Kim Sun Ho Courted for Male Lead of Late Summer 2021 Fantasy Drama Link with Rumored Female Lead Kim Ji Won

The understandable love for Han Ji Pyeong is so strong it’s no surprise male lead Kim Sun Ho has punched his own ticket to headlining a prime time drama. He’s being courted as the male lead for the tvN fantasy romance Link, currently landing around August 2021 premiere based on tvN’s preliminary scheduling for next year. The drama is about a chef who opens a restaurant in the same small town his twin sister disappeared twenty years ago. After moving to the town, he begins to exhibit strong emotional reactions including bursting into tears and extreme happiness. He discovers he’s linked to a woman and can feel her emotions. I’m guessing said woman is the female lead character and DC Inside has it that Kim Ji Won will be the female lead of the drama. So there you have it! Let’s hope this drama is a gem for tvN in 2021 to not waste these two.


Kim Sun Ho Courted for Male Lead of Late Summer 2021 Fantasy Drama Link with Rumored Female Lead Kim Ji Won — 41 Comments

  1. Ooh. Both from the same agency too. That being said, I wanted to see him be paired up with an older or similar age actress. But, KJW is very talented and gorgeous. Seo Hyun Jin was another name that was being floated, but she just chose another drama. Hope whoever the FL is, its a talented actress in his age group!

    • I think KJW can actually make a really good leading lady with him, her acting style looks like it would match with his and her look tends to work well with slightly older actors too (Jin Gu, Song Joong Ki, even Park Seo Joon). Also 6 years isn’t a large age gap, I would have loved to see Seo Hyun Jin too but KJW is great.

      • I know, but I wish it was someone outside of his agency. He and Son Ye Jin would be amazing together. Or even Seo Ye Ji. Someone who can bring out his charms even more, and give him a nice push and pull 😉 What’s going to make this drama is hot/amazing chemistry with his leading lady. We need some IOTNBO type of sexual chemistry ahaha. Hoping, that an established actress like them come into the fold!!!

      • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with their being from the same agency, but if KJW does get cast I would be all in favour of it – been watching her since 2013 and she has great chemistry with all her costars so at least that shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Liked him very much since the drama u drive me crazy
    in that drama he was really good but was not able to know why he is not successful

    Anyways now happy to see he got what he deserved, better late than never
    All the best for his future success

    • Hi, his kiss scene in you drive me crazy got 12 million view on youtube (he didn’t know about this, recently 2 days 1 night crew told him). Think the drama is successful as it provided the next step for him.

  3. I like both, but i hope her new drama is female centric 😆🙏 Look at her character in FFMY, DOTS, and The Heir, i think she will slay it.

    But whatever she choice, i will support her.

  4. I am happy for them..But is it confirmed??..
    Because anyone can make any rumour in DC Inside forum..
    It reminded me of that rumoured Lee Jong Suk , Song Hye Kyo drama…which wasn’t reported by kmedia but somehow reached twitter..And now no news about casting from either of them..

    I will try to search for a reliable source for this one.

    • It’s not confirmed. It’s just a rumor. Just how Seo Hyun Jin being rumored to be the FL in Link was. I also believe DC Inside also said the same thing. The drama is rumored for late July or August, so there’s still time to choose a FL.

  5. Great, is it confirmed? KSH will guest in Amazing Saturday Dec 26, and he will also co-host MBC music festival dec 31 – will watch it. Hope he can attend KBS Entertainment award…he will be so happy if he wins an award, cos 2 days 1 night is like family to him.

  6. this is just my opinionn Kim Ji Wons acting is all same in her drama DOTS and FFMW. THATS WHY HER career stagnated. Her contemporary Park Shin Hye is miles miles ahead of her.

    Hope that this is just a rumor. I want to watch kim seon hos drama but not with Kim Ji Won – there are better actresses than her.

      • Both of you are wrong for putting down one actress to elevate your fave. Btw, Taste is relative. I like PSH’s acting more over some actresses plus she has this amazing screen presence which explains her being more popular than others.

    • You are not the one who always criticizes and offends PSH in many, many publications? So to take down KJW you use PSH, let’s ignore this comment and do not allow this user to create a war, just ignore it and do not fall for this game.
      Postscript: Both are so pretty and talented.

    • “Kim Ji Wons acting is all same in her drama DOTS and FFMW”

      lol Joane you liar, that sentence is how I know there’s no freaking way you actually watched both dramas.

      You sound like the type who thinks they’re an expert on acting from watching gifs 😂😂 I feel secondhand embarrassment for you, really.

    • @joane Oh please, how is her acting in DOTS the same as in FFMW? I watched DOTS first, and when I watched FFMW, I didn’t even realize until later that it was the same actress! She’s a versatile actress, she even pulled off the bitchy role in Heirs! lmao you’re ridiculous.

      “There are better actresses than her” You mean, your girl? 😂

      And stop with the super fake praise of PSH, we all know you had bashed her on previous articles on this site.

      KJW fans, please don’t bash PSH, both are good actresses, and it’s not PSH’s fault that there’s a troll here trying to create fanwars by trying to put down one actress to elevate another.

      • ^Exactly. Nothing about her characters OR her acting is the same between DOTS and FFMW….or any of her other dramas.

        but as we can see, joane doesn’t let facts get in the way of an opportunity to say nasty things.

  7. Oh No..No to KIM JI WON. shes a trying hard actress. Kim Seon Ho derseves better Female Lead. Kim Ji won is Boring ,bland actress

    • @joanne
      I know u r liable to express ur opinion but can u plz do it without demeaning the other actress
      For u except yoojung all r bad why bother with their dramas then
      Stop nickpicking on other actress
      Had some peace in the last two post so thought u improved even thought of thanking u for being considerate but guess i was wrong

      Ur demeaning other actress will bring 10 times worse demeaning words towards our girl so if not for cofandom plz at least b considerate to yoojung becoz has an idol even she will not want her fan to do this

  8. He certainly is HOT right now. I hope he can use this momentum to get better roles and get the recognition he deserves. Looking forward to his continued success!

  9. This @joane is a troll who likes to set up actresses and then she sits at the back enjoying the drama..She used to call Shin Hye Sun a flop actress who looks much older than her age..But as soon as Mr Queen ratings broke record, she started praising her meanwhile thrashing Suzy for Start Up’s mediocre ratings..

    Now she is doing the same with Park Shin hye (whom she dragged a lot in the past)..just to bring down Kim Ji Won..

    I don’t even think she is a Kim Yoo Jung fan either.. because she is always the first one to bring yoo jung’s name while inciting fanwars.

    Just don’t give @joane clout..

    • @hh
      Fortunately, she is not a casting directors, cause at the end of the day, they are the ones who make the choices. She is just another b##### keyboard warrior.

  10. tvN is going to kill it BIG time come 2021. Casting news is coming in fast and furious. I’m watching this next year as Kim Seon Ho has been my fav since Two Cops and 100 Days My Prince. Park Hyung Sik is rumoured to be in a sageuk and SIG, PBY and Lee Soo Hyuk (my fav from Born Again) all confirmed for Destruction. tvN is snagging all the best dramas for 2021. Yay! Bye bye 2020. I’m sick of you already. Jebal, jebal 2021 please come quickly.

  11. I think his *maybe* mistake is that he continuously goes back to theather. In two of his first dramas he auditioned for any role and the directors gave him a 2nd lead, one of them co-starring with Jo Jungsuk and he was not diminished by his presence even though he was a rookie in tv. After that he went to theather. Much later for 100 days my prince he was recommended by another actor for any role and he again got 2nd lead. All this without an agency, so maybe that’s why it took him 3 years to this even though directors and actors praised him. After he got an agency he was casted in waikiki (not for everyone) and then Catch the ghost (not a good female lead character, but his chemistry a with MGY and his acting were super). I believe his agency pushed him into variety for him to stay in tv for the times he goes back to theater.

    Now about link. The writer this time is working again with her “I Remember You” director. I wish a good role for Kim Jiwon, I see potential in her.

    • Because his passion is acting and that’s what he wants to do. Not just chase fame. (For the same reason i’ve long wanted byun yohan kang haneul to do romcoms or mainstream dramas but that’s just not where their hearts lie)

      He was already famous in the theater scene before moving to tv. And if anything, his theater background just adds credibility. Even with only few tv roles, no one will diss his acting.

      • Look at Hollywood for an example, loads of big movie stars still do theater. It’s possible to go back and forth. The only thing is that KSH hasn’t established himself as a leading man yet. He just needs to cement his status as a leading man in a highly acclaimed drama that brings him awards attention and/or ratings territory.

        Once that happens, he can comfortably go back and forth between theatre and acting. Of course, this includes his variety show too. Ah, I really hope he gets that big break as a leading man. It’ll be too much of a waste if nothing happens for him. He has Star potential/quality.

    • It’s not his mistake per say, but def. his lack of ambition is what’s going to make him one of those “People who should’ve been a bigger star” articles. We seen many hot IT guys falter either due to lack of opportunities or saying no to big projects. As for him, I do think that if he was with a bigger agency, he would’ve been getting leads left and right with big names. The roles other than Waikiki/CTG were through auditions, all of his roles other than Start Up were through auditioning. All of them were for smaller roles, but his acting pushed him into 2nd ML territory.

      The only thing with theatre is, I get it if it was every few yrs, but he seems to be doing it every yr. So I think conflict can occur for a future project. He just needs that one hit project like Song Goong Ki or Kim Soo Hyun got to cement his status. Everyone knows he has the chops, looks, and charm to make it big. But its really up to him and his agency to choose wisely, and a big name writer to give him that chance.

      • it was not a mistake, it just proved that he is talented and he loved what he is doing. Which makes me even like him even more. I feel like he will be a future Cho Seung-Woo who is so talented and successful in both theater and movies.

      • @Ta Oh yeah, dude is very talented and charismatic. Hopefully like CSW, he makes a name for himself in both Chungmuro, theatre, and dramas in the future. I also hope he keeps his head low, and stays away from any trouble and controversies as well.

    • I don’t think theather is a mistake. The actors who do the both are doing it to not forget to be humble. He did 10 years and started a drama because a journalist recommended him to a writer.

      He was very famous in theather too. He started only in 2017 on TV and acted in 2 dramas and a special one as a lead. It’s not bad.

      • Hi, agreed with you and just to add, since 2017 he did 7 dramas and a special and then variety and threate. He was in chief kim, two cops, 100 days prince, wakiki, strongest deliverymen, catch the ghost, start up and you drive me crazy. All good acting and remarkable. Think i read that he saw his parents watching him on tv smiling and that prompted him to do tv for them.

        He is passionate about acting and good at it (start up director spotted him on 2 days 1 night). I hope he will get good projects and gain recognition for his passion.

    • I don’t think ‘mistake’ is the right word since in his case it really looks like he loves acting and finds theatre the ideal medium for that, with fame/status through tv not being so much of a priority.

      I get why it can be frustrating to see a talented actor who has everything it takes, not breaking into lead roles even after a few years. But in his case, based on his choices so far it really does look like he’s not really hung up on the ‘could have been bigger’ aspect of it/doesn’t want to pursue it in that way.

      • If you saw his 2D1N interview, he cried about his career/acting. He was worried sick about his prospects. This was before Start Up aired. But it showed that he does really care a lot about his career. As for fame, b/c of his talents, it’ll follow him despite him not wanting it.

        In a weird way, Korea’s idolatry with fame is excessive. Look at Won Bin, hasn’t acted in a decade, yet still heavily revered and talked about. What I’m saying is that for KSH, he just needs that one huge project that is a mega hit with a mega star team of writers, and big A List FL to make him a huge star.

        I think in 1 year, we will be saying something very different. I foresee superstar status for KSH in the future. I hope it comes true! Def. the most exciting new talent to come out of Korea in the last few years!!

  12. I saw that episode on 2 days 1 night. He has a lot of worries (he is the only child), he said he does not know if he belongs in the show and if he is doing well (think the pandemic also affected theatre show, his dec 2019 show was sold out within 5 minutes). I read that Cha Tae Hun texted a producer to encourage him that it is normal to feel that way and that KSH is doing well. Turns out a blessings for him to join 2 days 1 night.

    Let’s just support him and hope for the best for him without speculation.

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