K-ent Reportedly Adapting The Golden Hairpin Historical C-novel into K-drama With Reports That Park Hyung Sik Wants to be the Male Lead

Well this is juicy and interesting K-drama development news. There is an adaptation being prepared to turn the period C-novel The Golden Hairpin (Tale of a Hairpin) into a K-drama. It’s already been adapted into a period C-drama starring Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Yang Zi, he plays the Crown Prince and she’s the top lady detective of the Tang Dynasty trying to clear her name after being accused of slaughtering her entire family. Now that I know about this novel imma check it out, hopefully it’s a good read but the story sounds interesting and the quick adaptation in China and also now in Korea bodes well. Even more interesting is the latest rumored casting for the K-version, reportedly Park Hyung Sik who is getting discharged from the military in January 2021 is vying for the male lead role and really wants it. Hhhhmmm, must be a memorable male lead role.


K-ent Reportedly Adapting The Golden Hairpin Historical C-novel into K-drama With Reports That Park Hyung Sik Wants to be the Male Lead — 23 Comments

  1. Park Hyung Sik is great in sageuk. I sure hope he will be signed up for this, and hoping for a good writer, PD and lead actress to do the story justice.

    As for d C-counter part, Yang Zi is great but Kris Wu is never a decent actor to begin with. And the C-adaptation been marred so much by the fan wars over who should br getting top billing, which IMO Yang Zi deserves more.

    Anyhoo, I am beyond excited now that my boy will be discharged soon. I just can’t wait to have PHS back into dramaland.

    • Agree. He looked the best in Hwarang despite those horrible wigs, hair pins and accessories. Hope they cast an interesting female opposite him. Must say things are pretty tense between china and Korea these days though. Everytime c-netizens drag korean all things… knetizens in turn will take it out on something else. The controversy that is Queen Cheolrin now… and the dragging of BTS, the korean hanbok and recently the korean flag design. All it takes is one article from c-netizens claiming that successful dramas only originates from chinese adaptations. This production will burn to ground with knetizens.

      • That’s too bad to hear.

        Things been pretty tensed between C-netz and K-netz. Just like the latest Yu Zheng’s drama with Wu Jinyan and Xu Kai as leads where they made big fuss over the costumes resembling hanbok and both sides of netizens arguing back and forth.

        I am beyond thrilled with Park Hyung Sik nearing the end of his military enlistment and I agree 10000% that he is spectacular in sageuk. He stole the spotlight in Hwarang even when his character arc was destroyed in the second half of the drama. Despite the lousy writing and cheap styling, he certainly emerged as the one who fits sageuk the most with his appearannce, sageuk speech and mannerism. He turned me into a fan. I was beyond surprised to learn that he was an idol cos boy can really act.

        If the adapatation is to materialize, I am hoping for a pairing with Han So Hee. She is memorable in 100 Days My Prince and not to mention that she is super pretty. Or at least, I still can settle with IU.

        All and all, exciting news to wake up to.

    • This drama will be airing on tvn on monday tuesday night in August2021.
      I dont know this drama is settle in chosen era or three kingdom.

    • We all know. Kdrama fans will claim the kdrama version to be above and beyond the cdrama version. It’s happened with Scarlet Heart despite Ryeo being inferior.

      • Haha… Ikr? The K-version has only aired two episodes yet folks are already making noise that it’s worlds better than C-version.

  2. With the Knetz controversy towards Mr Queen, Knetz and Cnetz tensed situation, now they want to adapt another Chinese novel to a Korean drama? What are they thinking LOL

    I love Mr Queen though because the plot and characters have more depth than Chinese version so far. For angsty historical, overall, I prefer Chinese historical dramas more than Korean historical drama. Not because there isn’t any good Korean historical drama but Chinese historical drama has better level of angst but addictive for me. Like Goodbye My Princess, The King’s Woman, Love And Redemption.

    Still, Korea must has their own historical novel or manhwa that are good as well, right? How about they adapt that into a drama instead rather than a Chinese novel?

    I just hope if there is truly Korean drama adaptation from this novel, the main actor and main actress won’t get bashed or hate huh.

  3. I’ll watch anything with Park Hyung Sik in it. I have ploughed thru 50 episodes of What Happens to My Family for the past one month bcoz of PHS & NJH. Hope he gets the role. On an unrelated news, congrats to PHS’s most popular leading lady Park Bo Young for her long long awaited confirmation for Destruction Came Through My Front Door. Woohoo, 2021 is going to be so AMAZING.

    • OMG. the SIG and PBY visuals will blow up. Sorry to comment here ajumma as koala hasn’t updated the Ruin/Destruction drama yet.

      • It’s all right SIG heartrider. Five freaking roles in one drama. Talk about ultra meta casting. Studio dragon spared no moolah to snag Lee Soo hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, Shin Do Hyun and Dawon for supporting roles. Their chemistry must be exploding through the roof with all the visuals. OMG, I won’t be sleeping much tonite. Soju and fried chicken out for early new year party!

  4. Wow! I been waiting on the chinese version to air, this might speed things up if China wants to air theirs before Korea’s! I’m focused on who will be cast as the female lead because her role is suppose to be quite good!

  5. Oh Yeah! PHS back on my screen-and in historical mystery with a side of romance! Hope this is true. Praying for a solid script and female lead actress to match.

  6. Technically a female centric plot so I have no idea what’s so attractive about the male lead that he actually “want”s to play it. I read the book and I cannot recall at all his personality, his plot and whatnot…

    • Phs has always been supportive of feminism, even if he isn’t voicing out loudly he is one. He has always shown he isn’t insecure even if the main/central plot is a female. He is friends with strong noonas like Kim hyun joo, Han ji min, lee young Jin. Maybe he got attracted with the role of supporting a strong character as opposed to her arrogant roles in the past. I have read the first part and it looks like the role of a prince is supporting/helping the female lead’s journey to clear her name. Also, the prince is strong-willed and knowledgeable in politics that the female lead needs to succeed.

      • *to his arrogant role in the past. Also, his choice of movie recommendations too are movies with feminism when interviewed in a radio show before military enlistment.

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