Lee Min Ho Adorably Video Chats Lee Seung Gi on His Recently Launched Youtube Channel

The ’87er line is one of the deepest and most famous with the actors who are leading men in South Korean dramas and many are friends in real life. Two donggap cuties had an adorable phone call this week and posted it to share with fans – Lee Min Ho rang up Lee Seung Gi and did a color swapped hoodie boy talk that sounded so normal and dorky lol. Lee Seung Gi is the slightly older one by 6 months but they talk in banmal and clearly are friends in real life outside of doing this video for fans as they catch up. Even Lee Min Ho’s mom makes a cameo via her voice and I love how Seung Gi asks all “ooooh who is that” when he hears a girl voice and Min Ho is all “that’s my mom”. They talked about doing a collab in the future and yes please make it happen boys!


Lee Min Ho Adorably Video Chats Lee Seung Gi on His Recently Launched Youtube Channel — 10 Comments

  1. Awwww, this is so cute. Never knew that LMH and LSG are friends. I only know that SIG and JCW used to go to noraebang together but SIG would refuse to sing his own songs. LMH is also good friends with Jung Il Woo too. They were involved in a horrific car accident in 2006 that saw them hospitalized for months. I hope LSG would invite each of the 87 liners to be his special guest. This hoodie boy talk is just so 87 liners thingy with SIG designing his own Lucky Charms hoodies with his good friend Jake.

    • OMG, this is so so lit. My head is spinning. 87 liners you must all collab in YT! LMH used to date Suzy who ended up with LSG in Vagabond. LSG meanwhile dated Yoona who starred with JCW in K2. Yoona’s girl group member Yuri and Sooyoung starred with SIG in No Breathing and Squad 38 respectively. Yuri in turn introduced another SNSD member Sunny to SIG and these two were rumoured to be dating in 2015. It’s a dating merry-go-round with 87 liners and girl groups. Lol.

  2. This was so epic!
    I was literally screaming!
    And Seung gi is so into his MC thing,the way he asks ‘Ooh Who is that!’
    Never imagined that both of them would be friends eventhough they are both 87ers!
    The only time when I saw them both ‘togheter’ was when Seung gi had to take a selfie with a celebrity during a task in NJTTW and he took one with Lee Min hos cutout!and it was adorable!!!!

  3. They’re so cute, I never thought they’re friends irl. LSG seems to do Youtube tour lol, first IU, then LMH, so who’s next? But seriously, this guy have friends in all of aspects, from actors to singers to MCs, gagmens, directors, athletes,… even cutie Jasper Liu from Taiwan, such a social butterfly.

  4. Didn’t know they were friends in real life but this was the collab I didn’t know I needed. Does Korea know how epic this was? I feel like if this happened 10 years ago, it would have shut down the internet lol

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