1 DAESANG at AAA. We can expect him to win more at APAN, AAA and other award-giving organisations of the same kind.

        ‘The previous grand prize winners of the APAN Awards were Sohn Hyun-ju (1 time), Song Hye-kyo (2 times), Jo In-seong (3 times), Kim Soo-hyun (4 times), Song Joong-ki (5 times), and Lee Byung-hun (6 times).’ (Text lifted directly from the APAN site.

        You can also search through AAA archives to count the same winners.

        Don’t Be Lazy.

        To some, IGNORANCE is BLISS.

    • Girl if daesangs were based on popularity where is Lee Min Ho’s daesang. Apparently he’s the most popular korean actor in the world but not ONE daesang in sight. Just say you hate him and go.

  28. I love both actors but some comments are hitting the actor personally and below the belt. I don’t think such disrespect is necessary. By doing so, you’ve lost the argument right away.

    • “I love both actors…”

      Yet compares both in comments above: praises LJK and undermines KSH showing clear bias. Agrees with the troll Tom making below the belt comments. Then mockingly disbelieves he won a daesang since his fans could have only made it up. Now you post this? Your hypocrisy isn’t fooling anyone, ma’am.

      • Yes but it does not mean I have to turn my blind eye. To be fair, this year, comparing their performances, LJG did better by far, not only against KSH but other actors as well.

        I love both actors but I am not a fanatic, why? Because fanatics lose their sense of reasons.

  29. This comment section is more entertaining than the dramas themselves. Honestly, LJG has been passed over on major awards in South Korea since the beginning of time and now that he’s past his prime, it’s going to be harder than ever for him to win daesang. Perhaps he’s good, but not good enough. Like someone above said, good actors are a dime a dozen in Korea. Besides acting skills and popularity, other factors include brand value in and outside of SK, industry recognition, trends and topicality, and of course industry relations and politics play a part. If you add up all these factors, KSH definitely has the upper hand, and that’s why he won over LJG.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. KSH, in the the grand scheme of things, is the IT actor and will remain worthy of awards given to him. He is not only a well-rounded actor but well-packaged. He will remain in the industry a long time.

  30. When will Lee Joon Gi gets a Daesang? When his drama gets a rating like CLOY, Sky Castle, Goblin and the like. The the reason why he didn’t get one yet because he didn’t have a drama yet which achieved such rating. Simple.

    • Not necessarily, none of actors in the dramas you named got daesang for their respective roles. Ratings help, but awards are not always about ratings.

    • Yes, in the case of AAA, I agree Lee Joon Gi should have won the Grand Prize because 1. ) comparing LJG and KSH performances in their respective dramas this year, just to be clear before anyone throw stone at me – only between FOE and IONTBO, Lee Joon Gi’s Performance was by far better compared to Kim Soo Hyun 2. IONTBO was not a a big hit, it performed all right but not big, which somewhat similar to the outcome of FOE.

      • So what’s the conclusion here? Your simple equation of no ratings hit = no daesang is not so simple. IOTNBO was not a big hit and outcome similar to FOE, but Kim Soo Hyun got a daesang and not Lee Joon Gi.

      • So everything you’ve said is a moot point. Whether some fans like it or not, the award-giving body decides who the winner is based on their set of criteria.

      • @mistyeyes, the outcome was not the same. PBIO was a way bigger hit than FOE in Korea and internationally. Conventional ratings wise, both were average at best with PBIO averaging 5.4% and FOE at 3.9%. However, PBIO and its leads were consistently #1 on GoodData chart throughout its run, and far ahead of the rest. On the other hand, FOE was always lagging behind in the middle overshadowed by every drama that aired during same period whether it’s PBIO, Stranger2, or ROY. Moreso, PBIO sits firmly in Top 3 spot for most watched kdrama on Netflix worldwide in 2020. FOE can’t even attract the interest of Netflix to pick it up when almost all recent TvN dramas are on Netflix.

      • Netflix? It’s only one of the streaming platforms. It is not an indication of drama success. Just because you can subscribe a cheapy $7/mo subscription fee, you can outright say that drama is superior. If Netflix didn’t get the drama, some other platforms would have bought the drama at a better price and at better terms.

      • Yes, Netflix is just one streaming platform but it is also the world’s largest subscription streaming platform. When content is produced, the main goal is to get as much viewership as possible and putting it on Netflix helps achieve that. I don’t know how the “cheapy” subscription fee is an issue. Since some of you are so obsessed with measuring success with ratings, a.k.a viewership, I was just pointing out that PBIO also fared well in this area, including S. Korea. I take back what I said about FOE not being picked up by Netflix as that is irrelevant in the discussion.

      • I guess you are seeing it in a very narrow perspective. Netflix is just one of the many platforms. They acquire rights of any contents but it does not mean they are broadcasting it worldwide. The rights they acquired could only be to specific region.

        Eg. Viki has the rights 5 years with exclusive rights for 6 months from date of broadcast. Then Netflix bought the rights that allow them to stream dramas beg after 6 months of initial broadcast.

  31. LOL guys its AAA’s daesang its not a big deal..

    I want to see ksh doing a more diverse roles instead of playing a cool sweet guy.. want to see him do actions, play a villain or mean guys.

    • He already played that kind of role in his movie and he will play something like that in his next drama. Too bad, the movie flopped in Korea but knets still praised his acting and it was successful in HK and Taiwan. MLFTS and IOTNBO aren’t his only projects. Even in Giant (2010) he already showed his potential. 🙂

  32. People calling AAA trash award giving bodies basically every artist who attend will win whatever award but this fans who ridicule AAA are crying that their oppa deserve the award more than the winner ironic isn’t it

  33. I don’t like either of these two, but it’s hilarious seeing the fanwars over AAA of all awards lmaooo. Anyways, both were flops in Korea this year. The real winner should have been Park Seo Joon whose drama did well both in Korea AND abroad.

    • the real winner shud be hyunbin.. cos cloy did have the highest rating and did well overseas.. world of married did well locally but nt overseas..

      • Yes CLOY has the rating but the thing with Hyun Bin performance is said esp in NK community in SK that he has not delivered an at least near portrayal of a North Korean man, e.g. amongst other things his NK accent was too far off.

  34. Dearest ockoala,

    Congrats in getting hundreds of comments within 24 hours of posting. Whether you are an individual or working as a team, you got my heart beating faster, angrier, more upset after reading more than half of the comments. I had to stop reading half way coz it’s getting nowhere. Ockoala, you don’t seem to be spreading positivity rather negativity is your norm instigating every fan against one another. Is this World War Web?
    I hope that you and/or your team have a change in mindset to offer something constructive for kfans. The whole world knows about your reputation and you seem to thrive in jealousy and bitterness as a model of discussion. Please spread peace to one another as year 2020 is coming to an end. I wish that ockoala re-invent yourself in year 2021 to promote trust & for fans to get along with one another not spewing hatred towards one another. Who is better than who? My answer: You!!! Your words have a tremendous impact. Believe in your idol & support them but not bash others. This should be our Motto in life.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    • Um she didn’t do anything wrong. Is it her fault that people like to be messy? This is her site, she can write How she feels and for the most part, she’s neutral, people like to misinterpret her actions.

    • @Kristy Wong

      I don’t understand why you are blaming Koala for the comments that other people made on her site. Do you expect her to shut down any comment you don’t agree with? The article she posted wasn’t controversial at all. If some people want to go crazy in their comments, that’s their choice. If it offends you, you might want to try a tamer site where commenters treat each other with more courtesy. I do agree that you just have to be thick skinned to comment and participate on this blog, but that’s the fun of it. Don’t take it personally – at the end of the day, it’s all entertainment.

      • Adal,

        If you don’t like that certain actor or actress, the wise thing to do is not to give comments. Not body-shaming like flat face, flat nose….etc. If the actress is so ugly, why she has so many CFs? If there’s a report button, I’ll definitely report that person.

        Thanks for your feedback. But I’ll definitely avoid this site from now on.




    Flower of Evil was broadcast in the very much DREADED 10.50 pm or 22:50 slot and on weekdays (WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY), WORKDAYS. A great DISAVANTAGE.

    ‘It’s Okay Not To be Okay’ was aired on PRIME TIME TV at 9 pm or 21:00 on the weekends (SATURDAY-SUNDAY). Time for RELAXATION and to put one’s legs up.

    What a DIFFRENCE it should have made!

    But shockingly, the ratings for FLOWER OF EVIL and IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY are almost the same.

    Shockingly, Kim Soo Hyun got his DAESANG. Shockingly, Lee Joon Gi did not.

    When the ‘Judges’ feel like it, they say that the DAESANG is based on RATINGS but if the RATINGS for the drama of their favoured actor is NOT satisfactory even on a PRIMETIME slot, they would perhaps say it’s because of his acting abilities.

    Anyway, do we believe in DRAMA RATINGS?


    AAA 2020

    Lee Joon Gi was given the ASIAN CELEBRITY AWARD, which is a general award, not an acting award.

    It is probably for popularity in Asia. He went to Macau for a PHOTOSHOOT for the STAR magazine and had a hot reception from his CHINESE fans and when he returned to Korea, there was a really HUGE reception for him at the airport.

    He was chosen as the Brand Ambassador for a Hong Kong (CHINA) MOBILE GAME featuring Emperor Gwangjong (MOON LOVERS-SCARLET HEART RYEO). The company representative of Wish Interactive Technology Limited, an Android game developer, and Friend Times Inc. announced the appointment of Lee Joon Gi as their official ambassador for their mobile game, ‘PALACE 3D’ OR ‘GUNG 3D’ early this year.

    Probably Lee’s gorgeous looks, incredible performance (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo), charisma, popularity and influence must have impressed the creators of ‘PALACE 3D’. This clearly shows Lee Joon Gi’s superb performance as Prince Wang So / Emperor Gwangjong in the SPECTACULAR and TIMELESS drama, MOON LOVERS: SCARLET HEART RYEO, has positive and far-reaching effects. This is PROOF of REAL Popularity, Fame and Achievement.

    AAA 2020

    Lee Joon Gi and Seo Yea Ji received the BEST ARTIST AWARDS. For him, it is probably for his end-of-the year, December 2019 fan concert and for other things related to his fan concerts (Music album, Singing and Dancing).


    He has not been given a GLOBAL POPULARITY AWARD for his local and global popularity. His global fans from 29 COUNTRIES / CITIES / REGIONS supported him with many FLOWER OF EVIL ADVERTISEMENTS in subway stations, roads and shopping centres.

    The South Korean Advertising Industry must have done a THRIVING BUSINESS because of this. Every year since 2017 (except for 2019 when he did not have a drama project), there were support advertisements showing global support. Are there any other ACTORS with such passionate global support?



    Notice the glaring display of omission of awards for his ACTING PROWESS in Flower of Evil. The Best Actor Awards were given to lesser and younger actors.

    If, the BEST ACTOR AWARD had been given to him, it would clearly show that he should get the Daesang Award.

    But then, even if he had no achievements, he should have been presented with the DAESANG award. Many global viewers, including China, have lauded him, his performance and his drama. FLOWER OF EVIL and LEE JOON GI are at the top of China’s rating list.

    Is there any actor better than Lee Joon Gi or is there any drama better than FLOWER OF EVIL this year? NONE


    Although he attracted JAPANESE fans (about 500) to South Korea last Christmas for his mini-concert for a hotel chain, he was also not given a Tourism Award.

    He attracted 3 (?) busloads of THAI fans. Was it in 2017 or 2018?

    Some other actor was given such an award not too long ago. Why has this award been chopped off? Quite convenient.


    1. BEST ACTOR AWARD (glaringly NONE)

    The reasons are obvious, I suppose.


    APAN. Since you mentioned it, I have to comment. You mentioned that LEE JOON GI’s name is not on the DAESANG list. Why is his name not on it?

    If I remember correctly (as all of Lee Joon Gi’s fans are well aware of), the list of nominees for APAN 2020 included LEE JOON GI, MOON CHAE WON and FLOWER OF EVIL.

    Suddenly, these names were removed even before the broadcast (postponed).

    The PLOT thickens.

    Pray, tell us, are all the Award Organizations Inter-Connected? Which ones are controlled by one body?

    Perhaps the awards themselves are not that important. But then, it’s a poor reflection on the award-giving organizations and on the actors / artists.




    Flower of Evil was broadcast in the much DREADED 10.50 pm or 22:50 slot and on weekdays (WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY), WORKDAYS.

    ‘It’s Okay Not To be Okay’ was aired on PRIME TIME TV at 9 pm or 21:00 on the weekends (SATURDAY-SUNDAY). Time for RELAXATION and to put one’s legs up.
    What a DIFFRENCE it should have made!

    But shockingly, the ratings for FLOWER OF EVIL and IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY are almost the same.

    Shockingly, Kim Soo Hyun got his DAESANG. Shockingly, Lee Joon Gi did not.

    APAN. Since you mentioned it, I have to comment. You mentioned that LEE JOON GI’s name is not on the DAESANG list. Why is his name not on it?

    If I remember correctly, as all of Lee Joon Gi’s fans are aware, the list of nominees for APAN 2020 included LEE JOON GI, MOON CHAE WON and FLOWER OF EVIL.

    Suddenly, these names were removed even before the broadcast (postponed).

    The PLOT thickens.

    • Oh.My.God. Dude, you’re still not done? Give it up already. You want to complain? Go and send an email to AAA and APAN organizers. Your hysterics here is not going to accomplish anything. You seriously just looks like a big troll clown right now.


    The unique FLOWER OF EVIL, a landmark drama, which is helmed by international award-winning director, Kim Cheol Kyu, showcases Lee Joon Gi’s powerful, flawless, impressive and transformative performance which has been lauded by the global audience, particularly in China where the spectacular drama is very highly rated.

    The breathtaking scenes, particularly, the climactic scene conveys a different Lee Joon Gi, who has given a fresh and exciting interpretation to mental issues.

    Kim Cheol Kyu and Yoo Jung Hee, the scriptwriter have been blessed with an analytical eye and persuasive insight into how society perceives psychopaths and mentally unstable patients.

    Moon Chae Won has also given an amazing performance in the FLOWER OF EVIL.


  38. LJG fans are too much, at first I thought his fans weren’t like this. They couldn’t accept the fact that their oppa didn’t won daesang.

    Some write essay but it will not change the result. Instead of you making an essays just to fight arguments of fellow fans in vain, you better send the essays to the awards organizer if you think the result of the awards are not correct. lol

    • But it’s okay, because every actor also has fans who respond excessively to everything related to their oppa. But what’s wrong is they look down on other actor to lift their oppa.

  39. you are right. No need to defend our oppa by looking down other actor. You fail the argument that way. So guys, stop doing this embarassing war 😔 It came from both sides btw, hitting below the belt.

    For me as JG fan I love JG not because of how many awards he has and I dont really care. If he wins I am happy and proud for him. If he doesn’t win I move on. No big deal.

    Beside JG himself said in one of his recent interview that he has no desire for public recognition but he want to become good actor for long time and carried various challenges to meet good work.

    So congratulations for KSH for winning Daesang in AAA 2020.

    • Not defending tom. He/she at fault for starting this war and keep making thing worse here. But several JG haters obviously took their chance to bash JG here ~ lol~

      • oh c’mon Tom and friends,

        stop acting like wikipedia. I am JG fan (if you lurked around instagram long enough you’ll recognize my name). I know all his achievements no need to announce it for me.

        JG oppa doesn’t require validation. No need to ask around for it. He has his own charming way and qualities, he respects himself enough to not seek for someone’s else approval. Several people dislike him being cheerful and call the way he express his feeling freely as attention w**re, cheesy lol~ while all those have nothing to do with him not getting Daesang in AAA. Lets not give them more reason to bash him.

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