Suzy to Hold Christmas 2020 Fan Meeting to Celebrate Her 10th Anniversary of Debut

I can say that I absolutely remember the moment K- idol Suzy popped up out of nowhere as an actress because it was like “wuh?” Even other idols had a few years under their belts before branching into acting in lead roles but here she was as the lead of Dream High and her two male leads Kim Soo Hyun and Taecyeon were supporting her in that they split the screentime but she was front and center through the entire drama. It’s been 10 years since and her debut at the end of 2010 feels like a lifetime ago, and I think her success is all owed to whatever “It” quality she has. Sure a top agency can keep pushing an ingenue but if the viewers and public don’t buy it then that fresh face beauty will never maintain the same level of hype. But Suzy is still top of her age group, sure she’s improved loads as an actress but she’s not an acting maestro to say the least. I’m truly impressed and happy to see a young woman survive 10 years in the cutthroat K-ent from the age of 16 to start and make it this far still maintaining her popularity.


Suzy to Hold Christmas 2020 Fan Meeting to Celebrate Her 10th Anniversary of Debut — 19 Comments

  1. I’m curious about Koala’s k-actress acting maestro. Anyhow I loved Suzy she’s so fresh, she choose her character so well with her. Hope one day she will take a gloomy and sad role.

      • Suzy has never delivered a role as Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee prince !!! Suzy has worked with highly demanded actors not Yoon Eun Hye who only worked with newcomers ( Joo Ji Hoon a newbie back then, Gong Yoo was just an actor lambda at that time, Oh Man Suk, JunG Il Woo, … should i continue and name the actors she worked with . Not even with big directors . So yes , Suzy is popular, pretty, well loved and i can understand but Please don’t associate her name with Yoon Eun HYe .

    • @Asdf Me neither. The first time I saw her was on Dream High, and I thought this girl has pretty hair, but that’s about it. Was super shocked when I found out she’s considered some sort of a goddess in Korea, I was like, WHAT? Over the years, I’ve looked at a bunch of photos of her trying to understand the hype, but even in pictures from photoshoots where’s she’s extremely dolled up and edited, I still don’t get it. I’ve watched her in dramas and CFs as well, maybe she looks better in motion? No, I still don’t get it. I only like her lips, but the rest of her features are plain, she just looks like an average Asian to me. Yoona is another one I don’t understand the hype of, but I can still understand why she’s considered a goddess in Korea, she’s pretty (tho not goddess-tier beautiful) and fits the Korean beauty standards perfectly. Suzy on the other hand, I will never ever get it.
      That’s just my opinion tho, and people can find her beautiful all they want, I respect that. I personally just don’t understand it.
      She’s obviously doing something right tho, for staying relevant all these years, so good for her.
      Like Koala said, maybe she just has that “It” factor.

      • I thought I was the only one who didn’t get the hype! But yes, agree that she’s doing something right to be so successful. Always good to see independent successful young women.

      • I thought the same. I think Yoona and Suzy are plain looking as well. They don’t have anything distinctive or unique about them. I feel their features are flat. I am sorry but they are pretty like a girl-next-door but not Goddess-level.Maybe because of how sexy they performed on stage as KPOP idols? Maybe they are oozing of sex appeal in person? I don’t know.

      • It is because they are top-notch KPop idols. To be the top of the KPop game, it’s got the whole package. Looks is not the only thing as make up and PS can make anyone look amazing. I would say charisma, dancing, and body figure counts a lot. Looks, singing skill is secondary. It is amazing because we know that these girls turns on full performer mode on stage, but they are not like that in real life. Their Kpop success brings in CFs, which is when they are promoted to goddess level.

        Just chipping in because I like them since KPop days, so I think we can’t judge their popularity based on acting or looks.

      • i dont understand the hype of both suzy and yoona… but out of the two suzy has a better sex appeal.. maybe because she atleast dont look like a stick… any other korean actress in their 20s look better than these two and even acts better than these two…
        the only korean actresses i get the hype about their physical appearance are jun ji hyun, song hyo kye and son yejin… i totally agress that these woman have that diva goddess level beuaty… also shin mina… she is super pretty but whenever i see her i automatically remembers shinee’s minho… they look so much alike…

    • for me.. all of the girls u guys have mentioned is beautiful, but not to my taste. the one that i found the most beautiful in kdramaland are kim tae hee and go yoon jung. they are so fu**ing beautiful!, which I’ll never get tired watching them all days, even tho I’m not their fans. I just love seeing their beautiful face.

  2. She’s 10 years into her career but still can’t act out of a paper bag and is about as interesting as watching paint dry. She’s made all that money thanks to her face so good on her I suppose

  3. Still remember her debut day. The craziness after she exploded with Architecture 101. I think it’s the combination of everything. Decent actress and singer, one top CF model, brands love her, proven tracks record of her advertising power. Plus, very humble and down to earth personality. Those who have worked with her praised her professionalism. No attitude controversy. Regardless how some think about her face, acting etc.. in general Korean public loves her. When it comes to the “IT” factor, she is the perfect example.

  4. Wow, she debuted at young age. I’ve always thought she was same age as PSH, who turned 30 this year. PSH doesn’t look anywhere near 30 either.

  5. I remember she debuted with Miss A with one of the best K pop song and dance choreographer ever. It is easy to pin her as the visual of the group, with her height, figure and fair skin. I was surprised she was only 16 as she is so confident, sexy and mature. That is the reason she is so popular, she is a born performer.
    That said, acting is different, and I do think she is okay if she has good script and good costars, if she needs to carry a drama by herself, she can’t.

  6. She’s not the best actress but she’s way richer and more successful than me who is broke and knows her name while she doesn’t know mine. Clearly she’s doing something right. Good for her!

  7. I saw her in Dream high for the first time and she did not seem so pretty, then I paid more attention to her when the news of her relationship with LMH came out and she returned as an idol with her group, at that moment I said, LMH has a good eye, she is really, really pretty, her acting is normal for me, neither super good, nor super bad, a middle ground in my opinion.
    I’m the only one who thinks she looks like Yoon Eun Hye

  8. Phew.* sighs with relieve* So I’m not the only one who couldn’t jump on Suzy bandwagon? I really, truly don’t care if the actress pretty or plain. As long as she can act, at least. Ok, or just catches my attention. Not so with lead male actors, of course – I am human, not the saint.
    But with Suzy, bless her heart, she honestly tries. But… It’s just I can’t watch her in anything. I felt so guilty that besides Dream High, I had purposely avoided any of her dramas. Including Start Up. Still. Wish her all the best in her career.

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