Kim Yoo Jung’s New Agency Awesome Ent Starts New Representation with Sophisticated and Chic Pictorial

K-actress Kim Yoo Jung started her acting career as a wee toddler girl and was immediately main star material, always playing the little version of the female lead and wowing audiences with her adorableness. Some child actors and actresses go through awkward teen phases or their adult visuals are not nearly as pleasing to the eye, that’s normal and life and it’s almost like Kim Yoo Jung hit the visuals lottery because she’s legit 100% adorable as a kid and 100% beautiful as an adult. We’re all luckier that she’s also still 100% a great actress. I’m excited for her next phase of career after moving agencies in September to Awesome Ent which is the agency for top star Park Seo Joon and also reps Lee Hyun Woo and Han Ji Hye. I feel like the agency can commission a drama with these four and it would be fantastic in visuals and talent ha! I also appreciate Awesome promoting Kim Yoo Jung in new pictorials less perky teenager and more soulful young adult.


Kim Yoo Jung’s New Agency Awesome Ent Starts New Representation with Sophisticated and Chic Pictorial — 29 Comments

  1. So gorgeous! Queen! I stan the most naturally beautiful and talented k drama actress.
    lets be honest here, even son ye jin was not this beautiul when she was in her 20s…. So imagine YOOJ ten years from now? How beautiful she would be when she reach her 30s…waaaaah.

    • Let’s be honest here. You’re just a horrible person who always feels the need to cut down someone just to elevate your supposed idol. It’s as if you actually hate her and so incite hate against her with your toxic, below-the-belt comments. Who would be proud to have you as their fan? Take your trolling self and eff right off.

    • @joane Son Ye Jin is what, 38? and still getting listed in most beautiful Korean actresses lists, alongside the likes of Kim Tae Hee, Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo. No hate to KYJ, I like her as an actress and I grew up watching her in historical dramas playing the child versions of lead actresses, she’s cute, but she’s nowhere near the timeless beauty of the likes of Son Ye Jin and the other mentioned ladies. She’s more on the child-like and cute side than beautiful imo. Korea seems to think so too, as she’s very rarely listed in top beauty lists lmao.

      • excuse me she was recently just called hot, sexy and cute by knetz. She’s recently listed as the most beautiful in her 20s recently in pannchoa. wtf are u saying?? @gongjunnim??

  2. Let’s be honest here, she did something to her nose right? Compare her photos now with her pictures from her Clean with passion for now & w/o blinking an eye, anyone would see the Huge difference!

    • No I didn’t see any difference. Are you @KES in different account because that person is obsessed with KYJ’s nose. Anyway, Ms. Koala I think you’re late haha but thank you for this article. Yoo Jung is so pretty.

    • I’m not even a fan of this young lady but it’s annoying how someone always makes a crack about her nose in every article about her. Good gosh, give it a rest. Even if she did something to her nose, how does that affect your life in anyway? F off and go find a better hobby than hating on someone who’s done nothing to you.

  3. Kim Yoo Jung is an absolute darling. She’s blessed with beautiful looks and immense acting talent. I hope she will act in more dramas worthy of her perfect package in the future. To a brighter future!

  4. joane and F here in this comment section are the same person. It’s clear it’s always been 1 person trying to make people dislike Kim Yoo Jung, first by wildly supporting her in absurd complimentary terms while putting everyone else down thereby making KYF fans look crazy, and then also putting KYJ down in some articles to generate conflict. Both hands of a sock puppet.

    I’m stepping in to block, this has gotten out of control. I thought it would stop if people ignored but it’s so unproductive.

    • Thanku this person did a lot of damage to her image
      Even i got frustrated of this person bringing down other actors while others bringing down yoo jung

      It seems now everyone understood her true intention and just bashing this person
      Everyone thanku for not falling in her trap
      No actors deserve hate as all are equally good and hardworking

    • Wow, what a revelation. A lot of people here already suspected she’s a hater, but to have it confirmed is something else. I hope you would also block users that use profanity like that LMH stan.

    • I think you should also make a sign up for your page so only the members can comment. Also To minimize the trolls and haters. I notice a lot of different names but using the same display.

    • @admin YES THANK YOU!
      About time we get rid of that clown on this site! Please don’t let her come back again and please block other toxics too!
      *sigh of relief*

  5. AHHH my girl is so beautiful! I’m looking forward to her adventures with her next agency. HCG was offered while she was still with sidus, so I don’t count it. So I can’t wait. Hopefully her new drama will be wonderful!

      • No problem haha her role was only confirmed after she switched agencies. Actually we don’t know the exact date when it was confirmed but I would like to think afterwards haha

      • I did research, so she officially switched agencies on sept 22nd but it was announced she was offered the role in oct 4; but generally they are offered roles behind the scenes way earlier than that, so I strongly believe it was when she was still in Sidus

  6. KYJ definitely going for more adult role which is going to the right direction because as much as she is a younger actress, people already get the gist that she is an adult.

    I wish the best for her

  7. Aside from F and Joane, I see no crazy fan and no fan war so I’m considering this comment section a peaceful one. I can’t wait until this blog will be free from toxicity that these people bring with them. Merry Christmas in advance ❤️

    • This person was actually an anti its proved now so henceforth dont get mislead by such clowns lets better ignore them
      They rejoice and act more (posting such toxic comments) when they r given importance and we comment the way they expect us
      So beware of such poisonous antis

  8. She’s really beautiful. She’s pretty sensual for a young woman. She can pull any role action, femme fatale, melodrama, etc.

  9. Most times I am always scared to open comments when news on KYJ is posted,but this is so great,thank God the Antis are out. KYJ looks so gorgeous,can’t wait for her next drama

  10. She’s so pretty and cute! Here’s hoping to see more work from her in 2020. I haven’t followed her recent dramas since she turned an adult, but with signing on to a new agency, I hope to see her in better quality dramas from now on. Girl’s got loads of talent. It’s time her drama choices reflect this.

  11. I wish she’ll go back to Philippines so I can see her. She can be one of the bests if just given a great script, I can feel it. Love love love KYJ!

  12. She is so beautiful, I can’t believe how fast she matured, from an adolescent to a young woman. And this photoshoot reveals her +100 potential as a wonderful woman.
    I don’t keep up very much with actress and idols nowadays but in my opinion, she’s one of the most gorgeous girl of her generation.
    Wish her all the best for her next projects !

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