Shin Mina and Kim Sun Ho in Talks for Romance K-drama Mr. Hong

I’m not sure if both stars will confirm but it’s definitely a promising pairing. K-ent is reporting that Shin Mina and Kim Sun Ho are together being courted for the K-drama remake of the rom-com movie Mr. Hong. Both are also in talks with separate other dramas, Shin Mina for I’m a Nurse, But a Human Too, and Kim Sun Ho for Link. If they accept, Mr. Hong will be set in a small neighborhood town with the male lead being a mysterious man who does odd jobs and is very helpful and the female lead is a dentist who loves shopping and nice things but is also a warm and generous character. The drama remake is scheduled for the first half of 2021 on tvN with the screenwriter of The Crown Clown and Argon.


Shin Mina and Kim Sun Ho in Talks for Romance K-drama Mr. Hong — 10 Comments

  1. Very surprising news and casting. KSH is surely a very busy guy now. This sounds like the type of role and show that he’s mentioned he wanted to do in his CNN interview.

    Add to that, SMA as well? Wow, he really has risen up, to be able to even be considered alongside her means a lot.

  2. Hot commodity KSH! Would be awesome if his schedule allows him to star in both Mr. Hong and Link. We want to see more of Mr. Dimples ?

  3. Wishing them the best, though I will probably pass on this one. Shin Mina does nothing for me as an actress. The only drama she starred in that I enjoyed was My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – all her other dramas have been misses for me, which is surprising as I genuinely like her. Glad Kim Seon Ho’s booming right now and I hope it solidifies his status as an A lister, I’ve liked him since he acted in Chief Kim, though I didn’t appreciate some of his drama choices like Strongest Deliveryman, Two Cops and Waikiki 2. I’m glad he has the opportunity now to star in better quality productions. He’s talented, charming and charismatic. More power to him.

    • Hmm, who would you rather see as the FL? SMA has grown a lot since, she got nominated for Best Actress at Blue Dragon Awards. Him moving up to work with a veteran like her is major. I also think Song Hye Kyo would be amazing here, she said recently she wants to do a rom-com next.

      • To be honest, anyone who’s an established actress but her, Song Ji Hyo or Jin Se Yeon. I cannot connect to their acting regardless of the role. SMA can act, it just doesn’t move me, and I really wouldn’t mind Hye Kyo in a romcom as long as they’re visually compatible. They’re close enough in age so she won’t come off as an Ahjumma or Noona romance.

      • @Adal KSH has a youthful vibe, but isn’t too soft/pretty boy either. I find that his casting choices for his leading ladies have been lackluster, both in appearance and chemistry with him.

        I wish he and Seo Ye Ji were working together in a romance show. She is so charismatic but doesn’t come across as super mature either, that it doesn’t match with his youthful vibe. I sometimes forget KSH is 35 yrs old. His female contemporaries : Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, Han Ji Min, and such are only 4-6 years apart, which is nothing much.

        If he does get cast opposite any of those leading ladies, esp. SHK in a future drama that’s major. That show might be his ticket to Hallyu stardom.

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