Episode 6 of Queen Cheorin Moves Up to 11.805% Ratings as the Queen Continues to Deftly Navigate Joseon Life While Seeking Return to Modern Life

While I can totally see why real So Young tried to commit suicide and maybe even wished she was somebody else and then transferred souls with modern day chef Bong Hwan. But in Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) a lot of the hijinks aren’t really gender driven and more modern day person attitudes transplanted to Joseon era for shocks and laughs. This drama could be Bu Bu Jing Xin straight up again because once the Queen knows the history of King Cheoljung there is only so much he/she can do to survive as the Queen while attempting to return to modern times, and perhaps also try not to affect history. Six episodes into Queen Cheorin and I don’t find the story particularly interesting narratively and enjoy standalone scenes for the entertainment value. I find myself loving So Young’s hanboks (the colors and details!), wanted to punch the consort’s woe is me face, and wondering why the cousin is so tall and carrying a years long crush on the Queen while looking constipated all the time. The best parts are So Young with her two court ladies and their sidebar hanging out in the royal kitchen. Too bad this isn’t a cooking drama.


Episode 6 of Queen Cheorin Moves Up to 11.805% Ratings as the Queen Continues to Deftly Navigate Joseon Life While Seeking Return to Modern Life — 12 Comments

  1. That cliffhanger though! And the preview? Can’t wait to see next week’s episodes.

    I wonder, could it be that the King is only pretending to be in love with the concubine? Maybe he’s using her? The Andong Kim clan might be viperous but it’s not like the Jo clan are saints either.

    I can already foresee that Prince Yeongpyeong or whatever becoming the King’s enemy in the future.

    Hang in there, Court Lady Choi. It will get better. Lol.

    • I agree! It would also be nice if the King and the hot cousin become allies later. Together with Bong-Hwan, they make a powerful team, and not one is a “real” Kim or Jo.

    • Sorry, my reply was meant for Aurora (above). You’re right. But the unpredictability is driving me nuts. I want a happy (king❤️mr. queen) ending!

  2. What I care is queen with 2 court lady and royal kitchen kitchen people include adorable enuch? And off course that little girl too. They are so cute. And usually I kinda ffwd when it’s consourt lady or whatever. Yeah too bad this is not a cooking drama or else this drama will be way too perfect.

  3. I absolutely love this drama. The Queen is just worrying about herself and not even remotely interested in the King whereas he’s all like, yeah come on, let’s start the no touch rule LOL. Choi Jin Hyuk’s voiceover and Shin Hye Sun’s matching expressions are just fantastic. Love them both in this. And yes her hanboks are really pretty! I love the cooking scenes too – alot of effort probably went into the prepping of those scenes so I really love them.

    And I love Kim Jung Hyun in this – the beginning scenes where he leaps into the water and the one later on at the royal villa with the Queen – swoon. Him and SHS have pretty intense chemistry. I have a feeling the King isn’t really in love with the concubine – whom I totally dislike and the actress playing her doesn’t seem to have many facial expressions zzz – he now mistakenly thinks she saved him probably. But I think it might have been the Queen instead.

    Starting off loving the cousin – intense, sexy, tall, can fight lol. But he’s starting to really cross some boundaries and creep me out this episode. I really want to see the Queen fall for the King – I think she needs to let go of the fact that her soul has a gender. It’s just.. a soul which needs a body to manifest itself. To me souls are gender-less.

    I still think the King needs to work a little harder to win over the Queen. Right now he is still agreeing for the Queen to be beheaded and still trusting the Concubine too much. And saying things like he doesn’t see the Queen as a woman and that he doesn’t love her kinda hurts me lol. I totally dislike his brother who is so hell bent on killing the Queen. Like come on dudes, do they really think that the Queen is the one manipulating her clan? She is under their stronghold as well! So disappointed that instead of dealing with the clan headon, they choose to target the Queen – a woman who has no rights of her own and a pawn for the Andong Kim clan anyways.

  4. I’ve been really enjoying this drama, it’s such a great stress reliever, the leads are great as well, I guess the majority agrees with me as reflected by the ratings.

    I hope this drama will propel Shin Hye Sun to bigger heights. She truly deserves it. She is beautiful enough, even better acting skills, the onscreen charm it takes to be a lead, and a great talent at picking good dramas. An actress worth rooting for.

  5. I wonder if this drama goes to the same way as the original, go princess go. I hope there will be some twists. I wish her soul comeback to her. She seems to love the king genuinely. This drama reminds me of oh my ghostess, the chef ended up with the living one. Not the soul.

    • In my opinion the drama shares like less than 30% similarities with the Chinese version. Since politics play a major role and the two countries differ in politics i sometimes forget that it has the same premise as Go go princess. I’m obsessed with both versions though

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